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    Any cubers in central Scotland?

    I'm not getting much time to practise these days (and it's only going to get worse soon), but I'm really hoping I can make it and see what Scottish cubers have been kicking around.
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    [ER] Juliette Sébastien - 4.44 3x3 single

    Zeroing strikes again!
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    A Domino Reduction Guide for FMC

    Cool! Looks like a good guide from what I've read so far, and should be fun to try using this in solves.
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    [WR] Stanley Chapel - 4BLD 1:08.07 single & 1:21.81 MO3

    Just over a minute gap between first and second at the world champs, wow. Well done Stanley!
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    WRs! Sebastiano Tronto 22 mean and 16 single at FMC 2019!

    I thought FMC single was dead after the 17, well done for proving me wrong!
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    KewbzUK - The UK's Largest Speed Cube Shop

    Do you have a rough idea on the clocks being available? Picking up actually good hardware might be enough to make me practise and try developing noflip more.
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    Duplex Method

    Cool to see you posting! I've got the link bookmarked I'll check it out soon, I'm curious about what progress you've made on this.
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    Will Clock get removed as an official event?

    No, I made the noflip method years ago and demoed it in comp. Nobody seems to care about using a method that's faster and more interesting though, they'd rather just complain about the normal method.
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    How the 3.47 WR changes cubing

    I'd recommend not taking lucky singles too seriously, average is generally seen as a better indication of skill (though getting sub 4 on a good scramble still takes a lot of skill). I'd also recommend making sure the main reason you cube is to have fun. It's a hobby. Not that going for WR is a...
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    Software Upgrades Today

    It's one I have read, but not since the recent forum change. It seems like if I have read any of it in the past few days it works correctly. I'm clicking the thread title in the "new posts" section.
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    Software Upgrades Today

    Nope, here's an example. Hovering over link: Where it actually takes me: Jump to unread...
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    Software Upgrades Today

    The old system had clicking on the thread title to take you to unread posts, or the first page sometimes (seems to be when something changes on the forum for the first time clicking into a thread, or a little black circle to jump to the unread posts. Seemed like a weird setup, but I knew how to...
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    Idea: Alternating 1 Year event

    Interesting, I think it could be worth considering as a preferred unofficial event, which would eliminate the WCA related problems. As for timescales and big competitions, maybe introduce one each year but have it last for say two years. Each event gets more time to be held, but it still gets...
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    [WR] Shivam Bansal - MBLD 48/48 in 59:48

    Amazing stuff Shivam! So cool to see such a big jump in WR after so many sup-WR attempts at home.
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    WCA World Championship 2019-Melbourne Australia July 11-14

    It's nice that they named a city after the reconstruction god.