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David Gray

Speedsolving.com ID Kinch Score Competitions Completed Solves
1davey29 2.93 41 418

Current Personal Records

Event SR Single Average SR Kinch Score
2x2x213473.08Week 2016-44
8.87   5.55   7.74   5.09   3.08
Choked up a bit on 2, could've been a PB. Choked again on 4, also could've been a PB, real nice solve. Real nice solves this time around, 5 was new PB.
6.13Week 2016-44
16th Place
8.87   5.55   7.74   5.09   3.08
Choked up a bit on 2, could've been a PB. Choked again on 4, also could've been a PB, real nice solve. Real nice solves this time around, 5 was new PB.
3x3x3264820.84Week 2015-37
36.60   30.97   20.84   30.26   24.11
Using Cong's Design MeiYing, Could've done 3 in about 16, but panicked badly
27.21Week 2015-34
37th Place
22.79   35.59   24.09   33.16   24.39
Using Cong's Design MeiYing, PLL skip on 1
4x4x418211:54.61Week 2015-22
2:31.54   2:39.81   1:54.61   3:54.90   2:31.14
3 is PB, 4 popped, almost exploded
2:10.08Week 2018-33
121st Place
2:12.23   2:19.56   1:54.71   2:01.93   2:16.09
2-3-4 Relay15203:49.83Week 2015-20
Keyboard knocked Stack-mat off the table during 4x4
Pyraminx170215.36Week 2015-35
15.36   22.28   22.69   17.04   31.06
Using Dayan Pyraminx, +2 on 3 and 5, Messed up 5 badly
20.67Week 2015-35
15th Place
15.36   22.28   22.69   17.04   31.06
Using Dayan Pyraminx, +2 on 3 and 5, Messed up 5 badly
Skewb8957.76Week 2018-33
24.06   14.08   7.76   14.38   14.89
10.92Week 2017-43
30th Place
12.24   9.97   15.73   9.84   10.54

Medal Collection

Gold Silver Bronze
0 0 0


Competition Place Single Average Solves
2018-391385.6811.43Timer broke on first solve, fml.(DNF)13.719.1611.42(5.68)
2017-43799.9012.861) Started timer a second early and panicked.(27.93)10.9613.7513.86(9.90)
2017-429111.2013.85First time cubing in a few months.12.24(21.81)15.1414.18(11.20)
2016-48306.67DNFLost my main so using my backup. Cube broke on 3, now to find my main...11.75(6.67)DNF(DNS)DNS
2016-46316.078.62Finally learning Varasano.10.108.497.28(6.07)(12.07)
2016-45316.958.84Okay solves. Trying out some new algs and color neutrality. In other news: How the fuck did we manage to let Drumpf get elected?9.15(6.95)8.74(9.25)8.63
2016-44163.086.13Choked up a bit on 2, could've been a PB. Choked again on 4, also could've been a PB, real nice solve. Real nice solves this time around, 5 was new PB.(8.87)5.557.745.09(3.08)
2016-41377.2010.19Probably should've warmed up as I messed up on the first one three times.(15.19)11.108.7610.70(7.20)
2016-35354.778.44Haven't cubed in almost a year. let's see how I do!
1) PLL Skip
2016-17323.498.941-New PB(3.49)9.208.17(DNF)9.46
2015-39235.059.65Using FangShi ShiShuang, nice CLL on 3 and 5(13.73)12.486.0210.44(5.05)
2015-37286.909.36Using FangShi ShiShuang9.957.0111.13(14.08)(6.90)
2015-36276.668.97Using FangShi ShiShuang11.84(6.66)(12.15)8.196.86
2015-35287.8010.54Using FangShi ShiShuang(7.80)10.179.81(14.26)11.64
2015-34377.6810.34Using FangShi ShiShuang10.42(7.68)9.8510.75(14.55)
2015-24257.559.794 = +2, using FangShi ShiShuang 55mm8.50(7.55)(12.66)10.2410.63
2015-22206.998.781 +29.388.31(12.53)8.66(6.99)
2015-20238.0311.353 was a 8.580, but I forgot the D2 on the CLL12.2711.01(DNF)10.77(8.03)
2015-19219.5913.19Decent. Still new to 2x2, plus using a new cube15.15(19.12)10.7613.66(9.59)
2015-16235.7212.96First was a PB, +2 on 2nd, PC freaked on 4, Using QiYi(5.72)13.0112.67(19.87)13.19
2015-08317.1314.51+2 on 3(7.13)(19.20)14.8514.4114.27
2015-073315.6620.19Brand new at 2x2.19.2521.05(24.32)(15.66)20.26
2017-458823.7228.142) OLL Skip30.8028.68(23.72)(38.21)24.95
2017-4210623.9936.361) Forgot two PLL algs. F***.(1:16.06)40.8033.8534.44(23.99)
1) D2 L2 D2 B2 L' R2 U2 R2 U2 F2 D2 B L U' B2 R2 F' U R' D F2
2) D L U D' R D2 L B D' U2 L B2 L2 F2 D2 R2 L' U2 B2 L
3) B' R2 U2 R2 B2 D2 B' F2 L2 U2 F R' D U' R' F' D F' D' B
4)F2 D F2 L2 D L2 D2 F2 U L2 U F' R B' L2 D2 L' U' L2 B2 F2
5) D' B2 R D R' L2 D' B R' L2 F L2 F' B2 D2 F' L2 D2 R2 F'
2016-443822.3443.76Trying to learn block-building. Stupid computer pressed opened menu during inspection so timer didn't start on 1. The amount of screw ups on 2 was ridiculous.(DNF)(22.34)1:03.5929.9237.78
2016-423423.3828.09Did 3 without the timer running. OLL skip on 5.31.0527.08(DNF)(23.38)26.14
2016-414028.3032.67Bit slower than usual as in class, but ok overall.31.92(44.05)30.3435.74(28.30)
2016-374225.8830.96Could've easily had 1 under 30, but messed up like 5 times. Cube hit the reset on my timer for the last one, but was able to make out the time as 28.80_, so rounded up to be safe.(45.05)34.0130.05(25.88)28.81
2016-364130.5337.90Tip: Don't try to cube while laughing to death.40.14(45.23)31.59(30.53)41.98
2016-354634.26DNFHaven't cubed in almost a year. let's see how I do!
1) Messed up twice on this one.
2) Forgot the OLL and PLL I encountered
3) Maybe I should relearn my PLL next time
2016-174129.5334.431-Took like 5 presses for my timer to stop, like really?
2-Messed up on my cross and realized halfway into F2L
4-Messed up my F2L
2015-392925.4330.62Using Cong's Design MeiYing, Bonus fact: 1 and 2 were both .08031.0830.08(33.21)(25.43)30.70
2015-373420.8428.45Using Cong's Design MeiYing, Could've done 3 in about 16, but panicked badly(36.60)30.97(20.84)30.2624.11
2015-353821.8430.44Using Cong's Design MeiYing, PLL skip on 329.9633.94(21.84)27.42(39.25)
2015-343722.7927.21Using Cong's Design MeiYing, PLL skip on 1(22.79)(35.59)24.0933.1624.39
2015-253225.8129.33Messed up Cross-F2L on 3 big time(25.81)34.26(41.98)25.8527.87
2015-243227.2131.54Mini MoYu WeiLong V2 (54.5mm)(36.58)(27.21)27.5932.5034.53
2015-222829.1434.323 PLL skip34.8833.5234.57(29.14)(41.84)
2015-202729.4333.59WTF was with 2 and 4? Odd.(29.43)(40.50)30.0140.0030.76
2015-192222.3129.51Wish I waited to do this. Just lubed my Weilong.30.0828.77(33.96)(22.31)29.69
2015-182525.4631.43Messed up last one's F2L badly(25.46)35.0529.8529.40(44.50)
2015-162728.0431.12Using Moyu Weilong Mini30.69(28.04)30.6232.04(34.07)
2015-084133.2354.30Last two color neutral(1:09.98)59.32(33.23)43.131:00.46
2015-074540.6744.20Using 2-Look OLL and partial 1-Look PLL.42.1945.3145.10(40.67)(45.65)
2015-064536.7255.48First one is new PB, rest messed up badly.(36.72)(1:23.84)52.621:10.2143.62
2018-321322:27.022:42.732) Forgot to start timer...2273:02.59(DNF)(2:27.02)2:29.272:36.32
2015-22191:54.612:34.173 is PB, 4 popped, almost exploded2:31.542:39.81(1:54.61)(3:54.90)2:31.14
2015-20192:32.712:49.45Messed up last cross dedge using Yau on 5. Kinda skipped it till the end.2:54.092:36.942:57.33(2:32.71)(3:13.41)
2015-16162:27.172:49.32Pop on 4, Using Yuxin(2:27.17)2:57.842:46.03(3:11.22)2:44.09
2015-09213:05.93DNFSucky cube and noobyness3:48.273:24.83(3:05.93)(DNS)DNS
2-3-4 Relay
2015-20113:49.83Keyboard knocked Stack-mat off the table during 4x43:49.83
2015-351515.3620.67Using Dayan Pyraminx, +2 on 3 and 5, Messed up 5 badly(15.36)22.2822.6917.04(31.06)
2015-341917.5825.45Using Dayan Pyraminx, new to pyraminx24.60(17.58)(33.21)20.4831.27
2017-424311.1517.252) Spent like 20 seconds remembering an alg...14.85(40.73)13.25(11.15)23.66
2017-091210.1412.87Messed up badly on 415.0411.64(10.14)(34.54)11.92
1) B R L R B' R' U' L
2) U' L U' L U' B' L R U'
3) U L' U L B' U' L B L
4) R' U' L' B U' L R B U
5) R' L B' L' B' L' U B U'
2016-481426.4446.56Just bought and learned it like 30 mins ago. Using Moyu Magnetic Skewb and Sarah's Beginner Method.(26.44)(1:00.04)56.4042.9840.29