Zack Pace

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CreationUniverse 1.18 32 161

Current Personal Records

Event SR Single Average SR Kinch Score
2x2x233185.19Week 2020-26
5.19   8.02   5.87   6.62   9.44
I am bad at 2x2 but I thought I'd try competing this week
6.84Week 2020-26
87th Place
5.19   8.02   5.87   6.62   9.44
I am bad at 2x2 but I thought I'd try competing this week
3x3x3185611.75Week 2021-23
17.16   11.75   20.15   18.72   18.70
I choked a lot on 3 and 4, but other than that, pretty good! New competition pb of 11.75
16.71Week 2021-24
111th Place
16.02   16.32   17.79   18.40   15.63
overall not bad, I warmed up better than i thought lol

Medal Collection

Gold Silver Bronze
0 0 0


Competition Place Single Average Solves
2020-26875.196.84I am bad at 2x2 but I thought I'd try competing this week(5.19)8.025.876.62(9.44)
2021-2611814.9418.21I choked super hard on #2 and I couldn't recognize a cross OLL for whatever reason, overall better than I thought it would be15.29(24.01)17.88(14.94)21.46
2021-2511916.5117.16Overall not bad, fumbled a lot on pll on #2(16.51)(20.28)16.5816.9317.97
2021-2411115.6316.71overall not bad, I warmed up better than i thought lol
2021-2312611.7518.19I choked a lot on 3 and 4, but other than that, pretty good! New competition pb of 11.7517.16(11.75)(20.15)18.7218.70
2021-2213814.3318.44last solve was a good PLL and OLL, overall I'm still not proud of this average, I messed up a lot lol18.7519.2317.33(19.30)(14.33)
2021-2013015.8518.52I choked a little bit on all of these solves because I am trying to practice my lookahead while turning faster :/20.1018.03(20.35)17.43(15.85)
2021-1714416.7219.11Not the worst average, but still not very good. I thought I was doing better than I was during the solves. Overall, It's acceptable18.4820.44(20.48)18.42(16.72)
2021-1615619.3120.54I had a corner twist on #5 so that slowed me down a bit, not bad average for being so rusty21.2319.52(19.31)20.87(24.37)
2021-0813413.4818.68Not my proudest few solves, but #5 was my new PB single in a competition! I haven't cubed in a while, so I'll certainly take it.20.2118.79(24.03)17.04(13.48)
2020-5313916.5719.46Most of the solves were pretty bad, somehow I still got a sub-20 average.

Not my proudest solves, though
2020-5111014.7816.79My best 3x3 average here! 4 and 5 would have been even faster if I knew full oll/pll lol

really good average, proud of this one
2020-5010916.3918.11Pretty good average, I did mess up a lot though, I tried to turn smoother instead of faster and it did indeed help.18.68(16.39)17.94(21.48)17.70
2020-4911213.8318.93First solve was my best solve in competition! #3 I messed up a little bit, the solve could have been better.(13.83)20.01(22.66)17.8418.95
2020-4812516.1019.46I messed up the cross on 519.07(DNF)17.58(16.10)21.73
2020-479517.9118.18This is my new best average, I have improved a ton since the last competition I entered in.18.3718.1318.03(17.91)(23.56)
2020-4411019.2521.65I messed up alot on the last solve so the time was surprisingly good, On #2 I messed up an algorithm and stopped the timer :/23.59(DNF)(19.25)20.9320.42
2020-3311720.0824.07I messed up a lot for some reason :/27.50(DNF)22.9121.79(20.08)
2020-3211815.8923.18Overall an okay average, 2 is my competition pb.24.15(15.89)25.7519.64(26.59)
2020-2611420.2522.085 is a really good scramble but I fumbled the first and second pairs :/ I also did the wrong oll but it turned out to be an okay solve21.4923.43(23.51)21.31(20.25)
2020-2511116.6422.69A surprisingly decent average! I got a 16 second single, first one lower than 17 I've ever gotten in a speedsolving.com competition. 4 was awful and I messed up a bunch, but I proceeded to get a 19.57 single after that. Pretty cool :)24.47(16.64)24.03(32.26)19.57
2020-2411620.1122.89Overall an okay average, I haven't cubed in like a month lol so I did pretty well.(25.13)22.9724.9220.79(20.11)
2020-1815118.6521.29Actually some decent solves! 4 was also a good scramble but I choked on the j perm :/
Not complaining about the other solves though.
2020-1715018.8426.48Overall awful except for the one sub 20 :/28.27(18.84)(29.84)26.4924.68
2020-1517824.8226.41on 4 i forgot the pll for a second :/
overall a meh average
2020-1416919.4420.70somehow i am better than before, despite not cubing at all recently
my best average yet, i think
2020-0915824.4327.26Using two look oll (+ some algs I already learned) and full pll26.76(24.43)28.3226.71(34.83)
2020-0621427.9729.62On #3 the timer didn't stop, so it would have been -2s(27.97)(33.27)29.3030.3929.17
2020-0520226.4130.75I messed up oll on #2 and i messed up f2l on #4(35.52)31.4629.0231.76(26.41)