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    Race to Sub x Pyraminx!

    sub 2.8 Generated By csTimer on 2019-08-18 avg of 5: 2.76 Time List: 1. 2.75 B' R U' R B' R' B' L' U' R' L b 2. 2.39 U B' U L' B R U' B U' l' r b' 3. (1.87) R L U B R L' R B' L' B R u' r' 4. (8.64+) B U R' B' U L' B U' B R' U r' b 5. 3.13 L B' L' R' U B' U R' B L' R u r barely...
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    Looking for big cubes

    Is tetaminx supposed to be teraminx or petamimx?
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    [CLOSED] Valk 4 M Strong and WuShuang M

    Sorry, but these are no longer for sale. I asked for the thread to be removed but I guess it didn't happen.
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    Selling or Trading Valk 3 Mini, Valk 3, and X-Man Wingy Skewb.

    These are more expensive than new after shipping
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    [CLOSED] Valk 4 M Strong and WuShuang M

    $30 each, free shipping if you buy both or $3 shipping if you buy one (U.S. only). Both puzzles are in great condition. The WuShuang was made by Timothy Townley and he always does an excellent job.
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    WTB Angstrom Dayan and Polymer Coated GTS2

    I just sold my poly gts2 to @Puzzle Cuber for like $40 oops
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    [Official] 2.73 Pyraminx Average - Steven Wintringham

    I am really happy about this. I have been going for sub 3 since last summer.
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    Online purchases...Gone wrong

    if there is a scam it is a good idea to mention the name so other people can avoid it. Also, it is very common for new puzzles to need lubricant
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    WTB: Traxxas 50K Lube
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    Race to sub-X on Pyraminx

    Round 95 sub-3.3 l4e Bell Generated By csTimer on 2019-02-19 avg of 12: 3.10 Time List: 1. (DNF(2.76)) L' R U' R' U R L' U l r b u 2. 3.29 U' R' B U' R B L R' l' r b' 3. 3.12 U R' U' L U' R' U R' l b 4. 3.27 U R' L' B' R B' L' B l' r u' 5. 2.42 U B' U B' R L' U' B R' u 6. (1.73)...
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    You need to specify that you want First Class rather than Priority Mail