Adam Gradess

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agradess2 27.50 99 4534

Current Personal Records

Event SR Single Average SR Kinch Score
2x2x23241.07Week 2022-05
3.81   4.87   4.21   1.07   2.77
4. Speedsolving PB, wasnt expecting it to be that fast
2.68Week 2022-52
34th Place
5.64   2.31   2.13   3.42   2.31
wowww literally tied SB ao5
3x3x32196.44Week 2021-23
10.38   10.13   6.44   10.69   11.81
3. SB, ~overall PB5!!! this makes 2 6's in one day
thought I might get the sub 10 avg too but can't ask for too much ig
8.54Week 2022-13
24th Place
8.93   7.72   10.66   8.96   7.29
2. Fullstep!!!! 5. Fullstep 7 again!!!!!!! SB avg!!
4x4x418931.06Week 2023-01
39.32   46.69   37.51   42.90   31.06
5. ummm PLL skip? SB single
35.38Week 2022-45
12th Place
34.36   37.82   33.95   33.69   48.64
Sponsored by DNM. CLUTCH 4th solve
5x5x510057.05Week 2022-32
1:30.60   1:07.67   1:15.06   57.05   1:06.20
feeling headachey at the start 3. bad 3x3 4. overall PB!! just went for it
1:05.27Week 2022-24
15th Place
1:07.35   1:04.84   1:01.67   1:15.55   1:03.62
YOOOOO off of pb ao5 by 0.04. So happy with this 3. speeeeedy
6x6x6521:47.25Week 2021-18
2:14.99   1:47.25   2:29.89   2:25.22   2:06.61
what. a. rollercoaster.
1. 53 - 54 centers, 2. 45 CENTERS OVERALL PB BY 0.2, 3. 1:06 centers bleh, 4. 55 centers prob, this avg is sad, 5. 52 centers, on pace for a 2:01 before I fumbled the LAST 2 TURNS
1:56.84Week 2023-02
6th Place
1:58.16   1:53.96   1:53.35   2:02.02   1:58.40
SB ao5 lets goooo! Aoshi setup is doing me good
7x7x7642:54.71Week 2022-28
3:15.51   3:24.59   3:18.89   2:54.71   3:29.32
pure sub 3:30 which is nice 3. totally unexpected, overall pb!!! first pb single on here since December last year
3:05.09Week 2023-04
5th Place
3:08.81   DNF   3:04.88   3:00.68   3:01.57
well ig thats a SB avg by 0.4 2 didnt start timer frick 4. +2
2x2x2 blindfolded3166.61Week 2022-33
2nd Place
14.12   6.61   32.24
2. LETS GO 3. had to go for the mean
11.33Week 2022-35
8.76   13.23   11.99
PB mean! pretty nice recognition
3x3x3 blindfolded6272:08.23Week 2021-27
23rd Place
DNF   2:08.23   DNF
1. 3:36[~2:00] Forgot twisted corner and that was it. Very safe too
2. overall PB single. No words. ~1:10 memo
3. 3:24[~2:10] 4 flipped edges, recall error somewhere
Very happy with these three attempts
4x4x4 blindfolded31625:12.14Week 2021-19
8th Place
25:12.14   DNS   DNS
first success. Only my 4th attempt. I have no words. I had parity on every step too.
18:24 memo, 6:48 exec
3x3x3 one-handed39213.80Week 2022-18
23.31   20.10   23.30   13.80   18.41
same PLL on 1 and 3. Had like 3 free pairs on 4! I felt the speed
17.49Week 2022-45
28th Place
18.07   19.25   13.89   15.15   22.07
0.1 or 0.2 off of PB ao5 3. that was QUICK woww 4. taht was also kwik
3x3x3 With feet2591:37.21Week 2022-26
2:40.24   2:40.75   DNF   2:35.13   1:37.21
3. messed up a g perm, didnt feel like redoing it 5. wide sune into a nice U perm saved the day lol
2:38.71Week 2022-26
1st Place
2:40.24   2:40.75   DNF   2:35.13   1:37.21
3. messed up a g perm, didnt feel like redoing it 5. wide sune into a nice U perm saved the day lol
3x3x3 Match the scramble5971:43.01Week 2022-33
2:32.09   2:30.99   2:17.32   2:14.37   1:43.01
getting those kinchranks higher!
2:20.89Week 2022-33
10th Place
2:32.09   2:30.99   2:17.32   2:14.37   1:43.01
getting those kinchranks higher!
2-3-4 Relay21452.13Week 2022-12
9th Place
an authoritative set of solves, SB by ~0.3
2-3-4-5 Relay1202:00.30Week 2022-37
4th Place
2-3-4-5-6 Relay694:16.59Week 2022-33
5th Place
nice pb
2-3-4-5-6-7 Relay567:24.58Week 2023-03
3rd Place
SB by 4 seconds nice nice nice. Sub 7 is in the cards
Megaminx13749.83Week 2021-24
1:18.64   58.48   1:04.23   58.96   49.83
1. got the literal worst EP case (using 4LLL), 2. solve felt smooth, nice cross, 3. misrecognized CP, otherwise smooth, 4. no complaints!, 5. YES first sub 50 in AGES. Really nice cross, smooth S2L, skipped a step in LL
58.12Week 2022-18
9th Place
51.82   1:01.89   55.23   1:03.14   57.25
full send!!!! 1. EP skip 3. real nice last 2 faces 5. clutch EP skip
Pyraminx3532.11Week 2022-32
4.69   DNF   2.11   6.38   5.66
lterally off SB by 0.01 2. DNF by 2 flipped edges 3. not bad exec actually haha
5.19Week 2022-41
56th Place
4.91   5.37   5.28   5.54   4.45
SB avg leggo
Square-138012.02Week 2021-51
24.29   12.02   20.42   23.42   34.43
2. HAHA overall pb single by 0.09
not a terrible avg too, sub 20 potential
20.92Week 2022-03
49th Place
19.42   18.76   25.99   16.83   24.59
SB ao5! look at that
Skewb5893.54Week 2021-12
9.91   8.20   3.54   9.39   6.89
not beating this for a long time
7.47Week 2021-20
46th Place
4.03   7.58   13.48   6.68   8.15
1. If I was actually good I could have maybe one looked that or somthn
also pb avg yay kinch score
Kilominx9424.59Week 2022-33
24.59   40.50   31.33   36.45   39.43
PB single thats all I care about
28.19Week 2022-27
2nd Place
28.95   26.09   36.32   28.91   26.72
SUB 30 AVG nice nice
Mirror Blocks2941:13.45Week 2022-36
1:29.61   1:13.45   1:48.07   1:57.27   1:18.47
the most consistent I've ever been. Gotta hand it to me
1:32.05Week 2022-36
24th Place
1:29.61   1:13.45   1:48.07   1:57.27   1:18.47
the most consistent I've ever been. Gotta hand it to me

Medal Collection

Gold Silver Bronze
1 5 8


Competition Place Single Average Solves
2023-04502.082.95big rip on solve 5, did CLL into Y-perm2.55(2.08)3.922.39(4.36)
2023-03772.303.71jeez I had to save a sub 4 average. Cube and/or hands were
sticky 3. corner twist :/
2023-02472.683.38difficult scrams for me personally3.16(2.68)3.593.38(4.52)
2023-01571.983.32unfortunate +2 on 4, 2 just bad(1.98)(5.43)2.544.692.73
2022-52342.132.68wowww literally tied SB ao5(5.64)2.31(2.13)3.422.31
2022-51332.192.86hella nice last solve to clutch3.922.37(4.38)2.29(2.19)
2022-501192.644.96got the sub 3 single thats all that matters LOL4.624.945.31(7.67)(2.64)
2022-49842.293.884. 2.11 :/3.94(2.29)4.21(DNF)3.48
2022-48442.293.14not bad3.04(6.38)2.51(2.29)3.88
2022-47642.053.43almost a 1 2 3 4 53.57(5.36)2.384.35(2.05)
2022-46501.642.99lol barely sub 3. Nice single(5.29)2.30(1.64)2.843.84
2022-45372.292.76couldn't decide on a solution on the last solve, got overwhelmed(2.29)2.703.142.44(7.09)
2022-44462.883.17not bad at all3.25(2.88)(8.94)3.243.03
2022-42401.872.68SB avg! also I think thats 4 weeks in a row with sub 2 singles2.56(5.26)2.95(1.87)2.54
2022-41691.803.72bruh I fell a-part on the last solve3.30(1.80)2.904.95(6.81)
2022-40361.902.80so close to SB! still manage a decent avg though2.01(1.90)3.273.13(3.86)
2022-39451.903.09put too much pressure on myself on the last solve. Nice avg tho!(1.90)3.572.603.10(4.93)
2022-37732.313.97well this is fine(6.17)(2.31)4.363.813.75
2022-361042.714.543. 2.03 DNF by Y perm...smh for real3.98(2.71)(DNF)4.774.87
2022-35632.463.66I had nothing on that last solve lol3.722.664.61(2.46)(5.26)
2022-34833.214.24not practiced very much with 2 atm3.404.23(5.25)5.09(3.21)
2022-33362.203.021. the cube FLEW. Last solve wasnt enough! great composure after 1st solve(15.56)(2.20)3.213.312.53
2022-32652.413.53clutch 4th solve, not so clutch 5th3.983.752.86(2.41)(4.92)
2022-31372.052.77SB avg! 3. extremely close to +2 but I think it was 45 deg3.04(3.88)(2.05)2.642.64
2022-30421.863.55would have been cool if I counted the 1.83.923.802.94(1.86)(4.72)
2022-29492.153.242. bad lockups 5. would have been hard to count the 2.15(3.78)3.182.94(2.15)3.60
2022-28382.723.13not bad(7.02)(2.72)
2022-27381.872.92sub 3!!! good karma from nac weekend 1. wanted to go as safe as possible(1.87)(4.69)2.773.722.26
2022-26512.823.55no pb avg today3.863.19(2.82)(5.13)3.59
2022-25482.263.60really not happy with the first two, is what it is 1. flying cube4.31(7.52)3.672.83(2.26)
2022-24792.904.39was not very decisive in choosing my layers3.30(6.46)4.025.84(2.90)
2022-23352.973.17very consistent other than worst solve(2.97)(5.37)
2022-22732.053.681. 2.54, stopped timer w/ cube in hands(DNF)3.773.353.93(2.05)
2022-211222.215.641. didnt start timer 4. I heart 2x2(DNF)4.122.819.99(2.21)
2022-19412.403.03added a tiny bit of DNM after first solve 2. bleh exec2.83(2.40)2.75(4.05)3.51
2022-181252.816.25NOOO guess I should have done a few solves beforehand10.224.10(2.81)(10.80)4.43
2022-17402.413.29nice save on 5, especially with the 6 looming(6.99)(2.41)2.804.572.50
2022-161082.104.66welp that was a bad avg 1. didnt reset timer from practice solve :_((DNF)(2.10)3.054.406.54
2022-13642.233.89sub 4, all that matters ig(2.23)4.26(4.29)4.273.13
2022-12431.293.293. Didn't predict AUF 5. big lockup, happy with the finish though3.55(4.42)(1.29)3.333.00
2022-11652.344.21had to finish off with something nice ig3.414.37(5.14)4.86(2.34)
2022-10452.073.641. anti-cll 2. ? 3. CLL 4. CLL 5. CLL3.57(6.98)3.28(2.07)4.07
2022-09622.823.88+2 on the last one3.29(2.82)(5.91)3.564.78
2022-08863.204.71I love 2x2! 3. timer didnt start3.95(3.20)(DNF)4.835.36
2022-07811.654.48Nice and inconsistent ;) 4. nice cancel, saw AUF3.234.196.01(1.65)(6.87)
2022-05581.073.604. Speedsolving PB, wasnt expecting it to be that fast3.81(4.87)4.21(1.07)2.77
2022-04391.973.294. crazy smooth tps 5. hey sub 2!4.05(5.99)2.952.88(1.97)
2022-03462.163.162. +2 aaaa! 5. Knew it would be a hard one(2.16)3.902.712.86(5.96)
2022-02623.064.07unfortunate +2 on 53.23(3.06)5.273.72(5.55)
2022-01362.263.331. smooth 2. no auf nice 4. corner twist 5. couldn't see cll(2.26)2.902.67(7.95)4.42
2021-51602.953.70had low 3 potential, still solid3.58(5.34)3.34(2.95)4.17
2021-50912.474.414. anti-cll fail B[
not today
2021-49531.943.88again, middle 3 were consistent3.823.853.98(1.94)(6.44)
2021-48521.693.675. not even pb lol3.024.27(4.48)3.71(1.69)
2021-46282.353.002. twisted corner, 3.39 5. very smooth anti-CLL2.60(DNF)3.173.24(2.35)
2021-45231.892.942. Ortega, nice flow there 3. panicked 4. didnt screw up 5. slight lockup, saved it tho
heyyy sub 3. 4th solve helped alot
2021-43512.573.622. corner twist in the middle, still sub 4
First 3 let my guard down, those were nice
2021-42482.334.151. bleh 2. little bit better 3. rip thought it was sune 4. ok then 5. nice ending(9.48)(2.33)4.854.563.05
2021-40311.642.891. #U3 2. SB single! 3. woooah counting 1 4. Ortega 5. yes thats it
wow counting 1 in a SS avg thats a first. Double PB
2021-39332.953.453. biiig pause 5. couldn't see CLL, recon was a bit slower
still sub 3.5 which is solid
2021-38463.194.321. warmup 2. might have overinspected but it worked out 3. mehhhh 4. ok 5. fine(5.51)(3.19)4.843.994.14
2021-37653.655.18lets go I'm amazing at 2x2(3.65)5.935.034.59(6.43)
2021-36603.585.08I care alot about 2x2. Also its almost 2 am4.75(9.84)4.52(3.58)5.96
2021-34462.813.961. did the mirror of the cll :P 2. solid, little lockup but still sub 3 3. huge fumble, almost DNFd 4. very quick recon 5. long solution, a few lockups, nice barely sub 4 lol4.46(2.81)(4.84)2.864.56
2021-33232.122.963. really nice exec, was able to 1-look, 5. clutchhhhhh
FIRST sub 3 avg on speedsolving. First speedsolving pb in a while too!
2021-32312.173.401 - 3, recognition on fire, did not look ahead to any CLL
no huge hiccups, sub 3.5, I'm happy. Nice single too
2021-30623.694.162. very sad plus 2. Found a nice solution though
No huge fails which is good, just consistent
2021-29502.333.47after 3rd solve it had sub 3 potential! 3rd solve exec was super nice2.42(6.04)(2.33)4.203.80
2021-27724.365.09I. Love. 2x2. 2 +2s in this one(4.36)(7.07)5.744.385.15
2021-25362.503.37not half bad(4.35)2.514.193.40(2.50)
2021-23553.094.01rip sub 4 lol(3.09)4.763.533.74(10.73)
2021-21672.914.31saved it, pretty bad tho still2.924.965.05(5.19)(2.91)
2021-19921.705.68first SP sub 2 single(8.36)7.76(1.70)4.235.05
2021-18282.223.05getting closer to that sub 3, ive gotten it in a WCA comp but not here(4.00)2.97(2.22)3.782.39
2021-171052.486.47we dont talk abt this one, still got a 2 single lol3.32(11.69)5.01(2.48)11.09
2021-16372.483.14LUL pb avg by 0.01, dangit I couldnt find anything on the last one(2.48)2.783.852.79(7.40)
2021-14632.984.27welp. sub 3 single streak still alive(6.02)(2.98)4.994.543.27
2021-13302.183.44not terrible, had potential though(2.18)(4.49)2.454.343.52
2021-12332.163.15lol SB avg by 0.02, missed single by 0.023.64(4.03)3.302.50(2.16)
2021-11622.144.47fail average, nice single3.74(2.14)(7.99)4.924.76
2021-10432.413.44Not bad actually 3. +2 by a few degrees sad(2.41)3.74(4.61)3.413.17
2021-09652.234.56really didnt care on this one lol3.253.556.89(DNF)(2.23)
2021-07232.733.17Average, better than average for competition(2.73)(4.05)3.193.492.82
2023-04758.629.93sub 10 avg streak alive stilllll10.29(13.53)9.94(8.62)9.55
2023-03868.9410.825. gave up on the Z perm, wasn't worth saving the average12.24(8.94)9.6410.59(DNF)
2023-02567.929.63solid average and a sub 8 single! keeping the sub 8 single streak alive(10.33)10.299.52(7.92)9.07
2023-01407.059.16solid average, amazing fullstep single (7.23 tps, 51 moves). Shame it wasn't akkersdijk(11.51)8.65(7.05)9.229.61
2022-52426.959.171. holy shit fullstep 5. nice e perm(6.95)9.83(10.05)9.108.59
2022-51728.289.90locked sub 10 at solve 4, we like to see it(8.28)(10.15)10.119.4610.14
2022-49739.6010.47zero warmup and a slow cube, still pulling it out10.7910.5310.09(10.87)(9.60)
2022-47819.4410.72saved the sub 11 at least11.08(9.44)(21.59)11.539.54
2022-46498.869.48several mistakes in 2-5 but nothing heartbreaking, good recovery after the 13(13.53)9.649.539.27(8.86)
2022-45809.2410.6012 got to me :/9.54(9.24)(12.46)11.0411.21
2022-44948.5410.57flippity dippidy gosh dang it9.90(8.54)(11.48)10.5311.28
2022-43537.429.457 8 9 10 11 ;) 1. PLL skip 5. good thing I had it locked at solve 4(7.42)8.959.1610.24(11.27)
2022-42837.8010.37not using inspection time, just finding the first cross + first pair I see(7.80)9.479.57(12.17)12.08
2022-41649.169.89I will gladly take that9.24(9.16)(10.64)10.4210.00
2022-40878.6710.73first week of midterms at umd(8.67)(12.07)11.6611.539.01
2022-39719.8810.61cube felt sticky, just decided to go for it10.44(9.88)(12.11)11.3110.09
2022-38608.819.97barelyyy yes10.0210.22(8.81)(10.61)9.68
2022-37638.1010.16of course it's just barely over9.399.83(15.21)11.27(8.10)
2022-36348.249.36average done on stream after an ao100(10.62)9.60(8.24)8.589.90
2022-35619.1910.26whatever, hoping for sub 10 but got interrupted in the middle of the avg(15.00)(9.19)10.729.9010.16
2022-34418.139.05just 5 clean solves, almost sub 9!(8.13)(9.80)8.799.498.88
2022-33499.069.70happy with the clutch 5th solve(11.19)9.289.75(9.06)10.06
2022-32778.2510.59couldnt clutch it on the last solve. Did a bunch of practice with inspection though which I need 11.52(8.25)10.899.37(12.70)
2022-31619.5810.23whyyy so close to sub 1010.27(9.58)10.2310.18(10.79)
2022-30458.839.46solving a bit frantic but I used inspection better this time. also way sub 10!9.01(10.49)(8.83)10.468.90
2022-29628.7210.672. didnt find first pair 4. off by 2 moves(8.72)11.5010.61(DNF)9.91
2022-28479.499.93esketit clutch solves 4 and 510.159.96(11.51)9.67(9.49)
2022-27318.279.182. sub 8 without J perm lockup 4. nice sub 10 lock9.63(8.27)8.409.52(10.10)
2022-26689.1710.33what a save those last two solves were10.21(11.48)11.479.32(9.17)
2022-25418.529.51way to clutch on solve 59.11(12.22)9.719.71(8.52)
2022-24549.049.96a bit unfortunate on the last solve but pure sub 119.459.8310.60(9.04)(10.87)
2022-23768.1010.56hilarious I still get a mid 10 avg11.158.12(13.76)12.42(8.10)
2022-22648.7810.24counted the 10.9 so I wouldve needed more on the last solve for a sub 10 avg9.86(11.17)10.94(8.78)9.92
2022-21759.4110.96dangit it was going well...9.8710.65(9.41)12.35(12.50)
2022-20989.2312.27no 3x3 warmup, pretty terrible 1. had sub 8 potential, big r perm lockup 2. guessed on an F2L pair 3. messed up cross(9.23)11.41(13.94)12.8712.52
2022-19939.9611.63#3AMavg Inspection got me. 3. kinda gave up on the solve 4. fumbled an F2L pair(9.96)11.2312.4711.19(13.35)
2022-18217.928.733. haha kept up the speed with easy LL 4. saved by the OLL skip8.81(9.90)(7.92)8.688.70
2022-17468.579.691. guessed on an F2L pair(14.99)10.489.249.34(8.57)
2022-16579.4210.462. did cross wrong and still got the sub 1010.949.9910.45(9.42)(12.76)
2022-15509.4710.22Exact same outcome as warmups :( cube was a bit unstable 2. Amazing F2L, E perm got me10.2510.2710.15(9.47)(11.01)
2022-147310.0710.71saved the sub 11, no sub 10s unfortunately10.82(13.24)10.1811.13(10.07)
2022-13247.298.542. Fullstep!!!! 5. Fullstep 7 again!!!!!!! SB avg!!8.937.72(10.66)8.96(7.29)
2022-12578.8810.65still manage a 10 avg somehow10.25(12.91)12.00(8.88)9.70
2022-11739.0011.15#terrible1a.m.cubing 1. unjust +2, 2. slopppy cross12.52(13.65)(9.00)9.8511.07
2022-10599.0210.87:/ not my best effort(13.02)11.55(9.02)10.0511.00
2022-09357.999.42what an avg wow 2. fullstep 7!!!! amazing g perm 4. didnt find first pair9.01(7.99)9.63(11.03)9.61
2022-08519.4710.77quite the progression. Just getting the solves in 1. warmup?(16.19)11.3810.5410.38(9.47)
2022-07428.649.722x2 and OH were my only warmup. Turning on the last 3 felt amazing(15.15)11.438.888.85(8.64)
2022-05309.009.69guaranteed sub 10 at solve 4, thats what we like to see
SPED through the LL on 2 and 3
2022-04438.8510.06Solid avg 5. had sub 8 potential. 9.16(12.98)10.9510.06(8.85)
2022-03387.989.563. insanely fast F2L(11.99)9.30(7.98)9.949.44
2022-01828.3611.77low pressure on this avg. Nice single(12.81)12.5911.9110.82(8.36)
2021-52527.7610.343. wow best solve on SS in a while
5. panicked, oh wellll
2021-51579.9310.93minimal warmup, whatev(11.73)(9.93)10.8910.6411.26
2021-50678.8811.01its fine, at least I got one sub 10
2. Used a new OLL for a dot case, which I'm proud, but it cost me
2021-49348.259.63let's see how I perform after an ao100
5. I spent like 10s looking at white, then I found a solution for yellow in like 3 and it worked
2021-48438.429.931. didnt commit, 2. yess, smooth 3. went for a new OLL alg, got it but it was slow 4. a few lockups 5. clutchhh, lucky F2L11.648.56(11.86)9.60(8.42)
2021-46208.038.921. PLL skip nice 2. saw first 2 pairs 3. barely saw first pair but I hung on 4. fullstep! fish + J perm ll 5. PURE SUB 10(8.03)
2021-45368.7810.00NO WAY :/ No words(14.67)10.45(8.78)9.569.98
2021-43459.0110.53Better than official, had sub 10 potential at solve 410.8710.01(9.01)10.70(11.91)
2021-42419.8010.032. lots of lockups but tps was fast enough for sub 10
freaking RIPPP sub 10. Woww that was consistent
2021-40338.1510.161. PLL skip 2. Nice LL save, could have been much worse 3. not terrible, under control 4. did not see a good first pair 5. close! some pauses in PLL cost it, very good 3rd and 4th pairs(8.15)(10.65)10.3710.299.81
2021-39458.9510.401. v nice first solve 2. avg 3. so many lockups, still sub 10 4. still solid 4. rip sub 10, oh well(8.95)10.649.8010.76(11.58)
2021-38429.3510.29Did some decent warmup for this
1. Rotated for first pair, not as awkward as I thought 2. had to redo an F2L pair after OLL 3. solid 4. barely found first pair, tried to speed up LL 5. solid again, nice Gc perm exec
2021-37588.3211.01nice single! Done very late at night, so I'm not surprised it was bad(13.66)11.08(8.32)11.6610.29
2021-364710.3010.87First avg back at school I think. Not a fail so I'm happy. Did on stream, didn't warm up11.6910.6110.31(10.30)(14.81)
2021-33277.969.424. Somewhat lucky F2L and lucky LL executed nicely 5. Not meant to be counting ig. Definitely SB potential at solve 4
First sub 8 in many weeks! Very promising
2021-32769.2311.98got a 8.6 ao5 in the car (0.3 off PB), figured id compete
3. recognized G perm as A perm. oof we strugglin with inspection
2021-316110.3411.14practiced at work with people watching haha10.6511.06(11.73)11.71(10.34)
2021-306210.0011.66definitely bad, but good practice handing nerves(14.21)10.53(10.00)12.9811.47
2021-29609.6610.422. messed up cross, 3. just a slower last layer, a few lockups
solid return after vacation
2021-27498.3410.281. saved by PLL skip no AUF, 2. clean, just clean, 3. cursor was in the comment, had to click out of it and start timer during inspection :/ 4. exactly 45 deg, 5. major ll pauses, rip the sub 10, still a good avg tho8.70(8.34)(13.86)10.7111.43
2021-26498.4210.19So close! much better than last week though and nice single10.759.7910.04(8.42)(13.19)
2021-25818.4212.55so unfortunate(8.42)10.65(DNF)16.5310.46
2021-24599.2111.293. I MESSED UP AN A PERM. so we move on
unfortunately not even sub 11 this time
2021-23506.4410.403. SB, ~overall PB5!!! this makes 2 6's in one day
thought I might get the sub 10 avg too but can't ask for too much ig
2021-226510.4411.38no warmup bleh. whatevs(15.05)(10.44)11.5811.3311.22
2021-20748.8912.23just terrible, got 2 9s and I thought I was warmed up11.97(8.89)(14.52)11.1613.57
2021-19358.479.532. freaking plus 2!!!!! nerves dude, 7.09 after 3 tries 3. very fluid F2L, played it safe tps on ll, 5. yesss pretty clutch9.2910.029.29(11.53)(8.47)
2021-18539.1710.42Decent. Wasn't even sub 10 without the +2 one the last one10.52(9.17)10.2010.53(11.41)
2021-17418.659.89wasnt sure if it was gonna be sub 10 after the last solve but we gotem bois10.37(12.18)8.73(8.65)10.58
2021-16479.2710.46welp. kinda choked it on the last solve, did even find first pair10.1510.14(9.27)11.08(11.36)
2021-15348.229.442nd best speedsolving average! Very proud of this. Not sure if 3 was a misscramble but I think its at least close enough8.8710.13(8.22)9.31(10.27)
2021-14528.7510.84A little disappointed I couldnt improve the avg on the last one, good single tho10.5110.76(8.75)11.26(13.02)
2021-13669.6311.30no warmup was a terrible idea, keeping the sub 10 single streak alive though(13.60)12.7010.0811.11(9.63)
2021-12489.5810.134. rip messed up a newish g perm I learned. Otherwise scarily consistent10.1410.16(9.58)(20.42)10.10
2021-11629.1711.19keeping the low 9, high 8 streak alive 2. dot oll brain fart(9.17)(17.25)11.7810.8110.97
2021-10318.869.85Heyy nice a sub 10 3. barely saw cross, kept my composure(11.12)9.13(8.86)11.039.39
2021-09207.228.721. Solve flowed really well 3. Scrambled wrong 5. PLL skip7.548.80(DNF)9.81(7.22)
2021-08408.7110.183. +2 and couldn't see first pair
5. Not sure if I went over inspection or not. Kinda close
other solves were solid
2021-07598.9511.25Very shaky, wasn't doing well in practice, took me a while to warm up. The 8 was full step though, that was a solid solve11.42(8.95)11.2211.12(14.60)
2023-042835.7239.31sub 40 we take those. gotta clean out my 4x4 and get competitive(35.72)41.8837.10(42.64)38.96
2023-023134.3341.571. slow warmup 5. keeping the sub 35 single streak(50.69)41.5239.4843.72(34.33)
2023-012731.0639.915. ummm PLL skip? SB single39.32(46.69)37.5142.90(31.06)
2022-521734.4536.381. NP 2. NP? 3. NP! 4. OP 5. NP... I must've forgotten some parities there37.83(34.45)36.04(39.28)35.26
2022-513234.6539.42I'll take it, again, after little practice34.86(47.04)41.54(34.65)41.86
2022-503535.4341.40oh well, the 35s got my hopes up44.74(35.43)35.8843.59(45.60)
2022-481334.2936.51that's a very respectable average35.79(40.69)(34.29)38.5035.23
2022-451233.6935.38Sponsored by DNM. CLUTCH 4th solve34.3637.8233.95(33.69)(48.64)
2022-443238.9341.48rusty on 4x4(44.61)41.4442.1840.83(38.93)
2022-424337.1143.97a million mistakes...just taking these as chill solves though45.4239.94(37.11)(49.75)46.54
2022-411733.5436.54damn so close to SB, off by 0.338.5434.76(41.42)(33.54)36.32
2022-402631.6342.813-2-3 is a weak spot...also SB by 0.1?43.82(31.63)43.03(45.13)41.57
2022-391233.3537.16nice counting 3333.47(41.74)(33.35)40.2337.77
2022-382336.3638.79well I believe I locked sub 40 at solve 4 so that was nice38.96(42.70)36.56(36.36)40.85
2022-371432.7336.58literally manifested a 32 on the last one. also nice avg!39.2435.1235.37(41.40)(32.73)
2022-362032.4438.24hella clutch last solve! dang, first solve was a +2!34.7239.41(41.84)40.58(32.44)
2022-352232.9638.43couldnt safety the last solve. Nice single though!41.23(32.96)36.2437.82(44.46)
2022-342137.0938.844. DP, OP at 26!39.66(40.83)39.56(37.09)37.29
2022-332637.1438.32solid. Went in with the intention of getting avg pb but I'll settle for this37.6738.28(40.55)39.02(37.14)
2022-322736.5137.68pure sub 40! I mean c'mon now37.16(36.51)38.18(39.93)37.70
2022-312834.2437.66best avg in a while 5. wow that was clutch, lucky cases there. got to LL real fast40.1836.1336.66(45.91)(34.24)
2022-304941.1445.11sad, no warmup and lots of mistakes 2. misturn during first 2 centers 3. another big mistake47.0145.14(53.70)43.18(41.14)
2022-293133.8539.765. ummmm PLL skip?41.8136.9640.51(43.05)(33.85)
2022-282538.2639.80not as fast but pretty consistent40.46(38.26)(40.76)38.5240.43
2022-272735.1939.70with no 4x4 warmup40.69(35.19)(43.51)40.9337.49
2022-264034.4643.47bleh. havent done a big 4x4 session in a while, and its late(45.14)44.0444.69(34.46)41.69
2022-253737.4442.57done after an ao50, where I got my 2nd sub 30!(37.44)(44.88)43.8640.5443.32
2022-242635.9138.32guaranteed sub 40 by solve 4 (fist pump)(35.91)(42.60)38.9737.6438.35
2022-232537.5639.05nice! was a little afraid of the 42 but focused on cross edge lookahead40.9937.69(42.02)38.47(37.56)
2022-223640.5942.63bleh DP, off by PP, PP, PP?, DP42.39(DNF)41.19(40.59)44.30
2022-212132.0037.011. speedy, NP 2. DP 3. bad 4. PP? maybe NP 5. NP(32.00)40.73(45.43)35.0835.22
2022-203734.5642.21had to go for single at the end, unfortunate avg44.5637.43(45.93)44.64(34.56)
2022-191532.2736.24SB avg! close to single too 3. finally some decent F2L 4. no skips that I can remeber36.4937.4134.81(32.27)(39.26)
2022-172134.8538.57Damn 5th solve cost it, still a good avg 1. NP 2. just bad 3. NP? really nice F2L 4. DP 5. OP35.68(52.58)(34.85)35.9044.12
2022-161936.0537.46WOOO first ss avg with my new xman ambition! tis a speedy cube
PP?, NP, DP or PP, DP, NP?
2022-142337.9941.57had sub 40 potential at solve 5. Did a bunch of 5x5 before this(37.99)43.7739.9241.03(44.61)
2022-133640.6342.36I believe sub 40 avg today...well, unusually consistent42.17(40.63)(42.91)42.0942.82
2022-122634.4541.923. textbook 3-2-3 and F2L, all transitions were smooth40.4641.15(34.45)(49.72)44.16
2022-112837.0642.533. actually decent 3-2-3 4. nope. awkward start45.4242.58(37.06)(46.70)39.59
2022-101638.3441.731. started 3-2-3 the opposite way 3. choppy start, not terrible though 5. well sub 40 went out the window. decent avg tho42.14(38.34)43.3839.66(50.08)
2022-082135.0039.73getting more used to cross on left. Also using the mint tea strat 1. couldnt ask for a better start36.97(43.79)(35.00)38.7043.53
2022-073640.0344.11well I thought the first solve would be better. whoops49.74(53.52)41.9540.63(40.03)
2022-042733.5140.41DP? PP OP NP? OP All over the place, didnt really deserve the sub 40 avg. Nice single though!42.94(33.51)(47.95)36.9241.37
2022-032835.1242.493. nice lil mid-solve pop, had OLL parity at 3045.98(35.12)(1:53.39)37.3344.17
2022-022937.2242.02corner twist on 3 oop, solid avg42.3344.45(37.22)39.29(52.47)
2022-013135.7442.29solid 2. skipped oll w/ parity but was slower42.28(49.66)(35.74)45.2639.33
2021-513135.8840.452. LL at 29 and it was barely sub 40
sub 40 was very promising at solve 4
2021-502537.1739.10unexpected sub 40(37.17)(47.12)37.4038.5241.38
2021-492037.0439.07This is what happens when I actually cube at a decent time
1. largely smooth, OP 2. OP 3. PP 4. PP 5. DP
2021-482834.8044.11my cube and my lookahead are so bad rn44.9347.09(48.36)(34.80)40.32
2021-462739.1342.351. good start, some hesitation on last 4 centers
5. WHEW had like a 2 second pause in the middle of OLL parity, but fixed it
2021-452739.8943.26not too bad42.9846.40(48.73)(39.89)40.41
2021-432835.5045.01last one always has to be fast ig43.2547.6844.11(49.13)(35.50)
2021-423340.7543.78pretty okay for no warmup
4. rip sub 40, didnt do AUF, had to fix it 5. F2L bonk
2021-392739.6944.531. lots of pausing ig 2. thats more like it 4. lots of pausing again, getting tired 5. PLL skip saved me(51.19)42.72(39.69)50.5540.32
2021-382132.0440.30very solid performance
1. solid, a bit choppy 2. throwaway solve, messed up last 4 centers, didnt try to save it 3. wow. okay. 6 move OLL PLL skip 4. felt smooth 5. ooh this is gonna be close
2021-372532.7339.811. OP 2. OP, very smooth first 3 edges 3. DP? 4. OP, making this close for sub 40 5. NP YESSS. Close to SB single, clutch last solve39.2738.08(42.80)42.08(32.73)
2021-332638.0942.75Listening to the Try Guys podcast while solving B) No sub 40 today(38.09)44.0342.5841.65(45.20)
2021-321837.8939.751. PP 2. DP 3. OP 4. NP 5. NP or OP
clutched the sub 40!
2021-303038.6740.851. NP 2. NP? rip +2 3. OP 4. DP 5. OP
very consistent today, not super fast but consistent
2021-294035.9344.641. nice nice nice, 5. magic speedboost and lookahead ig. Or having 4 solves of warmup :P(55.83)43.6747.1343.11(35.93)
2021-273138.2341.98A bit locky but I pushed through. Big pause during OLL on 541.70(38.23)43.1041.13(45.70)
2021-253640.8444.54mucho tired ahora 3. OLL Parity at 30, fumbled LL45.82(54.35)41.9645.84(40.84)
2021-232936.1641.84liking the consistency. 4. lucky last layer, solve was going real bad42.48(36.16)41.9941.04(47.13)
2021-212834.0740.18noo so closeeee...oh well, good recovery after the 4842.42(34.07)38.03(48.88)40.08
2021-203140.2445.21just warming up43.2346.35(40.24)(49.84)46.05
2021-191331.7536.73did a 3x3 ao100 before this: NP, OP, OP?, NP, PP did a center 2 swap at the end
0.3 off overall pb ao5
2021-181333.9638.001. damn LL at 26, 3. F2L at 22-23 slowed a bit after that, 4. solid, gotta chill a little on the next one, 5. YES CMON

SB avg and single. Switched to first 3 edges on bottom for this, which I used for a long time, I think I'm switching back to that
2021-172640.5442.62consistent, a few silly mistakes in there but nothing crazy43.35(40.54)41.74(46.53)42.78
2021-163935.6844.76pretty bad but keeping the sub 40 single streak alive(35.68)48.2742.40(49.83)43.61
2021-152935.8143.43gotta get a good single every week I guess40.3042.3147.68(48.92)(35.81)
2021-142934.2645.14first event of the day. SB single tho by 0.5(46.95)46.0843.6145.72(34.26)
2021-132335.3340.32wow so close to sub 4040.22(43.59)43.11(35.33)37.62
2021-123735.9843.77nice single, wasnt expecting that(47.88)(35.98)45.2444.9941.08
2021-113434.7745.58SB single, like 4 seconds slower than normal but hey its consistent :/45.3645.64(48.39)45.75(34.77)
2021-102237.2840.98Might be tied with my actual comp pb40.04(42.70)(37.28)40.6242.29
2021-092239.9543.53not bad for no warmup43.61(39.95)42.1544.82(48.84)
2021-082438.1341.63Currently trying to switch to first 3 cross edges on left
3: couldn't see much of anything and got shaky
2021-072437.4141.85Massive cube drop onto the floor on solve 5(43.93)39.9842.80(37.41)42.77
2023-04121:02.431:11.592 and 3 what happens when I solve 5 like I do 6 and 71:14.89(1:02.43)1:05.81(1:16.08)1:14.06
2023-01171:12.681:13.33warmup for a few 7 solves1:12.82(1:12.68)1:12.931:14.24(1:16.90)
2022-51181:10.981:13.76not bad for little practice1:11.011:12.13(1:19.23)1:18.13(1:10.98)
2022-50211:11.411:16.24lots of weird lockups and flexes with my 5 today, maybe need to tighten(1:20.21)1:14.881:15.061:18.78(1:11.41)
2022-48161:03.391:11.72The counting 1:17 got me. Nice single though!(1:21.81)1:08.581:17.76(1:03.39)1:08.82
2022-45141:01.351:11.31might be eerily close to my single and avg from last time(1:17.16)1:12.351:11.791:09.79(1:01.35)
2022-44171:00.401:11.04once again, very nice single, solid avg(1:15.32)(1:00.40)1:07.841:10.311:14.98
2022-421557.081:10.931. OMG 0.03 off single no way(57.08)(1:14.20)1:06.111:13.251:13.42
2022-41151:01.581:06.26REALLY proud of that last solve!1:06.59(1:13.12)1:04.411:07.77(1:01.58)
2022-38121:06.281:08.34consistent as ever, thats how you hold on to an avg1:07.50(1:22.15)1:08.601:08.91(1:06.28)
2022-37141:08.341:13.70just after a like 30 solve session so I'm not complaining1:10.991:14.06(1:08.34)1:16.04(1:20.07)
2022-35111:06.491:08.95no major complaints there1:07.31(1:14.76)1:06.78(1:06.49)1:12.77
2022-33161:05.461:10.335. messed up a L2E alg(1:05.46)1:15.141:06.501:09.35(1:35.86)
2022-322257.051:09.64feeling headachey at the start 3. bad 3x3 4. overall PB!! just went for it(1:30.60)1:07.671:15.06(57.05)1:06.20
2022-31131:04.971:06.85hey thats a really good average(1:04.97)1:08.52(1:13.06)1:05.761:06.27
2022-29221:08.161:12.90not bad not bad1:14.34(1:08.16)(1:15.92)1:13.181:11.17
2022-28211:04.291:17.89late night warmup for 6. good single1:15.40(1:21.14)(1:04.29)1:19.851:18.42
2022-27151:02.741:11.765. almost rotationless freeslice edges1:15.881:11.62(1:18.14)1:07.77(1:02.74)
2022-25151:07.011:09.99wowww as close as you can get 2. 3x3 at 53(1:19.03)(1:07.01)1:09.751:09.371:10.84
2022-24151:01.671:05.27YOOOOO off of pb ao5 by 0.04. So happy with this 3. speeeeedy1:07.351:04.84(1:01.67)(1:15.55)1:03.62
2022-22171:07.281:12.04nice way to finish it off1:12.171:15.53(1:20.71)(1:07.28)1:08.43
2022-20151:05.841:13.971. nothing perfect stage, rough freeslice edges 2. much better edges, bad cross edges. Potential ~1:10 avg at solve 5, guess edges weren't good enough, 3x3 stage felt good1:17.741:08.83(1:27.94)(1:05.84)1:15.35
2022-17151:09.381:14.57not bad, pretty consistent1:14.721:13.171:15.81(1:20.40)(1:09.38)
2022-16161:05.751:10.204x4 was uh a good warmup for this. And the cube feels smooth 3. tried to do a new L2E alg, wasnt confident 4. so smooth1:07.981:15.47(DNF)(1:05.75)1:07.15
2022-12201:10.881:17.376x6 b4 this 2. very nice F2L, a bit lucky 3. didnt start timer 5. solid overall1:20.44(1:10.88)(DNF)1:19.961:11.72
2022-11181:12.711:16.724. messed up centers, interrupted the flow(1:24.38)1:13.641:13.701:22.83(1:12.71)
2022-10141:16.451:18.66put some mystic and dnm in before 2(1:16.45)1:16.801:18.41(1:25.23)1:20.77
2022-09131:08.891:14.035. I liked everything about that solve. Told myslef to recreate the first solve. Overall, 6x6 fluidity with yau is carrying over to 51:11.761:14.101:16.22(1:23.17)(1:08.89)
2022-08161:13.691:18.56SnS practice. sub 1:20 yau! 3. nice 3x3 stage and last 4 centers, rest of solve was nice too 4. messed up cross edges during last center, gotta be careful(1:24.11)1:21.05(1:13.69)1:15.491:19.13
2022-07271:14.051:25.773. very fast first two centers(1:30.03)1:23.65(1:14.05)1:24.591:29.08
2022-05161:10.841:21.402nd week of yau. Nice single!1:17.67(1:26.28)1:21.87(1:10.84)1:24.65
2022-04251:15.181:27.13First avg switching to yau! 2 and 4 I broke up cross edges during centers(1:41.08)1:26.93(1:15.18)1:33.501:20.96
2022-03161:03.921:13.681. ~50 redux! 2. didnt finish first 8 b4 last 4 3. ummm that whole solve was smooth1:06.921:17.92(1:03.92)(1:27.34)1:16.19
2022-02151:08.661:11.43Just did a ton of 6x6, and dropping down helped this time1:09.421:11.57(1:08.66)1:13.31(1:15.57)
2022-01181:10.011:17.13very consistent middle 3, this has been a trend for 5x51:17.021:16.691:17.69(1:35.51)(1:10.01)
2021-51221:11.331:16.393. 51 redux nice(1:29.84)1:14.441:11.931:22.81(1:11.33)
2021-50141:10.141:11.971. not a bad start at all1:13.20(1:15.51)(1:10.14)1:11.941:10.77
2021-49121:01.771:09.27again, what happens when I cube at a decent time
3. phewwww dont think I looked at splits at all
YES. Been trying to get sub 1:10 ao5 for like 2 years
2021-48161:11.201:15.94warming up for 6
3. edges felt real nice on that, except for lockups on last 4
2021-46171:07.311:17.50going for overall pb avg here, sub 1:10 lets get itttt
3. well its not happening
2021-45161:09.721:13.751. redux 58 2. redux ~53 3. 34 centers, no saving that 4. smoove r perm 5. welp, 2 and 4 were pretty nice1:13.011:10.06(1:31.84)(1:09.72)1:18.18
2021-431659.331:14.73had to take a quick break from online lecture :|
2. YESSSSSS PLL SKIPPPP wow I havent gotten a sub 1 in a longg time. Might be my 2nd or 3rd ever. Efficient edges
consistency went out the window though lol
2021-42161:07.041:16.361. very solid first solve 2. edges fell apart 3. redux at ~54 4. oh well 5. niceee lots of almost made pairs during edges1:13.78(1:21.72)1:14.541:20.77(1:07.04)
2021-39141:11.171:17.071. 26 centers, 1:01 redux 2. idk splits, saw it could be sub 1:10 and locked up on a perm 3. 26 centers, slow edges 4. decent, ~1:00 centers 5. not bad for zoom lecture solving1:14.61(1:11.17)(1:22.34)1:18.781:17.83
2021-33151:07.581:13.141. v nice first solve, 23 centers, 2. 51-52 redux, didnt prepare for 3x3 stage, 3. lol flipped two cross edges and did the S alg to fix it 4. said it would be a 1:06 5. hoping for another 1:07. Still a v nice avg1:10.551:13.11(1:26.93)(1:07.58)1:15.77
2021-32151:11.061:14.831. blatant +2, redux ~56-57, 2. edges were a little frantic, 3. redux 52 ish, 4. lots of pauses in general, 5. Nice last solve1:15.161:16.151:13.17(1:19.65)(1:11.06)
2021-31181:06.141:15.832. Real nice edges into 3x3 stage 3. Some fumbles during edges and weird rotations during centers 4. That was sub 1:10
Nice single, solid avg
2021-30171:05.931:12.913. Decent first 8, really nice last 4 and 3x3
Best avg in a while! Counting sub 1:10 too!
2021-27191:13.741:15.14guessed approx time on 2, reset too early
ooh 1. and 4. are 0.01 off. very satisfied with this avg for no practice
2021-24161:15.171:15.87average is 0.01 off of the median solve :0(1:24.13)1:16.231:15.53(1:15.17)1:15.86
2021-23191:10.881:18.00saved the sub 1:20 1. I got a L2E case I learned recently but decided not to do it :P 3. redux at 52-53(1:23.29)1:20.56(1:10.88)1:18.441:14.99
2021-21191:10.231:15.04thought I had the sub 1:10 on the last solve, woulda been cool1:13.57(1:23.83)1:13.331:18.23(1:10.23)
2021-20131:08.651:13.63SB avg potential 4. epic H perm fail1:12.811:12.16(1:08.65)(DNF)1:15.92
2021-19191:12.511:15.20heyyy nice progression(1:20.02)1:17.211:15.881:12.52(1:12.51)
2021-17131:09.111:12.72Sadge counting 1:18

1. 18 centers, feeling confident, 2. 28 centers, 3. 21 centers, 4. bad edges, nice 3x3 stage, 5. redux at ~55
2021-14161:19.161:21.55yikes this was laughably bad for me1:19.79(1:30.56)1:22.641:22.21(1:19.16)
2021-12131:05.881:11.03both SBs, avg is a second off overall pb1:12.84(1:26.55)1:11.941:08.30(1:05.88)
2021-11201:07.741:16.471. umm 17 centers? 3. pll skip saved me 4. redux at 52 ish 5. fail 2 corner twists?1:12.241:23.141:14.04(1:07.74)(1:38.14)
2021-08121:09.991:13.193. Just stop quicker and you get sub-1:101:11.31(1:24.96)(1:09.99)1:12.181:16.08
2023-0461:53.101:59.45sub 2 without breaking too much of a sweat 3. 34 first 2 centers :P1:54.942:08.09(2:20.53)1:55.33(1:53.10)
2023-0371:55.992:03.48no warmup, just tryna go as fast as I can. 2. kinda bleh(1:55.99)(2:10.78)2:08.202:00.222:02.01
2023-0261:53.351:56.84SB ao5 lets goooo! Aoshi setup is doing me good1:58.161:53.96(1:53.35)(2:02.02)1:58.40
2023-0181:57.642:02.29after 1, loosened the cube a hell of a lot 3, looked at the timer at LL, saw 1:46, thought it was fast, and panicked(2:11.56)2:02.792:00.04(1:57.64)2:04.04
2022-5271:52.962:10.103. messed up a L2E alg, didnt feel like recovering quickly 4. just OP 5. bad misturn, outer layer and outermost inner layer are still sticking2:15.262:01.71(2:45.35)(1:52.96)2:13.33
2022-51112:06.072:10.95just getting solves in, I tried to tension this cube and now tensions are all wonky(2:06.07)(2:13.15)2:06.972:13.062:12.81
2022-49101:59.582:08.66The most consistent average of all time 3. weird, that felt much slower2:02.03(2:24.42)2:03.60(1:59.58)2:20.36
2022-4871:48.692:00.41OMG this cube feels amazing right now. Average is agonizingly close but the single was amazing(1:48.69)2:06.051:57.69(2:12.06)1:57.48
2022-4751:56.552:00.97oooo thats a nice-a one(2:13.44)(1:56.55)1:58.022:07.911:56.98
2022-4672:03.922:06.86no sub 2 single today but very consistent, I'm a bit out of practice(2:08.08)2:07.092:05.802:07.69(2:03.92)
2022-44142:04.412:18.62brain is mush apparently2:05.742:35.60(2:39.96)(2:04.41)2:14.52
2022-4381:54.862:10.64comp sim for SnS, treated the first 3 as my actual mean. Would be really happy with the single, maybe slightly disappointed with a 2:02.8 mean. Affirmation: Going for podium! Also ignore 4 and 5. 4 was 2:04 DNF by PP2:13.56(1:54.86)2:00.23(DNF)2:18.13
2022-42101:54.942:05.67happy with the single, a bit disappointed with the avg. Would be PR mean with first 3 tho(1:54.94)2:00.342:08.85(2:31.26)2:07.82
2022-41122:01.562:07.75couldnt pull a sub 2 today, at least these solves were consistent 1. real bad edges, not a bad solve considering2:10.282:05.682:07.30(2:11.41)(2:01.56)
2022-4061:56.622:04.81bad start, especially cross edges and first 2 centers 3. amazing start up to lce, avg edges + 3x3 5. oh well(2:16.57)2:04.141:58.75(1:56.62)2:11.54
2022-3941:55.451:58.79CMON lets go. Literally pure sub 2:032:01.641:55.831:58.91(2:02.53)(1:55.45)
2022-3861:52.812:00.21not a bad average and a surprisingly good single 2. felt EASY lets go(2:04.46)(1:52.81)2:00.562:02.021:58.04
2022-3771:59.732:06.94hey I got a sub 2 single2:07.36(1:59.73)2:09.89(2:19.82)2:03.56
2022-3672:00.112:03.52nice average! 5. froze on last 2 edge alg, was gonna be like a 2:20 anyway2:05.612:00.402:04.54(2:00.11)(DNF)
2022-3572:02.702:06.23no sub 2 single, but consistent 1. slow freeslice edges2:07.81(2:10.09)2:05.92(2:02.70)2:04.95
2022-3491:53.442:02.562. those last 4 centers were luckyy. Last 2 I had a 3x3 block and a 1x3 bar... 5. amazing for the last solve(2:08.67)1:56.542:06.372:04.77(1:53.44)
2022-33121:51.992:13.22decided to do no warmup for this, late at night. should have known. Two 1:51s in two weeks tho2:10.532:18.532:10.59(2:21.20)(1:51.99)
2022-3291:51.031:57.87SB AO5 BY 6 SECONDS!!!! and a 1:55.54 first mo3. Last avg pb was literally over a year ago1:56.011:59.59(1:51.03)(2:06.79)1:58.01
2022-31112:09.732:12.78I feel like I would prepare more for these if it were a mo3(2:21.02)2:17.21(2:09.73)2:09.962:11.18
2022-30121:56.852:09.07knew I had locked sub 2:10 by solve 4, wanted to count the 1:56...2:02.732:15.182:09.29(1:56.85)(2:25.19)
2022-2991:56.662:09.87nice first mo3 5. went into LL at 1:50, got an internal pop, wasnt worth the fix(1:56.66)2:12.291:59.512:17.80(DNF)
2022-28111:57.502:11.59no warmup, going for smooth turning 4. last 4 reduced to 5x5 centers 5. kinda frustrating ngl. panicked during 3x3 stage2:10.35(2:24.98)2:08.47(1:57.50)2:15.94
2022-2791:59.532:04.58DP, EP + OP, EP + PP, ?, EP + PP. damn I had a chance at SB avg. kinda mad but oh well2:07.171:59.66(1:59.53)(2:11.73)2:06.90
2022-26162:03.442:06.51well this is my ao100 rn so makes sense! prob the most consistent ao5 on ss 2. slow last 4 c 3. great last 4 centers, choppy edges2:05.65(2:09.96)(2:03.44)2:08.342:05.55
2022-25102:03.672:08.06nothing amazing but im glad its sub 2:10(2:16.54)2:10.342:06.82(2:03.67)2:07.03
2022-24112:00.252:12.60didnt do any 6x6 warmup solves for this. Still a good single2:10.88(2:16.60)2:15.44(2:00.25)2:11.49
2022-2271:58.312:05.151. pausey freeslice, slow 3x3, good otherwise 2. DP! phew! 3. OP 4. PP 5. nooo put last cross edge in wrong, didnt realize till 10s later2:10.39(1:58.31)2:03.112:01.95(2:14.46)
2022-21131:55.602:10.56so close to sub 2:10! was still warming up. 3. lil bit slower on 3x3 stage2:17.74(1:55.60)2:09.26(2:43.02)2:04.69
2022-20121:59.462:11.07an experiment: cubing with low expectations, got a better single(2:15.78)2:08.93(1:59.46)2:14.362:09.93
2022-1972:02.772:07.12almost sb potential at 4, potential 2:04.09, best is 2:03.62:04.29(2:12.36)2:05.23(2:02.77)2:11.83
2022-1851:58.512:06.351. solid start 2. made a few bad mistakes early, didn't feel like recovering it 3. saved by the PLL skip 5. solid solve, nothing special!2:06.16(2:26.43)2:10.052:02.85(1:58.51)
2022-1762:00.122:04.90Chasing my SB avg. More than a second off but dang that is a nice last mo3(2:12.34)2:10.272:02.33(2:00.12)2:02.09
2022-16111:59.082:07.08hey that's right where my avg is now...this never happens 1. made up a lot of ground after cross 2. 1:55 yauduction 4. ~1:38 yauduction, amazing cross edges, felt like 4x42:13.07(2:16.30)2:02.88(1:59.08)2:05.29
2022-1452:03.172:08.405th solve I didnt like as much but sub 2:10! lots of pauses during cross edges but I'm getting better at guessing where pieces are(2:03.17)2:11.132:06.802:07.28(2:16.76)
2022-12101:54.102:17.261. EP, LL was T OLL, U Perm 2. YAU PB FAST BUT RELAXED. and I did E perm from the wrong angle!! who knows how fast that could have been 3. fast but choppy2:09.92(1:54.10)2:20.022:21.83(2:32.03)
2022-11112:08.032:19.66nerves got to me this avg. avging 2:11 now 1. lots of room for improvement, great first solve 2. fell apart during last 4 edges 3. OP, LL at 2:00 4. very locky :(2:09.082:24.22(2:08.03)2:25.68(2:30.24)
2022-1052:06.882:13.55Had a decent session earlier today, 2:16 ao12, but was expecting faster. Now I'm more alert
1. ? 2. NP 3. OP, pausey first 2c 4. ? 5. OP
2022-0941:56.542:08.522:01.5 last mo3 :0 1. broke up cross edges during last center, first two centers could've been better lookahead 3. 1:45 ish at 3x3 stage, long PLL 4. YAU PB SINGLE. Amazing first 2 centers, super fluid cross and last 4 centers(2:36.30)2:17.132:04.45(1:56.54)2:03.98
2022-08112:15.692:21.90did a long 3x3 session before this 2. first 3 cross edges were so bad sheesh. Just gotta slow down. Same with first 4 edges2:17.742:28.23(2:31.82)2:19.73(2:15.69)
2022-07122:17.692:22.13Not sure how fast I thought this avg would be but I'd say its consistent
2. l8e and 3x3 felt super fast, felt like sub 2 potential 3. getting a little sluggish
2022-0582:08.012:28.061. centers could be faster 2. !! OLL parity, ~1:10 to cross. Cross edges were super nice 3. oop 4. double oop. went for the OP and EP cancel, it felt slow2:21.85(2:08.01)(2:38.29)2:34.612:27.73
2022-0492:09.932:21.10First SS avg with yau! My best single before this was a 2:22. Beat my yau pb on solve 1 by 13 seconds. wtf(2:09.93)2:23.842:21.512:17.94(2:41.46)
2022-0392:04.142:15.82well about the same as last week(2:04.14)2:16.38(2:21.82)2:14.972:16.12
2022-02102:08.852:15.15welp, down week this week
4. got stuck on last 4, centers and first 8 felt nice
2022-0192:03.952:08.19was aiming for SB, got a sub 2:10 so I'm happy2:06.04(2:17.80)(2:03.95)2:07.972:10.57
2021-5171:59.672:09.435. sketchy timer stop, got the sub 2 tho2:08.35(2:20.13)2:12.832:07.11(1:59.67)
2021-4991:49.502:08.683. I like it, I like it, now to dip under 2:10
5. helllllllll yeaah sub 1:50. 46-47 centers and the whole solve was smooth
2021-4882:03.292:09.882. Felt like a major slowdown in the middle of edges but still fast 4. nice confidence booster, tps was high on edges
5. edges were SLUggish, 3x3 stage saved the sub 2:10
2021-4672:00.532:13.84hey another 2:13. Was hoping for a bit faster but its late
1. warmup solve helped this time 2. solid, nothing too crazy, dont remember splits 3. felt smooth through last 4 edges 4. 2:26, was bad anyways 5. felt super fast
2021-45101:59.702:13.70Taking first 3 as a mean for comp practice
1. failed recon on last 4 2. better, better 3. 46 centers, decent edges 4. wow that mean exercise really let the pressure off afterwards, low 1:4x redux 5. nice nice nice
2021-4382:02.082:12.85counting sub-2:10 this time, working down!
1. meh centers and first 8, extremely lucky last 4 edges 2. turned light up, slow last 4 3. woah fazt 4. woooah fazt 5. epic messed up color scheme fail
2021-4292:04.582:17.301. Holy first solve, centers were like 47 2. Recovered from a mess up on first center, 53 centers, last 4 were slow, plus a pop at T perm 3. Abt the same splits as last time, a little calmer 4. Flow just left me 5. No inspection accidentally started timer :P(2:04.58)2:19.762:18.07(2:39.83)2:14.07
2021-3962:04.402:15.691. warmup 2. solid, recovered on edges 3. wow, that was much better than I thought, ~55 centers 4. messed up centers during edges 5. solid last one
gettin back into it, got a comp to look forward to now!
2021-37122:14.072:25.701. warmup, 56c, 2:0x redux 2. well...warmup #2 3. thats more like it 4. sub 2:20 clutch 5. not destined for sub 2:20 this time. Now I think I'm finally motivated for 6 again2:27.08(2:34.44)(2:14.07)2:19.772:30.25
2021-3372:09.242:12.111. Solid start 2. LL at 1:59, improving 3. Still improving haha, cube is lucky but managing 4. OOF 4 second H perm, inner layers didn't stay. Still sub 2:10 lol 5. Liking the consistency(2:19.95)2:12.812:11.08(2:09.24)2:12.45
2021-29112:00.322:16.631. no warmup, to be expected, 3. just barely, ~LL at 1:51
once again, pretty good for the first solves after vacation
2021-26102:10.842:18.941. warmup, decent 55-56 centers 2. good centers, slightly interrupted by parents 3. another one huh 4. not my day, lets go for single 5. better
just did 90 3x3 solves before this so not too discouraged
2021-2572:00.172:06.231. wow splits: 46 - 47 centers, OLL parity at 1:46, 2. bleh edges, we move on, 3. 47 centers ~1:56 OLL parity, nice finish, 4. nice centers ?? redux, 1:56 OLL parity, 5. 1:52 OLL parity very nice 3x3 stage(2:00.17)(2:28.37)2:08.472:07.922:02.30
2021-24111:55.932:22.00no warmup, havent competed in a few weeks
v nice single though
2021-21122:10.972:15.35multiple fails on 4, gotta settle for a slower avg this week
will do some focused practice next week focusing on picking good edges
2021-20102:02.492:09.91ooh BARELY sub 2:10, nice single too. 2 weeks in a row now. keepin calm under pressure(2:14.70)2:09.432:12.812:07.50(2:02.49)
2021-1981:56.242:03.60LETS FREAKING GET IT 1. 45 centers, 1:35 redux 2. 48 centers, oll parity at 1:49, 3. 53 centers, oll parity at 1:52, 4. panicked during centers, then during edges, 5. decent centers, redux 1:45 - 1:50(1:56.24)1:59.372:04.85(2:22.80)2:06.59
2021-1881:47.252:15.61what. a. rollercoaster.
1. 53 - 54 centers, 2. 45 CENTERS OVERALL PB BY 0.2, 3. 1:06 centers bleh, 4. 55 centers prob, this avg is sad, 5. 52 centers, on pace for a 2:01 before I fumbled the LAST 2 TURNS
2021-1762:02.212:07.13SUB 2:10!!!!!!!!! omg this feels so good
1. centers 49 - 51, 2. 44 -45 centers!!, 3. ? centers but it was a little slower 4. bleh, very shaky 5. 54 - 55 centers, smooth 3x3 stage
watch out.
2021-16112:09.682:25.15no warmup lets see how this goes, put weight 4 in outer
layers. also been kinda demotivated with 6
Post avg: last 2 were actually decent
2021-1571:59.722:11.68YES finally sub 2 in weekly comp2:12.802:10.222:12.01(2:15.30)(1:59.72)
2021-1462:00.522:13.051. 51 centers, redux was good but 3x3 stage was really slow, 2. meh, edges were all over the place, gotta slow down, 3. amazing solve, really nice, 4. I mean decent recovery but not the best, 5. nooo so cloooseeee I literally had a g perm for pll2:16.332:20.452:02.37(2:28.56)(2:00.52)
2021-1382:06.852:20.39decided to film these. tis hard to solve while filming 4. nasty center pop during pll parity2:28.342:16.362:16.47(DNF)(2:06.85)
2021-1292:08.332:13.05about average, especially good for 1 in the morning(2:27.32)2:14.062:12.92(2:08.33)2:12.18
2021-1152:07.132:10.45pog final mo3 of 2:08.66! making big progress this week(2:21.49)2:12.502:10.39(2:07.13)2:08.46
2021-1082:01.412:15.711. nerves got to me 2. solid 3. yesss 1:37 ish redux 4. choked on edges, brought it back 5. messed up centers, had to do 2 comms at the end of the solve(2:28.31)2:17.59(2:01.41)2:16.462:13.07
2021-0982:05.802:22.15Nice single, was super tired during this(2:05.80)(2:32.40)2:25.472:18.882:22.11
2021-08142:22.552:31.131. 2:22.01 slice DNF(DNF)2:23.44(2:22.55)2:39.392:30.55
2023-0453:00.683:05.09well ig thats a SB avg by 0.4 2 didnt start timer frick 4. +23:08.81(DNF)3:04.88(3:00.68)3:01.57
2023-0273:06.933:19.18no warmup, getting some solves in(3:27.87)3:20.39(3:06.93)3:23.763:13.40
2023-0193:18.103:23.66doing this late at night, trying to make myself fall asleep lol(3:30.56)(3:18.10)3:23.613:27.343:20.02
2022-5262:59.423:05.44loosened the aofu -> pbs. SB ao5 and a sub 3. literally an nb perm on the 2:59 3:10.363:00.743:05.21(2:59.42)(3:13.25)
2022-5183:14.473:21.63I swear this was not faked lol, first avg with aofu wrm, think I tightened it just a bit too much(3:25.54)3:20.333:22.473:22.08(3:14.47)
2022-50113:09.433:23.211. mostly good for warmup except slow recon during edges 2. intentionally slower during edges3:32.34(3:50.18)(3:09.43)3:20.963:16.32
2022-3962:59.093:13.60eerily similar to last week haha. keeping the sub 3 single streak(3:55.52)3:11.43(2:59.09)3:10.123:19.25
2022-3892:58.493:15.82did not expect a sub 3 this week but I'll take it(3:44.40)(2:58.49)3:16.573:19.933:10.97
2022-3752:56.483:07.89PB ao5 and mean on the last 3! 3. did not feel that fast at all! guess I'm just turning well. also last 2 centers I flew(3:26.15)3:09.18(2:56.48)3:13.183:01.30
2022-34103:16.543:23.74not bad for like 1 AM(3:30.15)(3:16.54)3:25.773:28.103:17.36
2022-3293:17.533:29.933. almost pop during last bar of first center 4. fatigued(3:17.53)3:22.42(3:48.77)3:42.703:24.66
2022-3142:56.943:10.182. 38-9 first 2 centers 3. proud of myself for not looking at timer 5. PB2!(3:36.07)3:14.783:01.983:13.77(2:56.94)
2022-2943:00.753:11.56wow close to SB avg, really nice mean with 2-4 3. looked at the timer! 3x3 at ~2:45(3:22.52)3:08.51(3:00.75)3:09.963:16.22
2022-2892:54.713:19.66pure sub 3:30 which is nice 3. totally unexpected, overall pb!!! first pb single on here since December last year3:15.513:24.593:18.89(2:54.71)(3:29.32)
2022-2773:08.453:29.453. last cross edge just under 2:00, picked it up during F2L 5. was starting to be able to track pieces quickly during centers3:34.10(3:40.35)(3:08.45)3:24.253:29.99
2022-25123:13.483:30.61did this after like 30 6x6 solves...this was exhausting after solve 2(3:13.48)3:26.043:26.223:39.56(DNS)
2022-2472:58.903:16.781. mid 50 first two centers, bad start 3. 2:38 during EP!!! insaaane 4. EP at ~2:45 5. already had a good avg, just slowed down3:26.573:19.30(2:58.90)3:04.46(4:14.99)
2022-20123:09.653:35.09taking the last mean as comp practice, added a bunch of mystic after 2. didnt choke on last 3 I guess(3:47.70)3:32.963:39.71(3:09.65)3:32.60
2022-1883:07.243:19.61its a marathon not a sprint3:23.873:11.28(3:07.24)(3:28.31)3:23.68
2022-1733:07.103:20.641. centers done sub 2:20 2. def could have been sub 3:10, pushed pace though during last 4 centers 3. Yau pb, low-mid 2:5x yauduction 4. lost 10s in first 2c 5. faded. much better avg than last time3:25.473:11.02(3:07.10)3:25.43(3:38.67)
2022-1663:11.283:38.211. slow warmup 3. yau pb single at this point? 4. slower first 2c, 2:3x after last cross edge, had to speed up at the end(4:11.55)3:24.09(3:11.28)3:42.033:48.51
2022-1483:22.343:35.933. A rollercoaster 4. Nasty lockup3:28.16(3:22.34)3:54.54(4:12.02)3:25.09
2022-10203:17.30DNF1. prob my best so far w/ yau(3:17.30)(DNS)DNSDNSDNS
2022-09103:39.073:55.342. spent 4 seconds doing the last d move of the g perm 5. didnt start the timer ahggg :( felt like a 3:20 or something tho3:51.593:43.894:10.55(3:39.07)(DNF)
2022-07253:59.37DNFfirst yau 7 solve(3:59.37)(DNS)DNSDNSDNS
2022-0373:18.223:23.281. 1:40 centers 3. ~1:55 but pulled it back somehow
This avg felt paritcularly long
2022-0283:20.493:32.992. edge parity fail, 1:3x centers tho(3:20.49)(3:53.60)3:35.133:26.253:37.58
2022-01133:22.463:41.36warmup for 2-7, first solves of the day3:41.903:47.623:34.55(3:22.46)(4:00.74)
2021-51132:57.233:14.961. ~1:35 centers, 2:2x at last 4! overall PB by 0.1! 2. thats more like it. consistent middle 3(2:57.23)(3:27.02)3:15.973:13.883:15.04
2021-4963:10.933:26.521. 1:40 centers 2. 2:0x center 4. 1:30 centers3:24.77(3:48.65)3:13.92(3:10.93)3:40.86
2021-4883:08.603:17.93a very tired first solve, definitely broke up one of my last 4 centers
2. 1:35 centers 3. 1:40 centers 4. 1:45 centers 5. 1:30 centers! nice closer
2021-4573:08.313:16.49Very nice surprise, don't usually compete 3. 1:29 centers! 4. 1:4x centers but made up alot of ground in edges and 3x3(3:32.52)3:18.263:14.09(3:08.31)3:17.11
2021-25102:58.943:37.19LETS GO another sub 3 single! lol avg3:44.58(3:49.39)(2:58.94)3:26.343:40.65
2021-2453:12.843:20.421. I remembered a new L2E alg I learned recently! getting that recall in, 3 and 4. ~1:35 centers
pretty solid last 4 solves for where I'm at
2021-2183:00.603:19.20sub 3:20 nice 1. warmup, 1:45 centers 2. 1:25 CENTERS!!!! the stress 3. 1:45 centers again, good 3x3 stage, 4. 1:50 centers, just slow, 5. ~1:38 centers nice finish3:29.45(3:00.60)3:13.90(3:35.33)3:14.24
2021-2093:24.203:33.38little effort this week lol
1. 1:45 - 1:50 centers, 2. 1:43-45 centers, 3. 1:50 centers, 4. tried to do something fancy during first 2 centers, 5. oof
2021-1972:57.813:09.541. sub 1:30 centers pogg, 2. 1:32 -35 centers, slower last 4 edges, 3. 1:32 - 35 centers, locky at points, 4. 1:47 centers, 5. ate a latke, was not the move(2:57.81)3:06.823:09.153:12.66(3:30.72)
2021-1762:57.353:11.474. FIRST EVER SUB 3 SINGLE
centers: 1:33, redux: ~2:40, 3x3: ~17
SB avg too by 3 seconds
2021-1693:12.783:24.82comeback time next week3:29.79(3:33.41)(3:12.78)3:19.723:24.95
2021-1463:14.033:30.54ouch, we went down this week on 7x7 I guess(3:14.03)3:22.583:37.143:31.91(3:55.27)
2021-1343:01.603:23.325. almost pop during edge parity, and it was gonna be slowr anyways :( not a bad avg thought and an insane single3:25.20(3:01.60)3:28.373:16.40(DNF)
2021-1263:06.433:14.25yay pi. 1. centers @ 1:40, 2. centers @ 1:36, 3. centers @ 1:45 or higher, 4. centers @ 1:36, 5. centers @ ~1:25! (redux at 2:4x)3:13.573:13.96(3:35.99)3:15.23(3:06.43)
2021-1143:15.603:29.03sub 3:30 I'll take it. 3. lighting was a little glarey 4. 1:55 centers, fantastic edges3:30.743:23.36(3:33.35)(3:15.60)3:32.99
2021-0953:16.713:21.291. Warmup solve during avg ftw, 1:55 centers 2. 1:48 centers 3. 1:40 centers, ~2:55 redux 4. 1:45 centers 5. ~1:45 centers(4:12.90)3:19.42(3:16.71)3:19.083:25.36
2021-0753:00.903:35.272nd Solve: OMG I was so shaky, overall PB by 5 seconds
Splits: 40 first 2 centers, ~1:35 centers, 55 edges, ~30 3x3 stage
2x2x2 blindfolded
2022-52109.08DNFsub 10 niceDNF14.229.08
2022-512610.3514.28ayyy thats a mean16.6515.8410.35
2022-502514.56DNF1. corner twist :/DNF16.2914.56
2022-492212.74DNF2. not even close24.18DNF12.74
2022-482313.39DNF1. [40.40]
2. good recognition
3. [42.48] I really tried but it didnt work
2022-42139.0111.86really nice mean11.6914.899.01
2022-4177.62DNF2. 49.80, off by t perm
3. 42.85, off by Y perm
2022-391910.94DNF2. [10.64]10.94DNF35.96
2022-383015.56DNF7.49 DNF on the last one ripp15.56DNFDNF
2022-372519.3024.99at least its a mean, last one was a gimme19.3029.8025.86
2022-361910.5813.88not a bad mean okok11.7519.3210.58
2022-35148.7611.33PB mean! pretty nice recognition8.7613.2311.99
2022-34168.43DNF3. [10.53] DNF by J perm11.628.43DNF
2022-3326.6117.662. LETS GO 3. had to go for the mean14.126.6132.24
2022-322324.57DNF2. [53.89] off by t perm
3. should have just picked first side I saw
2022-312010.55DNF1. [22.88]DNF15.6810.55
2022-302017.86DNF1. [9.15]
3. [12.47] DNF by R2 F2 R2...
2022-2987.9414.833. WOAH that was some speedy recognition. anti-CLL too15.3321.237.94
2022-271716.09DNF2. 32.46, wrong EG-1 recon
3. no +2!
2022-26129.3913.191. SB single! and pb mean too!9.3912.2717.91
2022-252514.45DNFattempting to get a mean
3. [33.07] totally guessed wrong CLL
2022-241611.27DNF1. 14.97, off by Y perm
2. almost SB single without +2
2022-222416.66DNF2. totally misrecognized CLL16.66DNF37.08
2022-211211.23DNFalmost a pretty good mean! 3. 18.6111.2319.61DNF
2022-201713.27DNF2. [43.39] DNF by Y perm
3. [56.68]
2022-182024.99DNF1. [41.48] did the opposite CLL
2. [30.90] just guessed, couldnt find anything good
2022-121612.3430.58That's a mean! first one in ages haha27.6512.3451.74
2022-101414.67DNF2. [10.69] Wrong CLL
3. [36.60] Was gonna be slower than 1.
2022-041714.94DNF1. started inspection 2. [12.75]DNFDNF14.94
2022-032417.11DNFthought I almost had a mean, 3 off by J perm32.5417.11DNF
2022-022120.20DNFhey 202028.28DNF20.20
2022-012419.43DNF1. ortega 2. CLL+Y perm on bottom lol still solved 3. anti-CLL19.4337.13DNF
2021-523429.89DNF1. huge pause during cll there
2. did the opposite case, got y perm
3. ortega o.o
2021-511814.4015.66close to SB avg16.1416.4514.40
2021-49910.2228.39Nice single, and a mean too. Cant predict AUF so the 8 was a +223.2451.7110.22
2021-46410.4618.15nice single, and sub 20 mean!20.3210.4623.68
2021-451821.50DNF1. 17.13 2. 16.72 3. exact same solution as 1 o.oDNFDNF21.50
2021-431213.6633.36good single, lol mean13.6657.5928.84
2021-42109.5221.271. ortega
2. nice! first sub 10
3. thats a mean, saw CLL pretty quickly
2021-391433.66DNF1. 31 DNF 2. almost the same speed as he DNF 3. 51 DNf, nowhere near solved lolDNF33.66DNF
2021-381217.06DNF1. No +2 lets go 2. woah no +2 again, getting lucky 3. ripppp 12.42 DNF. Did the alg a y2 away17.0627.74DNF
2021-341820.0525.041. a bit hesitant but solved 2. wasnt sure if I confused with the mirror, but I didn't 3. clutch, not a terrible mean, first in a while21.3333.7320.05
2021-331316.05DNF1. anti-CLL 2. couldnt find anything, didnt bother 3. found a decent solution and just wet for it. Payed off47.85DNF16.05
2021-32611.39DNF1. 1:27, complete guess on CLL lul
2. ez
3. 37, again, complete guess on CLL :P
2021-302530.1639.38pog mean52.0830.1635.90
2021-273144.79DNF1. DNF[34.96] predicted CLL but did the alg totally wrong
2. DNF[35.24] predicted anti-CLL wrong
3. slow but solved
2021-232430.08DNFworst 2BLD in a while. nice30.08DNFDNF
2021-211914.8030.52two nice solves and an lol mean18.2058.5614.80
2021-191212.28DNF1. reset timer insp done at 7 LUL 2. wasnt confident in an alg so I switched layers 3. fast insp nice execDNF28.9012.28
2021-181612.9342.79got the mean lol39.3612.931:16.07
2021-171515.2232.27I got AUF right on 2 which is kindof insulting haha15.221:05.5816.02
2021-162422.4641.85huh, ended up solving the same anticll case for all three22.4627.431:15.65
2021-151613.2819.37wow am I fast at this now14.0213.2830.82
2021-13391:24.80DNF1. [28.18] wrong case, 2. double cll lolz, 3. failed anti-CLLDNF1:24.80DNF
2021-121818.18DNFhey sub 2018.18DNF37.13
2021-112725.44DNF2. SB single 3. stopped the timer after memo...DNF25.44DNF
2021-102834.72DNF2. diag swap on bottom34.72DNF36.24
2021-073346.26DNF3rd solve: DNF(39.70) by multiple pieces46.261:01.33DNF
3x3x3 blindfolded
2022-3431DNFDNF1. 5 minutes ish
2. 9 minutes, tried to save it real hard
3. 5 minutes
2022-33323:36.07DNF1. [4:32.57] 2 flipped edges! guess I just didnt trace it
2. we back
3. [3:45.80] 2 flipped edges again
2022-3240DNFDNF1. [4:51.73] 5e. corners stuck super well, good sign, trouble tracing edges
2. [3:42.10] 3e! Was really confident on that one
3. [4:51.20] 5e, forgot a flip and pretty sure I flipped two letter pairs in exec
2022-3135DNFDNF1. [4:14.39] exec mistake during corners
2. [3:51.17] 2 twisted corners, 5 edges
2022-21243:10.26DNF1. [3:05:45] quick exec for me
2. 4:45[2:48] slightly better memo speed, got stuck while edge tracing
3. [1:56] thats more like it! much better memo
2022-20263:45.31DNF1. 5:02, 4 corners 4 edges, maybe 1 move mistake
2. 5:35 3 corners, didnt memo a corner
3. esgetit. Note to self: remember for m2, w is down c is up
2022-1324DNFDNF1. [3:21.27] forgot to do parity alg, m slice and 4 eDNFDNSDNS
2022-0229DNFDNF1. [3:59.76] 3 edges
2. [4:13.85] 2 flipped edges! tracing error ig?
2022-01283:12.16DNF1. lets gooo, memo flowed nicely. Almost sub 3 also3:12.16DNSDNS
2021-51223:59.46DNF1. [~2:00]3:25.22 2c twisted, exec
2. [2:30] SUCCESS! First one in a while, haven't been practicing specifically
3. [3:18]4:24.72 3e, was very confident that this would be solved
2021-4825DNFDNF1. [3:39] 2 corners, exec mistake
2. [5:09] forgot to memo twist, lots of edges
3. [3:24] I was so confident! Not sure what happened
2021-42222:53.93DNF1. YES, first SS 3BLD solve 10 WEEKS! Mean?
2. [4:19.98] RIP MEAN off by 2e, memo error, tried real safe 3. 6e, idk must've been in exec
Extremely happy with the sub 3
2021-3232DNFDNF1. 3e, memo went wrong somewhere ig? or exec. idk
2. 3e again! Must be a memo issue that I dont review
3. 3e! Major pause during edge exec, so not suprised that time
triple dnf breaks a long streak
2021-27232:08.23DNF1. 3:36[~2:00] Forgot twisted corner and that was it. Very safe too
2. overall PB single. No words. ~1:10 memo
3. 3:24[~2:10] 4 flipped edges, recall error somewhere
Very happy with these three attempts
2021-24122:30.71DNF1. 2:54[~1:50] 5e, forgot a flip, and a random 3 cycle?
2. wow 0.5 off SB pb, very hostile corner memo lol
3. niiice first double sub 3 success in comp. Thought I made an exec mistake in corners but just kept going
2021-21243:50.06DNF1. 1:58.53[~1:15] well damn. my first sub-2 attempt ever, off by parity, maybe also an incorrect edge flip
2. yes lets go, guessed a corner twist rightttt
3. 3:32.77[~2:20] 2 flipped edges, 3 corner twists, had to retrace part of edges
good attempts
2021-20305:12.06DNF1. 2:06[~1:17] 2e Fastest attempt ever by 10s, real nice corners
2. really wanted the success, reviewed corners after edges
3. 3:51[~2:05] 2 flipped edges again! did parity at the wrong time
Slowest success in a while but keeping the streak alive
2021-19232:30.14DNF2:30.14[~1:35] SB pb single
DNF[3:13.19] off by M2 and 4 edges rip mean
DNF[4:12.07] 3 edges, corner memo was fine, edge memo took a while
2021-18222:43.88DNF1. 3:03[1:40] mustve been a huge exec mistake early on, there goes the mean
2. ~1:40 - 1:50 memo as well, first sub 3 success in a while!
3. 5:37[~4:15] corners had parity and edges didnt, couldnt fix it
2021-17263:06.30DNF8 week success streak!!!

1. 2:16[~1:20] one of my fastest attempts, must've memoed edges wrong, and corners possibly too
2. 2:40[~1:40] jeez lots of edges wrong
3. ~2:10 memo, went super safe on corners, somewhat on edges
2021-16283:04.50DNF1. memo 2:10 - 2:30
2. memo 2:00 ish LESS GOO mean time
3. 2:51.07[1:30] I KNEW IT. 3c, recall error in corner memo
2021-15283:29.91DNF1. [2:34:55] dang 2 corners, rushed at the end
2. [2:55.84] 2 corners AGAIN, mistraced last target I guess
3. clutch, went very safe
2021-14182:37.19DNF1. [3:19] mustve messed up a setup move during corners, edges were really smooth
2. lets go 2 secs off overall pb! SB by 40 secs
3. [2:12] WOW. Fastest attempt ever. 3 edges
2021-13293:25.91DNF1. [3:14] 4 corners, many edges, remembered corners tho
3. [4:38] 2 twisted corners, 2 twisted edges
2021-12294:25.17DNF1. [3:29] 3 e, tracing or recall error, no trouble recalling corners though
3. [3:09] very close to the sub 3 mark (!), pretty sure I messed up exec during flipped edges
2021-11303:17.86DNF1. very good for me, 2. 4:33[2:48] forgot parity, probably missed an edge cycle, 3. remembered corners well3:17.86DNF4:07.32
2021-10267:00.07DNF1. [4:46.51] 2e, 4c, multiple mistakes, memo went smoothly
2. First success in weekly comp!!!! Went very safe
3. [5:49.38] 2 twisted corners, recalled them wrong
2021-0931DNFDNF1. [6:17] 4 corners 4 edges 2. [7:48] 3 corners 3. [4.39.91] 5 edgesDNFDNFDNF
4x4x4 blindfolded
2021-244DNFDNF24:34[18:58] literally coudn't memo after 18:30, had to just memo half of centers. Mostly scrambled, 15 pieces solved. PHEWDNFDNSDNS
2021-235DNFDNFmemo ~20:00 DNF by corner parity....DNFDNSDNS
2021-2110DNFDNF1. 19:01.85[13:58] 4c 5w (0x!) First sub 20 attempt! Edges were super nice. I even improved exec by 17s. Pretty sure I didnt undo a setup move on the last corner (I use OP corners)
2. 18:28.78[14:32] 2 attempts in one week?!? Had to cut it short, only memoed corners and wings
2021-208DNFDNF23:50.67[18:29.84] 18 pieces off, fastest attempt by almost 1:30!, completely due to exec. Gotta practice wing tracingDNFDNSDNS
2021-19825:12.14DNFfirst success. Only my 4th attempt. I have no words. I had parity on every step too.
18:24 memo, 6:48 exec
2021-188DNFDNFPre-attempt: 3rd attempt ever, we shall see, last attempt was 27 mins
24:53.16[18:05.95] 4c, 9w, 7x
danggg that felt solved, exec was faster than I anticipated, might have messed up wing memo and possibly a slice move during centers? not really sure
3x3x3 one-handed
2023-046218.3820.82the two 18s in a row got me too excited20.8322.72(18.38)18.90(25.49)
2022-525119.0321.20average, respectable21.4820.52(19.03)(28.95)21.59
2022-503918.1919.73Still clutched the sub 20 avg 2. early timer stop19.11(DNF)19.2920.78(18.19)
2022-495014.4321.203. ummm PLL skip with a very casual time stop20.4223.19(14.43)20.00(24.21)
2022-477719.9425.611. messed up F perm 5. clutch sub 20(39.79)24.7820.4031.64(19.94)
2022-464917.9720.78not enough for sub 20 but a good average nonetheless21.7121.62(25.85)(17.97)19.00
2022-452813.8917.490.1 or 0.2 off of PB ao5 3. that was QUICK woww 4. taht was also kwik18.0719.25(13.89)15.15(22.07)
2022-436520.0721.84no sub 20 single oh well23.46(24.34)21.18(20.07)20.88
2022-425617.1319.84almost pure sub 20! super nice19.9419.7519.84(17.13)(24.18)
2022-414217.2919.10quality, clutch on solve 521.2618.5517.50(26.94)(17.29)
2022-374218.6720.72pretty consistent I would say19.35(18.67)21.2921.51(22.70)
2022-355115.5920.90nice single!20.8218.09(15.59)(23.96)23.79
2022-327416.0723.26all over the place lol(16.07)29.5218.53(31.62)21.73
2022-313817.9019.32sub 20 bhabieee20.38(17.90)(21.51)19.5718.01
2022-305822.1523.19consistent bc I dont practice haha 4. early timer stop22.8222.86(22.15)(DNF)23.89
2022-295118.0021.22counting 18 nice! 3. exactly 18 woah, Y perm at 12(25.98)25.24(18.00)20.0618.36
2022-275619.5821.74no super fail solves this time20.3422.96(27.18)21.93(19.58)
2022-264016.5419.70SUB 20! It's been a while. Took Phil Yu's advice of being lazy, and getting nice PLLs of course20.69(40.29)(16.54)19.8018.61
2022-2513518.04DNF1. stopped timer accidentally 2. did it again frick(DNF)DNF21.89(18.04)22.03
2022-245517.6121.57no complaints21.9921.1321.58(17.61)(22.45)
2022-227018.1624.062. stopped timer at 0.4(18.16)(DNF)25.3026.1420.75
2022-216219.4623.512. totally inspected cross wrong23.49(35.83)(19.46)26.1020.95
2022-203817.8219.55sub 10 leggo 2. crucial OLL skip haha(17.82)19.66(22.53)19.3419.66
2022-183813.8020.60same PLL on 1 and 3. Had like 3 free pairs on 4! I felt the speed(23.31)20.1023.30(13.80)18.41
2022-165119.1820.99nice, barely sub 21 haha21.26(23.84)(19.18)21.1020.60
2022-155518.8723.48still got that sub 20 single tho 3. didn't start timer 5. E perm ew21.8120.23(DNF)(18.87)28.40
2022-125319.2923.631. amazing Y perm 5. hey sub 20, keeping the streak alive(26.30)23.2324.5923.06(19.29)
2022-094218.2521.20thought I had sub 20 locked in at 4, not to be(23.89)19.06(18.25)20.7223.82
2022-084418.9022.672. OLL at ~10(27.64)(18.90)19.5422.9725.50
2022-073816.3519.89sub 20! 4. super lucky F2L 5. nice tps during LL20.24(22.58)21.27(16.35)18.16
2022-054119.8721.33pretty consistent middle 321.91(19.87)(26.46)21.1320.96
2022-045418.7422.21we dont talk about solve 1. :/(1:06.12)20.3419.54(18.74)26.75
2022-033915.8819.61Sub 20 avg! First one in a while! good week so far this week(25.94)18.4821.10(15.88)19.25
2022-023819.8120.68got the sub 20 single in, been a streak for a while now21.0920.8520.09(25.41)(19.81)
2022-014518.0621.51I'll take it after a very rocky start
1. did my very weird 2H N perm
2021-525319.5623.811. :P(51.67)27.7622.25(19.56)21.42
2021-515416.0422.004. amazing F2L and nice OLL21.3821.21(24.90)(16.04)23.41
2021-505817.0723.80OLL skip on the 5th, after I inserted an edge flipped and did an OLL wrong26.9820.09(17.07)24.32(39.22)
2021-493716.9620.17very close to sub 20, surprising single 2. woaj fast F2L at 8(24.38)(16.96)20.5219.5920.40
2021-483916.5421.271. amazing solution: double xcross and pseudoslot for 3 and 4
Consistency. All I needed was a simple solution for 1 and 2...
2021-463521.4623.811. just havin fun out here 2. slow turning but shorter pauses(46.89)22.3525.4623.63(21.46)
2021-453919.1522.552. N perm ew 5. got the sub 20 in :)20.6224.8122.22(30.10)(19.15)
2021-433320.0721.13nice! best average in a while, and consistent20.98(24.65)(20.07)21.6120.80
2021-424719.6322.841. good F2L lookahead 2. some awkward rotations with a perm 3. bad OLL, F2L not as fluid 4. guess this is where im hovering 5. nice sub 23 avg(19.63)23.62(24.29)23.2121.70
2021-393718.0622.79nice counting low 19, solid average25.0119.08(18.06)24.29(28.86)
2021-383717.5623.881. real nice turning and lookahead. LL at like 8.5 o.o 2. oops 3. well ig the 25 is counting 4. average 5. solid g perms this avg, might have been 4/5(17.56)25.73(28.85)22.6723.25
2021-373217.9520.963. Nice, sub 18. Lucky F2L 5. sloppy T perm, solve was going well21.73(22.32)(17.95)19.5321.63
2021-333821.5322.04Very consistent. Pretty decent for no warmup(25.22)21.6922.56(21.53)21.87
2021-323515.7621.883. Nice F2L, smooth OLL exec, PLL skip, no AUF, 4. Dropped cube before AUF then fixed it, that was like a 17, 5. messed up OH F perm24.9521.47(15.76)19.22(DNF)
2021-315121.8124.54Cubing at work...trying not to slam cube on table... 1. slow warmup(35.25)(21.81)24.1922.1927.23
2021-294117.7020.39had sub-20 potential if I rolled out the 17 on solve 5. Real nice recovery after solve 1, did 3 practice solves then kept going. Nice single too(48.02)21.02(17.70)21.0219.13
2021-274719.4624.002. weeeeeeeee23.74(47.07)(19.46)23.9824.29
2021-265824.0526.821. Major AUF fail, failed F' with pointer and thumb, 4. massive lol cube drop
Can you tell I don't practice OH?
2021-253517.7519.89sub 20 pogggg, first in a while18.7420.28(33.15)(17.75)20.64
2021-234018.4621.30Had a nice streak in the middle there. Nice turning and lookahead25.63(18.46)18.7219.55(27.29)
2021-202716.0517.91WOW overall pb avg by 0.05 3. accidental multislot woot 4. xcross ftw(22.31)18.3818.1217.24(16.05)
2021-183315.8720.72messed up f perm on the last solve rip sub 20 >:c26.8117.14(15.87)18.20(38.01)
2021-175118.9924.08couldnt save this one22.1623.14(18.99)(27.35)26.93
2021-162517.4118.80YES. guess this is what happens when youre warmed up ;)(21.99)18.45(17.41)19.1718.79
2021-154819.9024.604. messed up cross, went for a complicated solution for my OH
5. Happy with the sub 20
2021-113416.7821.30not bad, nice single21.71(26.30)(16.78)19.8022.40
2021-104115.2421.012. paused like 3 times during oll, but good cross + f2l 5. wow I actually preserved the two pairs but rotations are hard23.63(24.65)19.5019.90(15.24)
2021-073217.9519.68Very good for me! Unfortunate +2 on the 4th solve by a few degrees(17.95)(26.84)20.9320.0718.03
3x3x3 With feet
2022-2611:37.212:38.713. messed up a g perm, didnt feel like redoing it 5. wide sune into a nice U perm saved the day lol2:40.242:40.75(DNF)2:35.13(1:37.21)
3x3x3 Match the scramble
2022-33101:43.012:20.89getting those kinchranks higher!(2:32.09)2:30.992:17.322:14.37(1:43.01)
2022-26113:48.194:37.42wow that took forever but that was fun5:03.74(DNF)(3:48.19)4:15.024:33.49
2-3-4 Relay
2023-041254.56not bad!54.56
2022-381457.00no complaints57.00
2022-34281:04.37really bad 2x2 solve, lots of options, was indecisive1:04.37
2022-292254.65actually warmed up for this one and it paid off!54.65
2022-2769DNF[1:01.01] DNF by PP on 4x4DNF
2022-22201:01.19oh well no sub 1 today1:01.19
2022-201757.48think my new order is 2 - 3 - 4 instead of 3 - 2 - 457.48
2022-17331:17.07major slowdown during 41:17.07
2022-161255.95first one with the ambition 4x4, serving me well so far55.95
2022-12952.13an authoritative set of solves, SB by ~0.352.13
2022-09221:01.57closer to sub 1 than I thought1:01.57
2022-02331:10.57bleh, tis late1:10.57
2021-512459.60sneaking in the sub 159.60
2021-48953.65Super close to pb, solid on all 353.65
2021-45141:04.56F2L lookahead faded, 3 and 2 felt decent1:04.56
2021-431357.05'notha 57, everything felt solid. Almost messed up a U perm on 457.05
2021-421757.703 and 4 were very solid, 2x2 I completely forgot which color I planned57.70
2021-391158.02yess clutched it on 4x4 LL58.02
2021-37131:02.02First one in a while, not bad. 4x4 felt very long1:02.02
2021-301458.362 and 3 felt very nice, 4 was a little shaky but got the sub 1!58.36
2021-271855.13solid all around, very happy with this one55.13
2021-21201:01.762 and 3 were p bad but saved it with 41:01.76
2021-20652.41SB by 3 secs. YESS such good 2 and 3, followed it up with a fast 4x4, def sub 40 4x452.41
2021-18151:00.01did 2x2 last...1:00.01
2021-171457.25back to sub 1, very nice 4x4 solve, was prob around 40 - 3857.25
2021-15955.07new order 3-4-2, also warmed up with 455.07
2021-131459.05Had to go back and fix pll on 3x3 KEKW59.05
2021-111558.73hey SB by 0.2 that's cool58.73
2021-10201:05.63Yeah I still don't know how to inspect for this event1:05.63
2021-0850DNFDNF(54.31) on 4x4 rip. That was good for me tooDNF
2-3-4-5 Relay
2022-50112:05.272-4 felt real speedy2:05.27
2022-3592:11.22not bad, not bad2:11.22
2022-33112:07.65very consistent the past few weeks2:07.65
2022-32132:05.83R perm on 4x4 (my last cube) almost cost me the good time ~1:19 for 2-3-5 though!2:05.83
2022-29132:09.112 weeks back 2 back sub 2:10s2:09.11
2022-2882:07.66sub 2:10 nice!2:07.66
2022-25132:35.17disaster 4x4. oh well, I'm super tired2:35.17
2022-1272:09.44nice! 3 and 5 could've been a bit better, but not a fail2:09.44
2022-03102:06.91ooh 2 secs off SB! I said it was pb time and I was close2:06.91
2021-51152:34.07so much worse than 2-4, oh well2:34.07
2021-4882:09.92barely sub 2:102:09.92
2021-4562:06.14woah super close to pb! very nice 2x2 and extreemely fluid edges on 52:06.14
2021-4382:23.66not bad ig, got a spam call in the middle (which I didnt take)2:23.66
2021-3792:12.23pretty fast for me I think2:12.23
2021-27152:28.49been a while since ive done this, forgot my order. Not terrible though2:28.49
2021-2182:04.04phew finally breaking through with this event2:04.04
2021-19102:27.07saved from a total oopsie by the 4x4 solve2:27.07
2021-1482:20.57not terrible2:20.57
2021-1372:13.70nice SB2:13.70
2021-11102:19.90decent I guess, don't really have much reference2:19.90
2021-09112:35.07forgot how to inspect for this event2:35.07
2021-08112:16.12Approximate splits:
3x3 - 10, 2x2 - 3, 4x4 - 43, 5x5 - 1:20
2-3-4-5-6 Relay
2022-3354:16.59nice pb4:16.59
2022-2244:40.631 second pr woohoo4:40.63
2022-0254:42.581 second off pb wow4:42.58
2022-0154:41.78barely beat pb4:41.78
2021-1264:45.33first timer here4:45.33
2-3-4-5-6-7 Relay
2023-0337:24.58SB by 4 seconds nice nice nice. Sub 7 is in the cards7:24.58
2022-4137:33.31so close! I saw 7:22 when I got to 4x4 last layer sheeesh7:33.31
2022-3827:37.43what a ride. 2-7 can have so many ups and downs7:37.43
2022-3247:46.28not bad!7:46.28
2022-2747:59.80wow barely sub 87:59.80
2022-2238:21.85was hoping maybe for sub 8 but not a bad relay8:21.85
2022-2067:48.04wooooo sub 8
~1:03 2-4, ~3:20 7x7, ~6:30 at 5x5 start
2022-1438:09.73twas a fun one, goal was sub 8 and I havent done this in forever!8:09.73
2021-5137:55.27sub 8 at least, nice7:55.27
2021-4947:47.70the relay comeback is here. 7 seconds off of pb7:47.70
2021-4268:53.77well that was interesting. 7 and 6 felt pretty bad, 2 was an oop, 5 4 and 3 felt decent
fun fact I did a pseudo slot on my 3x3 stage in 7x7
slowest time on the site, messed up a L2E case on 5 and had to backtrack a bunch
order: 3, 2, 7, 6, 5, 4. 2+3+7 was around 3:50, so that was solid
2021-3068:42.46first event of the day, happy with that8:42.46
2021-1747:40.75Order: 3-4-2-7-6-5
2-4: 1:01, 2-4 + 7: 4:10 - 4:20
yikes I need to practice 5 if I wanna improve this, but unexpected pb!
2021-1447:47.76OVERALL PB, by 10 secs! omg 4x4 was so shaky

I hit 3 2 and 7 at like 3:30, and 5x5 going into 4x4 at like 7:04
2021-1248:07.30pb by 0.3, wow8:07.30
2021-1138:07.66close to actual pb, first time competing8:07.66
2023-041857.121:01.83off of very little practice, funny how you're so close every time59.911:00.471:05.12(57.12)(1:08.26)
2023-012258.771:04.49this avg was a certified speedrun1:01.91(58.77)1:06.251:05.31(1:12.20)
2022-521954.381:02.33again, nice single, average average. Haven't done as much mega this past week57.371:04.46(1:09.59)(54.38)1:05.16
2022-512452.281:00.47dang! sub 1 avg still not in the cards, great single though59.6059.96(52.28)1:01.86(1:05.75)
2022-502055.531:01.66getting closer to being back at sub 1(55.53)1:04.67(1:09.87)1:02.8257.49
2022-49191:00.671:02.42although I was looking for a sub 1, amazingly consistent1:03.631:02.83(1:00.67)(1:03.67)1:00.80
2022-452058.251:03.60not too bad, respectable1:01.08(1:15.97)(58.25)1:07.501:02.23
2022-442458.201:07.091. slow warmup(1:20.60)1:08.041:07.741:05.48(58.20)
2022-412556.971:01.25had sub 1 average chance at solve 4, pretty cool1:00.65(1:06.48)(56.97)1:00.421:02.68
2022-402459.631:09.67at least I got the sub 1 single1:08.451:10.72(1:17.59)(59.63)1:09.83
2022-381058.601:02.23counting sub 1 this time ok ok(58.60)1:02.941:04.02(1:13.01)59.72
2022-371655.871:04.08consistent middle 3, 2. we take those1:04.16(55.87)(1:13.07)1:03.451:04.64
2022-341158.521:02.88keep the sub 1 single streak alive(1:05.34)1:01.581:02.371:04.69(58.52)
2022-332257.841:00.87much better than last week59.691:02.68(57.84)1:00.23(1:03.10)
2022-32221:03.861:10.02forgot abt mega for a while, still got it(1:03.86)1:14.161:08.24(1:16.55)1:07.65
2022-301251.581:03.42better than last week at least, fast single 1. saw 48 at beginning of LL and panicked 3. didnt feel that fast1:02.451:05.08(51.58)1:02.74(1:09.39)
2022-29171:01.801:06.23done at 2 am with no warmup...focusing more on 6 atm1:04.821:02.65(1:01.80)1:11.22(1:24.89)
2022-281956.871:06.321. had fun during LL 5. wanted to count the 56 with that solve but oh well(1:29.87)1:11.00(56.87)1:02.971:04.99
2022-261653.951:00.18so freakin close 3. fast S2L, especially 2nd to last face(1:08.00)57.56(53.95)57.061:05.92
2022-251955.811:07.28warmed up with 2x2, little expectations. expectations were confirmed(55.81)(1:18.19)1:12.301:06.901:02.65
2022-241158.6959.22nice feeling that 58s and 59s are safetys now58.72(58.69)(1:06.40)59.2059.74
2022-22858.431:00.15rip the sub 1 avg B( 2. thought I was done after tons of cross lockups1:02.0959.63(58.43)58.73(1:06.49)
2022-201254.511:04.282. thats fine. corner twist 5. couldnt clutch out the sub 1 avg. Nice single at least(1:09.24)1:01.661:02.39(54.51)1:08.79
2022-18951.8258.12full send!!!! 1. EP skip 3. real nice last 2 faces 5. clutch EP skip(51.82)1:01.8955.23(1:03.14)57.25
2022-171958.821:09.04consistent middle three 1. great solve then froze on CP(1:27.43)1:09.061:08.18(58.82)1:09.88
2022-161657.921:01.11speedy. I like what I see.(1:10.26)1:02.451:00.72(57.92)1:00.17
2022-141556.931:02.41gettin back into mega for NE champs. Actually did a longer session before this. Getting the flow back! 2. messed up an alg twice(56.93)(2:17.42)58.861:07.031:01.35
2022-1071:04.871:05.33had no idea what the time would be on 1. Here goes! Cannot make these times up1:05.501:05.531:04.97(1:04.87)(1:12.78)
2022-08191:01.421:09.66close but still sub 1:10 nice 2. double CP(1:11.61)1:11.27(1:01.42)1:08.871:08.84
2022-042058.721:05.361. That did not feel like a sub 1. First one in a while! 3. didnt start on my regualr color during S2L(58.72)1:01.56(1:16.27)1:06.911:07.62
2022-03211:01.921:05.98very solid(1:20.45)1:04.991:02.63(1:01.92)1:10.32
2022-02191:01.671:08.03I'll take it, some nice singles
1. solid F2L and very nice S2L
2022-01161:01.811:06.52one of the more consistent avgs ive had, faster than I thought. efficient S2L on 31:07.101:08.31(1:01.81)1:04.16(1:08.50)
2021-51251:06.761:12.61was aiming for sub 1:10, last solve got me during S2L1:16.231:14.441:07.16(1:06.76)(1:23.65)
2021-481358.651:04.282. guess it was pretty locky 3. same CP as 1 5. Nice sub 1 to finish off1:04.21(1:10.71)1:03.401:05.22(58.65)
2021-47151:05.011:09.31meh, just did alot of 6x6 so lookahead was fading1:07.66(1:05.01)(1:11.71)1:11.191:09.09
2021-45656.491:06.31got a 58 in warmup, we'll see! 1. EP skip 2. real nice F2L 3. less flow in general. hung on for 4 and 51:02.55(56.49)1:08.441:07.93(1:09.90)
2021-431456.211:11.635. Roy came in the stream and gave me motivation1:19.76(1:23.77)1:09.091:06.05(56.21)
2021-39101:10.171:14.313. extreme sub 1 fail, got to LL at like 49, maybe sub 1 later
not a bad prog for no warmup
2021-37111:05.501:12.351. nice cross, okay F2L 2. nice F2L, reverse S2L order 3. strugglin 4. what I like to see, next one sub 1 5. welp1:09.231:11.91(1:16.91)(1:05.50)1:15.92
2021-321256.231:04.991. Dat lookahead tho, 2. solid, 3. This avg could be fast, 4. Struggled with F2L lookahead, 5. Nice! Consistent(56.23)1:06.341:02.83(1:07.86)1:05.81
2021-241549.831:00.561. got the literal worst EP case (using 4LLL), 2. solve felt smooth, nice cross, 3. misrecognized CP, otherwise smooth, 4. no complaints!, 5. YES first sub 50 in AGES. Really nice cross, smooth S2L, skipped a step in LL(1:18.64)58.481:04.2358.96(49.83)
2021-21151:00.581:05.843rd one felt like sub 1, very nice F2L
might start practicing mega again
2021-20131:00.991:09.31guess I'm getting rusty1:03.481:13.57(1:00.99)(1:19.94)1:10.87
2021-191659.891:09.52sub-1 singles are back, freshly served. Will clean out the cube next time, getting gunky1:09.001:13.851:05.70(59.89)(1:21.63)
2021-1871:02.331:07.79was worried this wouldnt be sub 1:10 after solve 3(1:11.35)(1:02.33)1:10.161:09.881:03.33
2021-17121:00.091:04.312. really good for second solve w/out warmup
fell off a bit at the end but still a really solid average
2021-161257.851:04.79warming up with 6x6 unintentionally? new strat?1:01.07(57.85)1:03.36(1:18.74)1:09.94
2021-141459.661:04.52nothing amazing, just consistent(1:08.70)1:06.671:05.71(59.66)1:01.18
2021-13191:05.811:16.03kindof a train wreck, I avg 1:051:15.60(1:26.31)(1:05.81)1:24.041:08.44
2021-121252.4459.35YES first sub 1 avg on here and SB singe by 2 seconds!!!!57.43(1:05.12)(52.44)1:01.8058.81
2021-11131:01.611:07.52brought it back at the end, no warmup, good practice for actual comps I guess1:13.121:06.92(1:13.25)(1:01.61)1:02.53
2021-10161:03.721:07.911. LOLZ, otherwise pretty consistent actually(2:02.07)1:07.411:07.54(1:03.72)1:08.78
2021-091356.831:02.610.20 off speedsolving pb1:03.80(56.83)1:00.05(1:06.80)1:03.98
2021-081156.221:02.41pretty clutch(1:09.97)1:08.181:01.39(56.22)57.67
2021-071054.281:09.12didn't warm up as much for this(1:13.80)1:10.521:09.25(54.28)1:07.60
2023-021127.0510.21you might think I was throwing but it is in fact 2 am11.21(DNF)(7.05)9.999.43
2023-01794.496.22pure sub 7 I'll take it5.83(6.79)6.45(4.49)6.37
2022-50643.086.16lol solve on 2(8.17)(3.08)7.154.446.90
2022-48524.835.96nice sub 6 avg(4.83)(6.80)5.596.755.53
2022-44644.125.43sheesh so many 4s(8.60)(4.12)
2022-41564.455.19SB avg leggo4.915.375.28(5.54)(4.45)
2022-40554.807.18nice 45.82(18.69)6.788.94(4.80)
2022-37775.087.61hilariously inconsistent. damn that was good up till solve 4(14.51)5.29(5.08)10.676.88
2022-36594.885.88ayy sub 6 with a counting 4(4.88)4.88(7.76)7.265.51
2022-35905.817.65okay, consistent(8.05)(5.81)7.277.707.98
2022-33704.096.34guess I wasn't counting anything on the last solve6.265.407.37(4.09)(8.43)
2022-32872.115.58lterally off SB by 0.01 2. DNF by 2 flipped edges 3. not bad exec actually haha4.69(DNF)(2.11)6.385.66
2022-31714.856.47actually not that inconsistent if you dont consider the 137.94(4.85)(13.16)6.175.31
2022-29673.967.453. nice B)(8.72)6.42(3.96)8.347.60
2022-27624.136.725. almost sub 4 o.O5.746.418.01(8.08)(4.13)
2022-26604.616.16not bad actually. nice counting 4(9.32)6.65(4.61)6.934.89
2022-25544.595.77said to myself hey lets get a decent pyra avg, and it happened!(7.53)7.375.294.65(4.59)
2022-24846.228.26really bad7.73(6.22)(9.79)8.049.02
2022-20545.886.90sixn9ne 4. LL skip(9.50)7.267.436.00(5.88)
2022-18475.827.09almost saved the sub 7(8.54)(5.82)6.718.346.22
2022-16554.526.503. cube drop lolz(4.52)5.94(9.56)7.655.90
2022-15753.659.43at least I got a good single12.188.38(3.65)(12.88)7.74
2022-14534.296.20counting 4 0.o6.98(4.29)4.786.83(8.11)
2022-13573.576.681. LL skip lolz. Lots of unnecessary pauses but its fine(3.57)6.766.46(7.78)6.82
2022-12455.726.40solid, v consistent except for 2.6.19(10.11)6.206.82(5.72)
2022-09595.808.02couldnt pull it back to sub 8, was close though haha(16.03)9.398.66(5.80)6.02
2022-07534.686.90nice 3rd solve! went for the l4e and got it6.446.68(4.68)(8.91)7.57
2022-04474.857.24probably one of my best first solves(4.85)6.79(14.75)6.368.58
2022-01455.696.56guaranteed 6 avg at solve 46.426.406.87(5.69)(9.09)
2021-51495.536.54I'll take it6.89(7.08)(5.53)5.986.76
2021-50334.895.57SS peebeeeee! Almost +2ed the last one on the 2 flip5.655.71(7.53)5.35(4.89)
2021-49375.416.91still sub 7 ;)8.30(5.41)(12.08)5.666.77
2021-48393.136.662. stupid easy haha
middle 3 very consistent
2021-46426.197.78phew still a 7 avg, barely8.40(9.94)7.92(6.19)7.02
2021-45417.268.65guess today I average 8(12.99)8.278.778.91(7.26)
2021-42345.196.153. slow L4E lets go 4. smooth 5. bootiful, nice turning6.446.39(10.55)5.63(5.19)
2021-40455.025.851. omg tps so slow 2. sketchy timer stop 4. clutched the sub 6! finally 5. nope
sub sixxx
2021-39303.916.841. fail 2. did a cool 2 flip thing 3. so good, saw the whole layer 4. hurts a little 5. frick plus 2
Literally had a counting 4 lol
2021-37315.016.091. very solid 2. very lucky lol. Good first edge solution though 3. these are some nice solves, int. L4E there 4. not quite 5. much pressure for the sub 6
SB avg by 0.08
2021-33425.286.964. not too many pauses, found a not so obvious first edge
barely sub 7, nice single!
2021-32456.087.681. gave up on the solve 4. locky LL, still sub 7, 5. Pyra is a great event10.09(6.08)6.146.80(11.69)
2021-30445.697.071. LBL 2. L4E 3. L4E 4. LBL lol 5. LBL
had sub 6 potential
2021-27575.368.412. I did l4e, it wasn't fast, but I did it
5. well crap. Didnt mean to do that
2021-25435.556.685. #matsvalkbutpyra
this could have actually been really good for me lol
2021-24415.687.54did the wrong LL case on the last one :/ still a decent average8.07(11.99)(5.68)7.197.35
2021-23405.846.85keepin it sub 7(5.84)6.326.937.29(9.13)
2021-20456.117.83sub 8 at least, I'll take it6.818.298.40(9.88)(6.11)
2021-19395.546.47last solve was clutch7.66(5.54)6.20(8.03)5.55
2021-18374.156.17SB avg and nice single(4.15)6.476.57(9.53)5.47
2021-17616.028.43I am amazing at this event9.08(6.02)10.016.21(12.86)
2021-16566.727.97LUL terrible6.768.758.40(11.51)(6.72)
2021-15395.356.29major pause on the last AUF, SB avg tho5.84(8.65)(5.35)5.887.15
2021-12425.736.85nice counting 5 there(10.52)7.78(5.73)5.956.82
2023-048525.7730.45no comment(25.77)30.36(36.02)29.8331.16
2023-019822.9845.41this is fine. everything is fine1:06.3731.41(22.98)38.44(1:14.71)
2022-174119.9623.53Didnt let the 29 scare me too much 2. smart CP(19.96)21.6422.25(29.46)26.71
2022-165526.1327.76slow but consistent26.7227.96(33.36)(26.13)28.61
2022-144717.4422.64no pb today, first two solves had me excited. Solid average(17.44)17.8225.1424.96(31.08)
2022-103214.0321.67I have not been practicing ummm this is really good
3. EP skip :P 4. THE +2 ahhhhh
2022-095827.3834.60WOW I'm rusty29.1541.84(57.14)32.81(27.38)
2022-075516.5130.73lol last solve, EP skip29.1531.07(36.29)31.96(16.51)
2022-045323.2132.15EP saved me on 2. Couldn't save the avg though39.3428.78(1:03.52)(23.21)28.33
2022-034916.8320.92SB ao5! look at that19.4218.76(25.99)(16.83)24.59
2022-025017.1023.801. bleh cubeshape(52.83)31.1219.42(17.10)20.85
2022-015519.8526.571. did cp wrong but saved the sub 20 2.. messed up parity, took it slow :P 3. solid NP 4. sq-1 pauses ahh 5. no disasters I'll take it(19.85)(1:19.61)24.0230.4125.29
2021-525823.9230.09rough one, layers felt super slippery33.18(23.92)(46.87)26.6530.45
2021-515112.0222.712. HAHA overall pb single by 0.09
not a terrible avg too, sub 20 potential
2021-504918.9526.363. can we even get sub 30? 5. nice sub 20 to finish off27.1430.82(50.35)21.11(18.95)
2021-494019.3723.142. lucky EP 3. also lucky EP(28.49)(19.37)20.1828.1821.07
2021-484017.4824.26nice sub 20 single21.18(28.17)(17.48)27.9823.63
2021-464117.6324.57not terrible
2. was excited for another sub 20
4. had a faulty plan for cubeshape
2021-434122.3024.181. alot better start than recently 2. smooth, me like no parity 4. forgot cubeshape solution26.18(22.30)23.53(39.32)22.82
2021-424720.8527.991. had no idea on cubeshape 2. good cubeshape that time but rip EP 3. Dang guess I'm real slow 4. & 5. . .and inconsistent32.77(40.49)30.18(20.85)21.01
2021-393221.3230.351. double u perm ftw 2. opened up zoom lecture during solve 4. nice
definitely not distracted this average
2021-374223.5826.741. tried to do parity and failed, we'll see if can get down before next solve 2. looked up parity, got it down, and...success! 3. some hesitations there 4. solid 5. consistent to the other 20s, interesting(DNF)(23.58)31.4624.6824.08
2021-333519.7123.03Not too worried abt speed here, havent practiced in a while. Suprise sub 20(27.69)22.5026.3020.29(19.71)
2021-303916.8925.041. EP skip, 3. lost grip, equator turned, 4. solid all around(16.89)26.06(32.32)21.4527.61
2021-273920.5228.12now this is a nice progression. Havent done squan in a minute(37.56)35.7026.39(20.52)22.26
2021-254024.8926.60cubing while tired once again, with non-cubic shape25.4828.96(40.97)(24.89)25.37
2021-243819.7124.67very consistent for some reason(25.41)24.50(19.71)25.4124.11
2021-214522.8630.04tis been a crazy week29.18(22.86)(33.36)33.1327.80
2021-193614.3621.05SB avg, better than WCA avg I think. 4. ez EP case, very clean solve(28.56)19.7520.76(14.36)22.64
2021-183722.5524.02possible SB avg but still solid solves23.0725.67(22.55)23.32(31.34)
2021-163813.9824.295. EP skip. That's probably like PB5 wow24.7022.0326.15(27.80)(13.98)
2021-154014.7024.62YES super smooth single, solid average22.44(28.08)(14.70)25.5525.87
2021-143517.2326.08nice single, decent average for minimal warmup29.1721.3527.72(31.69)(17.23)
2021-124223.5925.45new volt v2 thats not sucky23.8825.8826.60(23.59)(41.24)
2021-114627.1932.80squan god(27.19)(1:46.42)29.4233.3035.68
2021-104421.9829.21speedsolving pb avg(35.01)(21.98)32.5325.5729.53
2021-094326.4129.83consistent at least27.50(52.74)29.57(26.41)32.42
2021-084121.0129.67nice sub 30. Havent practiced in a long time34.7125.79(21.01)(36.65)28.52
2022-511276.36DNFmaybe doing this after an ao12 of 7x7 was not the best idea(6.36)(DNF)DNF19.1416.77
2022-50777.648.83pure sub 10 I am skewb god8.76(7.64)8.25(9.71)9.48
2022-49787.238.74skewb god I am8.987.59(9.86)(7.23)9.66
2022-47796.688.16wow look at me doing skewb well7.84(13.77)9.547.09(6.68)
2022-41947.489.875. total DNF trying to do an H perm lol12.728.508.40(7.48)(DNF)
2022-37996.8412.75quite all over the place this time(DNF)11.88(6.84)16.849.53
2022-36845.789.32feels like my first sub 10 avg in a while8.11(DNF)8.3411.52(5.78)
2022-3513210.9321.48feeling awake at 8 am but getting all the bad cases28.9622.29(42.66)13.20(10.93)
2022-31747.408.99sub 9 okok(12.45)9.489.59(7.40)7.91
2022-30953.7915.06what an average15.22(17.06)16.0413.92(3.79)
2022-29997.3711.39we dont talk about the third solve13.2612.47(22.47)8.44(7.37)
2022-229610.8120.91amazing skewber am I29.8713.76(30.82)19.09(10.81)
2022-20717.778.59hey a counting 78.789.02(7.77)(11.60)7.98
2022-17717.618.76pure sub 10 not too shabby9.137.95(7.61)9.19(9.62)
2022-16575.918.17not too shabby for my standards6.978.19(5.91)(10.19)9.34
2022-10579.1610.97sub 11 streak still alive 1. fumble at start, H perm ew 3. cube drop(14.23)10.5612.1710.18(9.16)
2022-09624.9510.38this is the quintessence of consistency6.9212.24(23.89)11.99(4.95)
2022-08609.9310.94not bad actually(9.93)12.5210.27(16.74)10.03
2022-07635.7410.26chill solving this time. Sneezed during 2.(16.00)15.35(5.74)6.738.71
2022-05598.0711.08first two solves I think I did the first layer wrong, fixed it then got a sledge/hedge then skip. My solutions are lolz10.6510.4212.16(8.07)(13.98)
2022-04777.1912.27just here to have a good time(36.60)(7.19)20.617.638.56
2022-038012.0415.96one of the worse skewb avgs and im totally fine with that(19.53)15.4015.21(12.04)17.27
2021-51616.568.814. broooo a counting 6 wth 5. that scram was terrible8.7510.95(6.56)6.72(12.49)
2021-50676.8313.68just having fun out here13.9315.6911.43(45.16)(6.83)
2021-46496.1411.512. speeeed
consistent middle 3 at least
2021-45517.1910.43the 7 was not a hedge or sledge for second step!10.0311.82(13.05)9.44(7.19)
2021-43517.159.011. layer was so long, saved by the rest 2. not bad for a longer solution 3. had to improvise 4. smooth 5. counting 7!, same case as 39.67(13.43)9.76(7.15)7.60
2021-42568.149.983. [27.88] did double sledge 'OLL' from wrong angle :P
sub 10 less go
2021-39425.8111.273. consistency 5. corner was about to pop throughout that solve7.56(5.81)(21.99)14.0412.22
2021-374810.6713.14Almost dropped the cube like twice on the first one, calmed down much more on the rest. Hey 1 + pi13.5713.30(27.81)(10.67)12.56
2021-34519.6912.912. mega oof 4. nice tps on the z perm
not a terrible avg for late at night
2021-33446.719.403. Okayyy counting 8, 5. nice tps, took advantage of a nice scramble8.21(16.91)(6.71)12.367.62
2021-32608.5720.921. heck yeah 2. helllll yeah 3. ok consistent 4. beauty 5. counting 8 lets go21.5632.23(8.57)(DNF)8.97
2021-30544.3910.975. solved layer then skip lol, 2nd best on speedsolving10.0810.4512.39(12.46)(4.39)
2021-27556.9510.68nice gradual progression. not actually a bad average tho(18.13)9.00(6.95)14.318.73
2021-24519.2014.13worst average in a while, ive been doing pretty well recently(9.20)11.6212.20(36.06)18.57
2021-23548.959.40good z perm executions in this avg...idk how to comment on skewb lol9.288.999.92(10.72)(8.95)
2021-21708.3117.64skewb god ft. feliks
might be my worst avg on speedsolving LUL
2021-20464.037.471. If I was actually good I could have maybe one looked that or somthn
also pb avg yay kinch score
2021-18609.4610.54consistent for once10.949.6111.08(9.46)(14.59)
2021-16665.9711.92lol single, still sub 1211.46(22.62)10.1714.12(5.97)
2021-15606.4811.01consistency every week(34.77)(6.48)13.027.2912.71
2021-12523.548.16not beating this for a long time(9.91)8.20(3.54)9.396.89
2021-116011.5112.83noice 4th solve13.39(11.51)13.34(39.04)11.75
2022-33824.5935.74PB single thats all I care about(24.59)(40.50)31.3336.4539.43
2022-321030.3834.09clean, thought it woud be more like the first 3 solves but eh(30.38)31.6433.2637.37(37.88)
2022-29733.4441.88slow, oh well(33.44)(49.88)42.9247.2035.53
2022-27226.0928.19SUB 30 AVG nice nice28.95(26.09)(36.32)28.9126.72
2022-26832.7036.932. 23 misscramble RIPPP35.53(DNF)37.2438.03(32.70)
2022-18625.7834.22solid avg after a long hiatus 2. clean 3. that could've been like a 21 or something(39.37)31.16(25.78)38.0433.47
2022-011133.3439.64back and forth today42.10(33.34)(42.76)34.6242.19
2021-511336.2839.62supa rusty37.3540.52(36.28)40.99(55.93)
2021-43529.6734.672. biig pause during CP 5. CP skip34.6136.18(43.07)33.22(29.67)
2021-42625.9037.76derust week
4. lol good S2L and CP skip 5. nice another CP skip
2021-33527.6137.611. got frazzled on LL, everything else was pretty good 2. big pause after first layer 3. good lookahead 4. lots of rotations
couldve gone way worse
2021-32226.2431.30yikes slow timer stops. Very happy with this though, back where I was, first time in a while
3. got interrupted + forgot an alg, 4. CP skip
2021-21826.4130.04IT HURTS! sub 30 epic fail32.43(26.41)28.49(37.13)29.19
2021-19928.7032.23very close to SB avg(49.11)30.99(28.70)34.2431.46
2021-18731.3934.23kept it clean at the end34.8135.79(40.68)32.09(31.39)
2021-17729.4233.63fourth one should not have been a +2, was hoping for a 31 avg34.52(29.42)30.2936.09(38.89)
2021-16525.2932.01first counting sub 30? possibly33.9934.2827.77(37.82)(25.29)
2021-15929.5932.73clutched it on the last 2 solves, we'll see where it ranks me34.33(34.60)33.26(29.59)30.60
2021-14925.6034.98I am consistency. both pbs tho37.51(41.33)(25.60)39.4527.97
2021-13932.0135.47slow and steady improvement36.7236.89(32.01)32.80(40.39)
2021-12727.0736.81first average with my new cube, got a 32 avg in practice 4. oll skip podge(39.84)37.2435.43(27.07)37.75
2021-112238.45DNF4. 24.91 misscramble, would have been overall pb single(38.45)(DNF)39.89DNF55.22
2021-101735.8345.82nice single solid average, havent been practicing(1:04.69)43.9947.5545.91(35.83)
2021-071031.8043.15double 42.08s ....
5. Might be pb who knows
Mirror Blocks
2022-36241:13.451:32.05the most consistent I've ever been. Gotta hand it to me1:29.61(1:13.45)1:48.07(1:57.27)1:18.47
2022-01181:25.571:39.74first time! going from full CFOP on 3x3 to beginner cross on this is a fun time1:33.911:54.64(2:22.97)(1:25.57)1:30.66