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    Cubing Never Have I Ever

    Nope. I think the longest session was only 3-4 hours. NHIE: Tried to convince my significant other tho start cubing
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    When should I consider becoming colour neutral and actively use look-ahead?

    I recommend Jperms Video on this. I think it’s a trade off. If You keep solving on white you will definitely improve faster and also it’s easier to get into F2L algorithms once you need them. I started pretty early getting color neutral (2-3 months in after completing learning 4LLL). I still...
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    One-Answer 3x3x3 Question Thread

    I’m interested in looking into the roux method. I already found great Tutorials on YouTube. But now i have one question: How do you progress in learning roux? Example Answer for CFOP: -Beginner Method -F2L intuitively -4 Look Last layer - 3 Look last layer - 2 look last layer ... So...
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    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    If you just want something that feels very blocky and locks into place maybe get a valk elite m and put the strong magnet center caps in. Its not clicking but it definitely locks into place
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    [Member Intro] Hallo from Germany

    Hello and welcome. I’m from Germany as well and also a lil bit older ;) (28yrs).
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    [Member Intro] Hi there my name is Steve and I'm from Greece. Happy speedsolving!

    Nice. Welcome to the forums. Some people will be happy to welcome another roux user here :P
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    I encourage you to learn blind solving

    Ah okay. I knew you have to know those but i thought you needed a bunch more. Since i know full PLL I’m pretty much set. What recourses do you recommend to learn BLD ?
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    I encourage you to learn blind solving

    I will definitely go for it someday but since i have to learn algs for it i rather start with 2x2, 5x5 or square 1 . Would you guys recommend setting up a cube with the letters on it to learn?
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    N Perms - What's yours?

    I use the recommended ones from the cubeskills PDF
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    What do you find relaxing about cubing?

    I think doing slow solves and trying to be very efficient is the most relaxing for me. If i time myself its still enjoyable but definitely not relaxing anymore. I think maybe once i start doing 5x5 and up or learn to solve the last layer of my megaminx those puzzles can be nice to solve on the...
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    [Help Thread] Petrus Discussion and Help thread

    I’m cubing since July 2019 and im average around 45 sec. Im using CFOP with 3LLL. But I’m not training enough.
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    [Member Intro] A slow-ish puzzle enthusiast

    Welcome to the community. And a happy new year.
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    I can’t really imagine that there isn’t a combination of settings on the XS that wouldn't suit you as a beginner. I own both of them twice (original and cosmic from speedcubeshop). Btw im also a almost 30yr old cuber who has started this July. but since you’ve already found someone the problem...
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    [Member Intro] Texas Welder turned Cuber!

    I think I’ll start OLL in two weeks. But I’m going to learn it like i learned full PLL. That means only learning one Alg per week. That shouldn’t hinder my progression too much i guess. EDIT: do you practice other events besides 3x3?
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    [Member Intro] Newbie Cuber!

    Welcome to the community. That’s pretty uncommon for someone to average 2mins on 3x3 while having sub 10 2x2.