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    When should I consider becoming colour neutral and actively use look-ahead?

    Fast people's bad habits aren't a excuse to keep yours! Patrick Ponce and Seung-Hyuk Nahm did switch to being colour neutral when they were sub 8 so it is possible for anyone. True Lucas Etter and Philipp Weyer are white cross only but most of the other world-class 3x3 people are colour neutral...
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    OH Roux

    Kian Mansour has a lot of video on his channel about roux.
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    Anyone still use V-Cubes anymore?

    Many, many better cubes have been released. Most cubers these days won't have them or even have tried one. Shengshous become the main cube in 2012-2013 and since then there have been many cubes that have improved upon those.
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    WCA events ranked from most to least boring

    These move around based on what I practice. I tend to think of events in groups. So exact order from 1-15 are not fixed. 18. Pyra It is a quick short event with not much to it. 17. 2x2 A short event too. Elite solvers are just doing speedBLD so it comes down to TPS. 16. Skewb Some as the...
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    10 years of New Zealand Speedcubing (video)

    With Oceania 10th Anniversary this weekend I thought I'd make this.
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    [Help Thread] What should I learn next?

    If you know full OLL and PLL. FOCUS ON F2L FIRST before learning other alg sets. That is where you will improve the most. Also make sure your OLL and PLL are optimised beofre learning more LL algs. Also COLL EPLL is slower than OLL PLL. Really ZBLL or VLS is what you should learn after OLL and...
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    Win a free puzzle! What is a puzzle you want but currently don't have?

    There are many but a is what I would buy next if I had the money for it would be a stickerless Moyu AoChuang GTS M.
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    2 bld in the wca

    Seems reasonable, but some people might want to use that as justification but with 2BLD the judging is too complicated for it to be consistent. Magics were removed due to difficulties in judging. The judging issues is the first hurdle for 2BLD the second is the question of does it add anything...
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    2 bld in the wca

    It hardly adds anything new those. The solution used is still what would be used if the was the best solution they found. 2BLD is just 2x2 speedsolves plus inspection. You just want to inspect as quickly as possible and that's the only difference.
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    10th Anniversary Oceania 2019 (Wellington, New Zealand 28-30th June) It has just been announced. Registration opens soon. This comps marks the 10th anniversary of New Zealand Championships 2009 the very first comp in Oceania. It is 2 weeks before worlds.
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    Thoughts about the BH method

    Yeah there have been a lot of developments over the last 10 years, But 3 style mostly set ups to 8 movers rather than solving move optimally. Do that 10 years ago might of looked different but could be done. Hardware changes are a significant factor. 3 style is fine for big cubes now. f slice...
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    Thoughts about the BH method

    Speed optimal comm are used today. [R F' R' U':[R D R',U2]] is an example of a 4 move set up and [U R' F R,D' R D R'] is a strange comm I don't understand. You can find list of these speed optimal comms in spreadsheets has a list of links to them. Those are from Daniel Lin's...
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    Full PLL for Megaminx!

    Like 12 know PLL probably more. Juan Pablo Huanqui knows full OLL minus the dots.