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Guido Dipietro

Speedsolving.com ID Kinch Score Competitions Completed Solves
G2013 49.76 164 4832

Current Personal Records

Event SR Single Average SR Kinch Score
2x2x2530.80Week 2016-51
2.84   0.80   3.67   2.03   2.42
2nd: lolsingle

this avg is subNRx
1.81Week 2017-07
2nd Place
4.23   1.41   1.63   2.38   1.30
3x3x3676.67Week 2019-04
8.97   6.67   7.90   12.22   8.17
2) hahaha wtf was that scramble

nice avg wtf
8.35Week 2019-04
6th Place
8.97   6.67   7.90   12.22   8.17
2) hahaha wtf was that scramble

nice avg wtf
4x4x43929.34Week 2019-16
34.29   39.79   37.18   40.84   29.34
nice first sub30 single in this webpage, long overdue
33.46Week 2019-13
3rd Place
40.35   33.83   31.16   31.12   35.40
uh sad counting 35
5x5x5851:06.41Week 2018-26
1:21.09   1:06.41   1:08.95   1:26.00   1:19.48
wtf XD 2nd is PB single and 3rd is PB4
1:16.51Week 2018-26
9th Place
1:21.09   1:06.41   1:08.95   1:26.00   1:19.48
wtf XD 2nd is PB single and 3rd is PB4
6x6x61552:41.25Week 2018-20
3:28.19   3:11.65   3:12.08   3:11.74   2:41.25
5th solve was extremely disproportionate to the rest of the avg, and perhaps it was PB i don't remember
2:53.07Week 2018-50
14th Place
3:16.00   2:57.88   2:49.24   2:49.46   2:51.86
7x7x7873:49.51Week 2018-16
4:28.01   3:49.51   4:26.01   4:59.37   4:16.68
4th: messed it up a lot lol
4:19.41Week 2018-14
8th Place
4:21.77   4:26.42   4:12.30   4:20.05   4:16.41
ohh nicee
2x2x2 blindfolded1907.39Week 2019-14
DNF   10.38   7.39
3rd is PB single, even with a +2! XD It was 5.39
10.51Week 2018-01
16th Place
11.09   12.85   7.58
all 3style
3x3x3 blindfolded217.31Week 2018-43
22.47   17.31   26.95
cool! sadly the last one was crap
22.24Week 2018-43
2nd Place
22.47   17.31   26.95
cool! sadly the last one was crap
4x4x4 blindfolded51:59.27Week 2019-20
1:59.27   DNF   DNF
1st) nice
2nd) forgot 1 letter pair in xcenters and apparently messed up accidentally on a wing comm, 2:17
3rd) did ED instead of EC on wings (2:46 though lmao)
5x5x5 blindfolded105:40.50Week 2019-19
DNF   5:40.50   DNF
1st) 3t, 2x, 3w (8:08.90)
2nd) wat
3rd) many many errors, also memo error that I couldn't spot until the 3 minute mark lmao
3x3x3 multiple blindfolded3513Week 2018-24
13/13 20:06
PB! First n/n in over 4 cubes. Memo was 13:26
3x3x3 one-handed29815.98Week 2017-46
21.31   15.98   27.78   25.12   33.16
did wrongly a sune on the last solve XD
23.00Week 2018-45
40th Place
18.17   25.56   19.28   24.16   31.30
3x3x3 With feet3143:06.22Week 2018-16
4:15.62   3:06.22   DNS   DNS   DNS
i won't do the remaininng lol i hate feet (pb single tho!)
4:15.13Week 2018-14
13th Place
4:31.19   3:50.24   4:29.53   4:25.62   3:49.18
1st: PB! lol
3rd: wut
4th: ok

also PB ao5 and mo3 lolol
3x3x3 Match the scramble114.93Week 2019-01
14.93   DNF   DNF   DNS   DNS
2nd: 2 comms in reverse order (21.60)
3rd: 1 mismove, 20.02.
4th: DNS
5th: DNS

DNSing because these are ranked by average
23.69Week 2018-51
3rd Place
23.66   23.91   DNF   18.56   23.50
PB average! :D
3x3x3 Fewest moves1221Week 2019-14
21   DNS   DNS
1st) what the actual fuck. PB single. WTF.
29.00Week 2019-10
4th Place
30   30   27
1) sad solution again. I find nice beginnings but my endings are bad.
2) wtf, no good eo
3) okay solve
2-3-4 Relay4448.05Week 2018-18
wtf were those scrambles anyway o.O

4x4 had double parity, it was a 35 still
2-3-4-5 Relay642:08.25Week 2017-45
lel PLL skip on 3x3 and 5x5
2-3-4-5-6 Relay955:51.95Week 2017-49
234 1 min
5x5 and 6x6 the rest xd
2-3-4-5-6-7 Relay629:28.69Week 2018-16
PB! :D
Clock1348.77Week 2019-11
13.85   8.77   11.61   13.86   9.83
hahah clock is fun
10.81Week 2017-52
6th Place
12.29   9.89   11.43   11.10   9.76
great average, close to my PB
scrambles had a lot of 0s!
Megaminx8858.62Week 2019-18
1:11.49   1:07.13   1:09.21   1:06.04   58.62
yay double pb here
1:07.46Week 2019-18
10th Place
1:11.49   1:07.13   1:09.21   1:06.04   58.62
yay double pb here
Pyraminx3333.32Week 2018-34
7.03   4.23   5.09   7.13   3.32
lol random PB single
4.53Week 2017-10
2nd Place
5.04   4.86   6.00   3.68   3.61
Square-112811.71Week 2018-08
21.52   14.63   23.16   27.30   11.71
2nd: noice
4th: I mistaked the cubeshape with good fist/fist
5th: WOOHOOO yeaah

in case anyone doesn't know, Lin method rocks.
i just practiced for a week and got from 25 global to 21 yay
15.01Week 2018-11
10th Place
14.41   13.69   16.87   13.76   40.10
WOOOOAAAOW this is a super duper nice avg for me!!!!!!!!

on the 5th I was doing adj on top and messed up :( it would have probably been a sub15 avg without that. Still pretty damn awesome!!!!
Skewb2213.29Week 2019-01
7.38   3.29   5.03   9.17   7.54
5.77Week 2018-11
25th Place
3.90   5.76   8.31   4.92   6.63
wooot damn good for me
Kilominx10533.15Week 2018-52
44.41   40.34   33.15   39.17   38.94
38.44Week 2019-01
7th Place
41.77   36.55   1:04.36   37.01   33.63
Mini Guildford755:14.71Week 2019-02
4x4 and 5x5 were really bad because I still use 1985 cubes

Medal Collection

Gold Silver Bronze
80 93 73


Competition Place Single Average Solves
2019-16201.762.54onelooked a few, nice!(1.76)(3.69)1.792.273.57
2019-1451.521.87hahaha naaaaah wtf is this, sub2 avg1.841.951.82(DNF)(1.52)
2019-1091.832.09lol this event(1.83)2.26(2.43)2.141.88
2019-05312.262.71were scrambles 2 and 3 modulo orientation identical?!?!3.19(2.26)2.372.56(5.56)
2018-311671.46DNFwait whaT¡¡¡¿(1.46)(DNF)2.78DNF2.03
2018-2890.992.13hahaha wtf low 2 and sub1 single XD2.47(0.99)2.001.92(3.18)
2018-27172.112.78lol my last two avg5s were 9/10 pure sub3 xD2.57(2.11)2.972.79(3.02)
2018-25333.033.24lol I got the same EG-1 (different colors) on 1,2, and 3rd solve XD3.12(3.52)3.333.28(3.03)
2018-23332.833.69once upon a time, I practiced 2x23.074.30(6.36)3.69(2.83)
2018-20132.022.52lellllll wtf2.352.21(3.00)2.99(2.02)
2018-14272.513.445th: I can't onelook anymore XD3.112.88(2.51)4.34(7.82)
2018-09242.052.72same CLLs on 1 and 3, and (2 and 4 and 5)... LOL, just 2 algorithms used on this avg5... Also, I use eg1 but I did all CLL on these, curious!2.18(3.94)(2.05)2.853.13
2018-03151.852.53so stable lol3.271.95(1.85)(4.23)2.38
2017-49112.672.97lol how was this even sub3? XD2.682.743.50(2.67)(4.58)
2017-48112.092.644 and 5 had the same EG: R' F R2 U' R2' F R2.633.06(3.38)2.23(2.09)
2017-46201.783.08damn +2 on the first solve :( wo +2 it is a 2.5 ao5(4.22)3.883.09(1.78)2.26
2017-0452.412.96meh avg, sub 3 at least...
2016-5282.543.243rd: mis EG-ed
4th: once again

ok I suck and I know it
2016-5130.802.432nd: lolsingle

this avg is subNRx
2016-5012.082.61nice avg, 2.61 was the previous NR of Argentina xd(2.08)3.052.31(3.31)2.47
2016-4922.342.65ok avg(3.03)(2.34)2.862.452.65
2016-4831.563.35horrible EGs on every solve but the last one xd

really bad solves and avg
2016-4752.353.18worst avg in a while. 4 suP-3s!!! That sucks(2.35)(3.58)3.323.123.11
2016-4642.353.18worst avg in a while. 4 suP-3s!!! That sucks(2.35)(3.58)3.323.123.11
2016-4531.892.632nd = 3rd!
5th = pi?
2016-4421.212.43Nice sub-2 singleS! this avg is sub NR.2.952.79(4.01)1.55(1.21)
2016-4312.252.73The first two solved kind of spoiled the avg. Meh. fine avg though2.93(3.04)2.712.54(2.25)
2016-4232.442.841st: locked up a bit
2nd: wtf same EG as before

I can't stop locking up dammit
2016-4152.012.41Nice times, sub NR btw2.512.46(3.01)2.25(2.01)
2016-4022.723.072.90, and 2.90, ok.

This avg is super extremely awful and I hate it
2016-3931.562.29nice avg, sub-nr yay2.102.34(4.06)(1.56)2.42
2016-3721.222.32Wow! Very nice avg! The scrambles were quite easy

st dev 0.46
2016-3631.222.32Wow! Very nice avg! The scrambles were quite easy

st dev 0.46
2016-3561.933.041st: I hate YPerm CLL
4th: aaarghhh I also hate when I get an Ortega case. Dammit I'm full EG and that's pointless in these cases lol

horrendous avg
2016-3462.232.875th: PB (fck bad recognition)2.333.113.18(2.23)(5.25)
2016-3312.112.33yay nice avg(2.11)2.152.482.36(3.06)
2016-3222.362.57Nice avg. This would have been NR a couple of months ago. But now the NR is considerably lower than before (2.61 -> 2.47) and then it's not. Dammit haha
Anyway, great avg
2016-3112.092.661st: argh, I hate when I one-look wrongly xD

ok-to-bad avg
2016-3052.722.871st: I locked up nooooo

every solve was sub-3 but none was sub-2.5 which is what I normally average hehe dammit
2016-2532.072.77that 0.5 st dev3.132.16(3.32)3.02(2.07)
2016-2441.392.711st: ......just an EG?????!!? Why did I finger-lock? XD

ahh too nervous on the last one, which made it the almost-worst-solve. hm, hm.
2016-2322.382.67hm quite fine(2.38)2.892.48(3.16)2.65
2016-2122.392.91last 2 scrambles are so hard that they are unpleasant(2.39)2.842.723.16(3.28)
2016-1971.932.49Very good avg, specially since it's the first time that I do good times BEFORE doing this avg - normally I do good times before and after it, but not IN the avg, and I cry.

St dev is over 9000
2016-1762.312.76the first solves were super easy but I locked up dammit 2.882.83(2.31)(3.37)2.57
2016-1651.612.643rd: onelook of course xD

yay 2 sub 2s! But 1 suP 4 XD
Yay inconsistence too, almost 1 second of st dev!!!!

great avg
2016-1532.422.711st: hm... why do I lock up??
2016-1441.932.535th: OLL skip lent me to use Ortega (varsano) woops

yay sub-nr (of my country, Argentina) avg!
2016-1332.213.134th: one-look+fingerlock=not-one-look w/o fingerlock.

ew not sub-3 this is so bad. I've just done a sub-2.5 ao25. Why always the same
2016-1221.902.054th: vip

<3333 love this avg, 2.05! That's very nice. Would be 27th in the world!!
2016-1122.272.801st: mis-1look, but still good.

good avg, but the 3.12 (or 3.22) screwed it a little bit :/
2016-1051.523.06I hate Ortega cases when using EG

bad avg :/
2016-0872.553.723rd: was a +2 :((((

worst a05 in the whole year. This avg sucks.
2016-0742.462.96quite fine but the 3rd solve spoiled it because my recognition failed.(2.46)2.633.09(4.23)3.15
2016-0662.482.99sub-3 at least(3.69)(2.48)3.162.733.08
2016-0482.853.463rd: Faz

really bad avg
2016-0352.563.11meh avg

Whole avg done in less than a minute wftok
2016-0283.013.411st: damn fingerlocks!!
2nd: failed recognising EG-1

I'm stupid and scrambles don't help. Bad avg.
2016-0161.372.954th: extra easy, just a U' and an EG-1, and AUF U2

0.84 st dev XD
2015-5272.693.321st and 3rd are the same! The same as bad...

Wow, 3 times are x.91. Cool

This avg is not really good :/

EDIT: After this, I did an ao12 sub-3... D: Whyy
2015-5142.233.33argh, too many unnecessary rotations3.17(2.23)3.26(3.68)3.57
2015-5031.822.671st nice
2nd woops cubelock
4th nice solve, bad recognition

good average
2015-4882.743.841st: Would have been a low 2 but my finges locked! :(
4th: EG fail!!! arghh. I think this is the only EG that I don't recognise well, and I got it!! wtfff why

2015-47172.784.10I mess up the solves and get bad times...

That's why I got 5th in 2x2 in my last comp, while the 1st one got an avg worser than my avg when I'm doing bad at home... :S
2015-4672.323.481st: half of the solve to recognise the EG xD

The last 3 times are ok, but the first 2 are b******t
2015-4362.843.761st: Mis-did the 1st layer and got a LL skip XD

pretty bad avg :/
2015-4283.263.57cll and/or eg cases I don't like :/

pretty bad avg
2015-4073.303.951st: EG+OLL skip=Ortega :(
3rd: One look :D

First average with the LingPo! Finally...
2015-3972.704.49Great .xy at the end, both numbers after comma (I don't care)

Finally, I'll get a LingPo. This is probably the last avg I do with my lovely LanLan
2015-38143.614.25Lol 1st and 2nd4.534.533.69(3.61)(5.39)
2015-3783.043.42what the scramble!?

If I had a better 2x2...
2015-34203.924.923rd was CLL fail

5th the same.
2015-32133.644.094th and 5th: Neat, the same best average time!!

PS: 4.14 is my official 2x2 average personal best, which is the average [not mean] of these times I submitted xDDD
2015-3172.413.351st: great, 2 secs to recognise CLL

good avg
2015-30153.434.311st would have been sub-2 if I had a better cube

Malbonaj tempoj
2015-29183.204.69No warmup - LanLan

2015-28173.234.386.93 is PB

Gxis la revido
2015-27153.054.32From 6 to 3, lol. Normalaj tempoj(6.55)4.134.434.40(3.05)
2015-26102.683.53The inconsistent they call me... With LanLan as always... Cxu vi gxojas kubi?3.653.53(4.48)3.42(2.68)
2015-2563.103.98Done with my famous unkown LanLan, as always3.46(3.10)(5.25)3.405.08
2015-2152.503.59kinda good -- did this avg with a lanlan (the one that got me to the final round of 2x2 lol)(4.65)4.26(2.50)3.213.31
2015-1873.446.20OMGG I forgot CLL........... Ich muss jetzt es wieder lernen, anzi perso l'Otoño Open ----- EDIT: OK, I learned them again.... well, now I average more than a second less than before... lol6.79(7.71)5.326.50(3.44)
2015-10183.894.871) My lanlan doesn't cut nor a half corner.(9.96)(3.89)4.594.735.30
2015-0553.513.95Pretty good, being the first average in the year4.154.003.69(5.32)(3.51)
2014-5032.973.99I don't do 2x2(6.67)4.022.98(2.97)4.97
2014-4342.693.25Good for me, std dev 00.41!!(2.69)3.103.443.21(3.92)
2014-40114.424.89Bad scrambles, and I really need to change my LanLan4.81(4.42)(6.09)5.374.48
2014-3983.744.19On the 4th solve the cube fell of my hands, it would have been a 2.xx instead...4.05(5.27)3.924.59(3.74)
2019-20198.749.63nice 4th one8.96(8.74)8.81(21.22)11.12
2019-18307.8810.32always so inconsistent9.32(14.85)12.039.62(7.88)
2019-175210.1810.92i hurt my index finger :((10.18)10.3811.84(14.91)10.55
2019-16449.1610.66couldn't really make much noise so I had to turn slowly xD(9.16)11.64(11.65)9.8110.54
2019-14446.7211.01random sub7 single11.39(14.86)11.40(6.72)10.25
2019-09157.458.92nice average!8.99(10.67)9.46(7.45)8.32
2019-054610.4011.69ugh, not even a sub10 single, sht(10.40)11.83(12.50)12.1511.08
2019-0466.678.352) hahaha wtf was that scramble

nice avg wtf
2018-52197.939.03speedsolving PB avg of 5 nice(11.51)9.209.79(7.93)8.09
2018-4558.039.11cool! last one was a +2 :(8.4410.67(8.03)8.21(11.87)
2018-394611.3111.82LOL NOT EVEN A SUB11 W=HAAHAHAH12.1312.02(11.31)11.32(12.19)
2018-23419.5311.84yay +2 on 2nd
yay corner twist on 3rd

yay all
2018-20168.9010.261st: blue cross... but I'm not neutral XD11.15(11.30)(8.90)9.3210.32
2018-19228.7511.29omfg so bad10.88(8.75)11.00(12.18)11.98
2018-15147.6210.03nice single9.33(7.62)10.5110.24(12.12)
2018-14198.0710.111st: fullstep and pauseless yay(8.07)10.519.1210.71(14.59)
2018-13239.6311.365th: wtf I thought this one had PLL parity, I'm really screwed(13.75)10.8211.3011.95(9.63)
2018-12219.5810.88woops counting 1212.779.87(9.58)10.01(13.27)
2018-11269.3711.52LOL ONLY ONE SUB10 HAHAHA WTF SO SLOW(9.37)(15.80)10.8212.5011.23
2018-10388.4812.043rd: tried to solve all those blocks in a good way but of course I failed
5th: ct

XD 12.04 LOL
2018-09269.6110.99basically today I suck more than usually at every event10.4811.8310.66(9.61)(12.31)
2018-06148.7010.23not even sub official :(10.56(12.04)(8.70)10.669.47
2018-03279.1211.82first 3 were 11.8 WOW (2nd was 9.8+2)

such a terrible avg :(
2017-52149.0210.38spoiled the sub10 avg with two 11s hah10.12(9.02)(11.93)9.5011.53
2017-51138.9310.49every solve was slower than the previous one(8.93)9.9210.0511.50(11.66)
2017-49119.249.82oh good(10.50)9.709.76(9.24)10.01
2017-48118.829.61good sub10 avg10.129.529.19(8.82)(10.63)
2017-47148.1410.851st: pop whoops...(35.66)10.1411.8510.55(8.14)
2017-46147.7910.313rd: nice fullstep

oc avg
2017-452111.0111.27SO DAMN SLOW D:11.04(12.06)(11.01)11.3111.46
2017-43109.5710.112nd: had a pop wooops (how does a valk pop?????)(9.57)(49.94)10.529.7210.10
2017-0499.8611.76I can't be so unstable lol11.79(13.04)(9.86)11.0312.47
2016-52710.4011.50ok not so bad actually10.66(10.40)(12.31)11.9711.86
2016-501011.5512.46bad avg, but good considering it was done under dim light with a FangShi whose green and blue colours are almost the same xd(13.65)11.9312.33(11.55)13.12
2016-49511.5612.00not even sub12, hm12.1312.2811.59(11.56)(13.17)
2016-48410.4912.72WHAT'S UP!!! 2nd and 3rd are DISGUSTING solves D:

no, this avg sucks
2016-4739.8110.774th: 997th sub-10 of the year, close to the thousand!
5th: lots of lockups and fails and it was not a bad time!

nice sub11 avg
2016-4659.8110.774th: 997th sub-10 of the year, close to the thousand!
5th: lots of lockups and fails and it was not a bad time!

nice sub11 avg
2016-45109.9812.601st: living at the limit xd
2nd: 12.2 + 2 :( (too many 2s)
5th locked up
2016-4269.7811.56ok avg, 0.42 st dev. Nice single.11.20(9.78)(14.42)12.0111.46
2016-411211.0712.873rd: corner twist arghh

this avg is so ugly XD
2016-39510.9311.51Nice 10.93 twin(14.65)(10.93)11.1712.4410.93
2016-37310.1411.095th: woops xD11.6910.7610.82(10.14)(17.22)
2016-36510.1411.095th: woops xD11.6910.7610.82(10.14)(17.22)
2016-35810.5512.28st dev 1.90 lol

not good avg
2016-3449.4710.551st: neat single
3rd: another neat single
4th: I semi-failed the XCross xD

nice avg, 2 sub-10s!
2016-33810.1611.26I love how times got progressively slower.(10.16)10.8811.2511.64(11.70)
2016-3289.5911.22Nice times (except the 2nd hehe)11.13(13.49)11.18(9.59)11.35
2016-31610.9611.692 G perms dammit
nice avg anyway
2016-301011.7812.662nd: corner twist :(

not a good avg with a counting 13 :(:(:(
2016-25610.2912.03.not great12.0012.85(10.29)11.25(15.45)
2016-24910.5612.151 & 2: Z-Perms
5th: cross fail D:
2016-231011.7612.55damn it11.94(11.76)12.9812.73(14.29)
2016-21912.0713.622nd: my birthday xd

horrible avg XD
2016-1759.9511.18cold fingers DAMMIT

this avg was really good, and my fingers are ice-cold, what the actual F
2016-161412.3112.94ouch counting 13 :(
pretty avg though
2016-15911.6512.951st: 3 seconds pause o.O
3rd: corner twist

funny, the avg is almost the same time as the last single.
2016-141210.2712.084th: pll skip

meh avg, counting 13 is bad :(
2016-131310.1613.351st: when you think your solve will be bad and turns out it's not
3rd: when you think your solve will be bad and turns out... it is.
4th: seriously a U perm in 4 secs...

well this avg was a fail :( counting 14 D:
2016-121712.2914.741st: WRR!!
3rd: damn overthinking :/

WORST AVG SO FAR EVER IN MY LIFE. wtff why, I've just done a sub-12 ao12.
2016-111510.7912.771st: wow, the type of solves you didn't think would be fast, but turn out to be so.
2nd: damn fingerlocks

counting 13 :((((
I've just did lots of sub-12.5 and sub-12 avgs but... not this one D:
2016-101510.7412.315th: no pauses, 66 moves, 5.74 TPS, which is great for me. Yay
the avg is not super super but anyway fine.
2016-081111.6412.532nd: missed the spacebar
4th: fingerlock D:

meh avg
2016-071211.3312.293rd: missed the spacebar 3 times.

wtf last 2 times xD Stdev almost 0
2016-061911.4412.981st: did cross wrongly and still sub-11.5, wow

bad avg :/
2016-031310.6813.191st: damn fingerlock it would have been a low 10 or sub 10. Anyway it's a good time

Done with Fangshi Shuangren
2016-021210.9312.052nd: corner twist
5th: due to finger-lock wasn't sub-10 :(

Overall fine avg
2016-012211.6213.85horrible avg14.18(11.62)13.4713.91(14.84)
2015-521110.3812.501st: 1st pair skip, aka xCross ;D

Overall quality: poor :/
2015-511111.4412.911st: corner twist D:

decent avg, for not having done warm-up
2015-50711.5212.701st had a nice 2x2x1 block on yellow, but I'm not neutral :/

Bad average overall, but with 2 'good' singles. (2 ok singles, 2 not good singles, and 1 bad single)
2015-481311.2214.50I really need to solve the fingerlock thing...

The 'back' of my right index finger is hurt, and it hurts when I do U' :'(

horrible. Just horrible.
2015-471611.6214.38argghhhh counting 17!(11.62)(17.49)17.3113.0312.79
2015-461312.8414.142nd: missed spacebar

not that good :/
closer to bad than to good
2015-44912.1613.165th was F2L and PLL fail XD

quite bad :/
2015-431411.6414.57Not very concentrated because I'm listening to this:
2015-42810.4911.41no warm-up
1st & 2nd had a J perm
4th: F2L fail
5th: very smooth but the G perm ruined the sub-10 xD

Pretty good avg, this is PB here

EDIT: After this a05 I did my PB ao12, 12.11 seconds (my previous one was, well, 12.11 >.<)
2015-401211.2013.663rd: missed the spacebar :(
5th: The worst solve of the year in terms of technique -> Cross in 5 seconds :)
2015-39812.1213.10just why do V perms exist...12.85(14.87)(12.12)12.6613.78
2015-381311.9013.56Getting worse each solve xD(11.90)12.6413.8314.21(14.56)
2015-371211.2112.795th: I don't know how this one was not sub-10... XCross+PLL skip and amazing F2l... why was it an 11? >.<

anyway, this average is sehr gut
2015-351912.5614.141st was an amazing solve, but with lots of finger-locks.... :(

last was fail
2015-321110.3412.22The LL was easy on every solve. lol

Great avg
2015-312012.6315.181st was 13.xx but I couldn't hit the spacebar xD
3rd: the cube fell off my hands... my first DNF here in 3x3
5th: same as 1st..... :((

This avg sucks. I did a sub-14 ao25 just before this one........... argghhh
2015-301610.2714.44noooooo counting 16!!!16.03(10.27)14.10(16.42)13.18

Great average, although those two 15s are quite bad

2015-281411.7713.011) OLL skip, otherwise it would have been like a 17 xD 2) 3rd pair skip and a G perm at the end... the 15th G perm in the day, out of less than 40 solves >.< 3) Easy LL 4) Easier LL 5) Another G perm!!!!!!!! ----------- One of the best avgs of the year, I think...

Se vi parolas esperanton, ni havas ion komune!
2015-271711.8415.32After I had done an avg of 25 with 1 sub-10, 3 sub-11, many PLL skips, and more, I had this pretty bad avg of 5 with 2 solves featuring the worst F2L cases and the last solve featuring a G perm. Ok. alright. Ne zorgu.16.3614.26(16.80)(11.84)15.33
2015-262515.2016.20Horrible. Worst avg of the century. 1st: Mis-stopped the timer >.< 4th: Pop. My WeiLong popped for 3rd time in its history or so. And it had to be here. And in the best scramble. Lol.16.68(15.20)16.07(18.60)15.84
2015-251111.4613.76no warm up - Could've been much better, who cares - Cxu vi parolas esperanton?13.56(14.72)(11.46)13.6514.08
2015-21710.8712.45Arghh, second one could have been a sub-10, but my fingers locked-up (sort of?) -- Third one, as well, but I had a G-perm as PLL... --- Anyway, this avg is pretty nice13.04(10.87)11.67(15.54)12.65
2015-181212.7215.20Horrible avg --- No warm-up so my fingers do not work -- Training for Otoño Open https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/results/c.php?i=UTNOtono2015 --- I'm Rocky(12.72)15.1515.8814.57(19.35)
2015-101112.1413.53Could've been better14.94(15.11)13.0512.61(12.14)
2014-50912.5414.34A decent average, but with 3 Gs!!15.2213.95(12.54)(15.34)13.86
2014-42913.7715.41Today, I don't know why, I'm shaking like if it was my first competition xDD??(13.77)(18.77)14.7815.6015.85
2014-41611.3513.65Normal except the second(11.35)(22.11)13.5412.8814.53
2019-17830.5537.28the decay35.34(30.55)(45.06)38.5537.96
2019-16929.3437.09nice first sub30 single in this webpage, long overdue34.2939.7937.18(40.84)(29.34)
2019-13331.1233.46uh sad counting 35(40.35)33.8331.16(31.12)35.40
2019-121030.9236.133) I inserted every F2L incorrectly, so I solved 8 pairs in the end. :(38.34(30.92)(43.52)34.0935.97
2019-11532.2334.51finally a non-crap ao5, lmao. Still not a great avg, but at least not 2 seconds above my damn global33.6935.79(38.05)34.06(32.23)
2019-10932.4337.40la puta madre, literally yesterday I got a 34.40 avg100. Now this?!?! Why Can't I Beat My PB Ao5 On This Website(32.43)(39.87)36.8037.7337.68
2019-09833.2936.43PB here, but still awful. I don't know why I always get bad results here(39.33)34.92(33.29)35.2039.17
2019-072034.2640.80LOL NOT EVEN SUB4041.51(34.26)(41.80)40.7340.15
2019-06831.2837.08lmao, i can't beat my PB avg5 in this website even though I avg around 1.5/2 seconds below it34.05(39.67)(31.28)39.1338.06
2019-051034.4337.42bad bad bad bad(34.43)(43.41)34.8638.8538.54


SO BAD. My global avg is 35. AAA
2019-03934.6937.69sadly a counting 4035.74(45.46)(34.69)41.8935.44
2019-013438.4645.06lmao using a cbg4 in 2019 i feel bad39.4348.01(38.46)47.74(48.72)
2018-40931.1841.042 47s and a 31, so normal47.8137.86(47.83)(31.18)37.44
2018-26731.6937.02lolwat hahah45.08(45.81)(31.69)33.5032.48
2018-231736.7442.335th: lol I messed up on a U perm and had to redo all R and U faces XD It was a 3843.67(36.74)43.8439.49(44.22)
2018-191435.3442.24omfg this average was utter crap43.0242.48(46.58)(35.34)41.22
2018-171234.0439.66and that's about how my consistency goes40.7942.19(44.50)36.00(34.04)
2018-161138.1241.144th had a pop in which I spent 15 minutes laying on the floor checking random spots to find the damn inner piece40.9241.8740.64(DNF)(38.12)
2018-15735.7738.913rd: there were sooooo many things pairing up and getting solved that I got overwhelmed trying to preserve stuff :S38.80(35.77)(40.97)37.2640.67
2018-13936.1039.65so damn slow(36.10)39.4741.92(44.72)37.56
2018-121038.8440.94my head aches so badly aau41.6641.6539.50(43.99)(38.84)
2018-08738.8239.345th: lol i forgot an oll wtf38.85(38.82)39.1140.05(53.35)
2018-06835.2839.33slowwww damn39.41(45.01)38.28(35.28)40.30
2018-05532.0437.782nd: pop, oll parity, and +2 xd

this was probably the most inconsistent avg in a while
2018-03837.8039.42meh :((37.80)39.9438.14(43.52)40.18
2018-021736.9041.77LOL this was extremely slowWW40.99(44.97)43.29(36.90)41.04
2017-521533.6041.27three super slow solves, one decent, one quick solve, make up this weird avg5(43.64)42.71(33.60)42.8838.22
2017-50939.7742.28I miss the wuque so bad :(43.1642.5541.14(39.77)(46.45)
2017-49631.6637.51pretty ok avg... and really nice single!(31.66)39.08(44.41)35.4637.98
2017-48939.5240.62this is so slow compared to what I've been doing lately :(((42.0039.95(50.30)39.92(39.52)
2017-461131.3242.333rd: probably PB, not sure... I'm still using a Cyclone Boys G4 jeeez

2017-451542.7445.53today I'm doing all super exteme shit crap redbull avgs44.49(42.74)(57.90)45.0147.10
2017-441036.6340.832nd: this was a megafail OMG missed a 33 or sth

i love my cbg4 mini
2017-431338.2345.23how daheck did i get my official pb(38.23)45.9144.86(46.04)44.93
2017-421539.4248.24pretty close to my official PB ao5 which is 35.9448.9351.31(52.67)44.47(39.42)
2017-04340.1044.33so bad42.47(45.91)44.68(40.10)45.85
2016-52439.4544.23horrible avg, I hate it all except 1st and 5th42.95(53.96)44.8344.91(39.45)
2016-51541.4844.505th: my mind locked up xd42.7348.73(41.48)42.05(51.60)
2016-49241.6244.043rd and 4th were bad times and quite spoiled the avg :/42.5643.95(51.26)45.62(41.62)
2016-48137.7040.862nd: my hands are wet... my in-room thermometer says "28 celsius (about 82.4 F)"
3rd: ok, nice st dev
4th: fine.

nice avg, this is sub NR. I've been doing maaany many sub-NR avgs lately. I'm just waiting for a comp I can go to hehehe
2016-47237.9944.393rd: pop
4th: why do I screw it up when I'm doing well dammit

meh it could have been waaaaaaay better but it's still ok
2016-46237.9944.393rd: pop
4th: why do I screw it up when I'm doing well dammit

meh it could have been waaaaaaay better but it's still ok
2016-45241.8045.08horrible avg42.47(49.06)44.17(41.80)48.59
2016-44240.3344.37I was doing well and suddenly 46, 50, 46, what happened?!?!(40.33)40.8646.11(50.10)46.15
2016-43238.1542.08yay sub nr41.0941.51(38.15)(44.88)43.65
2016-42238.2443.81that 47 is awful. So are the counting 45s :(

The avg is ok though
2016-41139.4441.29nice avg, two nice sub-40 singles. Sub NR as well(47.95)(39.44)40.6439.8943.34
2016-40141.1345.471st: locked up a bit on 3x3 stage
2nd: worst edge pairing ever xD
4th: ct

apart from the 1st and 2nd solve, nice avg
2016-39444.5645.69OK avg
back after a 2-week forced pause
2016-37241.8144.57that counting 47 spoiled the avg a bit :/42.50(48.69)43.6547.55(41.81)
2016-36241.8144.57that counting 47 spoiled the avg a bit :/42.50(48.69)43.6547.55(41.81)
2016-35240.0942.715th: ...not sub-40 xd

Nice avg, 0.10 off the Argentinean NR
2016-34338.6644.901st: living on the limit!
4th: My st dev is unbelievable
5th: No, I really mean it.
2016-33338.6144.151st: I had a pop with took me about 5 secs to fix.
4th: nice single
2016-32342.6844.751st: messed up orange with red D:

nice avg
2016-31340.2645.892nd: with semi-pop
4th: same as 2nd
5th: crappy centers, I spent a lot of time on them D:
2016-30345.0847.862nd: not sure what happened... bad time though

decent-to-bad avg
2016-25343.6647.193rd: semiforced PLL skip using COLL
5th: f*ck that G perm. Would have been sub-40 xd
2016-24339.3542.773rd: !!!!

nice average :)
2016-23547.2650.211st: edge pairing fail xd
3rd: accidentally did the same scramble as the 2nd, but the solve was completely different. IE this one had PLL parity and the previous one didn't
2016-21441.5751.661st: I paired edges like a boss on this one xD
2nd: ow so close
3rd: YAY such a good time
4th: fail
5th: fail too :(

damn it was a really good avg but the sup-1 appeared.
2016-17240.7144.211st: Telesforo-like
2nd: palindrome w/pop

YAAAY PB AO5!!! 44.21, WTFFF
2016-16845.4650.91hm not sub-50, damn52.80(45.46)51.3848.54(55.89)
2016-15544.6050.162nd: oouch I missed the spacebar for 0.3 secs approx xD would have been sub-50, I know...
3rd: palindrome yay
5th: Niklas OLL (R U' L' U R' U' L) and semi-pll skip (that is, only PLL parity to do).

Fine-to-good avg
2016-14543.0249.531st: I accidently the whole solve
2nd: consistence? what is that?
5th: whaat 43? nice

nice avg :)
2016-13644.2747.881st: wtf! mis-inserted a pair, but still a very nice time!

yay sub-48
2016-12641.7649.251st: dp
2nd: WTF SOLVED WHITE CENTER!! Also, I locked up a bit, otherwise would have been a sub-40!
3rd: not sub-50 though ;D
4th: was a +2 :S
5th: even though I locked up a bit, it was a good time.
2016-11744.7050.05Fall 2016, the return of the cold fingers >.<
2nd: niceee

aooughhgughg,,, not even sub-50 xD
2016-08746.5554.771st and 2nd: same COLL from the same angle ftw

horrible avg :( this week is going on badly
2016-07842.4949.382nd: was a 45.13+2 :(

yay another sub-50 ao5
2016-06943.9549.271st: what the centers
2nd: what the centers again, and semi-oll skip (only had to do parity)
3rd: pop
4th: Quick oll and pll skip, yay

yupi sub-50 avg
2016-03847.9751.061st: centers were horrible and I did them wrongly lol, but anyway it was the best time. WTF I no longer understand the world(47.97)50.3452.32(54.95)50.53
2016-01646.1852.954.64 st dev XD
Meh avg
2015-471251.7959.971st: pop

ftw consistence
2015-44851.2859.231st had pop
2nd pairing fail
3rd dammit can't you pair green with green instead of green with red?? lol
2015-421046.7653.131st: not even sub-1 XD
2nd & 3rd: had a J perm
4th: NICE SINGLE! Easy U perm

Today is a good day. Nice avg :)
single and avg PB here
2015-39850.4959.772nd would have been sub-50... >.< Still a good time, though

3rd: finger fail


Very bad avg... most sup-1s that sub-1s... >.<
2015-381053.7656.341st: mispaired an edge, and double parity
2nd: I hate G perms on 4x4 xD
3rd: pop :((
2015-371153.2757.64Turning slow just so it doesn't pop...56.2858.30(1:03.32)(53.27)58.34
2015-311251.7655.551st was "semi-Oll-skip": I did OLL parity and I got an Oll skip.
2nd was "semi-Pll-skip": I did PLL parity and I got a Pll skip. xD
3rd: used COLL to force a nice U perm
4th: nice PLL parity + U perm.
5th: Oh darn... 3 piece pop. ;( It had a beautiful LL, sune+T perm (with both OLL and PLL parity, though...). It would have been a sub-55.

Anyway, this avg is amazing. A neat time, too xD 5555. The centers were very easy and the LLs of every solve, too.
2015-301555.701:00.12arghh I did a 55.xx average just before this one!!!(55.70)1:02.11(1:07.96)1:01.4556.80
2015-251156.6058.28Freezing fingers - 1st one had a PLL skip... lol and still not sub-11:00.3357.86(1:01.83)56.65(56.60)
2015-10653.3056.13Good, ok.(53.30)57.78(57.79)56.3154.29
2015-05553.2258.28I have accidentaly the centers. My normal avg is 55(1:03.32)59.991:00.3954.46(53.22)
2014-50161:06.071:13.49Next week I will get a new 4x4, the ShengShou is getting old...1:12.271:16.39(1:06.07)1:11.80(1:20.41)
2014-39161:08.991:09.90No sub-1... Done with an old and pretty bad shengshou1:09.01(1:18.06)1:10.881:09.81(1:08.99)
2018-27201:18.921:29.994th: i messed up some centers and had to commutate them omfg XD(1:18.92)1:32.221:34.64(1:46.20)1:23.11
2018-2691:06.411:16.51wtf XD 2nd is PB single and 3rd is PB41:21.09(1:06.41)1:08.95(1:26.00)1:19.48
2018-23111:13.561:21.30ugh so bad I got a counting 1:30 :(1:30.361:16.19(1:32.32)1:17.35(1:13.56)
2018-20101:15.271:21.86really chocked on the last 2, and the first one had ultimate cold fingers :P1:23.22(1:15.27)1:17.131:25.23(1:34.57)
2018-1881:15.311:17.92lol pretty nice avg1:20.141:17.78(1:25.17)1:15.83(1:15.31)
2018-17131:14.501:23.37consistency is number one priority(1:31.64)(1:14.50)1:18.511:30.281:21.32
2018-16161:15.011:27.24hahaha so inconsistent lolol(1:15.01)(1:47.33)1:23.461:38.041:20.22
2018-1571:11.451:21.93nice :D(1:25.45)(1:11.45)1:22.701:22.981:20.11
2018-14351:30.531:48.45i did my best on a 5x5 ss mini 57mm1:48.00(2:13.08)1:40.851:56.49(1:30.53)
2018-11141:16.291:30.12two sub1:20s and three sup1:30 wtffff(1:50.22)1:18.621:34.251:37.49(1:16.29)
2018-06161:10.861:27.20wtf the first one was very good then the other 4 were so bad(1:10.86)1:27.811:26.621:27.16(1:27.86)
2018-05101:17.301:21.901st: had a pre-pop lockup that didn't end up in pop

nice and stable, which is awesome
2018-04141:12.931:24.61wtf this was super inconsistent(1:33.06)1:25.571:21.15(1:12.93)1:27.12
2017-52161:14.451:21.75so bad I got a counting 1:26 :( but the rest was good1:26.15(1:29.98)(1:14.45)1:20.051:19.05
2017-5071:18.761:20.59quite stable idk(1:18.76)1:20.561:20.351:20.86(1:30.03)
2017-4891:23.031:26.92meh ok(1:31.44)1:29.07(1:23.03)1:23.801:27.90
2017-47111:13.191:26.14it got slow after the first solve lol(1:13.19)1:26.691:23.861:27.88(1:32.00)
2017-46131:14.611:22.51nice avg.1:20.431:22.17(1:14.61)1:24.92(1:30.24)
2017-45111:21.691:29.47:( too many slow or meh solves :(:((1:21.69)1:34.161:24.711:29.55(1:36.06)
2016-52132:02.392:19.893rd: using Hoya5 lol2:09.942:20.95(2:35.93)(2:02.39)2:28.77
2016-51102:02.902:10.38yau5, still getting used to it(2:02.90)(2:16.47)2:05.422:14.792:10.94
2015-42152:03.762:19.46I don't even practice 5x5 xD

1st & 2nd had a G perm :(
2nd had a pop
5th: would have been sub-2 if my fingers would have locked

single and avg PB here (today is speedsolving.com/competitions PB day)
2015-31132:05.272:25.973rd: the number of the beast, with POP
5th: easy L4E
2014-40112:00.062:16.87Although first time is my PB, I ask myself: WHY CAN'T I DO SUB-2?!?!!?(2:00.06)2:19.80(2:40.08)2:00.452:30.35
2018-27142:51.163:01.734th: messed up a center, and had a pop xd

lol what a way to spoil a "nice" ao5
2018-20112:41.253:11.825th solve was extremely disproportionate to the rest of the avg, and perhaps it was PB i don't remember(3:28.19)3:11.653:12.083:11.74(2:41.25)
2018-19352:56.66DNF4 and 5 later(2:56.66)3:12.383:07.63(DNS)DNS
2018-14193:14.263:21.925th: 0.3 DNF because this avg is too bad to make all of the 5 solves XD(3:14.26)3:17.513:25.533:22.71(DNF)
2018-13132:51.282:57.711st: PLL skip lol PB too
4th: omg this literally felt like the slowest one, still it's 1 sec away from PB!

2018-12113:03.123:04.91wow pretty stable...3:06.893:03.34(3:03.12)3:04.49(3:11.69)
2017-51133:01.093:07.132nd: pop :(3:08.43(4:02.15)(3:01.09)3:06.263:06.71
2017-49123:10.863:24.79hahaha fastest time was still super slow! Somehow I got a 3:01 mean at comp idk(3:28.52)(3:10.86)3:21.293:26.503:26.59
2018-3194:18.944:41.94got bored, won't do the 5th lol4:48.36(4:18.94)4:23.594:53.87(DNF)
2018-18254:41.04DNFugh centers sucked and edges did too...

2 3 4 and 5 later... maybe never :P
2018-1764:11.334:27.865th later.4:51.124:18.67(4:11.33)4:13.79(DNS)
2018-1663:49.514:23.574th: messed it up a lot lol4:28.01(3:49.51)4:26.01(4:59.37)4:16.68
2018-1573:55.114:24.991st: PB! :D if I hadn't got the 5 second pause bc of a thing that popped up in my computer. PB is 3:53
4th: lol 5:29, I messed up centers while doing freeslice
next later
2018-1484:12.304:19.41ohh nicee4:21.77(4:26.42)(4:12.30)4:20.054:16.41
2018-10294:19.95DNFlast 2 maybe tomorrow or DNF4:45.544:41.36(4:19.95)(DNS)DNS
2018-0994:14.474:29.391st: sub2 centers but bad edges
4th: 2:15 centers 2:15 the rest lol
2018-08144:03.594:48.091st: omg this is the slowest 7x7 ive done in a whiiiiiiiiile

why on earth is this ao5???? also it was super inconsistent o.O

2nd attempt will be done throughout the week (i accidentally submitted all but that one xD)
2018-05154:35.084:52.65next two tomorrow

5th: messed up centers during freeslice
2018-04114:30.754:51.49why so inconsistent???4:35.77(5:03.98)(4:30.75)5:02.094:56.60
2017-5074:30.764:41.71pb ao5 and mo3!(5:01.03)4:48.17(4:30.76)4:45.864:31.09
2017-4974:38.614:46.13of course this is PB ao5 and mo3 somewhere in this five solves4:40.574:48.55(5:01.59)(4:38.61)4:49.28
2x2x2 blindfolded
2019-201513.45DNFomg hahahahaha26.71DNF13.45
2019-191817.90DNFXDDD let's see if I can get a better 3BLD singleDNFDNF17.90
2019-181111.3813.09xd a mo315.4211.3812.46
2019-172114.7716.49a mo3 wtf :017.4517.2514.77
2019-161913.2913.55hahahahah lol so consistent. I'm so slow because I try to onelook it but if I can't I just do a BLD solve. xD13.4313.9213.29
2019-14117.39DNF3rd is PB single, even with a +2! XD It was 5.39DNF10.387.39
2019-1357DNFDNFah bueDNFDNFDNF
2019-111811.85DNFlmao, I onelooked two in a row (+2 both)DNF11.8514.70
2019-10148.74DNF2nd was a +2 lol, super easy to onelook but I began memorizing as BLDDNF8.7419.24
2019-092015.56DNF1st) I dropped the cube ;DDNF15.56DNF
2019-0566DNFDNFtried using UFR, but I still need more practice xDDNFDNFDNF
2019-02199.0011.731st) +2 haha lol so easy

these were such weird scrambles
2018-231715.30DNF3rd: cube fell to the floor while trying to perform a super duper (UD) comm XD15.30DNFDNF
2018-201413.89DNFlol hate thisDNFDNF13.89
2018-19711.8313.41lol i got a mean13.0815.3111.83
2018-181916.81DNFmy 3bld pb is close to that lolDNFDNF16.81
2018-171212.6113.75lol not even sub Ishaan's most recent upload15.6012.6113.03
2018-121513.42DNFI always say the same, doing comms on a 2x2 is so damn awfulDNF14.1213.42
2018-111212.42DNFi haaaate doing comms on a 2x2DNF12.4213.41
2018-1078.0711.03lol i got a mean13.158.0711.88
2018-091410.20DNF2nd: execution was sub1 xddd, cancelled face into antisune. so easy
3rd: idk xd
2018-082925.28DNF1st: onelook, dnf by yperm (did wrong eg)
2nd: lol, i memoed 4 times because I kept making tracking mistakes XD and comms on 2x2 are always ugly
3rd: idk lol I can't do comms on a 2x2
2018-061815.23DNFno one else hates this? XDDNF15.3215.23
2018-0560DNFDNF1st LOL DNF 14 secs
2nd LLOLOLOLOL 13 DNF HAHAHAH, I just mess up layers somehow XD
2018-04159.1913.193rd was onelook with a +218.1112.289.19
2018-032114.31DNF2nd: LOL, did a comm so badly that scrambled everything XD

doing 3bld comms on a 2x2 is sooo ugly
2018-021713.41DNF1 and 2 were onelook, 3 was 3style
2 was DNF because of a Yperm
2018-0187.5810.51all 3style11.0912.857.58
2017-521310.13DNF1st: 7 secs onelook fail
2nd: comms
3rd: comms
2017-511512.6514.83just 3style like on 3x317.6412.6514.21
2017-501913.36DNF1st: 15 failed onelook lel
2nd: just comms
3rd: 7.4 onelook DNF because of 2 twisted corners (failed to recog the EG booo)
2017-491216.07DNFLOL as I couldn't onelook I just did 3style and IM SO SLOW16.07DNF19.23
2017-4868.90DNF3rd: onelookDNF12.158.90
2017-47810.79DNF1st: 18.74 fail onelook
2 and 3 were just regular 3BLD corner solving
2017-461912.83DNF1st: 11.35 failed onelook so I tried to do comms and failed an alg lol
2nd: comms :(
3rd: comms too XD but sheeeet they are so uncomfy to execute on a 2x2
2017-45139.40DNF1st: onelook was hard so I did comms
2nd: failed
3rd: onelook slow
2017-441413.1514.181st: onelook... took me way too long
2nd: as I didnt see anything easy to onelook I did just memo and comms like 3bld
3rd: also onelook

nice that I got a mo3 but bad that I suck so much at onelooking :(
2017-431316.29DNFtried to onelook, if it was too hard i'd just memo and do comms. Last one was the only one I onelook'd, but i failed it because i forgot how the first layer was, so as to do EG16.29DNFDNF
2017-421111.27DNFonelook except last one11.2717.14DNF
2017-04515.98DNF2nd: 35.50
3rd: 13.98+2
2016-52412.43DNF1st: 11.57[9.43] + 2 lol
2nd: 12.43[9.31]
3rd: 12.00[8.85], misEGed

nice solves
1st: memo 20.00, just couldn't onelook it so I memoed like 3BLD corners
2nd: memo 4.87, was a +2. Onelooked EG
3rd: memo 10.81, was a +2. Onelooked EG


2016-50953.78DNF1st: 32.65 memo xD, as I couldn't onelook it, I just memoed it as 3BLD corners lol
2nd: 45.57[27.44] same as before but DNFed it because it's 3BLD hahahah
3rd: 7.51[3.87], executed a wrong EG :(

The last one was super fast but meh I had to DNF it. Anyway it's 2BLD

My success is almost the same time as my 3BLD for this week hahahahaha wtf is going on
2016-4911DNFDNF1st: 13.57[10.42], got the EG but not the bar at the D face xd
2nd: 18.87[12.01], didn't get pre-AUF of eg or the bar at D :/
3rd: 15.97[11.53], misonelooked 2 stickers xdxd, lent to Y perm at the end.

I'm glad because I got my "memo" to sub-inspection, even though I don't get successes all the time
2016-48217.55DNF1st: did Face, sune, Y perm, and a J perm below XD
2nd: 18.96, misonelooked
3rd: 15.61, too difficult to onelook so I just did a random EG xd
2016-47311.78DNF1st: 24.82, failed onelooking
2nd: 45.69 + 2, sort of onelooked with a lucky guess the EG lol
3rd: easy onelook
2016-46211.78DNF1st: 24.82, failed onelooking
2nd: 45.69 + 2, sort of onelooked with a lucky guess the EG lol
3rd: easy onelook
2016-45416.63DNF1st: 19.00 + 2
3rd: 27.66, too hard to onelook so I guessed the EG (didn't get it right this time haha)
2016-4417.50DNF1st: 29.33, misonelooked
2nd: YAY
3rd: didn't bother to get it right, lol, the scramble was qutie hard to one-look and it wouldn't be faster than 7.50.
2016-4313DNFDNF1st: 19.39, did U2 when I needn't do it
2nd: 13.84, mis-one-looked
3rd: 49.63, tried a weird OP method (instead of onelooking with EG). Failed. lol

Getting 3 DNFs in 2BLD is lolish
2016-42214.37DNF1st: noice
2nd: 14.72, misonelooked
3rd: yay

It's so good that I get fast successes.
2016-41611.7025.561st: One-look EG... a very slow one xD
2nd: One-look EG... this time faster xD
3rd: 9.70+2. Nice! One-look EG... the fastest xD

Nice one-looks. Nice to have got zero DNFs!
2016-3911DNFDNF1st: 21.07, mis-looked-ahead
2nd: 10.31, tried to guess and only got 2 pieces swapped!!
3rd: 9.03, same, failed guessing.

see how hard I'm trying?
2016-37514.25DNF1st: 12.76, failed onelooking.
2nd: 13.42 + 2.
3rd: no problems.
2016-36614.25DNF1st: 12.76, failed onelooking.
2nd: 13.42 + 2.
3rd: no problems.
2016-3517DNFDNF1st: ~18 seconds, mis-one-looked
2nd: 16.46, mis-one-looked
3rd: 34.98, performed CLL instead of EG, dumb
2016-34418.19DNF1st: 13.71. Off by 2 swapped pieces. Nice try! (one-look)
2nd: 16.78. Off by 2 swapped pieces!! Nice try too, one look too.
3rd: yay. It was an EG-2 case, but since I always do R2 F2 R2 + CLL, and I couldn't guess the case, I did CLL, z2, and Y-Perm. lol

nice times, despite the 2 dnfs
2016-3327.73DNF1st: 18.55, failed looking ahead
2nd: used OP xd
2016-25548.78DNF1st: 40.15 XD missed it by a couple of pieces.
3rd: 50.77, 2 misoriented corners.

why is it easier for me to do 3bld than 2bld??
2016-1213DNFDNF1st: 42.99, a R U2 R' off somehow xD
2nd: 48.47...
3rd: 1:05.53, wtf.

Actually 2BLD is harder than 3BLD for me... D:
2016-1111DNFDNF1st: 52.21, didn't pay any attention to the memo XD thus forgot it...
2nd: 38.22, couldn't one-look that EG-1 D:
3rd: 18.01, failed one-looking

in brief, I can't do 2BLD xD
2016-0812DNFDNF1st: 30.03
2nd: 13.66, mis-one-looked ;S
3rd: 15.48

greeeeeeat DNF avg! :D
2016-07944.96DNF1st: wow 1 minute??
3rd: tried to do one-look EG but failed :(
2016-06834.41DNF2nd: mind went blank in the middle of a J perm o.O???

kinda wtf

it's weird to do 2BLD

kaj samtempe gxi estas iom sencela
2016-0314DNFDNFhahahahahaha DNF average in 2BLD!!! XDDNFDNFDNF
2015-42525.83DNFI still don't understand how can I DNF a 2BLD solve

2nd was +2 XD
3rd as well hahahah
3rd was one look EG-1 btw
2015-311041.22DNF1st: 49.34, off by 2 corners [y perm], aka 1/4th of the cube xD
2nd: xD I couldn't remember how to do a J perm, I kept doing sune... hahaha
3rd: was easy...

I just don't know how it's possible to DNF a 2BLD solve, lol
2015-301151.52DNFxDDDD How can I DNF a 2BLD?

EDIT: How can I DNF 2 2BLD solves?

xDDDDD this is even worse than 'the worst'
2015-26945.64DNFI am sooooo bad... 2nd one was 1:08.411:04.11DNF45.64
2014-411034.5848.00First one was super bad1:04.5344.8934.58
2014-40832.4543.47Last one was +232.4549.9448.03
2014-39824.5544.48The last one was reaaally easy51.7757.1124.55
3x3x3 blindfolded
2019-20220.76DNF1st) I did about 6 to 8 extra comms, I don't know why but I just couldn't get the memo right. Still, just DNFed by doing an inverse comm on my last corner target. lmao. time 36.17
2nd) 1 move wrong on a corner comm. 20.76
3rd) ugh again, 1 move wrong.... 18.55, sad.
2019-19120.38DNFalmost the same time as 2BLD niceDNF20.38DNF
2019-1840DNFDNFstupid people shut upDNFDNFDNF
2019-1746DNFDNFim so upset i dnfd such an easy scramble like the 2nd one... inverse comm

also triple dnf i hate this
2019-16121.50DNFugh lol i had like a 10 memo :(21.50DNFDNF
2019-15224.79DNFxd lolDNFDNF24.79
2019-12119.66DNF3rd) as my 2nd time was awful I decided to float the last 2 algs without knowing if the buffer was gonna be solved or not. Got 50% lucky I guess :)DNF26.5919.66
2019-10223.94DNF1st) 20.1, extra move as the cube slipped xd
3rd) extra R' accidentally
2019-09525.55DNF1st) 20.40 one move off
2nd) awful solve XD
3rd) again.

Lol cold fingers in summer wth
2019-08328.72DNFoof malardoDNFDNF28.72
2019-07121.81DNFidk o kDNF21.8124.49
2019-0644DNFDNFI can't use new buffer and parity in all the solves yet XDDNFDNFDNF
2019-05223.04DNF1st) I failed a super easy floating............
2nd) swapped for parity but there was none
3rd) terrible
2019-04222.91DNFquite awful solves :/23.1122.91DNF
2019-03121.46DNFwith a little 4BLD hangover sorta thing lol21.4626.57DNF
2019-02122.74DNFpretty awful. dnfs were 22 and 23DNFDNF22.74
2019-01119.57DNF1st: extra M (20.41)

missed a great mo3, meh.
2018-52118.65DNF:'( 3rd was 21.7 DNF by 2 edges. The mo3 would've been 20.92, rip18.6522.37DNF
2018-5143DNFDNF1st: omg... such a fail (24, DNF)
2nd: inverse of a comm
3rd: wrong letter

2018-50120.41DNF21, 19 dnfs20.41DNFDNF
2018-46121.50DNF21, 20, 2021.50DNFDNF
2018-43117.3122.24cool! sadly the last one was crap22.4717.3126.95
2018-41221.07DNFok idk21.07DNFDNF
2018-4034DNFDNF19, 20, 26DNFDNFDNF
2018-39120.03DNFeeh idk20.03DNFDNF
2018-3834DNFDNFlol wtf why am i 3dnfingDNFDNFDNF
2018-36221.98DNFdnfs were 22 and 2521.98DNFDNF
2018-35326.49DNFomg lol so fecking slow26.49DNF27.25
2018-33328.28DNFdnfd a 23 and a 22 hooray28.28DNFDNF
2018-3246DNFDNFa 33 and two 22s. lolDNFDNFDNF
2018-31122.29DNFugh sadly I messed up the first and second one pretty badly... 3rd was bad too but the time was quite alright xdDNF24.7722.29
2018-30326.60DNFthe two dnfs were 21s ugh26.60DNFDNF

times were 31, 35 and 25, which is surprisingly hyperslow for me......
2018-28427.20DNFlol still can't get anything good at this weekly comp with FU27.20DNFDNF
2018-27836.63DNF1st: about 8 second pause + awful memo... ugh, slowest solve in a while...
2nd: 28 lol
3rd: 23.8

crappppppppp ugh
2018-2646DNFDNF1st: 24.7
2nd: 26.8
3rd: 26.7

slow AND dnf.......
2018-25629.01DNF2nd: 26
3rd: 20
2018-2444DNFDNF1st: 22.39
2nd: 31.70
3rd: 29.73

yay omg triple DNF!! yasss!!!! (?)
2018-23224.54DNFoh my gaawwddd I can't get sub24 global again :((((((((((((((DNFDNF24.54
2018-22322.1623.83lol, nice mo3! (except for the crappy 1st solve)26.8522.4922.16
2018-21324.6826.39eh 29 spoiled it, and the 24s weren't super bad considering my fingers are completely numb because it's cold ugh24.6829.6424.86
2018-20121.20DNF1st: 23.08 DNF by an extra D move
2nd: 38 lol
3rd: meh locked up quite a bunch :(
2018-19428.81DNF1st: 27
2nd: lol my fingers are not working omfg
3rd: pause to recall + FECKING FINGERSSS

literally I can't do over 5 tps in a solve rn
2018-18223.66DNF1st: omfg this had so many lockups and slow TPS
2nd: 27 kek slow
3rd: ugh locked up again a lot
2018-17120.24DNF1st: omg so easy, I even went a bit slowly XD
2nd: 33 lol
3rd: 29 lol
2018-15120.32DNF1st: 25 forgot some corners, guessed wrong
2nd: 20, 2 flipped edges
3rd: nice :D
2018-14432.60DNF1st: 21.63 3 edges (R instead of R' argh)
2nd: 30.99 DNF forgot memo somehow

OMFG it's been so long since my last +30 here I think, wtf

forgot memo, struggled to recall

pretty sad for failing 3 nice scrambles ugh
2018-13229.14DNF1st: 25.25 one move mis-setup dnf
2nd: 25.73 3 edges idk why

2018-10124.3027.02ok I got a mean because I went slowly on the 3 solves xdxd I couldn't stand failing so much all the last weeks24.3027.8128.96
2018-09529.70DNF1st: 24.29 mismove in between comms
2nd: 35.9 I just couldn't get the comms done right o.O
3rd: trash trash and more trash
2018-08434.80DNF1st: 28.07 lost orientation
2nd: memoed COHNSV did CONSB... um i didn't have parity right? so i undid stuff and failed anyway
3rd: failed everything arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

this is super bad >:( even Manuel Gutman can beat this (?
2018-06125.0527.06pretty damn slow but at least i got the mean25.0527.4028.74
2018-05329.75DNF1st: 27.61
3rd: 27.88

i'm doing pretty bad lately here :((((
2018-04230.54DNF1st: 31 bad
2nd: OMG why so slowwwwwwwwwwww
3rd: 31

WTF not even one sub30 o.O
2018-03125.75DNF1st: accidentally memoed edges without swapping UB/UL so I had to restart memo :(
2nd: 27, undid wrongly a comm setup
3rd: :(
2018-02531.43DNF1st: got distracted >:(, 33 seconds....

2018-01224.2326.24nice single made a nice mean24.2327.4926.99
2017-52126.54DNF2nd: thought I could do a floating comm, then realised my memo was partly wrong, so I redid that part :( Also I had to undo a comm and redo the proper one. Bad solve >:(
3rd: 29 DNF by a wrong rotation at the beginning

aah pretty bad
2017-51125.53DNF2nd: 30.13

lol not even one subNR, is that good or bad?
2017-50125.82DNFDNFs: 30, 26.DNFDNF25.82
2017-49227.17DNF2nd: 29, did WJ instead of WM (the comms I use are a bit similar)
3rd: 35.99 execution mistake spoiled it all (luckily, it was so damn slow)

not even sub-jayjay
2017-48328.82DNF1st: 26
3rd: 27 with pop fix lel (although the DNF wasn't because of it haha)
2017-47222.99DNF2nd: 30.24 slow

the other two were nice... so bad I missed a 26.06 mo3 :(
2017-46529.38DNF44, 28 were the DNFs

2017-45127.6030.12meeeeh scrambles were quite ugly... still, I got a mo3 which is good haha30.8031.9727.60
2017-44125.0127.47nice mo3 yeaboi25.0129.4927.92
2017-43126.37DNF1st: 36, memoed totally like shit
2nd: ok
3rd: forgot memo..... argh
2017-42125.54DNFforgot part of memo on 3rd woops30.1425.54DNF
2017-0413DNFDNF1st: 1:10.74
2nd: 58.33
3rd: 1:02.80

2016-5221:03.02DNF1st: 59.06[22.47], forgot parityyyyyyyyy
2nd: 56.34[18.57], 3C
3rd: 1.03.02[23.97], solved

why do I get a success on the worst time xd
Anyway, pretty good.
2016-51257.35DNF1st: 54.53[21.02], off by 3 corners
2nd: 59.36[25.16], 2 flipped of each piece type
3rd: 21.44 memo, solved

So nice that every solve was sub1 (despite some of them were DNFs)!
2016-5031:00.33DNF1st: memo: 26.41. The corners' memo was actually hard xd I couldn't find nice letter pairs
2nd: memo: 21.43, total time 1:21.82, 2 flipped edges (memoed wrongly).
3rd: memo: 24.37, not even sub1 hahahah

nice times.
2016-49257.47DNF1st: memo 20.50, nice sub1!
2nd: 1:08.46, 3E, memo 25.11
3rd: 1:12.04, 3C, memo 29.62, forgot to execute 2 letters.

lol, my best time was my only success XD
1st: after 5 consecutive weeks of not getting a success in this weekly comp, I got one xd
memo 25.92 exe 51.24

2nd: memo 41.92, exe 51.97

3rd: 2:46.14, forgot like 3 letters, so I spend a lot of time trying to remember it hahaha (I did not guess correctly, plus, I did an extra turn in some algorithm. So DNF either way)
I guess I'm quite tired...

nice, I almost got a mo3... but I didn't xd
2016-4712DNFDNF1st: 1:31.84, I think I did a wrong extra move somewhere.
2nd: 1:24.85, no idea why it's DNF once again.

3rd: 1:31.32, I thought I had messed it up so I stopped the timer before doing parity; what was missing is just... parity. lol

My streak of getting all DNFs in this weekly comp is now... 4 weeks I think?
2016-4610DNFDNF1st: 1:31.84, I think I did a wrong extra move somewhere.
2nd: 1:24.85, no idea why it's DNF once again.

3rd: 1:31.32, I thought I had messed it up so I stopped the timer before doing parity; what was missing is just... parity. lol

My streak of getting all DNFs in this weekly comp is now... 4 weeks I think?
2016-4511DNFDNF1st: 1:29.27, executed a corner 3cycle backwards. 3C off
2nd: 1:59.66, couldn't concentrate properly dammit. 4E off
3rd: 1:34.12, orientated 3 corners the wrong way hahahah I was about to execute antisune but I did sune XD

This is the 3rd week I get 3 DNFs. I rarely get 3 DNFs in a row!!!! That makes me upset :(
2016-447DNFDNF1st: 1:32.99, forgot to memorize a cycle XD
2nd: 1:39.81, probably messed up during an alg as usually.
3rd: 1:34.10, memorized D instead of B, off by 3 edges :/

this was not good. I'm in a 2 week streak of DNFs lol not good
2016-4351:47.92DNF1st: Memo was a bit slow on this one.
2nd: 1:22.16, accidentaly did an extra move during execution :(
3rd: 1:31.70, I might have messed up an alg. No idea really.

These solves were not good. Either the memo was slow, or I messed up the execution. Not gr8
2016-429DNFDNF1st: 1:22.30, probably messed up during some alg
2nd: 1:14.80, memorized incorrectly 1 target, 2 flipped edges.
3rd: 2:01.13, messed up corners.
I'm trying to implement a weird OP with comms involving multiple sexy moves, and hopefully full comms after this. So I'll get plenty of DNFs
2016-4113DNFDNF1st: 1:32.80
2nd: 2.08.13
3rd: 1:51.18

All the solves were DNF by a small amount of edges. idk what's up with that. Also, the times were bad except for the 1st one.
1st: 1:38.01, 2 flipped edges, DAMMIT
2nd: 15-20 second pause because I did B2 U as a setup, and undid it like U' R2... thought wtf have I done and then thought how to undo it, and what the original setup move was. Managed to get a success despite that idk how
3rd: 1:46.17, scrambled cube, idk what happened. Maybe a bad setup move? No idea really. I recalled the memo perfectly so it was an execution mistake.

EDIT: right after did I did a 1:49 solve not even trying. hm
2016-3991:35.67DNF1st: yay very nice time
2nd: 2:10.17, off by 4 edges
3rd: noice.
2016-3731:20.30DNF1st: 2:25.47. I executed G instead of H and when I went back in the memo I forgot to undo "CN" xD. meh. Apart from that, messed the E slice. hahaha
2nd: 2:28.45. The cube is scrambled. I must have had done a rotation wrongly or something.
3rd: nice. "TSLREMVCPM" and visual corners make it easy.
2016-3641:20.30DNF1st: 2:25.47. I executed G instead of H and when I went back in the memo I forgot to undo "CN" xD. meh. Apart from that, messed the E slice. hahaha
2nd: 2:28.45. The cube is scrambled. I must have had done a rotation wrongly or something.
3rd: nice. "TSLREMVCPM" and visual corners make it easy.
2016-3515DNFDNF1st: 1:56.42, mis-did a setup oh dammit
2nd: 1:04.16, missed by one letter. Almost sub-1!!
3rd: 2:32.56, missed a move in between an ALG and I screwed it up.

Tiny errors which make the ending a disaster
2016-339DNFDNF1st: 2:00.59, off by 2 corners.
2nd: 1:49.23, off by 1 extra accidental move I did. woops
3rd: 2:16.08, off by 2 flipped edges. Dammit.

Every solve was very close to be solved, and every time was fast for me. Fck it :)
2016-2531:37.40DNF1st: yay
2nd: 2:11.86, idk, just messed it all up
3rd: 1:43.76, the memo was incredibly easy, but, still, I DNFed it :). 2 flipped edges

Anyway the best time was a success so idc
2016-1271:45.83DNFDid my first ao5 without any DNF with the 1st solve XD 1:49.55 btw.
2nd: an open menu made the timer not to stop when I tapped the spacebar xD Was a 2:09, haha
3rd: 2:14.95 ouch, broke my streak of 6 non-DNF-solves in a row xD. Apparently mis-memorized or mis-executed 1 corner target.

I'm content with the result anyway :)
2016-1171:36.402:17.801st: YEAH
2nd: yepitiyay
3rd: 46.87 STDEV tho!!

yayayayupi I say hey what's going on, 3 in a row.
2016-0861:53.312:05.491st: missed the spacebar, would have been a 1:50 but who cares XD
2nd: nothing to say really. fine solve
3rd: missed the spacebar multiple times, would have been a 2:15 or so.

I'm so happy with the mean of 3! I never got a mo3 in this site, and I seldom get one outside it XD

Also, the 3 solves had corner parity... not good but who cares lol.

Mi felicxas pri la resulto.
2016-0714DNFDNF1st: 1:25.00, but forgot to flip an edge :(((
2nd: 2:05.42, accidentaly did a L' move damnnn
3rd: 2:09.75, simply a DNF.

2016-0662:12.78DNF1st: Did a S or S' move somewhere in the solve I don't know why... damn :/ time was 1:39.13

3rd: 2:37.19, forgot last 4 letters because my dog is annoying XD
2016-0342:06.85DNF1st: 1:41.75, off by twisted buffer and target :(
3rd: 2:30.19, off by 2 targets A and L. Don't really know why

The result which was not a DNF was fine, and the two DNFs were fine because they were close. lol

I should practice more
2015-4751:56.98DNF2nd: 3:23.38, failed memorizing and failed executing XD. 3 edges off.

Good to see that I'm finally getting sub-2 :)
2015-4471:43.76DNF1st: 1:52.82, 2 flipped edges hahaha
2nd: 2:32.20, forgot 1 target hahaha
3rd: would have been a 1:35 but #IDontCare XD. I forgot the last letter but I remembered it within 5 seconds.

2015-4271:49.852:03.092nd: missed the spacebar, would have been a 1:45, but anyway good time :)

Also, fist mo3 here without any DNF! :D

Today is a good day for cubing
2015-3261:26.08DNF1st is PB :)
3rd had 2 flipped edges which shortened the edge-memo to only 6 letters!
2015-3161:52.84DNF1st was 2:42.48, got distracted... of by 3 edges. - 2:42.48
2nd was off by I don't know what. - 2:09.18
3rd is PB here, memo was very easy.

Mi tre sxatas BLD, kaj mi volas trejni por plibonigi min mem.
2015-3092:10.49DNF1st was 1:58.23, forgot to memorize a 3-cycle of edges :(
2nd didn't start the timer, it was DNF by a 3-cycle anyway
3rd Meh, not even sub-2
1st one, I shooted to G instead of F, so I had to re-do the memo backwards to the start (the memo was VF QM WR etc, and I did V*G* QM WR, all the memo)... Would have been sub 2 and thus PB....

2nd was 1:32.40, DNF by 2 flipped edges ;( would've been PB

3rd was 2:08.20, also DNF by the same two flipped edges!!! At least, that wouldn't have been PB, lol...

2015-2611DNFDNF1st: 3:16.59
2nd: 3:07.54 - forgot to memorize 1 letter... just 1 >.<
3rd: 2:57.88

I'm much worse than you, Cale, don't worry... I must practice more
2015-0512DNFDNFFirst was 1:59.4!!! Mismemorized Q with A. Second was a mess. Third, got somehow two corner flipped. LET'S GO AND DO MULTIBLD NOW!DNFDNFDNF
2014-5082:14.52DNFIn the first I didn't memorize 3 edges, so I didn't execute them.
In the second, I oriented 3 corners to the other side (instead of doing sune I did antisune)

And the second one was alright
2014-4392:22.71DNF2) 2:04.21, 2 edges flipped
2014-41101:57.642:21.992nd is my PB. Previous PB was 2:55.04!!!!! Beaten by a lot2:59.051:57.642:09.28
2014-4092:58.54DNFThe DNF was 2:36.69. All those times are pretty good for me.2:58.543:06.79DNF
2014-39113:10.51DNFThe last one was sub-3, but I didn't find the spacebar to stop the timer xDDNFDNF3:10.51
4x4x4 blindfolded
2019-2011:59.27DNF1st) nice
2nd) forgot 1 letter pair in xcenters and apparently messed up accidentally on a wing comm, 2:17
3rd) did ED instead of EC on wings (2:46 though lmao)
2019-199DNFDNF1st) forgot wings memo
2nd) same
3rd) extra slice rip
2019-1822:04.78DNF1st) 4 centers off, 1:52
2nd) probs a slice off, 1:54
3rd) 5 centers, 3 corners wtf. 2:04
2019-179DNFDNFsad, but haven't practiced in a while so good because dnfs weren't too far offDNFDNFDNF
2019-1112DNFDNF3:01, 2:24, and 2:07 DNF. consistent! I mean, the 3 were DNFs.DNFDNFDNF
2019-1022:11.11DNF2nd) awfully slow, tons of pauses. :(
2019-0915DNFDNF1st) 1:54, a few center recall mistakes
2nd) 2:28 lol
3rd) 2:11, recall issues.
2019-0811DNFDNF1st) did a floating center cycle at the beginning, rotated back wrongly
2nd) wrong setup undoing for center comm
3rd) wrong first comm hahhahahaha
2019-0714DNFDNF1st) 1:59, forgot to memo a cycle
2nd) 2:04 (3w3co) forgot last algs xd!
3rd) 1:59, 5ce.

cool, not too slow for me, and quite closed to solved. SLOOOOOWWWLY getting off the triple dnf zone.
2019-0610DNFDNF:( dnfsDNFDNFDNF
2019-0513DNFDNFclosest was the 3rd, i forgot 1 3-cycle and 1 2-cycle. Also I did about 6 extra algs :PDNFDNFDNF
2019-0410DNFDNF2nd) very easy centers, but I'm having problems with FUr still :/

1 and 3) messing up algs.
2019-0311DNFDNFfirst try with FUr. eeeeh could be better! xDDNFDNFDNF
2018-4310DNFDNFi just suckDNFDNFDNF
2018-418DNFDNF1st: 2:25 dnf by 2 corners lol
2nd: 2:44 centers mess
3rd: 2:07 general mess XD
2018-4012DNFDNF1st: 2:06
2nd: 2:32
3rd: 2:34
2018-3715DNFDNFtoo closeDNFDNFDNF
2018-3612:23.00DNFi've never had 3 solves that were so close to being solved in a row since 35 August 596 bC

1st: 10 centers unsolved (2:13)
2nd: solved lol?
3rd: 2 centers unsolved (2:35)
2018-3513DNFDNFi suck DNFDNFDNF
2018-2915DNFDNFsuch easy scrambles, sadly I'm out of practiceDNFDNFDNF
2018-2810DNFDNFeeh i'm using a cbg4 mini againDNFDNFDNF
2018-2717DNFDNF1st: mess
2nd: 5c 2:23
3rd: 2:39 messsss
2018-2615DNFDNF2:31, 2:24, 2:04

2018-2511DNFDNF1st: 3:0x lol first sup3 in a whiiiiiiile
2nd: 2:31, bad too :(
3rd: 2:06 ugh
2018-2412:14.61DNF1st: 2:25, exec error
2nd: nice!
3rd: 2:04, 2c2c DNF

great session!
2018-2313DNFDNF1st: 2 centers DNF. 2:35, spend 30 extra seconds trying to spot a cycle which I did not spot :D
2nd: 2:04, probably a few moves done wrongly on some comm
3rd: 2:17 idk what went wrong lol
2018-2210DNFDNF1st: interrupted
2nd: 2:20
3rd: 2:18

DNFs 2 and 3 were by setup mistakes
2018-2114DNFDNF1st: 2:17
2nd: 2:43, 20 seconds pause, DNF by 1 extra move
3rd: 2:58 ugh forgot wings
2018-1912DNFDNF1st: 2:23
2nd: 2:32, too slow for how easy it was!
3rd: 2:46... slow too, wtf, also dnf by an extra l2 o.O
2018-1813DNFDNF1st: 2:28 3 wings off
2nd: 3:18, disaster, memo was too bad
3rd: 2:21, 3c3w
2018-1716DNFDNF1st: 2:30
2nd: forgot wings
3rd: 3:33, lol, I couldn't spot a mistake on my wings memo >:(
2018-1614DNFDNF1st: 2:26 2c
2nd: 2:42 3w
3rd: forgot all wings, I'm feeling bad ugh
2018-1511DNFDNF1st: 2:32 DNF by 4 centers... honestly I thought it was gonna be wayyy worse
2nd: 2:38 bad
3rd: i won't even say the time XD so damn bad bad bad bad
2018-1412:31.52DNF1st: 2:11 5c 2w
2nd: 2:23 extra slice somewhere
3rd: so sllow :(:(:(
2018-139DNFDNF1st: 2:34 few pieces
2nd: I screwed centers awfully so I just dnfed.
3rd: 2:42 few pieces
2018-1212:26.07DNF1st: 2:34 5w 2c
2nd: noice
2018-1116DNFDNF1st: 2:33
2nd: 2:08 xd DNF by messing up a center comm
3rd: 2:19

2018-1010DNFDNF1st: 3:10 bad
2nd: 2:29 dnf by 6 wings (overlooked 3cyle and maybe a 2cycle too)
3rd: 2 centers dnf
2018-0913DNFDNF1st: 2:21
2nd: 2:02
3rd: 2:57
2018-0832:53.14DNF3:24, 2:48 first 2

after a 2 week break... not too bad! at least I got a success XD
2018-0613DNFDNF1st: 2:44 forgot few last centers + wing 2cycle not memoed
2nd: 2:27 mistaked move maybe while doing centers
3rd: 2:41 maybe another move mistake because corners are scrambled
2018-0512DNFDNF1st: 2:46
2nd: 2:39
3rd: 3:01
2018-048DNFDNF1st: 2:15[1:40]... it popped right before my last center comm so I interrupted the attempt... idc because the scramble was pretty disgusting
2nd: 2:55 3w 3c
3rd: 2:55 5c
2018-0310DNFDNF1st: 2:37[1:03], off by 2 centers, 3 wings, and R' U2 R somehow. Very easy scramble
2nd: 3:08, dnf by a couple of pieces including corners, probably a mistake while dealing with setups
3rd: 2:41, dnf by 7 centers... Tried to float a center 3-cycle but apparently failed, and also failed recalling some XD

It would seem that my non-center-review system is maaaybe getting better, but still I DNF a lot.
2018-0213DNFDNF3:10, 2:46, 2:35, all DNFs booo

I'm trying to super rush center memo... and it's not going well XD
2017-4912:50.15DNF1st: 3:24, dnf by 4 centers + 3 wings (so slow lol)
2nd: yasss! I wish I could do like that at comps!!! Pauseless execution.
3rd: 3:25, I couldn't do reviewless centers lol, thus I reviewed, but I dnfed them anyway XD
2017-4813DNFDNF1st: 2:42 DNF by many pieces... but hell the execution was SUPER FAST!
2nd: 3:02 DNF by 3 wings I didnt memo lel
3rd: 2:49 DNF by 2 centers nooooo (I thought it would be WAY worse LOL)

I'm super happy with these times despite the DNFs!
2017-4710DNFDNF1st: 3:55 DNF by 3 wings.... SLOW
2nd: 2:54 DNF by 3centers 3 corners (wat dnfing corners)... not slow but DNF :(((
3rd: 3:43 DNF by 5 centers..... SLOW, AND DNF :(

I've been practicing a new memo order involving less reviews, thus should be giving faster times... It's true that I'm getting more sub3s, but still I'm not completely used to not reviewing centers, hence the dnfs
2017-4611DNFDNF1st: 3:00.99 DNF by 3 wings noooo
2nd: 4:11 DNF by messing up with algorithms haha
3rd: 3:27, messed up with last corner target NOOOOOOOOO why do I mess it up with easy stuff
2017-4512DNFDNF1st: 4:3x SLOW
2nd: 3:42 SLOW
3rd: 3:13 not sooo slow, but DNF by 3 wings which is == hatred
2017-4453:32.84DNF3rd: lel +2ing a 4bld...

not good attempts overall :( memo was over 1:30 in every solve I think
2017-4323:20.34DNF1st: around 4 mins probably BOOOO slow
2nd: actually I only know that memo was 1:35, and as I pressed the spacebar when finishing it due to the habit that I have, I lost the time of the execution, so I assume since it was a bit fast, that the time of exec was roughly 1:50.
3rd: super slow :(((((

Good that I got two successes, but so bad that they were so slow :( (except the 2nd one which was decently okay)
2017-4223:46.82DNF2nd: 3:07.70 DNF by 2 corners rip4
3rd: 4:14.78 DNF by 3w3c (soo slow argh)
1st: 7.29[4:16], many pieces unsolved. In centers, I memoed C as D, and forgot letters "HP". In wings, I probably forgot to undo a setup or something like that.
2nd: 8:23.96[5:13]. Gone slow and steady and yay I got the success. I was in a long streak of DNFs XD lolkek
3rd: 8:39.12[4:16.05], forgot to execute EOMITA lol, also, 2 corners wrongly orientes, 2 centers unsolved, and 1 wing not memorized. Quite a huge fail lololol

I'm happy that I got 1 success before the year ends XD haha
1st: 4:46 memo, too slow.
2nd: 5:07[2:34], 5 wings 3 centers. xd too fast to be a success
3rd: 7:31[3:32], Too noisy where I'm doing this solve, can't concentrate.

The only success was my slowest solve, but at least I got it!

I should buy some earplugs
2016-473DNFDNF1st: 11:17.10, off by 2 edges. Accidentaly memorized 2 extra targets. Great attempt!
2nd: 9.15.27, off by several pieces.
3rd: 9:50.04, off by 3 wings. Didn't memorize those 3 :'(

nice attempts! If I happen to go to a comp with 4BLD (there is one in a couple of days) I would really love to get an official success!!
2016-463DNFDNF1st: 11:17.10, off by 2 edges. Accidentaly memorized 2 extra targets. Great attempt!
2nd and 3rd: I will attempt these two if I have time. Otherwise, next week.
2016-455DNFDNF1st: 12:53.51, memorized incorrectly a couple of targets.
2nd: 11:55.89, closer to solved state, still a couple of unsolved pieces.
3rd: 8:00.16 (sub8 since it took me about 15 seconds to find the spacebar hahahahhaa), PB of fastest 4BLD attempt. Off by only 3 wings!!!!!!!!!! Dammit
2016-424DNFDNF1st: 15:01.86. Mis-did a setup move and couldn't undo the mistake successfully.
2nd: the atmoshpere became too noisy to even try a 4BLD when I was finishing memorizing centers.
3rd: why even try. Let's try tomorrow.
2016-416DNFDNF1st: 7th attempt ever, off by 2 centers!!!! Time: 14:01.23
2nd: 8th attempt ever, 8:27.07, forgot to undo setup, lent to unsolved edges.
3rd: 9th attempt ever, 13:32.88 off by 3 wings.

Wow, so close! I've never done more than 1 attempt per week, and today I've done 3 attempts, which were all really close to success. I'm super happy with it. Tomorrow I'll keep on trying!
2016-373DNFDNF2nd attempt in the year and 3rd attempt ever.

Time was 25:09.33, fastest time so far and closest to solved state. I think I did an extra move on some algorithm, and that lent to the cube being unsolved.

4 wings + R + r2 made the DNF.

Super happy anyway, I had never got so close to getting a success!
2016-364DNFDNF2nd attempt in the year and 3rd attempt ever.

Time was 25:09.33, fastest time so far and closest to solved state. I think I did an extra move on some algorithm, and that lent to the cube being unsolved.

4 wings + R + r2 made the DNF.

Super happy anyway, I had never got so close to getting a success!
5x5x5 blindfolded
2019-2048:26.64DNF1st) 3 wings... Did an extra setup move (L when it was no setup D:) 6:57.28
2nd) 3 wings again! I memorized a target twice. 8:42.47 the time, crazily a lot slower than the previous one
3rd) I don't care about the time, I'm glad that I got a success! :D
2019-1935:40.50DNF1st) 3t, 2x, 3w (8:08.90)
2nd) wat
3rd) many many errors, also memo error that I couldn't spot until the 3 minute mark lmao
2019-183DNFDNF1st) Off by 2 xcenters (overlooked) and 2*2w cycles
2nd) forgot 1 letter pair, wrongly memoed corners (lmao), forgot to execute tcenter's last letter
3rd) 2 xcenters lol
2019-176DNFDNF1st) inverse of wing comm, wrong buffer memo on midges, skippped an xcenterDNFDNSDNS
2019-129DNFDNF1st) 7:26DNFDNSDNS
2019-1139:32.26DNF1) omg I safetied a 5BLD and got it!9:32.26DNSDNS
2019-0936:08.84DNFomg I got a success6:08.84DNFDNS
2019-076DNFDNF1st) 6:56 DNF by 5xc, 3w, 2coDNFDNSDNS
2019-067DNFDNF1st) 9:xx lol first of the year
2nd) 6:55, bump
3rd) to go.
2018-517DNFDNF1st: 6:44. Did a wrong xcenter comm and an inverse tcenterDNFDNSDNS
2018-455DNFDNF8m, 7:12, and DNSDNFDNFDNF
2018-416DNFDNF7:25, 5:58, 6:47, stabilityDNFDNFDNF
2018-376DNFDNF2nd: 6:47 DNF by 3 corners.... oh lord

the others were 7:25 and 6:45, dnfs by 1) mismove, 3) memo recall errors
2018-297DNFDNF6:55 and two DNSs
first attempt for well over a month, really out of practice and the cube is crap too
2018-2736:18.21DNF1st: 6:18, 3 xcenters off
2nd and 3rd later or next week
2018-2026:19.91DNF1st: 6:50
2nd: 6:06, 4c 3w lol
2018-196DNFDNF1st: did AND UNDID the whole +centers wrongly TWICE and the time was only 7:10 omfg
2nd: 6:52, slice mistake
2018-188DNFDNF1st: 7:21 screwed on xcenters, they were ugly lol
2nd: 6:22, 7 wrong centers
3rd: 7:02, 5c 3w
2018-178DNFDNF1st: 5:40... interruptions got SO REPEATEDLY THAT I DECIDED TO GIVE THE ATTEMPT UP. UGH I HATE THAT F*************
2nd: 6:47 3 midges off wtf
2018-166DNFDNF1st: 5:22 3 centers off. Literally I was interrupted four times and had to talk during exec, so this was pretty awesome

2nd: 7:36 much slower and also much worse

3rd: in a few days
2018-156DNFDNF1st: 5:48 2 centers 6 wings
2nd: 7:00 2 centers 3 wings
3rd: 6:54 2 centers 3 wings
2018-118DNFDNF1st: +9 forgot wings :/
2nd: 8:04 2 centers wut
3rd: 8:05 oops mess, probably centers setups

slooooowly getting back to 5bld... meeeh
2018-106DNFDNF1st: 7:22 7 centers wow, closest attempt in a while xd
2nd: 7:43 11 centers 3 wings
3rd: maaaybe either on sunday or never woops
2018-097DNFDNF1st: omg bad bad badDNFDNSDNS
2018-086DNFDNF1st: 7:45 dnf
2nd: 7:35, first time in a while I forget my memo! damn
2018-059DNFDNF1st: 7:25.41 slow and bad :(:
2nd: 6:40 not super slow but yes super bad because it's a DNF >:(
3rd: 8:21 wtf why so slow??? XDDDD
2018-048DNFDNF1st: 7:49 couldn't spot my mistake in xcenters memo :(
2nd: 7:14 idk what went wrong really... again I messed up on xcenters memo though >:(
3rd: completely forgot +centers memo for some reason... 7:54 :(
2018-035DNFDNF1st: 7:57
2nd: 6:05 o.O 2:39 memo
3rd: 6:49 memo ~2:40

happy with the memos, but sad with the accuracy
2018-026DNFDNF6:51, 6:30, 6:49, all DNFs

Mainly because I'm trying new rooms + rushing a bit, so there's a bunch of things that could go wrong hahaha, still pretty satisfied with the times, and DNFs weren't sooo off!
2018-015DNFDNF1st: 6:26[~3:30] wtf DNF by 2+c and 3w
2nd: 7:49 2+c 2w'
3rd: at some point during this week
2017-497DNFDNF1st: sup9... GOT INTERRUPTED TWICE >:( DNF by several wings, midges, x and + centers etc. ARGH
2nd: 8:01, super slow memo (bc I safety'd it), DNF by 3 xcenters lelelele

gonna do next one later
2017-485DNFDNF1st: 7:48 DNF because I missed an M slice at the very beginning MEEH
2nd: 8:38 DNF idk what went wrong... most likely me
3rd: 7:46 DNF by 2 wings that I forgot to execute + 3 xcenters that just went wrong

Pretty unhappy with the results :( they're always DNF arghhh. Times are quite ok-to-good for me, though, I think...
2017-466DNFDNF1st: 8:28[~3:30] DNF by 5 +centers. Super slow execution
2nd: 7:26[3:33] DNF by 4 xcenters :(
3rd: safe attempt... 8:58[~4:30] DNF by 6 centers sheet. :( Recalled WFDJ instead of DJWF and wrongly executed an xcenter comm
2017-459DNFDNF1st: 8:16[approx 4:10] DNF by 3midges (WTF) and 2 xcenters
2nd: 8:47 fail by 1 center setup
3rd: 9:15 ultrafail... memo was easy... I got pauselessly and fast to centers executions (which is what I do at the end). Then, I did all the +centers with xcenters comms >:(
2017-448DNFDNF1st: DNF(7:38.44[3:42.7]) off by 3 xcenters :c
2nd: over 10 mins... I sucked at memo, couldn't recall it properly, I also suck at executing, basically I suck at 5bld :p
3rd: 8:10 memo about 4 mins... DNF by some centers and 3 wing :c

quite sucky attempts argh except the 1st one
2017-436DNFDNF1st: 10 mins and something, superduper slow attempt DNF because I forgot +centers memo... basically pure shit.

2nd: 7:51[3:57], DNF by 5 +centers

3rd: 8:01[about 4], extra U move somewhere spoiled it. Anyway, good, because I used 3 new rooms for the first time and memo sticked!
6x6x6 blindfolded

omg worst attempt EVER so few pieces solved :(((

I had trouble memorizing obliques (5 minutes memo of everything but obliques, 8 minutes just obliques memo)
2018-201DNF3rd attempt ever... 22:24.44, pretty good!

DNF by
3 obliques
4 outer x
6 inner x
6 wings (made a mess memorizing UB/UL swapped, swapped some and others I didn't! ughhh)

Other than that, awesome! :D
2018-143DNF1st: 23:51 memo ~14 minutes. DNF because of undoing R as R (not R') and also L several times.

2nd attempt! nice! :D
2018-013DNF1st: 25:58 minutes, memo 16:31 :P First attempt ever! Off by 10 obliques and 2 inner wings.DNF
3x3x3 multiple blindfolded
2019-2019DNFnice 0 out of 2, idk what happened here0/2 1:10
2019-1982not my best 2/2 but okay2/2 1:18
2019-1275okay. one DNF by messing up on a corner comm
other DNF probably because of mistracing
memo 8:54 59 per cube
exec 5:27 36 per cube
total: 1:35 per cube

I guess... not too bad!
7/9 14:22
2019-1193idk3/3 2:50
2018-3062pretty damn slow but idc hahahah2/2 1:15
2018-24413PB! First n/n in over 4 cubes. Memo was 13:2613/13 20:06

1) 2 flipped edges. forgot to execute them lol
2) 3 unsolved corners. probably recalled wrongly? idk
3) forgot 6 letters of this cube

pretty nice attempt, although it was super slow lol too many pauses
7/10 17:06

on the 2nd I executed 3rd cube's memo... then undid it all, and executed 2nd cube's memo on it. It was, then, off by 4 corners XD

First one was DNF by a mistakenly UB/UL swap or something, it seems

Memo 6 mins
5/7 11:24
2018-1612DNFheh 1/2, I did an extra D on the first cube.

I just did this cause I was a little too focused on other stuff and wanted a short break XD
1/2 1:11
2018-14746/86/8 12:23
2018-1382ow this is bad2/2 1:28
2018-12123dnf'd one because I forgot 2 letters. Just did a quick multi attempt, first of the year, first one in like 3 months, so meh I can't complain too much4/5 7:32
2018-0516DNFmemo 11:33

ok what happened here is I skipped a room so I applied the wrong memo to several cubes :D I would have got 11/13 instead. (failed the 3BLD XD)

4/13 sub20 though, that pace means 40 sub hour lol
2018-0492just went safe to get a bit better in the ranking :P2/2 1:21
2018-03102pretty slow idk :(2/2 1:23
2018-0213DNFmemo 14:32

I'm testing new rooms and I still mess up the order of them so yeah I basically applied memos of other cubes to some cubes, and also I had some execuction mistakes, and I even forgot parity in one cube lol... pretty lousy result, it even was super slow :(
2017-5165Memo was 12:50 which is pretty cool, sub1 per cube!9/13 21:48
1/2 :/

49 & 50) they were so easy... but I forgot an edge pair at the beginning of the first cube :( then I undid everything, then redid everything, but I did a couple of extra moves and rip.

I got 25 and 23 in locky solves when solving them as regular 3BLD afterwards. Such easy scrambles!
2017-44568/10 18:11
2017-4310DNFDNF by 3 edges on 3BLD lol I supersuck0/0
2017-4262woaj, PB on 2/22/2 1:12
2017-0810DNF1/6 15:11
2016-528DNFMemo 1:19

I've been distracted during the memo and execution xd dammit

1st cube: solved
2nd cube: 4e 2c
1/2 2:53
2016-5152This is excellent. Total memo was 1:06, execution 1:16

I've got it on tape so I'll upload it to youtube.
2/2 2:23
2016-447DNF1st: 3 edges off
2nd: solved

I must have memorized wrongly once again.
1/2 5:03
2016-418DNF1st cube: solved
2nd cube: off by 3 edges.

Why do I suck so much at MBLD
1/2 5:25
2016-356DNFOn the 1st cube, I messed up probably in the middle of an Alg or a rotation, or something like that.
On the 2nd cube, I was about to mess it up but I remembered that I had not memorized the last letter, and I basically guessed which one it should be, and then it was not a DNF.

Nice time, but I'm clueless on what happened on the 1st cube.
1/2 5:03
2016-064DNF3 misoriented corners in cube 1. But pretty good anyway1/2 6:43
2016-0352Wow, nice. First multi attempt of the year. First success, too, obviously.

Memos weren't really hard, and I didn't struggle not a second to remember something. I recalled everything perfectly. I can feel proud of myself now :)

Also, it's my PB. Yay
2/2 6:19
2015-422DNF1st one has 4 twisted corners...
I solve corners orienting and then permutating. Just when I put my blindfold on, I thought that I had mismemorized 4 pieces. I didn't trust my memory, and for some reason I didn't uncover my eyes to see again. And I guessed incorrectly a U instead or U'.


I will count it as ALMOST a PB (Because the time is PB, but it was not a 2/2)

Anyway, good :)
1/2 6:25

25th or so attempt, 1st MBLD success!!!!!!!

I knew that today was the day!!! YESS!!!!!

Memo ~4 minutes
2/2 7:33
2015-304DNFAaarghhhh I forgot only 2 letters of the 2nd cube!!!!1/2 8:03
2014-504DNFnoo!!!! I forgot parity in the first one!!
I can't do 2/2!!! This is like my 30th attemp...!!
1/2 9:32
3x3x3 one-handed
2019-1811225.10DNFi hate oh(25.10)31.09(DNS)DNSDNS
2018-349619.5433.52that 19 was fullstep, same as every other solve... so random lol36.6131.4732.49(19.54)(36.89)
2018-173519.6023.98lol nioce(31.53)(19.60)23.4324.9023.60
2018-153723.3227.651st: accidentally solved cross wrongly but LL was just M2 U2 M2 U' lol23.9628.28(33.65)30.72(23.32)
2018-114526.1127.745th: fell to the ground but PLL skip(31.70)(26.11)28.1027.2927.82
2018-084827.5829.90yeah! >:(30.2829.46(34.04)29.96(27.58)
2018-065823.6333.67im too slow at oh, just too slow36.22(42.17)(23.63)28.9035.89
2018-034822.1528.832nd: LOL, I just did F2L-1 then got two 3cycles so I did two comms wtf
5th: same thing o.O
2017-524418.9529.053rd: XCross + OLL skip + J perm
5th: COLL + PLL skip
2017-493525.3832.12yaaay sub11 th but not even sub30 oh!(35.22)34.1332.03(25.38)30.21
2017-482419.6923.26lol really nice avg for me21.1827.33(19.69)(27.63)21.27
2017-463115.9824.74did wrongly a sune on the last solve XD21.31(15.98)27.7825.12(33.16)
2017-041625.1735.58idk ok35.1235.39(36.55)(25.17)36.24
2016-522423.9340.801st: nice time, with WV

2016-491427.7437.75st dev = 5.71!!! hahahah39.7833.00(43.45)40.48(27.74)
2016-48630.0533.044th: messed up the H perm xd

ok avg
2016-471126.7535.08idk about oh(26.75)35.96(48.57)31.7437.55
2016-461326.7535.08idk about oh(26.75)35.96(48.57)31.7437.55
2016-44730.1738.85The sup-40 solves were done with the WeiLong,
the sup-30 were done with the FangShi

2016-431126.5336.295.21 st dev XDXDXD

I used 3 different cubes on this avg: FangShi ShuangRen (1 and 2), MoYu WeiLong (3), and GuoGuan (4 and 5).
2016-421132.2936.163rd & 5th are the same omg ok lol wtf(32.29)(50.54)35.0438.4035.04
2016-411032.0433.142nd: lol st dev with 1st
3rd: wat how, it's almost like the sum of the previous 2 solves

good avg, bad single 57 xD
2016-37829.1532.98ok-to-nice avg36.17(29.15)30.1432.62(36.98)
2016-361229.1532.98ok-to-nice avg36.17(29.15)30.1432.62(36.98)
2016-351530.9236.541st: loltime(42.25)(30.92)36.8638.3034.46
2016-341628.9834.784th: woops double PLL

st dev: 4.39. hehe
2016-331628.9731.051st: wtf happened XD
2nd: that st dev between 1st and 2nd

whoa, more sub-30s than sup-30s. That's not common for me.
Nice avg; what's more, it's close to my pb.
2016-251125.1333.691st: fastest solve of the year xD

9.02 is the st dev XD hahahaha
2016-231428.8533.021st: was a +2 haha
5th: yay
2016-131827.9545.841st: I hate N perms so much :( time 36.65
2nd: yay sub-30
3rd: worse than the worst
4th: yeeeeeeah WRR
5th: this was double OLL, after doing the PLL. So wtf??
2016-061630.4240.681st: worst time in a looong time.... couldn't find any pair and the pairs were horribel D: Also, the cube fell off my hand in a moment
3rd: this avg is crap. again 3 cubefalls.

btw, wtf st dev 9.28 o.O
2016-031432.1136.262nd: cube to floor. ouch
5th: was a +2 :( but it was the worst time so the avg doesn't change yay
2016-021535.4937.843rd: cube fell xD
ps: I didn't knew I was sub-40 lol
2015-441029.6338.414th: corner twist wtf
5th: wow sub30
2015-421634.7038.01I must be the only person in the world who gets corner twists 1 solve each 5 in OH.37.4436.39(46.76)40.21(34.70)
2015-391128.3135.572nd: I have done two .70 times on 2x2... again .70!
4th: Cube to the floor!
5th: Great sub-30
2015-381329.4233.964th: great sub-30!
5th: would have been sub-30 but fingerlock on AUF... :(

Anyway, good avg!
2015-371735.1838.941st PLL skip
2nd misdid OLL
2015-311531.8637.083rd: used ZBLL

good times. However, I need a smaller cube.
Mi bezonas pli malgrandan kubon
2015-301539.7740.782nd was sub-40

G perm on 2nd and 3rd

Is obvious how I get slower as my hand gets more tired
2015-291443.8945.41I need a smaller cube, lol

4th was XCross with easy pairs

5th was fail
2015-251236.9646.12Super cold fingers --- I really don't practice OH --- 3rd had OLL skip47.8143.04(36.96)(48.28)47.52
2014-43942.0046.45I don't practice OH45.37(50.56)49.6644.33(42.00)
2014-411439.2550.132nd fell out of my hands (actually my hand, not hands)43.62(1:03.64)52.83(39.25)53.95
3x3x3 With feet
2018-16133:06.22DNFi won't do the remaininng lol i hate feet (pb single tho!)4:15.62(3:06.22)(DNS)DNSDNS
2018-14133:49.184:15.131st: PB! lol
3rd: wut
4th: ok

also PB ao5 and mo3 lolol
2018-04164:48.955:37.95I just DNSed the last one because 5 feet solves sucks and I'd get the avg anyway :P

PB mo3, avg5, and single!
3x3x3 Match the scramble
2019-20220.4235.974th 15.38 lmao 1 inverse edge comm :(

finally i get a fucking ao5 lol even if it sucks
2019-181115.82DNFshit 4th was a 15 too but 1 wrong comm ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(15.82)20.03DNFDNF(DNS)
2019-17719.0051.262nd) 17.42 DNF by inverse comm, I used a setup to Hperm though :)

lmao this consistence
2019-151628.01DNFwoop yea(28.01)DNFDNF(DNS)DNS
2019-141216.89DNFomg rip last two solves lmfao24.0422.33(16.89)(DNF)DNF
2019-111516.55DNF2 dnfsDNF(16.55)DNF(DNS)DNS
2019-101421.44DNF2 dnf = avg dnfDNF(21.44)DNF(DNS)DNS
2019-061121.681:05.935th was a 16, hahaha, dnf by 1 comm(21.68)1:29.9934.941:12.86(DNF)
2019-013214.93DNF2nd: 2 comms in reverse order (21.60)
3rd: 1 mismove, 20.02.
4th: DNS
5th: DNS

DNSing because these are ranked by average
2018-51318.5623.69PB average! :D23.6623.91(DNF)(18.56)23.50
2018-5024DNFDNF2 dnfs = dnf avg, so byeDNFDNF(DNS)DNSDNS
2018-3921DNFDNF1st: 14.14
2nd: dnf.... 30

etc! good!
2018-362023.15DNFfunny, i spoiled a pb avg of 5(23.15)35.9625.37(DNF)DNF
2018-30261:26.44DNFidk i got bored(1:26.44)DNF(DNS)DNSDNS
2018-283219.41DNFomg what a way to fail XDD(19.41)21.82(DNF)20.89DNF
2018-273016.77DNF1st: 2 second pause .-.
2nd: 19.1 3 edges
3rd: dnf too so I won't keep going, just DNSed the rest.
2018-232919.05DNF1st: 1 wrong letter (18.87)
2nd: same (23.6)
3rd: 1 move mistake (17.9)
4th: people talking (21.9)
5th: only success xd

dios que malo que soy lpm
2018-222115.79DNF3rd: pop xd at 14 seconds
4th: ooohhhh nice! PB!
5th: 17.x DNF by 3 edges lol
2018-2020DNFDNFwont bother trying the rest because this is ranked by avg (dnfs were 19, 24)DNFDNF(DNS)DNSDNS
2018-18219.5235.472nd: lol misoriented three corners then fixed them XD pretty horrible scramble tbh
3rd: 16.30 lol 3 edges wrong

lol fecking 56 you spoiled my PB/SpeedsolvingWR avg
2018-171721.05DNFi love this(DNF)DNFDNFDNF(21.05)
2018-161921.65DNF1st: 20
2nd: scrambled it so I solved it again lol
3rd: feck 21
4rd: feck 23

ughhhh I guess I'm tired and dumb today
2018-152021.46DNF2nd: ugh people talking to me whyyy
3rd: noo
4th: 20 corners wrong

really really really bad
2018-142319.05DNFextremely lousy :((DNF)DNFDNF(19.05)DNF
2018-13122.7825.981st: pretty ugly one
2nd: even uglier
3rd: 15.44, it was nice but I screwed on inverse recall (I think I switched place of two letter pairs)
4th: arghh I did DT DT DT DM TD comms

really bad solves tbh. the only good one was a DNF so yeah it was 5/5 bad stuff D:
2018-122216.95DNF2nd: 19.41, dnf by 2 flipped edges :'(((
3rd: 36, mis-did an algorithm or something :(:(:(:(:(:(:((:(:(, tried to go back, failed

5th: WR! By 0.02 seconds hahah :D
2018-111816.95DNF1st: YAY! PB, and "World Record" :D
2nd: 22.09 DNF by two twisted edges :(((
4th: 23.31 DNF by a few edges
5th: messed up edges so I just gave up, couldn't have beaten the 16

funny that I placed last on the week for first in the history XD
2018-10121.2325.132nd: forgot to do parity at the beginning... basically started over and made sure it wasn't a DNF XD

WR average! :D:D:D:D
2018-0929DNFDNFI won't bother trying, 2 DNFs = last place... screw it

times were 27 and 22
2018-082027.35DNF1st: 22.12
2nd: 21.94
4th: 35.37
5th: didn't remember if it was Q or C in my memo, so I had to review the memo... pretty stupid error, because I had shot to N which is the same piece and I didn't remember a 2cycle in my memo... anyway >:(

pretty bad session
2018-062821.64DNF1st: 33
2nd: failed so I solved it and started over :((((
3rd: normal
4th: 21.00 DNF
5th: I messed up on the 2nd or 3rd comm so I just gave up, I already had a nice single
2018-05118.7026.933rd: WR! :D
5th: 51 DNF, memo was too hard hahaha

WR average and single! :D
2018-042319.09DNF1st: YEAAAH!! Full memo done in inspection!
2nd and 3rd: got parity and wasn't very sure how to handle it... full reverse memo is a bit different and I hadn't noticed woops
4th: 20.7

full reverse memo is a bit harder, though I got "WR" single ;D (I think the top results are mostly faked :/)
2018-03425.3443.053rd: messed it up so I just started over
5th: 31.07 DNF nooooooooooooooooooooo

Would've been 27 avg5 :'(((((((((
2018-02126.1928.603rd: using floating edge 3cycle yay

yes! first sub30 avg!!!!!
2018-01228.2945.433rd: 24.42 a wrong corner comm apparently
5th: it was a DNF so I fixed it :( it was a 3x
2017-52226.6134.982nd: it was a DNF so I tried again...
3rd: fixed a little mistake, was done at 30.
4th: same as 3rd, but i was done at 36

first avg5 using reverse BLD method! yay! I could do way better though...
2017-5126DNFDNF1st: 29 DNF by 2 flipped edges lol nooo
2nd: 16.27 DNF by 3 edges :((( would've been HUGE PB
3rd: 27 DNF too by idk what
4th: 32 same XD
5th: 22, the same.....

I was just trying to super rush everyting LOL but seems that I can't reverse execute my memo so quickly... that 16 was INSANE
2017-501923.92DNF3rd: 27.70 DNF by some edges noo
5th: 33 DNF by edges too noooooooooooooo

would've been sub30 ao5 :(((
2017-492025.13DNF2nd: 27.79 DNF by 2 twisted corners + a couple edges woops
3rd: 28.75 DNF by 3 corners noooo
4th: 34.49 DNF by some pieces too
5th: 30 DNF by idc XD

ok this isn't working well..... At least I got a nice single! But I should really work on accuracy (I never practice this shit)
2017-48125.5835.052nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th: using reverse BLD method yeaah

4th: instead of doing last moves that were F' L F I did F' LL' F lel...
2017-47225.0036.604th: pop...
5th: I did it as a reverse BLD solve LOL turned out to be quite fast...!
2017-46330.2540.421st: 33.22, DNF by 2 misoriented edges noooo

pretty bad avg but pretty good single
2017-45230.5037.70good... sort of. Tried using the BLD reverse method on some scrambles (2nd and 3rd)44.59(DNF)(30.50)36.7031.80
2017-44138.6339.38woaj sub4039.7239.12(38.63)39.30(41.13)
2017-432336.57DNF3rd: 35.39 DNF, 2 edges flipped incorrectly woops
5th: 2 incorrectly flipped corners WOOOPS
2016-52238.3845.61Solved in: GuHong/FangShi:

1st: 11.75/12.96, G
2nd: 12.34/11.15, F
3rd: 13.37/11.55, F
4th: 15.74/13.00, F
5th: 12.53/10.79, F

FangShi 4 - 1 GuHong, FangShi really wins.
Solved in: GuHong/FangShi:

1st: messed up cross. 11.77/10.70, F
2nd: messed up the cross as well wtf, 11.48/12.16, G
3rd: 12.95/12.55, F
4th: 14.25/13.39, F
5th: 12.12/13.53, G

FangShi 3 - 2 GuHong, FangShi wins.
2016-49239.3245.13Solved in WeiLong/FangShi:

1st: 13.60/11.58, F
2nd: 10.89/8.97 -> nice sub9!, F
3rd: 13.53/14.03, W
4th: 11.16/14.46, W
5th: misexecuted an alg xd --- 9.60/12.20, W

WeiLong wins after many weeks!

Nice sub10 and sub9 singles in 2nd and 5th.
2016-48342.5349.88Solved in: WeiLong/FangShi:

1st: 13.35/10.58, F
2nd: 9.67/10.55, W
3rd: horrible MTS, 11.38/10.38, F
4th: 11.05/10.80, F
5th: this was going to be a really nice solve, but I misplaced some corners which took me a while to find............... 15.12/12.02, F

FangShi wins.

This avg was not great due to 3rd and 5th time...... meh
2016-47132.9539.35PB Match The Scramble ao5! yaaay

Solved in WeiLong/FangShi

1st: 32.95 is MTS PB! - 12.61 / 37.21 (pop :/), W
2nd: 15.52/12.60, F
3rd: 12.62/11.17, F
4th: 12.13/8.73 (nice sub9), F
5th: 13.06/11.02, F

FangShi wins.
2016-46132.9539.35PB Match The Scramble ao5! yaaay

Solved in WeiLong/FangShi

1st: 32.95 is MTS PB! - 12.61 / 37.21 (pop :/), W
2nd: 15.52/12.60, F
3rd: 12.62/11.17, F
4th: 12.13/8.73 (nice sub9), F
5th: 13.06/11.02, F

FangShi wins.
2016-45137.7639.87This is PB avg, and PB single(s).
The 2nd solve (38.39) was my PB in MTS (match the scramble)
Now it is the 4th one (37.76).

Scrambles solved in WeiLong/FangShi

1st: 14.85/10.95, F
2nd: 12.30/11.44, F
3rd: 13.81/12.61, F
4th: 12.73/11.20, F
5th: 12.05/10.83, F

FangShi wins every single round lol
Ao10: 12.14
2016-44144.7950.03Solved in: WeiLong/GuHong:

1st: 13.58/10.53, G
2nd: 11.03/11.23, W
3rd: 10.63/12.02, W
4th: 11.22/10.38, G
5th: 12.34/13.32, W

WeiLong wins. It was close!
2016-43243.0247.96Solved in: GuoGuan/WeiLong:
1st: 11.78/10.09, W
2nd: 11.13/13.78, G
3rd: 13.33/11.60, W
4th: 12.00/11.63, W
5th: 10.25/14.27, G

WeiLong 3 - 2 GuoGuan

WeiLong wins ftw?!
2016-41140.8849.84Solved in FangShi/WeiLong:
1st: 11.55/16.60, fs
2nd: 11.42/11.56, fs
3rd: 13.50/10.37, wl
4th: 11.95/10.87, wl
5th: 12.80/11.97, wl

WeiLong wins.
2016-37245.7953.69Solved in FangShi/Weilong:

1st: 13.03/12.13
2nd: 13.25/10.94
3rd: 11.18/17.70 what
4th: 11.36/11.93
5th: 10.67/10.35 did the exact same solve. Never happens to me
2016-36145.7953.69Solved in FangShi/Weilong:

1st: 13.03/12.13
2nd: 13.25/10.94
3rd: 11.18/17.70 what
4th: 11.36/11.93
5th: 10.67/10.35 did the exact same solve. Never happens to me
2016-35237.7850.931st: This is my "match the scramble" PB. Yay.
Solved in 14.30/13.95
2nd: 9.53/11.11
3rd: 11.74/12.83
4th: 13.57/11.58
5th: 13.03/12.50

FangShi 2-3 WeiLong. Avg of re-solving: 12.54 meh
2016-33346.8552.27solved in: weilong/fangshi
1st: 10.59 & 10.53
2nd: 13.55 & 13.11
3rd: 10.24 & 10.07
4th: 13.28 & 16.21
5th: 12.60 & 12.98

FangShi 3-2 WeiLong
2016-25151.2956.441st: solved in 10.67 and 11.88, FangShi wins
2nd: solved in 15.39 and 12.79, WeiLong wins
3rd: solved in 12.54 and 13.40, FangShi wins
4th: Corner Orientation skip, solved in 17.68 and 11.47, WeiLong wins
5th: solved in 14.39 and 12.21, WeiLong wins

WeiLong wins 3-2
2016-15151.5958.341st: solved in 12.66 and (17.00)
2nd: solved in 13.69 and 12.96
3rd: solved in 14.33 and 13.29
4th: solved in 13.49 and 15.21
5th: solved in (10.36) and 14.26

Average of solves: 13.74, hm bad
2016-06141.9850.703rd: EO and CO skip! Basically a weird form of an OLL skip.
Also, when I solved that scramble I got a 9.58 on one cube and a 8.44 on the other one xD
2016-03345.5357.481st: CP and CO skip! great
5th: messed up
2016-02140.331:02.09Damn, Fangshi's blue and green are really similar in certain light...
3rd: Easy because there were 2 pairs solved
3rd: Also, when I solved it on each cube, different solutions, but both ended in PLL skip! :O
2016-01240.5150.23I've done a 9.89 solving the 1st scramble XD

1st and 2nd: same decimals!

nice avg
2015-44141.5659.282nd: I got a 9.76 speedsolving that scramble XD
4th: EP and EO skip o.O Kind of OLL skip but in parts
5th: Nice xy.xy
2015-42249.4459.25"""""Very consistent"""""(1:24.37)(49.44)1:03.161:00.0854.50
2015-31251.1256.59Actually the scrambles were good for speed... I time myself when I solve the 2 cubes again, and I got an 11.xy average.............52.42(1:07.43)1:00.3956.95(51.12)
2015-29242.7159.612nd I think is PB or near PB
2015-27149.061:08.593rd: PB. I had a CLL skip (I do 4LLL, as in the beginners method, and I skipped the CP and CO. I finished the solve approx at the 45 seconds mark, but I was checking everything, lol)
4th: ... I messed everything up, so I started again in the middle of the solve. Ok
2014-4331:01.301:04.42So close to sub-1!!!!1:03.901:01.32(1:01.30)(1:15.20)1:08.05
2014-41246.3158.21Last one is PB1:02.3455.45(1:05.55)56.84(46.31)
2014-4021:04.511:14.22First attemp to this thing(1:28.67)1:11.221:26.391:05.05(1:04.51)
3x3x3 Fewest moves
2019-171828DNF1) ugh ugly scramble. Very very hard.28DNSDNS
2019-151526DNF1) Got really lucky with the cancel, the skeleton wasn't good at all. Nice looking scramble, but tricky!
2) Very bad solve for a promising scramble :( Also not optimal insertions for this skeleton. Awful!
2019-141721DNF1st) what the actual fuck. PB single. WTF.21DNSDNS
2019-132126DNF1) okay skeleton, I guess, fairly lucky insertions.26DNSDNS
2019-121627DNF1) Sad skeleton, average insertion.
2) Ok skeleton, nice insertions.
2019-1042729.001) sad solution again. I find nice beginnings but my endings are bad.
2) wtf, no good eo
3) okay solve
2019-091830DNF1) phew, found a 18 to 5C but the insertions were awful, so I just used the backup skeleton. Found in 59 minutes.30DNSDNS
2019-082029DNF1st) Found in 59 minutes! Such a bad solve, though :(29DNSDNS
2019-072427DNF1) nice solution for me27DNSDNS
2019-06112729.331) nice lucky ending
2) pretty bad insertions on another skeleton, so just took this rNISS solution
3) not the best L4C, but I stuck with it. The insertions sucked but at least the mo3 is sub30 :/
2019-05162937.671st) the heat is killing me and I can't think. Couldn't find anything within the first 50 minutes, just did a heise and insertion in the last 10. :'/
2nd) I will take a break from FMC for a few days. I can't find anything on any scramble.
3rd) idk.
2019-042630DNFextremely awful. Couldn't find anything within the first 40 minutes, so I just used this crap that I found with 19 minutes remaining (the insertion alone took 9 minutes)...

2019-032532DNFPretty lousy one. Couldn't find anything good to begin with, and the insertion was a bit pathetic :/32DNSDNS
2019-014341DNFB' //2x2x1
(R' B' R2) //2x2
(L U' L2) //2x2x1
D' L D //1x2x3
F U F' L2 F //F2L-1 Pseudo
(F2) //correcting
B' U B U B' U B U2 B' U2 B //To Yperm
R2 U' R2 U' R2 U F U F' R2 F U' F' U' //YPerm

The solve I couldn't do...
2018-3920DNF[mod: changed to DNF because submitted solution did not solve the puzzle. Original submitted solution:
F L U F' B L2 B' D2 B2 D' B2 U B2 R D R' U D' L D L' U' R2 D R2 D R2 D2 R2 D2 R2 L B D B' D' L' F' B R F B' D2 F' B R F B' D']
F L U F' B L2 B' D2 //2x2x1 x 3 + EO
B2 D' B2 //F2L-1-corner pseudo
U B2 R D R' U D' L D L' U' //eeeh
R2 D R2 D R2 D2 R2 D2 R2 //EEEE

i just got bored
2018-36429Scr: R' U' F D F2 U L2 D' U2 B2 L2 D R2 D2 U' R' U B2 U2 L2 R F2 U L F R' U' F
Inv: F' U R F' L' U' F2 R' L2 U2 B2 U' R U D2 R2 D' L2 B2 U2 D L2 U' F2 D' F' U R

(D' F' U' R' B U R B2 D2) //2x2x3 Pseudo mismatched
B' D B D' //Pairs
(L B) //Blocks
(D' B' U' L' F' L F U L2 B2) //L3C in 25

Sk: B' D B D' B2 L2 U' F' L' F L U B D B' (U L' D2 L U' L' D2 L) L' D2 B2 R' U' B' R U F D (25+8-4=29)
2018-19433Inv: F' U R D' R' B U2 R' D2 R' U' R2 D2 B U2 B2 L2 U' L2 U R2 D' L2 F' U R

U' B D F' //2x2x1 + pair
(B' L2 D') //2x2x2 + 3*pair
(F R F' B2 R2 B2) //2x2x3
(U' L U L') //EO
(B U' B2 U B) //Tripod
(U B U B' U) //To pair 3cycle
(U' U2 L' U B U2 B' U' L U) //To backup (35 BAD)

U' B D F' //2x2x1 + pair
(B' L2 D') //2x2x2 + 3*pair
(F R F' B2 R2 B2) //2x2x3
B' U' B U //Tripod
B' L' B' L B //L5C

Sk: U' B D F' B' U' B (R2 U L U' R2 U L' U') U B' L' B' L (L' D' L U L' D L U') B' R2 B2 F R' F' D L2 B (21+8-2+8-2 = 33 HTM)

this was super bad, but the scramble was bad too
2018-16731F' U R D' B2 U' R2 D' L2 U' F2 D2 L2 U' R U2 B' F' R' B F L2 U2 F' U R

R2 B2 F' R //2x2x1
F U2 R' //2x2x1 x2 + edge
D2 B D' //Pseudo 2x2x3 + many pairs
(U2 R2 F2 R2) //F2L-1 pseudo
R U //premoves
F U F' U' R' F' R F2 //L3C in 24

Skeleton: R2 B2 F' R F U2 R' D2 B D' R U F U F' U' R' F' R (U' L' U R2 U' L U R2 for 32 backup) F2 R2 F2 R2 U2

R2 B2 F' R F U2 R' D2 B D' R U F U (R B' R' F2 R B R' F2) F' U' R' F' R F2 R2 F2 R2 U2 (24+8-1 = 31)

2018-141034Inverse: F' U R F2 D' F2 U R2 F2 D' B2 D' B2 L2 B' L' U R F' U' B2 L B' U' F' U R

F' //Pseudo 2x2x1
(F2) //Premove
(L2 B) //Pair
(R' U2 R) //Save block
(D' R D) //2x2x2
(B2 U' B) //F2L-1-edge
B2 U' //F2L-1
F L U L' U' F' //EO
B2 L' B' L' B' //2x2x1
L B L B2 //L3C in 30-1 ow so baddd

Skeleton: F' B2 U' F L U L' U' F' B2 L' B' L' (R B' L' B R' B' L B) B' L B L B U B2 D' R' D R' U2 R B' L2 F2 (29+8-3=34)

Really bad solve lol
2018-111327F' U R U R F' R2 U' R U' L D F' D2 L2 F B R2 B' U2 F' U2 D2 F' U R

B2 U F2 // 1x2x3
D' U' L' D L' U2 //2x2x3 (9 moves)
(D' F' R2 F ) //EO
D' R2 D2 R2 D' //L3C L3E ske=18
Skeleton: B2 * U F2 @ D' U' L' D L' U2 D' R2 D2 R2 D' F' R2 F D = 18+8-2+6-3 = 27
Insertion 1:
* = (R' U L U' R U L' U')
@ = (R2 U' D B2 D' U)

Final solution: B2 R' U L U' R U L' F2 R2 U' D B2 D2 L' D L' U2 D' R2 D2 R2 D' F' R2 F D
2018-09227Inverse: F' U R L B' L' B2 D R' L F U2 R U R2 U2 R2 L2 D' F2 R2 U F2 D' F' U R

D L F D R' //Pseudo 2x2x3
U' F2 R' F R2 //Pseudo F2L-1
(R2) //Premove
(B L' B') //EO
U' L U L' U' L2 U L //L3C

Skeleton: D L F D R' U' F2 R' F R2 U' L U L' U' L2 U L B L B' R2 (22)
Backup: D L F D R' U' F2 R' F R2 U' L U L' U' L2 U L B L B' R2 L2 B R' B' L2 B R B' (30)
Insertion: D L F D R' U' (R B2 R' F2 R B2 R' F2) F2 R' F R2 U' L U L' U' L2 U L B L B' R2 (27!!!)

Giving PB mo3 (25, 26, 27) = 26.00!!!!! :0
2018-04526Inverse: F' U R D' R U' F' U D R U2 R' F R' D2 R F2 R' B2 R2 F2 R B2 F' U R

R B' R' B D F' //Pseudo 2x2x3
[D2 L2 B D B' D' B D B' D' F L' F' L D' L D L' F' - R F R B2 R' F R B2 R2 //to Backup in 34 moves]

Skeleton: R B' R' B D F' D2 L2 B D B' D' B (F2 D B' D' F2 D B D') D B' D' F L' F' L D' L D L' F' (25)

Final solution: R B' R' B D F' D2 L2 B D B' D' B F2 D B' D' F' L' F' L D' L D L' F' (26!!!!!! 7 moves cancelled!!!!)

WTF WAS THIS, 1 move away from PB LOL
2017-51425F' U R D2 B' D2 U2 R2 B F2 U2 B U2 F' D' R B L' F' D B2 D' L' F' U R

(R' D R2 U') //2 X 2x2x1
(B' D F' D' R) //2x2x3 extension
(F B' L F B' U') //6 unsolved pieces

Backup: U B F' L' B F' R' D F D' B U R2 D' R (U' L U R U' L' U R' + B L' S' L2 S L' B') (32)

Skeleton: U B F' L' B F' R' D F D' B U R2 D' (F' L2 F R F' L2 F R') R (15+8-2=21)
Next skeleton: U B F' L' B F' R' D F D' B (F U' F' U2 D2 B U B' D2 U2) U R2 D' F' L2 F (F' R L' U2 L R' F') R F' L2 F (21+7-3=25!!!!)

Final solution: U B F' L' B F' R' D F D' B U R2 D' F' R L U2 L R' F' R F' L2 F (25)
2017-451135R' U2 L' B' L //1x2x3
U' B L B2 //2x2x3
(D' F D2 R D') //EO
(F R F2 R' F2 R F2 R' F') //L4C

Skeleton: R' U2 L' B' (B' R' B, L) L U' B L B2 F R F2 R' F2 R F2 R' F' D R' D2 (L', F R F') F' D

meh. found in 20 minutes

optimal insertions give 33
2017-441433L' D' B L B' //2x2x2
U F R2 U //XCross
U' F2 U //Pair
R' F R //Pair
(D' F D F R F' R' F') //L5C
(F U F' D2 F U' F' D2) //Comm
(R2 B' R F2 R' B R F2 R) //Comm

a random fast attempt just to get better in the ranking :P

L' D' B L B' U F R2 (U U') F2 U R' (F R R' F2) R' B' R F2 R' B R2 D2 F U F' D2 F U' (F' F) R F R' F' D' F' D = 40 - 7 = 33 lel
2017-431738Inverse: L2 B2 R2 U2 F L2 U2 F' L2 F2 L U F' L2 D R D' L B'

U' F R F' D R' D' //2x2+orient one edge
R //So many pairs!
U R2 U //2x2x3
U R' U2 B' U //EO
F R' B R F' //F2L-1
R B R' B2 //L4C

Skeleton: (L2, U R U') U' F R F' D R' D' R U R2 U2 (D L2 D' R D L2 D' R') R' U2 B' U F R' B R F' R B R' B2 (24)

Final solution: 38 moves PUKE

Insertions DID NOT HELP >:((( optimal insertions were 35. shitttttty solve
Scramble: B2 R2 D2 L2 U2 F L2 B2 U2 R F' U B' L2 B2 L D2 L2 R U'
Inverse: U R' L2 D2 L' B2 L2 B U' F R' U2 B2 L2 F' U2 L2 D2 R2 B2

R2 L' F R //2x2x1
B2 U B //2x2x1
R2 //Pair
U2 F2 U //Pseudo 2x2
(U B D) //Pseudo F2L-1-edge, Premove D
D' //Premove
L B D L2 D' B' R2 //Pseudo F2L-slot + 2x2x1, premove R2
(R2) //Premove
L B' L2 F L' F' L2 B L' //Pair cycle to L3C

Skeleton: R2 L' F R B2 U B R2 U2 F2 U D' L B D L2 D' B' R2 L B' L2 F L' F' L2 B L' R2 D' B' U' (32)
Backup: R2 L' F R B2 U B R2 U2 F2 U D' L B D L2 D' B' R2 L B' L2 F L' F' L2 B L' R2 D' B' U' + L' U2 L D L' U2 L D' (40 HTM)


R2 L' F R B2 U B R2 U2 F2 (F' L' B' L F L' B L) U D' L B D L2 D' B' R2 L B' L2 F L' F' L2 B L' R2 D' B' U' 32+8-1=39
R2 L' F R B2 U B R2 U2 F2 U D' (F R' F' L F R F' L') L B D L2 D' B' R2 L B' L2 F L' F' L2 B L' R2 D' B' U' 32+8-2=38->this
R2 L' F R B2 U B R2 U2 F2 U D' L B D L2 D' B' R2 L B' L2 (L' F' R2 F L F' R2 F) F L' F' L2 B L' R2 D' B' U' 32+8-2=38
R2 L' F R B2 U B R2 U2 F2 U D' L B D L2 D' B' R2 L B' L2 F L' F' L2 B L' R2 D' (B' D' B U2 B' D B U2) B' U' 32+8-0=40

Final solve: R2 L' F R B2 U B R2 U2 F2 U D' F R' F' L F R F' B D L2 D' B' R2 L B' L2 F L' F' L2 B L' R2 D' B' U' (38 HTM)

Awful solve, despite the insertion being optimal. A 32-move L3C skeleton is super noob
2016-41433Took me exactly 1 hour to find it. From 11:45 to 12:55, and I had a 10 minutes break. Freaking creepy

Scramble: D L2 D2 U' B2 U B2 L2 D B2 U2 R' B' F D R2 F L' D2 U F2
Inverse: F2 U' D2 L F' R2 D' F' B R U2 B2 D' L2 B2 U' B2 U D2 L2 D'

L' F' D' F2 L //2x2x1
(D') //Premove
U R2 U' //Pairs
(R2 U) //Pseudo 2x2x3
U' //Premove
(U' D B' D' U) //EO + Blocks
B2 R' B' R' B2 R //Blocks
R F' R2 B R' B' R2 F //Pair cycle
B' //Fixing

Skeleton: L' F' D' F2 L U R2 U2 B2 R' B' R' B2 R2 F' R2 B R' B' R2 F B' U' D B D' R2 D (28)

L' F' D' F2 L U R2 U2 B2 R' B' R' B2 R2 F' R2 B R' B' R2 F B' U' (U B' U' F2 U B U' F2) D B D' R2 D 28+8-3=33

Final solve: L' F' D' F2 L U R2 U2 B2 R' B' R' B2 R2 F' R2 B R' B' R2 F B2 U' F2 U B U' F2 D B D' R2 D (33)

The solve was not bad, but it took me hell of a long time to find it!!!
Also, I've done it on paper (I usually write it directly here, in the "with this comment" textbox, to save some time).
Insertion is optimal :)
Scramble: U F' L' F D' R' D B U R2 U2 L B2 U2 B2 L' D2 B2 L' B2
Inverse: B2 L B2 D2 L B2 U2 B2 L' U2 R2 U' B' D' R D F' L F U'

F' R' U2 L2 //1x2x3
U' R2 U2 R' D2 //2x2x3
F U F' //EO
L' U2 //Pair
(U2) //Pair
(L2 U' L U) //F2L-1 + Pair
D' L2 U L2 U' L2 D L' //3-pair-cycle

Skeleton: F' R' U2 L2 U' R2 U2 R' D2 F U F' L' U2 D' L2 U L2 U' L2 D L' U' L' U L2 U2 (27) (I don't know the 3-corner-twist alg :S)

Backup solve: F' R' U2 L2 U' R2 U2 R' D2 F U F' L' U2 D' L2 U L2 U' L2 D L' U' L' U L2 U2 (U2 R' D R U2 R' D' R) (D' B D F2 D' B' D F2) (41)

Insertion 1:
F' R' U2 L2 U' R2 (R' D' R U2 R' D R U2) U2 R' D2 F U F' L' U2 D' L2 U L2 U' L2 D L' U' L' U L2 U2 27+8-6 -> this
F' R' U2 L2 U' R2 U2 (U2 R' D' R U2 R' D R) R' D2 F U F' L' U2 D' L2 U L2 U' L2 D L' U' L' U L2 U2 27+8-6
F' R' U2 L2 U' R2 U2 R' (R U2 R' D' R U2 R' D) D2 F U F' L' U2 D' L2 U L2 U' L2 D L' U' L' U L2 U2 27+8-6
Skeleton 2: F' R' U2 L2 U' R D' R U2 R' D' F U F' L' U2 D' L2 U L2 U' L2 D L' U' L' U L2 U2 (29)
Backup 2: F' R' U2 L2 U' R D' R U2 R' D' F U F' L' U2 D' L2 U L2 U' L2 D L' U' L' U L2 U2 D' B D F2 D' B' D F2 (37)

Insertion 2:
F' R' U2 L2 U' R D' R U2 R' D' F U F' L' U2 (B' U B D' B' U' B D) D' L2 U L2 U' L2 D L' U' L' U L2 U2 29+8-2=35
F' R' U2 L2 U' R D' R U2 R' D' F U F' L' U2 D' L2 U L2 U' L2 D L' U' L' U (B' R B) L2 (B' R' B) U2 29+6=35 -> this

Both yield to a 35-move final solve, one having 2 cancellations, the other having a weird insertion technique I've been getting a lot lately.
This technique is actually not a technique, but somehow having a bit of luck. Near the end of the solve, you find an already started insertion.
F' R' U2 L2 U' R D' R U2 R' D' F U F' L' U2 D' L2 U L2 U' L2 D L' U' L' U * L2 U2
See, at *, if you do L2, it's a 3-cycle "with premove U2". Then what I do, is insert the URF corner in ULB, "undo the L2" (that actually I've never performed), undo the insertion, and then undo the "premove".
All the things that are "quoted" are because the solve does it by itself. You can see that the L2 move and the U2 move are already part of the skeleton, I just inserted the corner insertion and undoing.

Final solve: F' R' U2 L2 U' R D' R U2 R' D' F U F' L' U2 D' L2 U L2 U' L2 D L' U' L' U B' R B L2 B' R' B U2 (35)
Insertions are optimal :)
Found in 58 minutes!

2016-37738Scramble: B2 R2 F' R' D' L2 U2 D' R L2 D B2 L2 U' R2 U R2 D F2 U2
Inverse: U2 F2 D' R2 U' R2 U L2 B2 D' L2 R' D U2 L2 D R F R2 B2

D' L' U' L2 U' L //2x2x1 + 2 edges
U2 L' D L D' //Almost 2x2x3
L2 U' D F' D' L //F2L-1
D R F R' F' D' //EO+Blocks
F D F D' F' //2 twisted corners

Skeleton: D' L' U' L2 U' L U2 L' D L D' L2 U' D F' D' L D R F R' F' D' F D F D' F' (28)
Inserting 2-twist:
D' L' U' L2 U' L U (U' L B2 L' U F2 U' L B2 L' U F2) U L' D L D' L2 U' D F' D' L D R F R' F' D' F D F D' F' +12(+1)-3=38
D' L' U' L2 U' L U2 L' D L D' L2 U' D (D' R B2 R' D F2 D' R B2 R' D F2) F' D' L D R F R' F' D' F D F D' F' +12(+1)-3=38
The +1 is because I made the U2 be "U U".

Final solve: D' L' U' L2 U' L2 B2 L' U F2 U' L B2 L' U F2 U L' D L D' L2 U' D F' D' L D R F R' F' D' F D F D' F' (37)

Backup solve: D' L' U' L2 U' L U2 L' D L D' L2 U' D F' D' L D F2 D' L' F L D F' D' R F R' F R F2 R F' U' D R2 U D' F' R2 F' (43)
Backup solve 2: D' L' U' L2 U' L U2 L' D L D' L2 U' D F' D' L D R F R' F' D' F D F D' F' L' U L U' L' U L D L' U' L U L' U' L D' (44)

Not a good solve. Had it not been for the triple cancellation, it would have been a sup-40 which is really bad for me. I ought to practice more really. But FMC takes long time argh
IF gives 32 D:
2016-36738Scramble: B2 R2 F' R' D' L2 U2 D' R L2 D B2 L2 U' R2 U R2 D F2 U2
Inverse: U2 F2 D' R2 U' R2 U L2 B2 D' L2 R' D U2 L2 D R F R2 B2

D' L' U' L2 U' L //2x2x1 + 2 edges
U2 L' D L D' //Almost 2x2x3
L2 U' D F' D' L //F2L-1
D R F R' F' D' //EO+Blocks
F D F D' F' //2 twisted corners

Skeleton: D' L' U' L2 U' L U2 L' D L D' L2 U' D F' D' L D R F R' F' D' F D F D' F' (28)
Inserting 2-twist:
D' L' U' L2 U' L U (U' L B2 L' U F2 U' L B2 L' U F2) U L' D L D' L2 U' D F' D' L D R F R' F' D' F D F D' F' +12(+1)-3=38
D' L' U' L2 U' L U2 L' D L D' L2 U' D (D' R B2 R' D F2 D' R B2 R' D F2) F' D' L D R F R' F' D' F D F D' F' +12(+1)-3=38
The +1 is because I made the U2 be "U U".

Final solve: D' L' U' L2 U' L2 B2 L' U F2 U' L B2 L' U F2 U L' D L D' L2 U' D F' D' L D R F R' F' D' F D F D' F' (37)

Backup solve: D' L' U' L2 U' L U2 L' D L D' L2 U' D F' D' L D F2 D' L' F L D F' D' R F R' F R F2 R F' U' D R2 U D' F' R2 F' (43)
Backup solve 2: D' L' U' L2 U' L U2 L' D L D' L2 U' D F' D' L D R F R' F' D' F D F D' F' L' U L U' L' U L D L' U' L U L' U' L D' (44)

Not a good solve. Had it not been for the triple cancellation, it would have been a sup-40 which is really bad for me. I ought to practice more really. But FMC takes long time argh
IF gives 32 D:
2016-30738Scramble: D2 B2 L' D2 B2 L' B2 F2 R' B2 F R' B' F2 U B' R' B' L' R2
Inverse: R2 L B R B U' F2 B R F' B2 R F2 B2 L B2 D2 L B2 D2

L B L B F' L2 U2 B' F U F' U2 //2x2x3
F2 D B R2 B' //2x2x1
R2 D' R //Pairing things up (sorry pair :( )
R' F' R //Pair + EO
U F U' //F2L
(U' F2 U F U' F U (F')) //L3C w/o AUF (the F' in brackets)
(D2 L2 D' R' D L2 D' R D' F') //APerm for backup

Backup solve: L B L B F' L2 U2 B' F U F' U2 F2 D B R2 B' R2 D' F' R U F U' F D R' D L2 D' R D L2 D2 U' F' U F' U' F2 U (41)
Skeleton: L B L B F' L2 U2 B' F U F' U2 F2 D B R2 B' R2 D' F' R U F U' F U' F' U F' U' F2 U (32)

(D F D' B' D F' D' B) L B L B F' L2 U2 B' F U F' U2 F2 D B R2 B' R2 D' F' R U F U' F U' F' U F' U' F2 U 32+8-0=40
L B L B F' (F L' F' R2 F L F' R2) L2 U2 B' F U F' U2 F2 D B R2 B' R2 D' F' R U F U' F U' F' U F' U' F2 U 32+8-2=38

Today I slept only 4 hours so yup, I cannot expect much.
2016-25234Scramble: B L2 U2 R2 F U2 B2 U2 L2 F2 L B L D R2 B F2 R D
Inverse: D' R' F2 B' R2 D' L' B' L' F2 L2 U2 B2 U2 F' R2 U2 L2 B'

D' L2 R' B //2x2x1
L' F' L'//2x2x1
R2 B' R2 //2x2x2
U B' U' //Corner
B F2 //Pairing up things
(L' U' L U) //2x2x1
L' F U' F' //Edge
L2 //Pairing up blocks
B L B' L' //L3C
R2 F' D2 F R' F' R D2 R' F R' //Comm

Backup solve: D' L2 R' B L' F' L' R2 B' R2 U B' U' B F2 L' F U' F' L2 B L B' L' R2 F' D2 F R' F' R D2 R' F R' U' L' U L (39)

Skeleton: D' L2 R' B L' F' L' R2 B' R2 U B' U' B F2 L' F U' F' L2 B L B' L' U' L' U L (28)

(U B' D2 B U B' D2 B) D' L2 R' B L' F' L' R2 B' R2 U B' U' B F2 L' F U' F' L2 B L B' L' U' L' U L 28+8-0=36
D' L2 R' B (U' R' U L' U' R U L) L' F' L' R2 B' R2 U B' U' B F2 L' F U' F' L2 B L B' L' U' L' U L 28+8-2=34 -> this
D' L2 R' B L' (L U' R' U L' U' R U) F' L' R2 B' R2 U B' U' B F2 L' F U' F' L2 B L B' L' U' L' U L 28+8-2=34
D' L2 R' B L' F' (F U B U' F' U B' U') L' R2 B' R2 U B' U' B F2 L' F U' F' L2 B L B' L' U' L' U L 28+8-2=34
D' L2 R' B L' F' L' R2 (U B D' B' U' B D B') B' R2 U B' U' B F2 L' F U' F' L2 B L B' L' U' L' U L 28+8-1=35
D' L2 R' B L' F' L' R2 B' R2 U B' U' B F2 L' F U' F' L2 B L B' L' U' L' U L (D' B2 D' F2 D B2 D' F2 D2) 28+9=37

Final solve: D' L2 R' B U' R' U L' U' R U F' L' R2 B' R2 U B' U' B F2 L' F U' F' L2 B L B' L' U' L' U L (34 HTM)

Found in 40 minutes approx., insertion is optimal :)
The last 4 FMC solves I've done have been a 34 :O (check David Adams' FMC site to see the proof XD)
2016-06737Scramble: U' R2 B2 D' R2 D2 L2 D' L2 D' F' R' B L' D2 U B2 L2 F U'
Inverse: U F' L2 B2 U' D2 L B' R F D L2 D L2 D2 R2 D B2 R2 U

R2 U' R' B' L F' B2 D2 R D //2x2x3+blocks
(R D R' B L B L' B) //Pseudo F2L, Pre B2
B2 //Premove
L D L' D L D' L' D L D2 L' //To L3E
L B' L' S L B L' S' //L3E -> L B' L' F' B D B D' F B'

Backup solve: R2 U' R' B' L F' B2 D2 R D B2 L D L' D L D' L' D L D2 B' L' F' B D B D' F B2 L B' L' B' R D' R' (37) (final solve)

R2 U' R' B' L F' B2 D2 R D //2x2x3+blocks
(R D R' B L B L' B) //Pseudo F2L, Pre B2
B2 //Premove
R' D' B' D B R //To L4C

Skeleton: R2 U' R' B' L F' B2 D2 R D B2 R' D' B' D B R B' L B' L' B' R D' R' (25)

Insertion 1:
(F' L F R' F' L' F R) R2 U' R' B' L F' B2 D2 R D B2 R' D' B' D B R B' L B' L' B' R D' R' +8-1=32
R2 U' R' B' (B U2 B' D' B U2 B' D) L F' B2 D2 R D B2 R' D' B' D B R B' L B' L' B' R D' R' +8-2=31
Skeleton2: R2 U' R' U2 B' D' B U2 B' D L F' B2 D2 R D B2 R' D' B' D B R B' L B' L' B' R D' R' (31)

Insertion 2:
R2 (F2 R' B2 R F2 R' B2 R) U' R' U2 B' D' B U2 B' D L F' B2 D2 R D B2 R' D' B' D B R B' L B' L' B' R D' R' +8-0=39
R2 U' R' U2 B' D' B U2 B' D (D L2 D' R' D L2 D' R) L F' B2 D2 R D B2 R' D' B' D B R B' L B' L' B' R D' R' +8-1=38
R2 U' R' U2 B' D' B U2 B' D L F' B2 D2 R D B2 R' D' B' D B R B' L (L2 U' R U L2 U' R' U) B' L' B' R D' R' +8-1=38


Backup solve ended up being shorter than final solution.... ftw.
Optimal insertions give 33 D:
Scramble: R' F2 U2 R' F2 L F2 D2 U2 L' B2 D L' F' R2 U L B2 L2 D
Inverse: D' L2 B2 L' U' R2 F L D' B2 L U2 D2 F2 L' F2 R U2 F2 R

U' L' D R' U2 R' L2 D2 R2 //Pseudo 2x2x3, Pre R' L'
(L R) //Premoves
R L' D L R2 B' R //EO and blocks
B' D2 B' D2 B2 D2 B' D2 B D' //L3C

Skeleton: U' L' D R' U2 R' L2 D2 R' L' D L R2 B' R B' D2 B' D2 B2 D2 B' D2 B D' R' L' (27)"+8=35"
Backup solve: U' L' D R' U2 R' L2 D2 R' L' D L R2 B' R B' D2 B' D2 B2 D2 B' D2 B D' F L F' R F L' F' R2 L' (34)

U' L' (L U2 L' D' L U2 L' D) D R' U2 R' L2 D2 R' L' D L R2 B' R B' D2 B' D2 B2 D2 B' D2 B D' R' L' +8-4=31
U' L' D (D F' U' F D' F' U F) R' U2 R' L2 D2 R' L' D L R2 B' R B' D2 B' D2 B2 D2 B' D2 B D' R' L' +8-1=34
U' L' D R' U2 (B' L B R' B' L' B R) R' L2 D2 R' L' D L R2 B' R B' D2 B' D2 B2 D2 B' D2 B D' R' L' +8-2=33
U' L' D R' U2 R' L2 D2 R' L' D L R2 B' R B' (B' R' B L2 B' R B L2) D2 B' D2 B2 D2 B' D2 B D' R' L' +8-1=34
U' L' D R' U2 R' L2 D2 R' L' D L R2 B' R B' D2 B' D2 B2 D2 B' D2 B (B' L' F L B L' F' L) D' R' L' +8-2=33
U' L' D R' U2 R' L2 D2 R' L' D L R2 B' R B' D2 B' D2 B2 D2 B' D2 B D' R' L' (B' L2 B R B' L2 B R') +8-0=35

Final solve: U L' D' L U2 L' D2 R' U2 R' L2 D2 R' L' D L R2 B' R B' D2 B' D2 B2 D2 B' D2 B D' R' L' (31)
Great insertions. The chosen one is optimal :)
Total time: half an hour

Great solve! I liked it.
2016-011041Scramble: R2 B2 L2 B2 U2 B U2 F L2 U2 F2 U B L B2 D2 F D B' F2 U
Inverse: U' F2 B D' F' D2 B2 L' B' U' F2 U2 L2 F' U2 B' U2 B2 L2 B2 R2

(B' L' U L2 D2 B2) //2x2 pseudo
(B U' F U B') //2x2x3 pseudo, premove B'
B //Premove
(F' U D' L' D U') //EO
L' F L' //F2L-1 pseudo, premove L
(L') //Premove
F2 L' F' L //F2L-1!
R F2 R' F' R F' R' //Sune
R2 F' U' D R2 U D' F' R2 F' //U Perm

Solve: B L' F L' F2 L' F' L R F2 R' F' R F' R F' U' D R2 U D' F' R2 F' L U D' L D U' F B U' F' U B D2 L2 U' L B (41)

This is the worst solve in the year. I hate this scramble D:

Fridrich attempt:

U F l2 L2 //Cross
L U' L' D B' U2 B //1st pair
y U2 R2 U2 R' U' R U' R2 //2nd pair
U' L' U L2 U' L' //3rd pair
U L' U L U2 F U F' //4th pair
f' U2 F U F' U f F U2 F' U' F U' F' //OLL
y' L' U2 L U L' U2 R U' L U R'//PLL
56 moves
2015-53835Scramble: L2 F' L2 B2 U L2 U L' U' B' L2 D2 F2 R2 F U2 D2 R2 L2 B'
Inverse: B L2 R2 D2 U2 F' R2 F2 D2 L2 B U L U' L2 U' B2 L2 F L2

F' L' U R U //2x2x2
L2 U L' U' L //2x2x3 Pseudo
F2 D2 L' B2 //Pseudo F2L-1, premove B2
(B2) //Premove
F' U L' U' L //EO
F L F L' F2 L F L' //L3C
"D F2 D B2 D' F2 D B2 D2" //Backup to 37 moves

F' L' U R U L2 U L' U' L F2 D2 L' B2 F' U L' U' L F L F L' F2 L F L' B2 (28)

F' L' U R (B' D' B U2 B' D B U2) U L2 U L' U' L F2 D2 L' B2 F' U L' U' L F L F L' F2 L F L' B2 (+8-1=35)

Final solve: F' L' U R B' D' B U2 B' D B U' L2 U L' U' L F2 D2 L' B2 F' U L' U' L F L F L' F2 L F L' B2 (35 HTM)

Only found 1 insertion, and it's a horrible one. D: Still, it's optimal.

:S meh

Found in 30 minutes.
Scramble: R D2 B2 D2 B2 R F2 U2 L U2 R F U' B2 F L D' L2 D' F

U D' L D2 L //2x2
F2 D' F //2x2x3
F D2 F'D2 R2 //F2L-1
R' D' R D' R' D' R //F2L
B R F' R F R2 B' //OLL
L2 U B2 U' L2 F2 U' R2 U F2 D2 //PLL
(36 moves backup solve)


U D' L D2 L //2x2
F2 D' F //2x2x3
R2 B R' B' R //F2L-1
R' D R D2 F D F' //F2L
L B2 R' B' R B' L' D' //OLL To L3C (A perm)

(B D B' U B D' B' U') U D' L D2 L F2 D' F R2 B R' B' D R D2 F D F' L B2 R' B' R B' L' D' -32
U D' L D2 L F2 D' F (F' U F D' F' U' F D) R2 B R' B' D R D2 F D F' L B2 R' B' R B' L' D' -32 -The chosen one (randomly choosen)
U D' L D2 L F2 D' F R2 B (F' L F R F' L' F R') R' B' D R D2 F D F' L B2 R' B' R B' L' D' -33
U D' L D2 L F2 D' F R2 B R' B' D R D2 F D F' L B2 R' (R D R' U' R D' R' U) B' R B' L' D' -32
U D' L D2 L F2 D' F R2 B R' B' D R D2 F D F' L B2 R' B' R B' L' D' (F2 R2 F' L' F R2 F' L F') -35

Final solve:
U D' L D2 L F2 D' U F D' F' U' F D R2 B R' B' D R D2 F D F' L B2 R' B' R B' L' D' (32 HTM, 36 QTM)

Optimal insertions gives 31 moves (very easy, how couldn't I see that! >.<)

The backup solve was really great, and I was about to post that one, but in the last half an hour I discovered a shorter solution to L3C, and then I searched the insertions, and found 3 32-movers, 1 33-mover, and 1 35-mover.
Nothing on inverse.

Good solve (and a bit lucky) :)
2015-42641This is my worst FMC solve of the year.

() is done on inverse

Scramble: U2 F' R2 F R2 F2 L2 U2 L2 F' U2 R U' B' R2 F R F' L2 D' U2
Inverse: U2 D L2 F R' F' R2 B U R' U2 F L2 U2 L2 F2 R2 F' R2 F U2

F' //2 Pairs
D2 L F' L D2 //2x2 Pre D
F2 U' R2 D2 R' U R D' //F2L-2
(U' R B' R' B2 U2) //F2L-1
(B' R B' R' B R' U R U') //L4C

Skeleton: F' D2 L F' L D2 F2 U' R2 D2 R' U R D' U R' U' R B' R B R' B U2 B2 R B R' U (29)

Insertion 1:
(D' R' D L' D' R D L) F' D2 L F' L D2 F2 U' R2 D2 R' U R D' U R' U' R B' R B R' B U2 B2 R B R' U //37
F' D2 (D' B D F D' B' D F') L F' L D2 F2 U' R2 D2 R' U R D' U R' U' R B' R B R' B U2 B2 R B R' U //36
F' D2 L F' L D2 (U2 F D F' U2 F D' F') F2 U' R2 D2 R' U R D' U R' U' R B' R B R' B U2 B2 R B R' U //36
F' D2 L F' L D2 F2 U' R2 D2 R' U R (B' R' F2 R B R' F2 R) D' U R' U' R B' R B R' B U2 B2 R B R' U //37
F' D2 L F' L D2 F2 U' R2 D2 R' U R D' (D' R D L' D' R' D L) U R' U' R B' R B R' B U2 B2 R B R' U //36
F' D2 L F' L D2 F2 U' R2 D2 R' U R D' U (U' L U R U' L' U R') R' U' R B' R B R' B U2 B2 R B R' U //34

Insertion 2:
(U' F' U B' U' F U B) F' D2 L F' L D2 F2 U' R2 D2 R' U R D' L U R U' L' U R2 U' R B' R B R' B U2 B2 R B R' U //42
F' (L U L' D' L U' L' D) D2 L F' L D2 F2 U' R2 D2 R' U R D' L U R U' L' U R2 U' R B' R B R' B U2 B2 R B R' U //41
F' D2 L F' (D2 L' U L D2 L' U' L) L D2 F2 U' R2 D2 R' U R D' L U R U' L' U R2 U' R B' R B R' B U2 B2 R B R' U //41

Final solve: F' D2 L F' D2 L' U L D2 L' U' L2 D2 F2 U' R2 D2 R' U R D' L U R U' L' U R2 U' R B' R B R' B U2 B2 R B R' U (41!!) horrible

Found 2 41 moves solve within 40 minutes. But 41 moves!!! That's really horrible.
() was done on inverse

(R' L' U' L2 F U' F' D B L2) //2x2x3
(D') //Premove
R' B' R2 D R' //EO
B D //F2L-1 -> Premove D
(B' R' B R B2 R' B R) //U perm
B2 U D' R2 D U' //L3E

I searched for an insertion but my best was 35... so I just did the 6-moves-thing at the end, and I got 32. lol.

At least the "insertion" was optimal xD
This solve is my PB. My previous PB was 28, and the previous to that was 29.
I (mis-)found an insertion that led me to a 24 moves solve, but with two flipped corners :(

D R' B L' B F2 U2 F' U B'//2x2x3
R2 D R D2 R D R' D' R' D R //L3C

Skeleton: D R' B L' B F2 U2 F' U B' R2 D R D2 R D R' D' R' D R (21 HTM) -> Pretty lucky

D R' B [R' D2 R U2 R' D2 R U2] L' B F2 U2 F' U B' R2 D R D2 R D R' D' R' D R (29, 0 cancellations)
D R' B L' B [L B' L' F2 L B L' F2] F2 U2 F' U B' R2 D R D2 R D R' D' R' D R (27, 2 cancellations)
D R' B L' B F2 U2 F' U B' R2 D R [B U B' D2 B U' B' D2] D2 R D R' D' R' D R (27, 2 cancellations)

Final solve: D R' B L' B F2 U2 F' U B' R2 D R B U B' D2 B U' B' R D R' D' R' D R

I chose the last one because.

Total time: About 40 minutes.
Between brackets is done on inverse

L' B' R //Premoves

L' B R2 //2x2
D2 B2 D' B //2x2x3
F' D' F L' D' L' //F2L-1
(L' D' L D2) //Tripod
L' D L D2 B D B' //L3C

Skeleton: L' B R2 D2 B2 D' B F' D' F L' D' L2 D L D2 B D B' D2 L' D B' R (24 HTM)
Insertion: L' B R2 D2 B2 D' B F' D' F L' * D' L2 D L D2 B D B' D2 L' D B' R (30 HTM)
*: B' U' B D' B' U B D

Also found this: + L' B R2 D2 B2 D' B F' D' F L' D' L2 D L D2 B D B' D2 L' D B' R (30 HTM)
+: D2 L' U' L D2 L' U L

Found both in 50 minutes. Good solve :)
Hard one... Found two solves: first one 39 moves long and second one 37 moves long [the one I submitted].

Here are both: [things in brackets are done in the inverse scramble]


(D F2 L D) //2x2
(B L' U' B2) //2x2x3
(F' L F L' U2 L2) //F2L
F U R U2 R' U2 F' //More blocks
L U F U' F' L' //OLL
R U2 R' U' R U2 L' U R' U' L U //PLL


F R L2 //Premoves
D F2 B' U' D2 L2 //2x2 Pre L2
U' L' R' U' L R2 //2x2x2 Pre R F
R L' U L R' //Pair
U F' L' U' L U' F //Magic - Many blocks
R F' U2 F U F' U2 B U' F U B' R' //PLLMagic
2015-25334First FMC solve of the year!!! --- 34 HTM. too lazy to do insertions... IF says that the best insertion would lend to a 32-mover. So not that bad34
2014-43638+ U2 * L2 F' U2 F //2x2
L B L' D //2x2x3
R2 B2 U B R B' U' //F2L-1
(B' R2 B U R' U' R' B' R B R) //L4C
* = U R U' L' U R' U' L
+ = R' D R U' R' D' R U

After almost 3 weeks of non doing FMC is a quite good result...
2014-42633(F' B D F L2 R2) //2x2x1+Pre
U' L'
R' B2 R' B' L'//F2L-1, pre R2 L2
D2 F D F' R' D R D2//L4C

Skeleton: U' L' R' B2 R' B' L' D2 F D F' R' D R D2 R2 L2 F' D' B' F (21)
Final solve: U' L' R' B2 R' B' L' D2 F D F' R' D R D2 R2 L2 F' D' * B' F (33)
* = D' F' D B D' + F D B'
+ = F' U2 F D' F' U2 F D
2014-41736(D' U') //Premoves
D2 R' B' U B2 L2 U' D2 //2x2x3, Pre: U D
U' R U D' F' D F R F' R' F2 U F U' F' //Final
Skeleton: D2 R' B' U B2 L2 U2 D2 R U D' F' D F R F' R' F2 U F U' F' U D
Insertions: D2 R' B' U * B2 L2 U2 D2 R + U D' F' D F R F' R' F2 U F U' F' U D
* = U F2 U' B U F2 U' B'
+ = R' B2 R F' R' B2 R F
Optimal: 33. Mine: 36.
Kinda difficult
2014-40839(B) //Premoves
D F' D' B2 F R F' //2x2
U B2 L B //2x2x3 Premove B'
R' F' L2 F R //F2L-1
(L F U' F' U) //Pair
(F' D2 B D B' D F) //Fatsune
(D2 R F2 R' D2 B2 R' U2 R B2) //Tperm

A really hard one for me
2014-39330Things on brackets are made on inverse scramble
(F) //Premoves
D L2 F R2 F L' F2 //2x2 premove F'
D R D2 //2x2x3
U' B2 U2 R U' //F2L-1+EO+Blocks
F' U' x' R2 u R2 u' R2 y' R2 u' R2 u R2 U' R U D //Adjusted T perm

Final solve: D L2 F R2 F L' F2 D R D2 U' B2 U2 R U' F' U' R2 F D2 F' R2 U2 F' L2 F U2 B' U B (30 HTM)
2-3-4 Relay
2019-111158.42lol 2x258.42
2019-09449.31slightly ok49.31
2019-06853.724x4 was trash53.72
2019-04451.464x4 wasn't even sub40 uuuugh51.46
2018-23248.084x4 was really good... 3x3 and 2x2 were pretty crappy :P48.08
2018-201257.13cold fingersssssssssss57.13
2018-19957.76so bad omfg57.76
2018-18448.05wtf were those scrambles anyway o.O

4x4 had double parity, it was a 35 still
2018-17754.34now laugh at my splits:

2x2: 10 seconds
3x3: 9 seconds
4x4: 35 seconds
2018-15555.053x3: 13 ughhhh
2x2: 5 :D:D:D:D:D
4x4: 37 oc
2018-14348.73wtf, I got 3 pairs solved on 4x4 o.O it was possibly a 30 or around that48.73
2018-13349.13oh cool49.13
2018-12121:03.72brain.exe stopped working through all 4x41:03.72

4x4 fell from my hands twice, and I did a wrong EG on the 2x2, also 3x3 was trash. hell yeah!
2018-08659.01OMG 3X3 AND 2X2 WERE SO DAMN SLOW, 4x4 too probably59.01
2018-05350.32nice, but not even sub50 aargh50.32
2018-04556.12this was so bad, idk how it was sub1 at all56.12
2018-03131:00.12lol not even sub11:00.12
2017-52121:00.903x3: 13 LOL SUPER SLOW
2x2: about 5 because it fell from my hands
4x4: like 41...

im really slow
2017-51959.122x2: probably sub2
3x3: 10/11?
4x4: 46 :(((( SLOW
2017-50756.582x2 was just too easy, 3x3 was pretty bad, 4x4 just ok56.58
2017-4891:00.82super slow baaad1:00.82
2017-47757.132x2: 3?
3x3: 11/12
4x4: 41?
2017-45101:00.96meh so bad1:00.96
2017-44655.242x2: 3
3x3: 10
4x4: 42?
2017-43757.702x2 3
3x3 11
4x4: 42
2017-42151:09.31apparently I really suck at 4x4 today (plus I failed to onelook the 2x2.....................)1:09.31
2017-04152.982x2: ~2
3x3: ~10
4x4: ~40

All the solves were really good solves! Yay
2016-5251:06.632x2: ~3
3x3: ~14
4x4: ~49

shitty times I hate them
2016-5141:02.842x2: ~4 + 2
3x3: ~13
4x4: ~45

all the times were bad :(:(:(
2016-4921:04.754x4 gone slow1:04.75
2016-4811:01.362x2: ~3
3x3: ~17-18 WTF SO BAD
4x4: ~40
2016-4721:05.78i suck1:05.78
2016-4521:00.34almost sub1 XD

2x2: ~4 (bad)
3x3: ~14 (locked up!!)
4x4: ~42 (finally one ok time)

Not sub 1 hehe hehe
2016-4421:03.982x2: ~4
3x3: ~14
4x4: ~45
2016-4311:01.324x4: ~39
3x3: ~17 -> awful solve!!!!
2x2: ~4

It would have been sub55 had it not been for the horrible 3x3 solve :/
2016-4221:02.742x2: 3
3x3: 14
4x4: 44
the rest is pauses between transitions
2016-4121:02.312x2: 4
3x3: 11
4x4: 47
2016-39359.11sub 1 ohoh


2x2: ~3
3x3: ~12
4x4: ~43

Nice times (actually, nice lack of pauses)
2x2: ~3
3x3: ~16
4x4: ~45
2x2: ~3
3x3: ~16
4x4: ~45
2016-3521:06.012x2: ~ 3.5
3x3: ~ 15
4x4: ~ 47
2016-3431:04.007 seconds apart from my PB. Kinda nice time? idk


2x2 ~3
3x3 ~12
4x4 ~49
2016-3341:09.59Not great :/ 4x4 solve was really slow.

4x4: ~53
3x3: ~13
2x2: ~3
2016-2521:13.70bad. I mis-did the 2x2 layer, and that caused the sh*t

2x2: 8 secs -> this time is awful, I average 3 D:
3x3: 17 secs
4x4: 50+sth secs
2016-1541:11.062x2 about 3 secs
3x3 I guess ~15 seconds?
4x4 around 52 seconds probably.

2016-1161:11.05wwwow, that was quite fast.1:11.05
2016-0661:20.74meh horrible1:20.74
2016-0331:10.57quite good1:10.57
2016-0161:21.79My avgs are:
2x2: 3 secs
3x3: 12.5 secs
4x4: 52 secs

So adding them up, plus non-inspection time, it would be about 1:10. But for some reason there are 11 seconds that appear from nowhere! Damn.

Still, it's my PB (because it's approx. the 5th time I attempt this relay XD)
2015-42111:29.34AND IT HAD TO POP!!!! I did 3x3+2x2 in about 15 secs, so it was a perfect time to do PB. But the 4x4 HAD TO POP! dammit1:29.34
2015-3991:36.37Pop on 4x41:36.37
2015-31101:27.06Messed up 3x3 cross and 2x2 face :(1:27.06
2015-3091:26.68noooooooo pop on 4x4!!!1:26.68
2015-1051:23.78Did wrongly both parities on 4x4...1:23.78
2014-4161:34.37First attemp at a relay ever!1:34.37
2-3-4-5 Relay
2018-23122:31.28234 was ugly
5x5 was ok
2018-2262:20.07234: 55
5x5: 1:25 lol crap
2018-2072:16.335x5 was pretty nice, the rest was crapa2:16.33
2018-1852:12.93kinda ok2:12.93
2018-1792:21.28234: 58 super slow
5x5: 1:22 pretty not fast but quite ok
2018-1142:08.87234: 50
5x5: 1:18

2018-1042:14.51234: 48, nice!
5x5: 1:26 could've been better...
2018-0982:28.48234: 52
5x5: 1:36 o.O I average 1:25 wut
2018-0882:26.06234: 55
5x5: 1:31

all slow XD
2018-0652:14.63234: 53?
5: 1:21
2018-0572:23.07234: 52
5x5: 1:31 SLOWWW

3x3 was sub8, that was cool
2018-0442:14.84234: 54
5x5: 1:20

good maybe
2018-03122:30.692-4 was 55
5x5 was super slow
2018-02112:22.22LOL 222222222:22.22
2017-51102:30.44234: 57
5x5: ~1:33 first 2 centers were insanely SLOW because no inspec
2017-5062:18.17234: 58 or sth
5x5: 1:20

all were pretty good except the 4x4 which was a bit locky
2017-4972:25.49234: 55 ok
5x5: 1:30 slow
2017-4882:29.14kinda good.
234 was 57 secs
5x5 was 1:32 which is slow
2017-4762:27.81234: 1 minute
5x5: 1:27

all very slow except 3x3 I think
2017-46112:24.55234: 1 min
5x5: about 1:24
2017-4542:08.25lel PLL skip on 3x3 and 5x52:08.25
2017-4492:23.202x2: 4 lol
3x3: 10
4x4: 42
5x5: 1:26
2017-4362:25.482x2: about 5 slow seconds due to lockups
3x3: 10 ok
4x4: 36 good
5x5: ~1:34 slow
2017-4272:33.612x2: ~3
3x3: ~9
4x4: ~41
5x5: ~1:40 SO SLOW
2016-5163:29.652x2: sub2
3x3: ~10
4x4: ~47
5x5: ~2:29

2x2 and 3x3 were really nice, 4x4 and 5x5 were really bad. Lol
2x2: ~1.9
3x3: ~10
4x4: ~41 (PB split 2-3-4 ~53 seconds)
5x5: ~2:16

Lol 199 seconds, sub-200 (?

Nice times.
2016-3343:42.50Approximate splits / My global avg:

2x2: 6 / 2.6
3x3: 15 / 11
4x4: 50 / 44
5x5: ~2:20 / 2:15

222 seconds ohohohohohoh
2014-4164:14.13The 5x5 was something like 2:15, the 4x4 1:20, the 3x3 16, and the 2x2 8, and some pauses between switches.4:14.13
2-3-4-5-6 Relay
2018-0475:58.6823: 12
6: 3:20?
54: 2:20?
2017-4995:51.95234 1 min
5x5 and 6x6 the rest xd
2-3-4-5-6-7 Relay
2018-1659:28.69PB! :D9:28.69
2018-1459:54.51approximate splits:

234: 52 ugh
5x5: 1:35 SO DAMN slowwwwwwwwww
6x6: 3:15 ugh
7x7: 4:10 nice

pb is 9:48
2018-09810:35.93so slow lol10:35.93
2018-0679:48.96yay! first sub10 on this relay!
23: about 15
7x7: about 4:25
6x6: about 3:00?
5x5: 1:25?
4x4: 40?
2018-04810:50.29234: 52
7: around 4:50?
6x6: 3:30?
5x5: 1:30?

i really don't know the splits
2018-02810:53.77:( slow on everything10:53.77
2017-49811:33.25handscrambled 6x6 and 7x7

pretty slow 6x6 and 7x7, too :(
234 was 1:08 because I had accidentally not paired some edges on 4x4.
5x5 was pretty slow too because I did it at the end and I was already tired
2019-11218.7711.76hahah clock is fun13.85(8.77)11.61(13.86)9.83
2018-31159.5511.90pretty slow for the 9.95 ao12 I did yesterday :0(12.88)12.3611.4311.92(9.55)
2018-172212.6015.531st: 11 1 edge wrong(DNF)(12.60)14.0117.6614.91
2018-161610.4112.575th one was so easy, I spoiled it12.3812.08(15.48)13.26(10.41)
2018-111512.2913.255th: 16.00 off by 1 edge13.0914.03(12.29)12.62(DNF)
2018-091110.9111.624th: 11.11 dnf by 1 edge(10.91)11.7211.06(DNF)12.07
2018-082010.6815.76uhhhhhhhhh all bad times except a 10 which was pretty normal before my 2 week break :(17.02(DNF)(10.68)13.7516.52
2018-06129.1312.33last one was a DNF so I fixed it woops10.4013.5913.00(9.13)(18.47)
2018-04910.3911.33consistent and no DNFs is quite good :)(10.39)11.0011.2211.76(12.42)
2018-031410.3613.06failed pb avg on 4th and 5th XD10.94(10.36)11.99(16.46)16.24
2017-5269.7610.81great average, close to my PB
scrambles had a lot of 0s!
2017-5169.9512.08no dnfs yaay!11.2712.33(15.42)12.65(9.95)
2017-502512.96DNFohh two best solves DNFed :((DNF)13.2713.48DNF(12.96)
2017-49911.6612.85nice average!!! (for me)(14.07)12.07(11.66)13.3313.15
2017-48710.5612.46good. DNF was a slow 1615.13(DNF)(10.56)10.8511.40
2017-46109.9812.441st: ooh good

fine avg, no DNfs which is good
2017-441110.4015.83bad ao5 :( only a nice single18.7714.7713.96(DNF)(10.40)
2017-43611.7912.91good avg(11.79)11.9012.3914.44(14.50)
2017-421412.02DNFwoops dnfs13.42(DNF)(12.02)DNFDNF
2019-181058.621:07.46yay double pb here(1:11.49)1:07.131:09.211:06.04(58.62)
2019-161159.581:09.40yay, good avg and single :D1:10.20(59.58)1:07.93(1:16.27)1:10.08
2019-02161:03.521:12.76cool, could have been better(1:03.52)(1:27.89)1:10.541:11.471:16.28
2018-52171:13.251:22.72an okay single, the rest is trasssshhhhh

but i guess this is awesome, since my global two weeks ago was 1:40 XD
2018-34631:40.00DNFi hate mega1:48.24(1:40.00)1:53.05(DNS)DNS
2018-22481:57.15DNFlol i hate megaaa (1:57.15)(DNS)DNSDNSDNS
2018-19531:25.94DNF2nd: loololol

the rest later
2018-16151:31.241:39.10oh cool1:40.64(1:55.32)1:39.031:37.63(1:31.24)
2018-05221:42.981:47.37hate this puzzleeee1:46.25(1:42.98)1:51.371:44.48(1:56.70)
2018-04241:39.071:46.09abysmally slow1:42.541:50.22(1:39.07)1:45.51(1:59.18)
2018-01191:28.841:39.31lol last one XD1:44.931:39.12(1:28.84)1:33.89(2:05.29)
2017-52241:47.791:53.88XD I'm so slow hahahahah1:53.961:50.871:56.82(1:47.79)(2:02.85)
2017-49141:40.801:51.27omg I hate mega so much! After the 1st or 2nd solve I'm already bored1:41.11(1:40.80)(2:00.24)1:54.371:58.32
2017-48131:37.071:52.11sooo stable (?)(1:37.07)2:00.321:55.93(2:24.80)1:40.07
2017-46171:29.201:39.07probably PB1:46.01(2:07.76)1:30.95(1:29.20)1:40.26
2017-43111:29.281:41.494th: Freestyle blockbuilding on all the puzzle except last layer lol

3rd and 5th were finished off with a random corner 3cycle :)
2019-11453.375.50wtf (6.95)6.09(3.37)5.205.22
2018-34433.325.45lol random PB single7.034.235.09(7.13)(3.32)
2018-22234.454.88wow nice!!!4.685.19(7.44)4.76(4.45)
2018-13377.397.854th: how do you even DNF on pyraminx wth8.227.89(7.39)(DNF)7.45
2018-12203.885.41lol all 5s and a 3 wut(3.88)(5.81)5.405.585.26
2018-08356.277.49so bad XD7.388.03(6.27)(8.72)7.05
2017-50153.884.58woah close to my PB(3.88)4.064.625.05(5.11)
2017-49214.335.64hey i'm doing well on every event so far lol(4.33)4.496.825.61(7.46)
2017-45338.048.69QUE MIERDA DE AVG POR FAVORRRR8.428.97(8.04)8.67(12.13)
2017-44164.165.35lol pretty good for me5.315.615.14(4.16)(7.59)
2017-04154.429.02All bad times except for the first one, which is really nice(4.42)9.138.369.56(10.91)
2019-112817.1619.98lollllllllllll still sub20(17.16)19.3918.32(31.57)22.22
2018-151614.7820.011st one was pretty fast tbh

mental note: always heat up before doing sq1 since fingertricks are too different from 3x3
2018-121918.2821.685th: fastest adj I've ever executed omg lolol(43.86)21.4918.7224.82(18.28)
2018-111013.6915.01WOOOOAAAOW this is a super duper nice avg for me!!!!!!!!

on the 5th I was doing adj on top and messed up :( it would have probably been a sub15 avg without that. Still pretty damn awesome!!!!
2018-092019.6422.88having done a 19.8 avg100 yesterday, this avg is so terrible D:(24.69)22.4022.4223.83(19.64)
2018-081911.7119.772nd: noice
4th: I mistaked the cubeshape with good fist/fist
5th: WOOHOOO yeaah

in case anyone doesn't know, Lin method rocks.
i just practiced for a week and got from 25 global to 21 yay
2018-033625.5431.18it popped on the last one so i just dnfd it >:(38.6526.39(25.54)28.49(DNF)
2017-492325.8030.48using a rusty mf828.43(46.25)32.0031.02(25.80)
2017-482024.4429.26the volt keeps loosening itself(24.44)34.9028.08(38.41)24.80
2017-462718.0827.465th: had a ELL skip (I use Lin)24.4925.71(36.09)32.19(18.08)
2017-431831.0633.03crappy mf8, 4th solve had a pop(38.62)31.8132.2834.99(31.06)
2016-061640.441:01.21I used to be sub-30 :'(58.46(1:39.89)(40.44)58.961:06.20
2015-42828.5556.57really who else gets a pop in square-1

also WTF consistence
2014-39841.4753.08The third one was really bad56.6648.76(1:34.61)53.81(41.47)
2018-24475.286.60funny, I messed up the LL on the 4th like a million times, but ended up with center skip hahah5.906.77(5.28)(12.41)7.13
2018-23374.256.35counting 4 = sup6 avg :P just as in comps!(4.25)8.046.52(11.00)4.49
2018-13407.398.48so bad ahahahah(11.60)(7.39)8.968.637.86
2018-11253.905.77wooot damn good for me(3.90)5.76(8.31)4.926.63
2018-10394.958.56I hope to get my first skewb WR soon9.687.71(10.30)8.29(4.95)
2018-09505.138.30I'm super slow but for some reason I still do +2s(5.13)(10.28)8.138.528.24
2018-08406.907.96noice previous pb avg in this website was 12.27

switched main cube: 2011 QJ -> wingy
2017-50498.5712.27lousiest puzzle ever(8.57)10.5815.9610.28(25.11)
2017-47497.7314.94I still can't figure out why the hell skewb is an official event >:((7.73)9.9617.07(21.80)17.80
2017-464510.1813.11worst hardware available13.96(17.59)10.19(10.18)15.18
2017-45435.9213.62my QJ suuuc(5.92)10.5413.49(18.09)16.84
2017-44437.4422.14fucking skewb(7.44)14.6115.70(50.80)36.11
2017-434213.3317.79done using a good (bad) ol QJ(23.74)20.0019.8113.57(13.33)
2017-424811.1218.95using a brand new QJ from 201316.4918.6021.77(24.81)(11.12)
2016-522116.5123.61lol I don't solve skewb, I play with skewb. Why is it even a WCA puzzle XD?18.4821.96(32.96)30.38(16.51)
2016-062013.4220.60I dislike Skewb :((13.42)(27.49)15.4621.5924.76
2015-421612.7116.151st is PB hahaha I haven't done Skewb for like 1 year

and avg is also Pb. My previous one was like 30 seconds XD

PS: PB beaten after the 5th solve, it's 11.44 now. I may beat it many times after this one XD
2014-501313.6222.25LOL the standard deviation is unbelievable, a 56 then a 13!!

I don't even practice skewb, so it's ok.
Mini Guildford
2019-0255:14.714x4 and 5x5 were really bad because I still use 1985 cubes5:14.71
2018-1475:32.60pb lolol5:32.60
2017-4766:17.35clock was so easy lol6:17.35
2017-4466:07.34I felt like this reaaalllly sucked... like, all events felt like super slow + I suck at side events so....6:07.34
2017-4355:53.52mega oh and skewb kill me5:53.52