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ProStar 19.59 49 1430

Current Personal Records

Event SR Single Average SR Kinch Score
2x2x210.42Week 2020-14
0.42   2.64   3.15   2.33   1.70
I refuse to believe that the first scramble was real, nor my execution of it XD
2.14Week 2020-24
12th Place
1.98   3.90   1.65   1.42   2.78
PB Average, could've been sub-2 lol
3x3x3152810.59Week 2020-20
18.88   10.59   19.75   19.23   18.38
Overall PB single!! And with ZZ!!
13.95Week 2022-51
161st Place
11.63   10.96   15.98   14.73   15.50
1. Should've been a 10, still great time
2. I did orange cross
3. Bad OLL recognition + V-Perm
4. Normal solve
5. Kinda hard scramble, overall average solve

I got PB3 and PB9 in that average. I think it's fair to say that I'm happy with that. Also PB3 was CN lol
4x4x495145.52Week 2020-26
1:01.12   57.87   45.52   1:07.89   1:05.64
1:01.54Week 2020-26
56th Place
1:01.12   57.87   45.52   1:07.89   1:05.64
5x5x514152:22.64Week 2023-04
2:25.84   2:26.60   2:41.81   2:36.43   2:22.64
I'm so bad at 5x5 lol. Also apparently my SSPB is 3:53 average so I improved that by a tiny bit.

Epic sub-2:30 though
2:29.62Week 2023-04
77th Place
2:25.84   2:26.60   2:41.81   2:36.43   2:22.64
I'm so bad at 5x5 lol. Also apparently my SSPB is 3:53 average so I improved that by a tiny bit.

Epic sub-2:30 though
2x2x2 blindfolded673.41Week 2020-20
8th Place
3.41   7.37   5.22
1.) 1-looked, PB by 5 seconds
2.) Another 1-look, guessed AUF. Old COLL alg, surprised I didn't forget it
3.) Another 1-look lol

Mo3 beat previous PB by 3
5.33Week 2020-20
3.41   7.37   5.22
1.) 1-looked, PB by 5 seconds
2.) Another 1-look, guessed AUF. Old COLL alg, surprised I didn't forget it
3.) Another 1-look lol

Mo3 beat previous PB by 3
3x3x3 blindfolded9013:50.00Week 2020-08
24th Place
DNF   3:50.00   DNF
1. DNF(6:58.86(4:28.53)) - Off by a twisted corner
2. 3:50.00(2:32.05) - :O PB by a bunch, super easy scramble
3. DNF(6:40.17(4:20.68)) - I had more pieces solved when I started. I think I did a wrong wide move
6:15.46Week 2020-07
5:17.91   7:12.93   6:15.55
I got a mean
3x3x3 multiple blindfolded464DNFWeek 2020-07
10th Place
1/2 19:52
3x3x3 one-handed47514.53Week 2020-21
23.96   25.61   17.45   19.33   14.53
What were those two singles??
19.85Week 2020-20
29th Place
19.82   20.04   19.11   26.63   19.68
1.) Great solve, sub-20s are pretty rare
2.) Dang, almost another sub-20. Super happy
3.) lol EO, planned out 2 pairs. Slow PLL though, should've been faster
4.) Meh
5.) Another easy EO. Good F2L, but AS->T-Perm saved the day

Overall PB average is 20.28, I think you need to check your scrambles lol
3x3x3 With feet5104:21.77Week 2020-21
4:51.12   4:56.09   4:39.87   4:21.77   5:03.45
PLL skip on 4
4:49.03Week 2020-21
9th Place
4:51.12   4:56.09   4:39.87   4:21.77   5:03.45
PLL skip on 4
3x3x3 Match the scramble6281:49.66Week 2020-07
1:49.66   2:03.43   1:58.40   2:10.74   2:05.18
I devised an LL technique
1:57.09Week 2020-08
7th Place
1:52.90   1:51.98   2:01.65   2:07.39   1:56.71
3x3x3 Fewest moves36534Week 2020-07
34   42   38
:O Sub-40 mean and sub-35 single, both PBs. Used different methods on each.
38.00Week 2020-07
15th Place
34   42   38
:O Sub-40 mean and sub-35 single, both PBs. Used different methods on each.
2-3-4 Relay14171:39.39Week 2020-15
61st Place
Nice PB
2-3-4-5 Relay12555:45.41Week 2020-12
48th Place
Pretty good
Clock68712.12Week 2022-49
13.08   13.23   12.12   13.12   17.04
Horrible final solve lol, but overall a good average
13.14Week 2022-49
62nd Place
13.08   13.23   12.12   13.12   17.04
Horrible final solve lol, but overall a good average
Megaminx11602:58.17Week 2020-09
2:59.29   3:06.91   3:12.48   2:58.17   3:09.89
Solid, PB average
3:05.36Week 2020-09
43rd Place
2:59.29   3:06.91   3:12.48   2:58.17   3:09.89
Solid, PB average
Pyraminx410.92Week 2020-02
2.35   4.79   0.92   7.20   5.49
What the heck is with the scramble on #3?!
3.06Week 2020-14
11th Place
1.66   2.03   3.68   3.48   4.80
Forced two LL skips, destroyed PB
Square-115784:29.85Week 2020-05
5:12.91   4:29.85   5:59.61   5:17.97   5:25.11
5:07.55Week 2020-06
70th Place
5:25.06   6:34.94   4:32.39   4:47.45   5:10.14
lol I suck
Skewb13126.67Week 2020-08
13.61   14.29   16.73   6.67   8.54
SS PB single!
11.51Week 2020-07
73rd Place
8.07   10.53   16.64   7.11   15.93
1.) SS PB! Finally lol
2.) Fullstep, just super fast recog+TPS(for me :P)
3.) Nice solid solve
4.) What? Easy first layer, normal OLL, and while placing last center I realized it would be a L4C skip. Super surprised by the time.
5.) Solid solve
Kilominx40256.98Week 2020-07
56.98   1:15.32   1:21.30   1:04.09   1:11.94
So close to PB average, great single
1:07.20Week 2020-09
16th Place
1:09.57   1:06.64   1:12.65   1:01.32   1:05.38
PB average barely, nice solves
Mini Guildford50411:52.07Week 2020-52
14th Place
I didn't realize there were so many puzzles lol
Redi Cube14614.86Week 2020-08
26.47   25.47   26.08   14.86   17.07
Two sub 20s! Awesome singles & average
22.09Week 2020-09
17th Place
19.37   17.21   24.89   27.94   22.00
PB average, need to practice more
Master Pyraminx1751:28.45Week 2020-08
1:31.13   1:34.54   1:39.95   1:28.45   1:31.29
Just got a Master Pyraminx a couple days ago. Not bad I guess
1:32.32Week 2020-08
12th Place
1:31.13   1:34.54   1:39.95   1:28.45   1:31.29
Just got a Master Pyraminx a couple days ago. Not bad I guess
15 Puzzle4311.76Week 2020-14
11.76   14.11   12.81   20.28   12.56
Woah! Lotta skips, but still a crazy average. Haven't even been practicing 15 Puzzle recently
13.16Week 2020-14
7th Place
11.76   14.11   12.81   20.28   12.56
Woah! Lotta skips, but still a crazy average. Haven't even been practicing 15 Puzzle recently
Speed Fewest Moves6643.98Week 2020-06
43.98   52.69   49.99   DNS   DNS
50.55Week 2020-05
4th Place
50.21   48.79   52.66   53.21   46.29
I found a bunch of good solutions fast. Only one solve over 50 moves.
Mirror Blocks11138.96Week 2020-24
49.12   54.65   52.37   38.96   45.76
I love getting better without practice
49.08Week 2020-24
6th Place
49.12   54.65   52.37   38.96   45.76
I love getting better without practice

Medal Collection

Gold Silver Bronze
0 0 2


Competition Place Single Average Solves
2023-04712.703.53Great average(2.70)3.13(4.78)3.733.72
2023-031053.014.27Haven't turned a 2x2 in a couple weeks so I'm happy(3.01)4.314.40(5.92)4.10
2023-011123.684.30I don't wanna talk about #24.15(7.14)4.64(3.68)4.10
2022-51882.243.97Cool sub 4(5.98)4.243.81(2.24)3.86
2022-501003.494.50Kinda trash turning but decent average4.30(6.62)4.19(3.49)5.01
2022-491234.334.87Good average(DNF)4.55(4.33)4.925.14
2021-48853.835.16First time doing 2x2 in a couple months, so not awful. Would've liked a sub-5 though(6.15)5.904.035.55(3.83)
2021-01654.404.69My hands are cold please send gloves4.934.49(4.40)(4.98)4.64
2020-52883.255.29N i c e4.69(5.85)5.785.41(3.25)
2020-47502.733.90I did much better than I expected. One-looked #5 :)4.14(4.97)3.613.94(2.73)
2020-30411.713.79Rip lost my streak3.93(4.08)3.62(1.71)3.83
2020-27621.254.51Only half awake but needed to get the results in5.18(5.44)4.10(1.25)4.26
2020-24121.422.14PB Average, could've been sub-2 lol1.98(3.90)1.65(1.42)2.78
2020-22453.383.62Pretty consistent(3.88)(3.38)3.663.503.69
2020-21382.743.473/5 predict OLL. Good average(2.74)(3.96)3.153.903.37
2020-20503.424.08Cube slipped a lot, but nothing major. Decent average4.134.37(4.53)(3.42)3.73
2020-19361.563.08Switched to Ortega finally. #5 I made an easy layer into a CLL I know. Also lol scramble 2(4.28)2.833.153.26(1.56)
2020-18201.442.822 PLL skips and a CLL2.19(1.44)(4.39)4.072.21
2020-17862.514.40Pretty normal4.41(2.51)4.124.66(5.67)
2020-16431.373.552x2 is stupid lol, I shouldn't be getting these averages.(1.37)3.304.253.11(4.46)
2020-15131.102.49My arms hurt today. Insane average lol1.62(1.10)2.653.20(3.42)
2020-14280.422.22I refuse to believe that the first scramble was real, nor my execution of it XD(0.42)2.64(3.15)2.331.70
2020-13191.682.53Forced a bunch of OLL skips(1.68)2.542.04(3.44)3.02
2020-12301.312.73Awesome average(3.99)2.89(1.31)1.353.95
2020-10271.733.09Amazing average3.46(4.21)2.353.47(1.73)
2020-09691.694.12Nice, single used CLL(1.69)4.323.50(4.93)4.55
2020-08211.222.891.) Soo close to SS PB
2.) Insane TPS
3.) 1-look, CLL was F (sexy)*2 F'
4.) Solid solve
5.) Good solve

Woah! Two 1s, crushed SS average by .7
2020-07611.553.541.) High TPS
2.) 1-looked it, SS comp PB
3.) Used a CLL alg from 3x3, its so slow lol
4.) Awesome TPS
5.) Lockups

Pure sub-5, SS Ao5 PB by 0.7 seconds
2020-06842.554.20Nice PB average3.96(4.96)(2.55)3.784.87
2020-05981.944.74Yay! Amazing single! I ended up 1-looking it4.844.874.50(1.94)(4.94)
2020-041072.844.86Awesome sub-5 average.5.70(2.84)(5.77)4.684.20
2020-031053.114.391.) CLL
2.) Pretty good
3.) OLL skip
4.) Amazing solve
5.) Insane solve

Overall super happy, been working on sub 5 but did a lot better than I expected. All counting solves were 4s.
2020-021422.045.41Finally a good single! Would have loved a sub 2 :) Also PB average somehow lol6.69(6.79)4.475.07(2.04)
2020-011344.785.42No good singles, but Ao5 PB for SS Comp. What's with the two 5.54s in a row?!(6.22)5.19(4.78)5.545.54
2019-521344.105.76PB :) Just got the Valk 2M today, super happy with it.6.00(6.87)6.26(4.10)5.01
2019-511403.426.08Insane average, the two counting 5s were awesome(3.42)(6.94)5.755.566.93
2019-501433.087.05Overall PB on #4 :O8.784.158.22(3.08)(8.82)
2019-491324.767.40Insane average, one of my best ever(4.76)7.16(9.10)7.447.61
2019-4715010.4010.83Missed the space bar on solve #5, could've been sub 10. Awesome average overall though!(18.22)11.22(10.40)10.4410.83
2019-4414812.4115.17I'm not that good at 2x2, I did about what I expected.16.57(12.41)(17.82)14.7714.18
2023-0416813.4414.49Decent average14.86(16.84)(13.44)14.9013.72
2023-0318615.3616.15Haven't gotten an average that bad in ages16.39(17.07)15.78(15.36)16.29
2023-0115512.8514.22Good average13.77(15.72)14.86(12.85)14.04
2022-5217013.1714.73Almost SS PB, but lousy last scramble :(13.1814.7516.25(13.17)(16.47)
2022-5116110.9613.951. Should've been a 10, still great time
2. I did orange cross
3. Bad OLL recognition + V-Perm
4. Normal solve
5. Kinda hard scramble, overall average solve

I got PB3 and PB9 in that average. I think it's fair to say that I'm happy with that. Also PB3 was CN lol
2022-5015711.3914.93The hell was scramble 515.44(15.77)14.4414.91(11.39)
2022-4915313.3215.30Solid average, although a couple big mess-ups. #3 was 100% CN and wasn't even that lucky, just incredibly smooth for me. Got a dot case + G-Perm as well, very happy with that solve(13.32)16.1616.0013.75(16.80)
2022-4817713.6416.55Was completely distracted while solving, two great scrambles saved me. #3 I did about a 2 second U-Perm; could've easily been a 16 and should've been a 15

Decent average ig
2022-2617716.9818.14That last solve genuinely hurts my soul. Easily would've been sub-18 Ao519.1817.7917.46(16.98)(24.30)
2021-4812315.1816.57Solves felt very awkward, but times were all good so I guess I can't complain. Forgot my OLL on #4 though so that was fun15.1918.78(15.18)(20.85)15.73
2021-0111414.4717.04My hands are so cold :(

Good average though lol
2020-5212015.4416.60Good average! Really easy crosses(18.90)15.8917.64(15.44)16.27
2020-4811215.9517.28Great average! Solid solves, didn't make many mistakes. Everything flowed great.17.9016.46(15.95)(18.56)17.49
2020-479015.3117.35Pretty good scrambles, nice solves(18.19)(15.31)16.7117.6917.64
2020-257412.5814.11SPB Average by .33(12.58)(15.62)14.6812.9314.71
2020-229713.8114.561.) OLL case I learned last night
2.) Wut another 1-look OLL
3.) Forced 1-look OLL
4.) Yeet pseudoslotting
5.) lol 1-look OLL
2020-2111915.2017.30Nice, working for sub-1817.0416.8518.00(18.75)(15.20)
2020-2011410.5918.83Overall PB single!! And with ZZ!!18.88(10.59)(19.75)19.2318.38
2020-1513713.5615.38Did yellow cross for #1, #2, & #4(13.56)13.7217.19(18.47)15.24
2020-1411612.8914.44:O Overall Ao5 PB14.85(15.52)14.7113.76(12.89)
2020-1213513.9215.21Woah! Crazy average and amazing single! 14.6014.29(18.72)(13.92)16.74
2020-1013512.7216.64Woah, 12 single! I don't have many of those14.9517.51(17.61)17.47(12.72)
2020-0913616.4718.63Solid average18.18(19.71)(16.47)19.6118.11
2020-0813814.5316.761.) Easy LL, used CFCE
2.) Good F2L, COLL
3.) Weird LL
4.) Meh solve
5.) COLL
2020-0714616.2017.821.) Stupid easy F2L
2.) Could've been sub-14 with decent lookahead
3.) Another pretty easy F2L, great solve
4.) Solid solve, nothing crazy
5.) Not a great solve

These scrambles are stupid...
2020-0613813.0215.92*All counting singles are below PR single* Meh, missed super easy ZBLS on #4, could've been a 14 easily. Single was pretty good, everything else was a little above average(13.02)15.23(17.35)16.2216.31
2020-0516618.4318.79Nice average, sub-19 :)19.2818.51(20.84)18.58(18.43)
2020-0417818.7619.20Nice. New PB Ao5(18.76)(19.84)19.3319.0519.23
2020-0317318.9819.671.) X-Cross, great solve, fumbled the cube
2.) Pause in 4th pair
3.) ELL Skip
4.) Bad F2L, CLL
5.) OLL

Awesome average, sub-20 and it beats my previous PR(weekly comp) average.
2020-0218017.1820.63Two counting sub-20s, barely PB single, and PB average by 1 second. Yes, I'm happy.22.80(17.18)(23.86)19.1119.98
2020-0119321.2024.26Nothing crazy, good solid times.24.57(21.20)24.5923.62(26.28)
2019-5218222.3123.83Major lockups on 4, still a decent time though. Nice average :)23.7223.66(25.40)24.12(22.31)
2019-5117417.8421.69Two counting 20s :O Almost overall Ao5 PB, and about 1.5 second faster than my Mo3 PB :D(17.84)20.4520.87(27.38)23.75
2019-5018722.7125.58Awesome average!(22.71)26.27(26.72)24.9625.52
2019-4916120.2225.51OLL skip and H-Perm for #2 :O

Great average overall
2019-4717321.5526.13Pretty good solves.(28.25)(21.55)27.6222.5128.25
2019-4416937.9040.38So close to a sub-40! If I hadn't had a lockup on #4 I would've gotten it. Still happy with my times though.(37.90)39.8441.27(41.32)40.04
2023-049853.531:02.471. No parity
2. No parity
3. Disaster
4. Double parity

Decent average, good single
2022-511031:02.611:07.341. OLL parity, messed up color scheme
2. Double parity
3. PLL parity, big pause on COLL recognition because I'm bad
4. No parity, horrible 323
5. No parity, Overall kinda slow but not horrible

Basically any no parity solve will be sub-1 if I eliminate my major pauses. I guess ok average considering the way it started
2022-509457.851:05.721. OLL parity
2. Double parity
3. No parity
4. Double parity
5. No parity

Why does whether or not I get parity completely depend on if it's a good solve? I guess it keeps times consistant but it's also very depressing. Super siked about the double parity sub-1 though
2022-49891:04.321:11.77Very clean final single. I hope to be back to ~1:05 average soon, but still solid for my current skill level1:17.581:07.951:09.78(1:19.83)(1:04.32)
2021-48711:08.281:23.46Cross edges and 3-2-3 pairing was pretty bad, but I got back into the rhythm on the last 2 solves1:23.99(1:32.19)1:24.81(1:08.28)1:21.59
2020-488557.761:21.211.) Sub-1! Everything just flowed perfectly, made almost no mistakes. Definitely wasn't expecting this, especially since I'm averaging sub-1:20 now :D

2.) Followed up an amazing solve with an awful one. Entire solve was pretty lousy; no bars during F2C, a bunch of pauses in L4C, and pretty unlucky in 3-2-3. Oh well, I guess I had it coming lol

3.) Bad/unlucky start, a *super* lucky 3-2-3 saved me though

4.) Yellow cross had a couple wings solved, so I went with that. Had a few stumbles due to not using white but overall performed well. I'm confident I can handle dual CN in 4x4

5.) Blech
2020-47641:09.421:18.34Didn't lose as much speed as I was expecting; I'm actually doing pretty decent. I didn't warm up at all(other than some solves of other cubes), so overall I did very well. I can clearly see I'm slowing down in edge pairing though, that could use some work.1:19.77(1:24.58)1:17.901:17.35(1:09.42)
2020-236354.771:04.85PB Ao5 and almost PB single :D(54.77)1:04.75(1:13.64)1:05.471:04.33
2020-21811:03.361:12.27Overall PB single, great average for Yau. I think I'm just as fast as I was before now(1:03.36)(1:18.53)1:09.461:17.441:09.90
2020-151081:18.051:28.26Did this average with Yau, working on switching(1:39.36)1:28.121:32.09(1:18.05)1:24.56
2020-12941:07.901:16.821.) Woah! Close to overall PB, sub-1:10 would've been cool
2.) Overall PB! Former was 1:08.13
3.) Great time, used COLL
4.) Pretty decent, bad edge pairing
5.) Bad 3x3, ok time

2020-101011:34.261:37.03Solid solves, getting a new main soon1:36.29(1:34.26)1:39.36(1:42.39)1:35.44
2020-091001:26.481:37.23Woah! Almost overall PB Ao5 and single. Last one I saw that a CLL skip was gonna happen during OLL parity so I used 2-look ELL(1:48.22)1:39.621:43.661:28.42(1:26.48)
2020-081011:58.242:04.35Pretty decent2:06.64(1:58.24)2:01.212:05.19(2:08.75)
2020-071031:54.102:01.79Nice PB average2:03.472:05.221:56.69(1:54.10)(2:08.81)
2020-061171:59.992:05.64Dope average2:03.062:12.34(2:17.59)(1:59.99)2:01.52
2020-051151:59.982:09.06Sub-2:00 single and PB average!2:12.072:08.562:06.54(2:12.34)(1:59.98)
2020-041312:01.322:09.76Awesome, sub-2:10 average2:06.732:10.092:12.45(2:01.32)(2:19.87)
2020-031322:41.352:45.25Glad I was able to reassemble my 4x4 :)

Also going from reduction to Yau with 3-2-3 is like magic lol
2020-021403:54.104:06.22Welp. It's a PB.(4:15.27)4:10.91(3:54.10)4:08.563:59.18
2020-011384:15.894:44.20I mean, it's not awful lol(5:12.67)4:49.014:52.184:31.42(4:15.89)
2019-521293:41.754:12.73Just got a 4x4 yesterday.

1.) No parity

2.) No parity again :)

3.) PLL parity

4.) Double Parity

5.) PLL parity
2023-04772:22.642:29.62I'm so bad at 5x5 lol. Also apparently my SSPB is 3:53 average so I improved that by a tiny bit.

Epic sub-2:30 though
2020-10754:31.714:48.09lol I'm so bad at 5x54:49.144:38.77(5:04.03)4:56.35(4:31.71)
2020-08755:03.165:08.06Nice PB average5:07.725:12.17(5:03.16)5:04.29(5:23.57)
2020-07785:03.645:08.43I've been practicing a little(5:03.64)(5:15.26)5:04.275:08.185:12.85
2020-06865:14.285:27.34I really need to practice 5x5. PB average still5:32.08(5:14.28)(5:49.75)5:27.845:22.11
2020-041005:12.085:41.15Nice single, overall PB.(5:45.17)5:37.875:41.01(5:12.08)5:44.56
2020-03945:31.965:39.35Nice. Just got a 5x5 a few days ago so not bad.5:37.19(5:49.12)(5:31.96)5:41.205:39.65
2x2x2 blindfolded
2022-504431.5832.08#1 - A couple pauses in exec

#2 - Good other than one big pause

#3 - Great solve
2022-493224.7027.331. really clean solve, super happy with it
2. memo was pretty sloppy but good execution, great time
3. only solve that had a cycle break, very happy with that

Awesome mean overall
2021-481823.7228.95All 1-looking ability is gone but apparently I can still do OP with good consistency and decent speed37.1423.7225.98
2020-471812.9214.331-looked #3, others were OP. Pretty fast, +2ed #3 because I guessed AUF and got it wrong lol15.9312.9214.13
2020-2135.26DNFAggressive 1-looking techniques, can't believe I got a successDNFDNF5.26
2020-2083.415.331.) 1-looked, PB by 5 seconds
2.) Another 1-look, guessed AUF. Old COLL alg, surprised I didn't forget it
3.) Another 1-look lol

Mo3 beat previous PB by 3
2020-16198.8313.98Nooooo #3 was a +2, almost had PB :(13.1419.988.83
2020-151111.24DNFDNF was 21.58, would've been 16.98 Mo3. Great singleDNF11.2418.11
2020-1288.6613.871.) 16.04 - Great solve
2.) 8.66 - One looked it, guessed the AUF and got it correct. Overall PB by a lot
3.) 16.91 - I memoed the wrong last letter, and right before I executed it I realized I memoed the wrong one

13.87 Mo3, close to (former) overall PB single :O
2020-111613.2417.95Nice double PB17.1913.2423.41
2020-091619.3319.73Talk about consistency19.9719.8919.33
2020-082414.7619.461.) Good solve
2.) I realized I could do a T-Perm and skip like 4 letters
3.) Nice

Awesome sub-20 mean and SS PB single!
2020-072117.2421.741.) Bad exec
2.) Awesome solve
3.) Insane exec!

One of my best means ever, super happy
2020-062119.4327.101.) ?!? Ridiculously good solve, memo was easy and exec was solid overall PB by almost 10 seconds
2.) ... I'm now convinced that these are fake scrambles
3.) Last solve was hard, proud of the result considering the scramble

I'm just gonna walk away and not comment on this mean. Overall PB by 5ish seconds(mean) and single by 12ish seconds
2020-054237.53DNFBeen working on faster memo, it's definitely showing

DNF was a 36.60 I completely failed.
2020-044232.9150.031.) 46.79 - Absolutely insane! Overall PB and first sub-50! I've had one other sub-50, but I DNFed it by a twisted piece.

2.) 32.91 - WTH?! While I was doing exec I realized I forgot a single piece, and I had to guess where the correct sticker was. So lucky :O

3.) 1:10.40 - Good memo, solid exec

My mean beat previous PB XD
2020-035357.17DNFDNF was a sub-50, would've been my first. Good single though1:12.9857.17DNF
2020-026151.1756.23Wow. Just wow. 59.8551.1757.67
2020-014952.671:03.58Mo3 PB by 10 seconds :)52.671:07.581:10.48
2019-525054.371:13.04Solid Mo3, beats weekly comp PB by 7 seconds. Pretty solid single as well.1:26.281:18.4754.37
2019-514052.20DNF 1.) 52.20 - Smooth memo52.20DNFDNS
2019-504059.031:20.58I got a mean :) I almost DNFed the third solve, but I managed to realize and correct my mistakes.1:21.1659.031:41.54
2019-49381:09.001:27.40My first 2BLD mean :D great times as well. I forgot the last R turn on #2, I'm soo glad I didn't DNF it lol. A great single also.1:46.091:09.001:27.10
2019-48522:19.84DNFMy best time of the first two was 5:00, and the one I actually finished was less than half that lol. The time on #3 was insane, the scramble was pretty easy and I executed decently fast. It was also my first timed 2BLD success, I'd done my first two 2BLD successes right before this, and neither had been timed. So I guess I'm starting out with a good PB :)DNFDNF2:19.84
3x3x3 blindfolded
2021-4825DNFDNF1. 5:01.25[~3:00] - 4 corners and 4 edges unsolved so not great. Probably will put a bit more time into memo next solve; I don't think the issue was with the exec.DNFDNSDNS
2020-47285:57.69DNF1.) DNF(4:25.18) - 6 Edges off, I had some weird letter pairs at the beginning so I probably messed misremembered something there.

2.) 5:57.69 - Very slow, but I managed to solve it. I'm so out of practice that I memoed edges first, and I ended up having to retrace the first 3 letters of my edges before I solved so I could remember it, and had ~10-20 second pause trying to remember my corner memo in the middle of the solve. Overall a big mess where I memoed things in the wrong way, rememoed a couple letters, and forgot my memo in the middle. I managed to get it done though :)

3.) DNS - Didn't have time; I started this roughly 30 minutes before the comp closed
2020-2134DNFDNF1.) Off by a lot, I think I messed up edges memo
2.) Just switched to M2, wrong alg
3.) Forgot to do parity, forgot the last part of corner memo
2020-11265:13.80DNF1.) 5:13.80(3:26.x) - Nice solve
2.) DNF(4:55.18(3:25.x)) - Thought the solve was awesome, off by 3E 1C(minus buffers) :(
2020-09356:19.37DNF2nd solve was a 46:19.37DNF8:19.93
2020-08243:50.00DNF1. DNF(6:58.86(4:28.53)) - Off by a twisted corner
2. 3:50.00(2:32.05) - :O PB by a bunch, super easy scramble
3. DNF(6:40.17(4:20.68)) - I had more pieces solved when I started. I think I did a wrong wide move
2020-07345:17.916:15.46I got a mean5:17.917:12.936:15.55
2020-05379:34.09DNF1.) 10:44.61(7:34.07) - My first ever success!
2.) DNF(8:42.90(5:45.42)) - Hard memo, off by 1 twisted edge
3.) 9:34.09(7:11.45) - So close to DNFing by a slice move. WCA needs STM...

Two successes, yay!
2020-0338DNFDNFGetting closerDNFDNFDNF
2020-0252DNFDNFHeh heh. I'm really bad.DNFDNFDNF
2020-0151DNFDNFWell, it'll happen one day.DNFDNFDNF
2019-5240DNFDNFlol I don't practice blind at all, I'm yet to get a success :PDNFDNFDNF
2019-5131DNFDNFHaven't been practicing blind much, but I though I'd give it a try. Totally messed up on the first two, went real slow on the last one but still didn't do very wellDNFDNFDNF
2019-4836DNFDNFI'm bad at blind, but I love trying it. 0/3 lolDNFDNFDNF
3x3x3 multiple blindfolded
2020-096DNFStill trying for that 2/2 :)1/2 19:03
2020-087DNFStill going for 2/21/2 18:22
2020-0710DNF1/2 19:52
3x3x3 one-handed
2022-5110931.3233.72Why is this cube so big(34.89)(31.32)34.6832.9333.56
2022-509527.2233.60#1 - hesitated for a couple seconds trying to figure out if I should even bother doing that OLL

#2 - I tried to do a G-Perm

#3 - An actual decent solve

#4 - Another good solve

#5 - Would've easily been sub-30 but took about 10 seconds to do the last move of OLL and a U-Perm

I'm disappointed overall
2022-499929.0237.051. 3-look PLL
2. Did LL twice
3. Finally a good solve
4. Good solve
5. Atrocious F2L + got a Z-Perm

Horrific average
2020-474826.2728.38Woah! I did WAY better than I expected. Almost pure sub-30 is pretty good considering I haven't even done a casual OH solve in at least a month and timed ones in almost *6 months*26.2929.3729.49(30.28)(26.27)
2020-213914.5320.25What were those two singles??23.96(25.61)17.4519.33(14.53)
2020-202919.1119.851.) Great solve, sub-20s are pretty rare
2.) Dang, almost another sub-20. Super happy
3.) lol EO, planned out 2 pairs. Slow PLL though, should've been faster
4.) Meh
5.) Another easy EO. Good F2L, but AS->T-Perm saved the day

Overall PB average is 20.28, I think you need to check your scrambles lol
2020-197122.0028.881.) Wide move OLL and G-Perm
2.) Good solve
3.) Amazing solve, then got V-Perm
4.) Somehow planned EOXCross and then preserved a pair for EO223. 2-look PLL ruined an easy sub-20 :/
5.) Good EO, inserted pair into wrong spot, 5+ seconds of pauses in F2L, 3+ second cube drop in the middle of OLL made me redo OLL, and then 2-look PLL
2020-186522.7126.36Haven't done OH on here in a while, average was 42.87 lol. Used ZZ27.07(22.71)(30.69)27.9024.11
2020-1510535.5842.871.) Before I learned OH turning, still decent
2.) Almost overall PB, it had to be the U-Perm I haven't learned RU yet :/
3.) Again, the U-Perm I don't know. Could've been insane :(
4.) OH Amnesia on E-Perm
5.) YES! Finally didn't choke, got a Y-perm and didn't totally fail :D

Worst luck with PLL today, most of the solves finished F2L sub-20 though. Good progress, need to get my PLLs down bad
2020-0710839.6848.821.) Forced OLL skip into a PLL I know
2.) Intuitive VHLS with an easy(OH) OLL
3.) X-Cross
4.) VHLS again(it's good for my horrible TPS)
5.) Easy PLL
2020-0511244.5950.78Nice single48.9252.3451.09(57.63)(44.59)
2020-0414142.7055.65Awesome single56.75(42.70)(59.87)56.0954.12
2020-0313248.6653.491.) Good cross
2.) Hard LL
3.) Dropped cube, would've been good
4.) Nice comeback after the 59, good F2L
5.) Pretty good
2020-0212845.2846.75I don't care about OH. At all. PB. Yay. :)(45.28)47.10(59.18)46.1347.01
2020-0113548.3958.03Literally haven't done an OH solve in the past week.(48.39)57.92(1:12.48)54.371:01.79
2019-5212647.2959.20It's actually kinda funny how bad I am at OH lol(47.29)59.28(1:17.41)56.971:01.36
2019-5112345.2250.66I never practice OH. I guess I did decent.(58.55)49.0550.6752.25(45.22)
2019-5011942.5047.94Sub 50 average! I'm normally around 45-5047.0646.9449.82(56.54)(42.50)
2019-4911452.011:05.91Easy cross, two free pairs, T-Perm for #3 :)

Beat my Single PB by .7 and my Ao5 PB by 5 seconds.
2019-481241:19.481:36.57I got a Z-Perm for #3, and an H-Perm for #5. I can't do M moves :((1:44.34)1:37.731:43.85(1:19.48)1:28.13
3x3x3 With feet
2020-2194:21.774:49.03PLL skip on 44:51.124:56.094:39.87(4:21.77)(5:03.45)
2020-0954:31.625:05.38Woah single5:05.265:03.47(4:31.62)(5:09.55)5:07.40
2020-0754:58.895:03.62PB average(5:10.69)5:02.535:06.50(4:58.89)5:01.84
2020-05124:58.135:08.57Eh whatever5:12.765:05.10(5:16.87)(4:58.13)5:07.86
2020-04174:59.875:05.20Almost PB average(5:15.62)5:12.395:01.98(4:59.87)5:01.23
2020-0394:51.235:05.61I'm undecided on whether or not I like feet. I'm not practicing it though, cause it's not an event.(5:12.17)4:56.98(4:51.23)5:10.195:09.67
2020-02144:49.155:05.15First ever feet solves. It's actually sorta fun.(5:15.92)4:58.275:12.045:05.14(4:49.15)
3x3x3 Match the scramble
2020-0971:57.262:00.44Almost sub-2 average, no good singles1:59.89(2:04.30)1:59.65(1:57.26)2:01.79
2020-0791:49.662:02.34I devised an LL technique(1:49.66)2:03.431:58.40(2:10.74)2:05.18
2020-05112:00.042:11.56Soooo close to sub-2:00 single2:15.79(2:23.45)2:17.862:01.02(2:00.04)
2020-04182:00.012:10.85Sooo close to sub-2 single :(2:05.872:12.342:14.35(2:18.06)(2:00.01)
2020-03112:05.642:10.40I really need a better LL approach.2:12.162:09.89(2:05.64)(2:19.86)2:09.15
2020-02171:59.792:13.21Is there a good way to do LL?2:06.582:12.862:20.19(1:59.79)(2:21.67)
3x3x3 Fewest moves
2020-0983740.67Good solves423743
2020-0883942.00Great solves, #2 could've been better394740
2020-07153438.00:O Sub-40 mean and sub-35 single, both PBs. Used different methods on each.344238
2020-06114143.67Well, that was interesting. Used PCMS for the first two solves, then ended up changing the cross color halfway though the last one lol. Almost PB mean, .33 away434741
2020-05153643.33Woah scramble was super easy for #1. PB by 10 lol

#2 tied former PB, a pretty good scramble

Decent scramble for #3, pretty happy

All good solves, mean was insane because of the 36 lol
2020-04154646.67Insane consistency. #3 was >52 without move cancelations474746
2020-03134546.33Wow, all sub 50! Honestly, they were pretty easy scrambles :P Previous single was 51 and mean was 51.33. Big improvement lol464548
2019-52125153.33New PBs on #2 and #3, plus new PB mean.575251
2019-51115454.3354.33 Average :) Tied PB twice. Pretty good for just doing regular solves I guess.555454
2019-5095456.00These are my first ever attempts and I've never learned anything about FMC. So I guess I did decent.555954
2-3-4 Relay
2020-15611:39.39Nice PB1:39.39
2020-12561:48.262x2 felt normal, 3x3 felt good(finished 2+3 in 20), 4x4 felt decent(about 1:28, decent)1:48.26
2020-10531:56.272x2 - 5.89
3x3 - 18.30
4x4 - 1:32.08

Nice sub-2
2020-09592:55.95Pretty solid all around, 4x4 was about 1:302:55.95
2020-08562:07.752x2 - Good, used CLL
3x3 - Really fast, somewhere around 15 seconds
4x4 - Probably 1:40ish, which is my PB :P
2020-06682:39.48So close to PB2:39.48
2020-03873:20.122x2.) ~5-6 - Normal
3x3.) ~24-25 - Pretty good considering no inspection
4x4.) ~2:50 - Pretty good considering no inspection, 3-2-3 was awkward

Awesome, really happy. Almost beat previous "official" 4x4 single lol
2020-01804:15.26Dang! Super fast 4x4(for me :P)4:15.26
2019-52824:37.28lol I'm so bad at 4x44:37.28
2-3-4-5 Relay
2020-12485:45.41Pretty good5:45.41
2020-09307:10.225x5 keeps getting better lol7:10.22
2020-07407:36.09PB nice7:36.09
2020-06407:52.89Pretty good. I really need to practice 5x57:52.89
2020-05467:58.71Nice sub-87:58.71
2020-04528:10.98Pretty good, nothing insane.8:10.98
2020-03538:01.712x2.) Normal
3x3.) Great solve overall
4x4.) Normal
5x5.) Normal

Nice. Sub 8 would've been cool.
2022-506513.1314.03Kinda trash last solve, very disappointed that made me not get a 13 average13.7313.5214.83(13.13)(14.92)
2022-496212.1213.14Horrible final solve lol, but overall a good average13.0813.23(12.12)13.12(17.04)
2020-09432:58.173:05.36Solid, PB average2:59.293:06.91(3:12.48)(2:58.17)3:09.89
2020-08413:01.333:08.98Isn't it great when you improve without touching a puzzle?(3:17.81)(3:01.33)3:05.223:12.373:09.34
2020-07453:58.774:04.34I never practice mega(4:12.35)4:05.57(3:58.77)4:01.924:05.53
2020-06493:49.654:05.45Pretty good singles4:12.96(4:17.97)4:05.00(3:49.65)3:58.40
2020-04473:57.104:05.66Nice counting 34:05.67(4:12.36)3:58.97(3:57.10)4:12.35
2020-03603:49.164:02.56Counting sub-3, and a great average.3:58.78(4:12.05)(3:49.16)4:01.674:07.23
2020-02673:48.964:08.61I guess doing practicing 3x3 helps Megaminx. PB average by ~30 seconds lol4:12.56(4:21.78)3:58.10(3:48.96)4:15.18
2020-01564:15.374:53.20Wow I'm inconsistent lol4:37.58(5:12.47)4:49.585:12.45(4:15.37)
2019-52564:21.614:44.80Pretty good I guess, I haven't practiced mega at all.4:56.274:39.454:38.69(4:59.78)(4:21.61)
2019-51473:59.484:37.34Crushed PB average by 13 seconds :) I haven't been practicing mega that much, but I guess my 3x3 practice has transferred over.4:32.584:56.38(5:10.48)4:23.05(3:59.48)
2019-49383:52.064:50.40Sub-4 :O :D previous PB was 4:01, and 2nd best was 4:25. Sub-5 fail on #4, but other than that everything was great except #2.4:33.58(5:25.82)4:57.085:00.53(3:52.06)
2023-03884.216.81I'll take it I guess4.908.25(21.26)7.27(4.21)
2023-011035.818.41Best pyraminx solver6.629.37(5.81)(DNF)9.25
2022-521115.9110.57Decided to try the Gan pyraminx, it's way too fast and loose at the moment. Still haven't practiced since last time (15.54)12.95(5.91)7.6411.12
2022-511087.009.55Currently practicing pyra at a rate of 5 solves per week(14.76)7.01(7.00)7.9313.70
2022-501066.599.83No, I haven't practiced since last week. How could you tell?11.20(6.59)8.66(DNF)9.63
2022-491157.099.53Haven't touched a pyraminx in ages, usually did 2-4 LL/L4E algs. I guess I'm ok with that average?10.46(7.09)10.21(14.37)7.91
2020-18462.325.18Little rusty, scrambles were ridiculous though lol6.234.764.55(2.32)(6.92)
2020-16223.343.91Woah, super easy scrambles! Used L4E and that's PB with it(4.55)3.573.65(3.34)4.52
2020-14111.663.06Forced two LL skips, destroyed PB(1.66)2.033.683.48(4.80)
2020-12512.994.04Amazing average4.033.32(2.99)4.77(4.97)
2020-09313.934.50Pretty good, solve #3 was weird(5.60)(3.93)
2020-08173.924.32Nice average(3.92)4.54(4.93)4.054.38
2020-07281.434.16Woah crazy single. Two counting 3s saved the average, thought it would be high 4s at best(5.64)3.385.54(1.43)3.56
2020-06292.064.59Pretty nice4.605.21(2.06)3.95(5.27)
2020-05382.305.16Woah dope single5.20(2.30)5.025.25(5.52)
2020-04633.895.73Used an alg from pyra bld for LL on #56.73(7.55)4.69(3.89)5.78
2020-03615.385.511.) Lockup on final alg, but nice time
2.) Nice
3.) Ugh, had to do LL alg twice
4.) Pretty good
5.) Pretty fast exec

Happy about all counting 5s. 5.51 average is nice.
2020-02640.924.21What the heck is with the scramble on #3?!2.354.79(0.92)(7.20)5.49
2020-01464.965.87Wow! Great times, two counting 5s!(8.75)5.36(4.96)5.107.16
2019-52825.458.46Horrific fail on pyra, 3 and 4 were embarrassing. 7.188.509.71(9.91)(5.45)
2019-51554.066.43Finally a decent single, I'd like to have a 3 though. 6.91(7.38)(4.06)5.347.03
2019-50536.306.57Great average!6.396.916.42(6.30)(7.59)
2019-49657.438.94Bad solve on #3, the rest were pretty nice(7.43)8.97(13.32)9.468.40
2019-471018.9310.81Pretty decent solves, should have had a sub 10 on #212.2110.88(8.93)(12.47)9.35
2019-44919.4312.24This time legit solves, I did decently well.10.97(13.92)(9.43)13.5112.25
2020-06704:32.395:07.55lol I suck5:25.06(6:34.94)(4:32.39)4:47.455:10.14
2020-0490DNFDNFCube fell apart in the middle of the solve, we'll see if I do anymore solvesDNF(DNS)DNSDNSDNS
2022-4911518.2822.26For reference as to how long it's been since I've touched a skewb, I had to do some testing to remember where to hold it when I did a U-Perm25.1921.92(18.28)(26.41)19.66
2020-097911.2215.54Okay I guess14.2516.44(11.22)15.93(16.75)
2020-08766.6712.15SS PB single!13.6114.29(16.73)(6.67)8.54
2020-07737.1111.511.) SS PB! Finally lol
2.) Fullstep, just super fast recog+TPS(for me :P)
3.) Nice solid solve
4.) What? Easy first layer, normal OLL, and while placing last center I realized it would be a L4C skip. Super surprised by the time.
5.) Solid solve
2020-031029.2015.511.) Nothing special
2.) Super long LL
3.) Yellow center skip
4.) Yellow center skip, super fast solve. Almost broke longstanding PR
5.) Lousy turning, hard LL

Good average, happy with the single. Second "official" sub-10.
2020-0210211.7813.57..Yay? I mean, it's PB average, but I don't care at all about Skewb lol(18.79)14.8613.5312.31(11.78)
2020-0111312.0919.95I do weird SH and HS26.49(12.09)14.28(37.58)19.07
2019-529711.3814.86All solves were below PB average, so I'm happy.(11.38)15.0715.6713.85(15.82)
2019-519413.5216.00I haven't practiced skewb at all, I don't know how I broke PB by 4 seconds lol13.88(21.62)20.03(13.52)14.10
2019-498714.2421.34Insane Ao519.8821.56(14.24)(30.03)22.59
2019-449415.9823.85I just recently got a Skewb, I did a lot better than I expected.23.3323.37(15.98)24.86(26.29)
2020-09161:01.321:07.20PB average barely, nice solves1:09.571:06.64(1:12.65)(1:01.32)1:05.38
2020-08171:04.981:07.35Nice average, PB(1:20.29)1:09.45(1:04.98)1:06.801:05.81
2020-071356.981:10.45So close to PB average, great single(56.98)1:15.32(1:21.30)1:04.091:11.94
2020-061358.981:10.20First sub-1!(1:23.57)(58.98)1:06.231:12.441:11.92
2020-05161:16.321:20.84Bad last solve, almost PB average1:23.491:18.06(1:16.32)1:20.97(2:34.50)
2020-04201:09.431:23.02Pretty good1:26.75(1:32.45)1:29.761:12.55(1:09.43)
2020-03221:08.191:31.11Almost Sub 1:30. Oh well, PR single anyway.(1:08.19)(1:41.68)1:29.871:35.451:28.01
2020-02231:18.291:28.90Very happy with Sub-1:30 :)1:23.18(1:41.68)1:32.56(1:18.29)1:30.95
2020-01191:12.211:20.77Great times, I'm normally around 1:301:15.381:29.471:17.45(1:47.80)(1:12.21)
2019-52111:28.732:14.35Literally got a Kilominx 5 minutes ago lol(2:55.65)2:12.28(1:28.73)2:20.502:10.26
Mini Guildford
2020-521411:52.07I didn't realize there were so many puzzles lol11:52.07
Redi Cube
2020-471215.9924.88Pretty good. Almost PB single :)(29.72)25.2526.46(15.99)22.94
2020-091717.2122.09PB average, need to practice more19.37(17.21)24.89(27.94)22.00
2020-081714.8622.87Two sub 20s! Awesome singles & average(26.47)25.4726.08(14.86)17.07
2020-072125.9827.53Awesome average, didn't think I'd do that well26.18(25.98)28.69(33.88)27.72
Master Pyraminx
2020-09111:29.211:35.35Okay, I need to learn a real method lol1:31.30(1:29.21)(1:41.69)1:35.151:39.61
2020-08121:28.451:32.32Just got a Master Pyraminx a couple days ago. Not bad I guess1:31.131:34.54(1:39.95)(1:28.45)1:31.29
15 Puzzle
2022-49317.5926.33Solved the 15-puzzle a few days ago so I remembered how to do it26.0928.44(17.59)(DNF)24.46
2020-14711.7613.16Woah! Lotta skips, but still a crazy average. Haven't even been practicing 15 Puzzle recently(11.76)14.1112.81(20.28)12.56
2020-09916.9320.80Pretty good, close to PB average. No insane singles21.5018.71(16.93)22.20(23.78)
2020-08814.3320.28Nice, SS PB average barely20.8120.5019.52(23.74)(14.33)
2020-07911.9920.49Woah! Insane singles! (26.76)(11.99)24.1621.7315.59
2020-061022.1925.39Not great but not awful25.0425.16(31.85)25.97(22.19)
2020-051018.7922.28Practiced 15 puzzle some, awesome solves!(18.79)22.3521.09(25.67)23.40
2020-041820.7927.82Nice scrambles, awesome average! Overall PB Ao5 and Single!29.98(31.45)(20.79)28.0425.45
2020-032029.8533.061.) Pretty good
2.) Blech
3.) Could've been better, but can't complain about a sub-30
4.) Nice solve, thought it would be a better time
5.) Meh
2020-022028.5534.13Good average. Where do I learn a new method?35.19(38.16)(28.55)36.0631.14
2020-011631.5736.19All sub 40. Glad all 4 events were added :)38.2936.1734.12(39.97)(31.57)
Speed Fewest Moves
2020-05446.2950.55I found a bunch of good solutions fast. Only one solve over 50 moves.50.2148.7952.66(53.21)(46.29)
Mirror Blocks
2020-24638.9649.08I love getting better without practice49.12(54.65)52.37(38.96)45.76
2020-09744.681:01.53Solid, almost PB average1:03.4657.91(1:04.55)1:03.21(44.68)
2020-08841.051:01.47What the heck was that single? PLL skip. Great average also1:04.981:05.0454.39(41.05)(10:12.33)
2020-07949.241:04.68Woah sub-50 single1:06.29(1:12.56)1:02.60(49.24)1:05.16
2020-06958.501:07.22Nice PB1:07.411:14.82(58.50)59.44(1:32.68)
2020-051152.651:11.16Woah insane single1:09.321:12.13(52.65)(1:15.89)1:12.03
2020-04161:05.761:10.58No great singles, but consistent decent solves.(1:05.76)1:09.941:12.04(1:15.45)1:09.76
2020-031759.781:08.73Awesome! Sub-1 solve!1:12.121:07.18(59.78)1:06.89(1:15.98)
2020-02211:05.671:10.12PB single by 6 seconds, and PB average by 20 seconds. It's a wonder what learning 4lll recognition will do.1:08.891:12.36(1:23.15)(1:05.67)1:09.10
2020-01271:21.181:29.57Using LBL, bad hardware, and even worse recognition. I guess I'm not awful lol(1:21.18)1:29.461:32.171:27.09(1:38.59)