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Sellerie11 9.40 39 843

Current Personal Records

Event SR Single Average SR Kinch Score
2x2x222853.38Week 2022-03
5.02   3.38   7.85   8.43   8.86
Very easy scrambles for 1 and 2, then average solves. First two pb singles, unfortunately no pb average.
6.11Week 2022-26
132nd Place
6.95   5.32   6.91   4.63   6.11
Nice! ss pb average!
3x3x3201412.17Week 2022-43
26.58   12.17   14.42   18.04   19.93
pb single, but actually terrible 1st and last...
15.75Week 2022-19
147th Place
15.48   16.23   15.55   14.65   19.56
Pb ss average. Sub my best official pb average. This was a great set.
4x4x4151857.92Week 2022-34
1:11.04   1:12.55   1:19.42   57.92   1:16.45
Terrible average, one amazing single. Weird.
1:07.92Week 2022-42
110th Place
1:25.01   1:03.61   1:04.90   1:15.26   1:02.30
Two fairly bad solves, other than that quite happy.
5x5x512162:06.25Week 2022-42
2:06.25   2:58.35   2:28.96   2:34.85   2:30.79
2:29.26Week 2022-31
82nd Place
2:32.22   2:27.24   2:41.85   2:27.41   2:28.16
Pb single and average
6x6x67674:24.51Week 2022-42
5:18.21   5:14.54   4:24.51   DNF   5:10.18
Annoying DNF, otherwise quite okay average.
5:14.31Week 2022-42
44th Place
5:18.21   5:14.54   4:24.51   DNF   5:10.18
Annoying DNF, otherwise quite okay average.
7x7x76347:24.37Week 2022-43
8:41.02   7:45.77   7:31.05   7:24.37   7:58.90
Fine, I guess
7:45.24Week 2022-43
35th Place
8:41.02   7:45.77   7:31.05   7:24.37   7:58.90
Fine, I guess
2x2x2 blindfolded130656.22Week 2022-22
37th Place
1:18.04   56.22   DNF
1. [44.98]
2. [34.25]
3. 1:12.17 [36.97] Somehow messed up everything.
1:29.32Week 2022-31
1:42.08   1:26.19   1:19.69
1. [1:06.21]
2. [50.76]
3. [1:01.31]
3x3x3 blindfolded8984:01.21Week 2022-21
29th Place
DNF   DNF   4:01.21
1. 2:54.21 [1:37.14] This was fast. Unfortunately 3e 2c.
2. 3;23.39 [1:54.45] Again, fast but I forgot some edges with audio. Wasn't a good scramble for edges apparently.
3. 4:01.21 [2:33.43] Took a bit more time for memo, because I really wanted this success. Good scramble. Corners: Prime Minister had a trademark for non white teeth. Fun to memorise :D
3x3x3 one-handed195131.40Week 2022-26
51.88   48.14   51.43   43.42   31.40
Too many skips in the last one for it to feel good, even though it is my pb single.
43.56Week 2022-21
110th Place
45.41   41.55   42.93   42.41   45.33
Should have been sub 43 average, but still ss pb average.
2-3-4 Relay13081:35.97Week 2022-25
51st Place
Messed up J-perm (wrong orientation) and had to do another N-Perm after 4, but still ss pb. Everything else went pretty smoothly.
2-3-4-5 Relay9324:04.41Week 2022-18
31st Place
Uh, wow. Considering my pb single for 5 ist 2:27, my pb single for 4 ist 54 seconds, 3 at 12 seconds, I'm actually really close to my pbs here. Great relay for me.
Clock87417.62Week 2022-43
18.15   19.91   17.62   21.46   28.14
Wow, first try, pb average and pb single, last solve was bad.
19.84Week 2022-43
93rd Place
18.15   19.91   17.62   21.46   28.14
Wow, first try, pb average and pb single, last solve was bad.
Megaminx8421:56.20Week 2022-34
2:32.71   2:04.37   1:56.20   2:20.10   2:10.11
ss pb single and average. This was good! In fact, new average is sub old ss pb single.
2:11.53Week 2022-34
39th Place
2:32.71   2:04.37   1:56.20   2:20.10   2:10.11
ss pb single and average. This was good! In fact, new average is sub old ss pb single.
Pyraminx15896.30Week 2022-31
6.30   15.31   20.10   43.20   14.48
Still trying to figure out l4e myself. which is not going too well, but I am determined.
10.64Week 2022-24
94th Place
10.12   9.67   13.54   10.63   11.18
ss pb average, there were actually quite a few really easy scrambles
Skewb164010.29Week 2022-34
17.88   27.59   10.29   23.29   17.08
ss pb single and average
19.42Week 2022-34
114th Place
17.88   27.59   10.29   23.29   17.08
ss pb single and average

Medal Collection

Gold Silver Bronze
0 0 0


Competition Place Single Average Solves
2022-311744.748.08At least one good single...(10.73)6.969.248.03(4.74)
2022-301576.597.14Fairly okay(7.96)(6.59)7.577.076.78
2022-261324.636.11Nice! ss pb average!(6.95)5.326.91(4.63)6.11
2022-241527.878.62Okayish, getting the hang of ortega slowly8.858.928.08(11.18)(7.87)
2022-231606.309.382. Wrong Ortega alg... still practicing, once every week, haha.8.35(13.48)9.36(6.30)10.42
2022-221734.7611.093. I am still learning Ortega, but only practicing it once every week for five solves during Weekly, so no surprise here that I keep messing it up.5.92(4.76)(16.91)13.8013.55
2022-211666.5512.11Still learning Ortega, much slower than with double PLL, but I don't practice 2 at all, so no surprise there.11.68(32.77)7.0117.64(6.55)
2022-201596.1911.501. First time Ortega, forgot which alg to use.
3. Messed up the alg twice. How? Redid the entire solve. Not good.
5. Again, no idea which alg to use, but I got there in the end.
2022-141466.599.503 and 5 were terrible... Other than that okay, I guess.9.51(6.59)(12.19)6.8112.19
2022-121285.257.50First and last should have been better.(9.81)(5.25)5.867.569.09
2022-101194.037.96Great last solve, everything else rather meh.8.33(10.13)7.188.37(4.03)
2022-091195.556.89Good average, in fact pb average.5.83(9.62)8.31(5.55)6.52
2022-081354.847.58Great average!7.797.32(9.49)7.62(4.84)
2022-071485.819.55Two terrible solves, the rest was okay.12.188.59(12.89)(5.81)7.89
2022-061424.059.152. Didn't find anything in inspection and just started, scrambling even more for 4 seconds. Weird decision making in my brain.7.76(17.58)10.80(4.05)8.89
2022-051413.817.97How did I mess up first layer for the second solve?
Okayish average. Lucky 4th solve.
2022-031373.387.10Very easy scrambles for 1 and 2, then average solves. First two pb singles, unfortunately no pb average.5.02(3.38)7.858.43(8.86)
2022-011335.307.00pb single and pb average, quite happy with this.7.956.86(5.30)(8.34)6.18
2021-521438.8810.18Terrible average...11.08(11.76)10.43(8.88)9.02
2021-511375.998.15Okay average.9.098.09(5.99)7.26(10.18)
2021-501196.547.04Fourth solve was quite bad, failed recognition once. Overall pb average though, Happy with the other 4 solves.7.576.63(6.54)(13.02)6.92
2021-491146.289.90Terrible first and third and fifth solves...10.53(6.28)(11.78)7.7511.43
2021-481197.6611.44Terrible third and fourth solve... and then I failed an alg for my fifth solve. One of the worst sets.9.38(7.66)12.1612.78(16.08)
2021-461127.449.53Actually really good for my 2x2x2 skills.7.75(7.44)10.1610.68(11.44)
2022-4319012.1717.46pb single, but actually terrible 1st and last...(26.58)(12.17)14.4218.0419.93
2022-3118615.5717.26A few good singles, two fair bad ones. It's fine, I guess...(21.97)16.31(15.57)19.2116.26
2022-3019517.2820.62Terrible average...(17.28)22.70(23.61)21.2617.89
2022-2616714.4016.342. Messed up cross, didn't find the edge to my first F2L corner (because it was where my last cross piece should have been) and got reeeeeaally confused.
In the end okay average. Should have been pb. Oh well.
2022-2417817.1120.81Two okay solves, everything else was terrible. Wow. Not my day.21.7818.60(22.89)22.04(17.11)
2022-2316014.5117.141. was a terrible solve, but still a really good time. PLL skip and quite a few easy pairs.
Overall it felt pretty slow, but timewise it was okay.
2022-2016516.9318.90Meh. Not a great average.18.49(20.08)19.69(16.93)18.53
2022-1914714.6515.75Pb ss average. Sub my best official pb average. This was a great set.15.4816.2315.55(14.65)(19.56)
2022-1816817.0318.67First was okay, everything else felt terribly slow...(17.03)(21.84)18.2419.4418.33
2022-1714215.5816.98Annoying 19, 16 in the end could have been better.16.8317.43(19.66)(15.58)16.68
2022-1515615.9320.262. Just learned Ga and have been using it (to practice) on all G-perms. Unfortunately, Gd doesn't really lend itself to be solved by Ga and Z-perm...
3. Same exact thing, haha. At least I'm getting a lot of Ga practice.

Bad average... but oh well.
2022-1415814.8517.40Quite a nice average, 1 and 5 were not just as good as I had hoped. 2 was really great though!(19.72)(14.85)17.2915.9318.97
2022-1213114.1517.52Fairly good. Or maybe just okay. Definitely not bad.16.27(19.92)(14.15)17.4418.85
2022-1013717.2718.54Okayish average I guess...19.65(19.82)18.40(17.27)17.58
2022-0914916.0720.36Terrible average. Tried to do an x-cross for the last solve and failed...17.96(22.80)22.64(16.07)20.49
2022-0813313.4716.86Great average! SS pb average :)17.6615.49(18.84)(13.47)17.42
2022-0714314.3418.08Two good solves, one bad one. Overall okay average.19.8615.9818.39(20.14)(14.34)
2022-0614513.0317.741. Pb single overall :O
2. Good solve!
3. Meh.
4. Mistook N-Perm for Y-Perm, no idea how.
5. Pretty good!
T-Perm more than once, a bit surprised. Otherwise amazing average except for the two annoying failures...
2022-0515615.4119.61Okayish. At least sub 20. Then again, had my first sub 16 ao5 earlier today, so a bit disappointed.(21.45)18.2020.80(15.41)19.84
2022-0417416.3519.63Messed up everything on solve 3 and decided to just keep going trying to fix it. Would have been faster to just resolve. Wow.
Terrible 4th solve as well. Unlucky, really.
Great last solve except for the +2. Would have been pb on this site.
2022-0315917.5219.22First and last worse than most of my other solves today, but all in all okay, especially sub 20.21.00(17.52)18.2018.46(21.25)
2022-0214017.1719.57Counting 23 is pretty bad, counting 17 quite nice. Overall good, sub 20.17.5422.9818.18(25.91)(17.17)
2022-0115214.7820.501. New single pb!
4. Just all in all terrible solve.
Very excited after first solve, ended up being okay, but not great.
2021-5214815.7317.52pb average by one second :O :O(24.21)(15.73)16.1217.2719.18
2021-5115817.4521.84Okay average I guess. Have to admit to myself that I'm still a bit off consistent sub 20 ao5s...(22.53)22.02(17.45)21.2322.27
2021-5014419.5521.65Somehow managed to fail the cross during my third solve but only noticed during last F2L pair... Very unfortunate.
At least the last two solves were good.
2021-4913717.6619.993 sub 20 solves, barely sub 20 average, it's okay. Quite annoyed by my last solve, that was simply terrible.21.7118.90(17.66)19.37(26.62)
2021-4813620.5520.98No a single sub 20 solve, not too happy with this set.21.24(20.55)20.7220.97(25.15)
2021-4612417.0518.95Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?!? How?!?!?!? This has just beaten my current ao5 pb by 35 milliseconds! How did I manage to do this ony my first online competition? I am beyond surprised. I actually can't believe it. To be fair, I had really great PLL cases, J-Perm twice or thrice even. But I expected more sovles like my second and not 4 of my very best performances. I can't anymore. Wow.

Edit: Changed it from "beaten my current ao5 pb by 35 seconds" to milliseconds...
2022-421101:02.301:07.92Two fairly bad solves, other than that quite happy.(1:25.01)1:03.611:04.901:15.26(1:02.30)
2022-3410557.921:13.35Terrible average, one amazing single. Weird.1:11.041:12.55(1:19.42)(57.92)1:16.45
2022-331161:10.611:15.59Meh. No really good solve, two pretty bad...1:21.13(1:10.61)(1:28.86)1:13.801:11.83
2022-311251:05.741:18.79What a terrible average... came out of my worst practice session lately and managed to get only one decent solve. over 1:15 and even closer to 1:20 is a disgrace, really...(1:21.19)1:21.011:18.57(1:05.74)1:16.79
2022-301051:04.921:15.34Terrible average, only one good single.(1:04.92)1:21.331:10.521:14.17(1:22.25)
2022-241141:08.561:25.291. Messed up E-Perm after already having a terrible solve.
3. Didn't see PLL parity...
Not a great average at all, first was terrible. But okay, I guess. At least everything else was around 1:10ish.
2022-238959.881:08.012. Woooo, ss pb single, first sub 1 on this forum.
5. Wow, what a terrible solve. Oh well. Still pb ss average, but honestly should have been better. If only I didn't mess up this last solve.
2022-22971:03.731:09.99Messed up parity for last, couldn't be bothered to fix it. Should have been a better average...1:12.111:10.491:07.36(1:03.73)(DNF)
2022-21961:06.571:09.42Two counting 1:10, not as good as I had hoped.1:07.291:10.55(1:22.40)(1:06.57)1:10.42
2022-20871:01.831:08.22One terrible solve, otherwise ss pb single and ss pb average.1:07.41(1:21.32)1:04.051:13.21(1:01.83)
2022-19941:07.101:15.391. Terrible edge pairing, was distracted for just too long that I ended up messing everything up.
2. Just terrible everything. Wow.
4. Didn't notice PLL parity while doing E Perm...
One of my worst averages lately, but at least I got 2 okay solves sub 1:10.
2022-18841:04.091:12.60Annoying DNF, terrible 1:20, everything else was quite good.(1:04.09)1:20.521:12.74(DNF)1:04.55
2022-171011:11.511:21.72Terrible average. Gotta be much better tomorrow.(1:11.51)1:17.141:23.22(1:28.57)1:24.79
2022-15791:05.471:10.52Really good average, ss pb single and average, yet in the end not fast enough for the qualification for the European Championships... I guess I'll keep practicing.(1:05.47)(1:17.64)1:10.291:13.691:07.57
2022-14941:09.261:17.743: Terrible, terrible edge pairing...
5: Good one, I can be happy with that one.
2022-12781:07.671:14.381. Should have been better.
2. ss pb single!
3. Really could have been better, terrible edge pairing stage...
4. Kinda disappointed...
5. Double parity for an otherwise really good solve...
2022-10751:13.381:20.531. Failed edge pairing completely, then got both parities, this was my worst solve in ages by far.
2. Not a great solve, but at least much better then 1 and a bit closer to my current average...
3. Felt better, was apparently worse.
4. Good solve. Happy with this one.
5. Meh. Had better solves. Was okay, I guess, felt not great...

2022-08851:08.691:17.35Terrible last solve, in particular edge pairing. Apart from that - ss pb single and average! Shoulda been better though...1:16.781:16.90(1:08.69)1:18.37(1:32.29)
2022-07911:11.631:20.85What a terrible average...1:22.091:18.69(1:30.46)(1:11.63)1:21.78
2022-06921:13.661:18.88Really good first three solves, then something happened and my last two were just bad... Unfortunate, was on a good pace for pb average.1:16.521:15.77(1:13.66)1:24.36(1:26.59)
2022-05801:11.141:18.99Everything went terrible at the 4th solve and the last was just generally bad (but not terrible...)
Missed out on pb average despite 3 pretty good solves =(
2022-04971:14.491:25.75Awful average. Not my day for 4by4.1:23.62(1:14.49)(1:38.20)1:34.001:19.63
2022-03931:11.731:18.442-4 good solves, 1 pretty bad, 5 okay. Pb average still posibble at solve 5, but didn't end up getting it.(1:25.26)1:16.121:18.40(1:11.73)1:20.80
2022-02841:14.981:19.42Counting 1:25 pretty garbage, counting 1:15 quite good. Overall okayish.1:17.351:15.79(1:38.28)1:25.13(1:14.98)
2022-01901:22.101:25.914. Failed a PLL algorithm and had to redo all of F2L.
All in all terrible average for what I achieved earlier today.
2021-52951:10.141:17.96First comp sub 1:20 ao5 :) 4th solve a bit annoying, missaligned centers and everything.1:18.851:16.05(1:10.14)(1:41.64)1:18.98
2021-51991:13.991:22.541. Too many mistakes at 3by3 stage.
2. pb!
3. Great solve.
4. Felt worse, but on ended up being the exact same time as 3rd solve.
5. I failed the last solve and thus ended up without an ao5 pb. Annoying. 2nd-4th were really good. Could have been amazing.

2021-50911:15.621:21.25pb ao5. Really good first two solves, the last three felt a bit slow, but were quite good in reality.1:19.21(1:15.62)(1:27.21)1:22.591:21.94
2021-49771:16.981:28.26How did I end up with #4, that was terrible! Only one good solve and a few okayish solves. Not happy. Would really like to get my first sub 1:20 ao5...1:25.451:29.74(1:16.98)(1:40.98)1:29.59
2021-48731:15.001:28.82Really happy with the last one, single pb. Not at all happy with the first two... Oh well.(1:32.18)1:31.391:26.941:28.14(1:15.00)
2021-46761:25.151:35.341.) Terrible edge pairings which took me ages... and double parity. Far from my greatest solve.
2.) Took me ages to recognise PLL parity, could have been 2 seconds faster for sure.
3.) Thinking about my second solve and the PLL problem, I thought I recognised a PLL parity - turns out there was none. So I did PLL parity twice. Should have been much better.
4.) I really hoped for a sub 1:30, this was actually quite okay... unfortunate, no idea what went wrong here.
5.) Despite double parity a better solve than 4. I don't know anymore...
2022-31822:27.242:29.26Pb single and average2:32.22(2:27.24)(2:41.85)2:27.412:28.16
2022-22812:51.482:57.88Very consistent, but terrible. Should be at least 20 seconds faster.
5. was a huge pop and I just couldn't be bothered to finish.
2022-19672:29.622:39.88pb ss average, still not as good as I hoped I could eventually be. I really need to be sub 2:30, otherwise I won't ever get the cutoff in an official comp(2:53.29)2:37.752:34.86(2:29.62)2:47.04
2022-18612:27.452:40.92Amazing pb single, great pb average, no solve over 3 minutes, yet I'd really like to be under cutoff of 2:30 for next comp...2:44.712:39.25(2:59.61)(2:27.45)2:38.79
2022-17702:45.363:03.21Two good solves, everything else quite garbage. 3 Could have been great, but messed up G-Perm.3:12.122:48.93(3:23.66)3:08.59(2:45.36)
2022-15712:49.043:09.50Okay average, I guess. Nowhere near the cutoff for most comps, but I guess I'm just not there yet.(3:56.32)3:05.093:12.193:11.23(2:49.04)
2022-05602:39.623:07.514: Messed up Parity Alg, tried to fix ist, messed up even more, returned to edge pairing after half a minute. What a nightmare of a solve.3:04.08(2:39.62)3:22.34(5:04.94)2:56.10
2022-04612:48.293:01.85pb average but only okayish solves. 4 in particular was disappointing.3:09.693:00.962:54.89(3:18.60)(2:48.29)
2022-03742:43.323:07.97First time trying out the MGC. Didn't even have a magnetic 5by5 before.
2. pb by a lot
4. Terrible.
5. Nearly another pb single.
Despite some truly bad solves pb average. The MGC is certainly an improvement.
2022-01693:04.863:26.14Terrible average...(3:53.63)3:29.073:12.86(3:04.86)3:36.48
2021-52742:58.993:15.711. pb single
2. lockups and lockups and lockups and...
3. Hoped for a better result.
4. Wow, terrible. again, lockups etc. I need a better 5by5.
5. Another pb single, nice.
2021-51743:06.483:28.32Terrible 3rd solve. Really meh 4th and 5th solve. Not a grat average overall.3:14.37(3:06.48)(3:53.31)3:32.833:37.77
2021-49523:03.253:11.89Mistook a T-Perm for an R-Perm and lsot my first sub 3 minute on the third solve...
Ao5 pb by quite a lot!
2021-48593:15.773:30.55Actually, really good average. Trying out Yau for 5by5 ist going much better than expected.3:31.16(3:15.77)3:26.08(3:48.03)3:34.40
2022-42444:24.515:14.31Annoying DNF, otherwise quite okay average.5:18.215:14.54(4:24.51)(DNF)5:10.18
2021-51425:12.175:56.281 and 2 both pb, 2nd by a lot. 3rd still sub my pb before today. Apparently I improved a lot in the last 3 weeks.
Huge Pop at 5th solve. Took too long to fix.
2021-48335:56.705:59.30First sub 6 solve and also first sub 6 average, really good (except the last one). Still room for improvement, I am sure.(5:56.70)6:00.095:59.565:58.24(6:24.26)
2021-46256:12.246:29.071.) Really surprised at how well this went.
2.) Despite all the parity I could somehow get, still a good solve.
3.) More parity, but still a good solve, really happy with my consistency so far.
4.) Felt really slow at first 3 edges and last 4 centers, but turned out okayish.
5.) Terrible execution, could have been my best solve from what I needed to do, was my worst in the end.
2022-43357:24.377:45.24Fine, I guess(8:41.02)7:45.777:31.05(7:24.37)7:58.90
2021-49209:14.19DNFFor some reason a lot worse than last week. No idea, what went this wrong.(9:14.19)9:27.719:41.12(DNS)DNS
2021-48237:59.138:26.30Actually fairly good. In particular the mid three solves are smong my best, if not the best.8:55.408:14.038:09.48(7:59.13)(9:00.35)
2021-47229:14.4611:01.92Tried Yau. Didn't really go as well as reduction last time. Wanna practise Yau more though.10:21.7811:22.01(9:14.46)11:21.96(11:39.64)
2021-46178:43.549:47.46Probably the first time that I tried a timed 7x7x7 solve. At least some sub 10. I can be happy with this result, I think.(10:20.59)(8:43.54)10:03.319:44.439:34.64
2x2x2 blindfolded
2022-31581:19.691:29.321. [1:06.21]
2. [50.76]
3. [1:01.31]
2022-26431:03.98DNF1. 1:35.08 [49.87] Did Corner twist on the wrong corner.
2. [50.26]
3. [34.44]
2022-244459.68DNF1. [45.56]
2. 1:07.75 [27.98] 3c
3. [30.12]
2022-23481:46.53DNF1. 1:46.53 [32.05] What an exec, couldn't have been any worse really...
2. [40:XX] Messed up a lot during exec, but timer error and everything ended up breaking the solve. Oh well.
3. 1:44.76 [1:13.86] Let's just forget aboutthis solve, okay? ...
2022-223756.22DNF1. [44.98]
2. [34.25]
3. 1:12.17 [36.97] Somehow messed up everything.
2022-20421:24.88DNF1. Fully messed it up somehow.
2. 2 corners switched...
2022-19391:20.00DNF1. 1:20.00 [42.97] Old Pochmann. 2 corners already solved.
2. 2:55.16 [1:47.85] Complete desaster. Looks like nothing is actually solved.
3. 1:42.13 [1:12.31] Amazingly fast execution for me.
2022-15431:50.062:18.211. 1:50.06 [1:12.39]
2. 2:47.62 [1:59.48]
3. 2:16.95 [1:49.33]
2021-47282:17.273:00.003 Old Pochman successes, quite happy with this.2:17.273:14.433:28.30
2021-46283:40.00DNF1.) First ever attempted 2x2x2 blind solve. I simply forgot the last move. Very unfortunate...
2.) Just using the 3x3x3 Old Pochman method for corners.
3.) I'm basically further off than I was in the scrambled state. No idea what happened here. I think I'll need to practise this a lot more.
3x3x3 blindfolded
2022-26404:30.52DNF1. 3:28.70 [1:58.82] 2e
2. 4:41.23 [2:15.32] 3e
3. [2:53.98]
2022-24354:15.86DNF1. [2:17.67]
2. 3:50.59 [2:24.77] 4e
3. [2:00.83] Terrible exec, struggled a lot trying to remember memo. Luckily I got everything right in the end.
2022-2331DNFDNF1. 4:29.96 [2:27.94] 2e. One letter misremebered.
2. 3:59.95 [2:42.93] Messed up one D-Move during edges, hence corners were completely messed up.
3. 3:41.60 [2:23.09] Two flipped edges. Apparently I just didn't notice either during memo.
2022-22244:57.31DNF1. 4:01.66 [2:06.54] 2e. Despite messing up my first set up and being sure that I had no chance of recovery, I managed to get through the entire solve, but memoed one edge incorrectly.
2. 4:13.82 [2:23.08] Terrible. 4e 2c.
3. Forgot to time memo. Only got the result. Did a U-perm on green to finish the entire side, not sure, whether that is something one usually does for blind.
2022-21294:01.21DNF1. 2:54.21 [1:37.14] This was fast. Unfortunately 3e 2c.
2. 3;23.39 [1:54.45] Again, fast but I forgot some edges with audio. Wasn't a good scramble for edges apparently.
3. 4:01.21 [2:33.43] Took a bit more time for memo, because I really wanted this success. Good scramble. Corners: Prime Minister had a trademark for non white teeth. Fun to memorise :D
2022-2030DNFDNF1. 4:26.02 [2:54.57]
Noooooooo!!! I had it, I had my pb, I had everything, but remembered B instead of D for last letter and ended up with 3 edges incorrect. This could have been sooo good!
2. 7:36.31 [4:50.63]
Two flipped edges. How, why? Memo wasn't great at all. Meh.
3. 5:28.46 [3:25.70] Again two flipped edges. Really annoying. Was actually kinda good.
2022-19299:25.23DNF1. 8:12.14 [6:18.51] Flipped edge and 3 corners
2. 9:25.23 [7:14.49] Needed at least this one blind success today, even though I am, in fact, way too exhausted to do anything good. So, terrible time, but a success nonetheless.
3. 7:46.64 [5:51.55] Memo was correct, tried it afterwards with open eyes and was correct. Something went wrong in exec. Everything was scrambled in the end. Probably forgot a setup move or something.
2022-15277:46.42DNF1. 7:46.42 [4:39.04] First ss attempt at blind, maybe 10th overall, really happy with a great pb!
2. 8:43.71 [5:36.65] Forgot my last two letters, but luckily remembered visually what still had to happen. So no DNF, despite long memo.
3. 9:51.82 [4:52.14] Forgot cornes, ended up doing edges first, remembered the beginning of cornes in he meantime, but couldn't recall the last 3 edges. Tried something, was incorrect though. 3e.
3x3x3 one-handed
2022-2611731.4047.66Too many skips in the last one for it to feel good, even though it is my pb single.(51.88)48.1451.4343.42(31.40)
2022-2511344.4951.72Trying to figure out how to use my pinky in solves, failing miserably. Last solve I failed thrice and ended up frustrated enough that I just used my right hand. Needless to say I felt even more frustrated afterwards.57.4450.0047.71(44.49)(DNF)
2022-2411449.411:01.45Why am I so consistently bad today? Wow.1:02.97(1:16.03)54.411:06.98(49.41)
2022-2311837.7144.65Okay-ish. First solve wasn't great.(50.68)(37.71)42.3347.4844.13
2022-2211939.8850.26Not a great average. Didn't practice enough OH lately.(54.67)51.3452.9446.50(39.88)
2022-2111041.5543.56Should have been sub 43 average, but still ss pb average.(45.41)(41.55)42.9342.4145.33
2022-1911235.8443.96Pb SS average with two amazing singles47.2037.75(50.49)(35.84)46.94
2022-1811035.6250.485. Wait, what? 35 single? Okay... Wow.57.4345.5148.50(1:00.09)(35.62)
2022-1712355.36DNFAttempted J-Perm twice instead of T-Perm and failed both. Meh.1:17.87(55.36)(DNF)DNF55.95
2-3-4 Relay
2022-25511:35.97Messed up J-perm (wrong orientation) and had to do another N-Perm after 4, but still ss pb. Everything else went pretty smoothly.1:35.97
2022-23502:07.08Okayish 3 and 4, but wow, this was the worst 2 I have ever seen. Easily above 25 seconds. Missremembered alg twice and everything. Annyoing.2:07.08
2022-19441:42.99SS pb, even though I seriously f*ed up 2by2. No idea how I ended up sub 1:45. Yet I am still waiting for the at least somewhat possible sub 1:30.1:42.99
2022-18502:05.58Thiss couldn't have been a worse 2by2, I think it was close to 25 seconds. Wow. How did I cuntinually mess up everything...2:05.58
2022-17481:44.12Should be a bit better than this, but it's fine.1:44.12
2022-15441:51.06Sub 2 is actually okay, I had hoped for a better time after some practice.1:51.06
2022-12431:54.11For how much I should have improved lately, this isn't great actually. But still, sub 2 minutes.1:54.11
2022-05451:43.40Pb! Pretty much every solve went well.1:43.40
2022-04561:51.11Pretty good, not a great 4by4 though.1:51.11
2022-03641:45.90Terrible 2by2 and inspection, okayish 3by3, good 4by4.1:45.90
2022-01582:05.79Not a great relay, but okay I guess...2:05.79
2021-52551:45.60pb by nearly 15 seconds, today is an amazing day for cubing!1:45.60
2021-51631:59.34First sub 2 minutes!!!1:59.34
2021-50492:05.41Messed up my 4by4 solve, simply too slow. Very unfortunate, could have been my first sub 2.2:05.41
2021-49422:13.36Still no sub 2 minutes... This time I pretty much had it already, but then failed 4by4 parity and had to redo edge pairing for the last three edges. Also, a +2 on my 3by3 on top. Disappinted.2:13.36
2021-48422:04.51Not a great 4by4 and thus not sub 2, but I got really close. This is possible.2:04.51
2021-46392:22.68Okay 4, okay 3, bad 2. All in all alright for my first attempt.2:22.68
2-3-4-5 Relay
2022-18314:04.41Uh, wow. Considering my pb single for 5 ist 2:27, my pb single for 4 ist 54 seconds, 3 at 12 seconds, I'm actually really close to my pbs here. Great relay for me.4:04.41
2022-17374:50.93Terrible 2 and 3, okay, 4, great 5.4:50.93
2022-04385:22.76~1:50ish 2-4 relay, then double pop on 5. Not a great 5, but still pb, mostly because I rarely do this relay.5:22.76
2022-439317.6219.84Wow, first try, pb average and pb single, last solve was bad.18.1519.91(17.62)21.46(28.14)
2022-40522:00.602:14.08Coulda been pb average... Sad. But still okay.(2:35.32)(2:00.60)2:02.812:13.772:25.67
2022-34391:56.202:11.53ss pb single and average. This was good! In fact, new average is sub old ss pb single.(2:32.71)2:04.37(1:56.20)2:20.102:10.11
2022-33482:11.682:26.312, 4 and 5 sub ss pb single. ss pb average. This was good. Only one bad solve.(2:54.33)2:19.562:30.162:29.20(2:11.68)
2022-31522:29.732:38.71Several pbs, nice2:37.102:43.98(3:09.66)2:35.06(2:29.73)
2022-311266.3016.63Still trying to figure out l4e myself. which is not going too well, but I am determined.(6.30)15.3120.10(43.20)14.48
2022-3011212.6315.75Trying to teach myself l4e, thus times are much slower than my usual average.16.3615.21(27.63)(12.63)15.68
2022-24949.6710.64ss pb average, there were actually quite a few really easy scrambles10.12(9.67)(13.54)10.6311.18
2022-219710.7913.882. Forgot an alg. Oh well.10.82(21.31)(10.79)15.1715.64
2022-19966.5112.331. Wow. I am exhausted. Why am I even doing this right now? This was baaaaaaaaad.
2. Much more like it.
3. Lucky scramble.
4. Just as lucky as 3, I think, but not just as good an exec.
5. Fine, I guess. Coulda been better. 1 tip +2.
2022-01959.8519.28First try at an official average for Pyra. Really lucky 2nd solve.26.60(9.85)17.8913.35(28.11)
2022-3411410.2919.42ss pb single and average17.88(27.59)(10.29)23.2917.08
2022-3311315.8723.48Two good solves, one terrible.25.47(58.39)28.12(15.87)16.86
2022-199916.1428.43That's the least I should be able to do after a week I think. Yet, still working with a terrible Skewb.26.9430.02(35.28)28.33(16.14)
2022-188627.6438.36Basically my first tries after learning Skewb a couple of days ago. And a terrible Skewb. Nonetheless, 1:20 is terrible.38.67(27.64)(1:21.67)30.1146.29