Ryan Kindt

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KingCanyon 14.85 41 1096

Current Personal Records

Event SR Single Average SR Kinch Score
2x2x211772.45Week 2021-12
2.97   4.72   4.37   3.64   2.45
Good average, beat Raymos easily
3.66Week 2021-12
50th Place
2.97   4.72   4.37   3.64   2.45
Good average, beat Raymos easily
3x3x38949.63Week 2020-36
15.08   10.35   13.70   9.63   16.46
RIP average, but really cool sub 10.
12.38Week 2020-33
70th Place
13.48   12.73   11.44   12.08   12.33
This was quite a good average for me. It was quite lucky as well.
4x4x492949.89Week 2020-34
1:03.29   1:08.24   49.89   1:03.31   1:03.26
Pretty normal average for me, but amazing sub 50 single!
1:02.19Week 2020-22
64th Place
1:04.09   59.50   1:01.20   1:07.68   1:01.29
5x5x55761:32.95Week 2020-34
1:32.95   1:54.47   1:38.10   1:55.53   1:41.80
Sad counting a 1:54
1:40.47Week 2020-32
31st Place
1:44.87   1:42.96   1:41.16   1:37.30   1:37.16
This was quite a great average for me. Every solve was better than the one before it. I just had good turning and some good luck as well.
6x6x64453:19.48Week 2020-29
3:47.53   3:31.76   4:02.22   4:05.12   3:19.48
This was okay, The 3:19 was great.
3:47.17Week 2020-29
20th Place
3:47.53   3:31.76   4:02.22   4:05.12   3:19.48
This was okay, The 3:19 was great.
2x2x2 blindfolded12441:53.80Week 2019-32
63rd Place
DNF   1:53.80   DNF
Messed up on the first solve, last solve was off by one corner.
3x3x3 blindfolded6452:48.72Week 2020-23
22nd Place
DNF   2:54.31   2:48.72
3x3x3 multiple blindfolded2763Week 2020-27
3rd Place
4/5 38:33
Wow, so close to 5/5 on my first 5 cube attempt. I probably made some execution error on the unsolved one, it was off by 4 edges. I’m happy with how quick this was, and I still feel like I reviewed quite a bit.
3x3x3 one-handed63417.75Week 2020-32
25.51   25.62   17.75   22.90   25.92
This average was alright. The 17 was crazy.
22.23Week 2020-28
33rd Place
23.85   23.09   19.74   26.88   19.16
Counting sub 20 my goodness
3x3x3 With feet4765:31.09Week 2019-32
6:58.78   7:55.14   8:48.55   5:31.09   5:45.58
These were all PBs since I had only done one feet solve in my life previous to these. Feet isn't actually a bad event in my opinion.
6:53.17Week 2019-32
15th Place
6:58.78   7:55.14   8:48.55   5:31.09   5:45.58
These were all PBs since I had only done one feet solve in my life previous to these. Feet isn't actually a bad event in my opinion.
3x3x3 Match the scramble6722:33.94Week 2020-20
3:34.73   3:11.49   3:57.95   3:55.33   2:33.94
3:33.85Week 2020-20
11th Place
3:34.73   3:11.49   3:57.95   3:55.33   2:33.94
3x3x3 Fewest moves69851Week 2020-26
51   DNS   DNS
Pretty good solution here. 3rd and 4th pairs could of been a lot better though.
2-3-4 Relay7081:16.66Week 2020-22
31st Place
2-3-4-5 Relay5623:16.87Week 2020-26
16th Place
2-3-4-5-6 Relay2606:47.01Week 2020-26
8th Place
Clock50012.78Week 2021-12
16.95   14.57   15.46   12.78   14.60
Good sub 15 average
14.88Week 2021-12
39th Place
16.95   14.57   15.46   12.78   14.60
Good sub 15 average
Megaminx3021:12.25Week 2020-29
1:30.73   1:16.25   1:26.18   1:12.25   1:26.52
This was quite a good average for me. However, there were still some lockups and I can't have these happen as often. The 1:16 and 1:12 were good though.
1:22.98Week 2020-29
20th Place
1:30.73   1:16.25   1:26.18   1:12.25   1:26.52
This was quite a good average for me. However, there were still some lockups and I can't have these happen as often. The 1:16 and 1:12 were good though.
Pyraminx10255.09Week 2019-31
8.96   7.40   13.01   10.84   5.09
This was a very lucky average of 5, especially solve 5.
9.07Week 2019-31
93rd Place
8.96   7.40   13.01   10.84   5.09
This was a very lucky average of 5, especially solve 5.
Skewb6734.52Week 2020-52
6.43   8.53   13.76   4.52   7.42
Pretty good
7.46Week 2020-52
56th Place
6.43   8.53   13.76   4.52   7.42
Pretty good
Mirror Blocks2403:33.84Week 2020-01
4:27.02   3:40.82   3:47.20   3:33.84   4:08.72
I’m pretty bad at this. Ha ha.
3:52.25Week 2020-01
40th Place
4:27.02   3:40.82   3:47.20   3:33.84   4:08.72
I’m pretty bad at this. Ha ha.

Medal Collection

Gold Silver Bronze
0 0 1


Competition Place Single Average Solves
2021-12502.453.66Good average, beat Raymos easily2.97(4.72)4.373.64(2.45)
2021-08703.464.00Pretty average(4.66)3.844.25(3.46)3.92
2021-07473.053.83Pretty happy with this. Did a 69 solve warm up for it.3.983.78(3.05)3.72(4.07)
2020-53373.353.70Good average(4.21)3.76(3.35)3.973.37
2020-34473.343.96This average was okay.3.564.08(4.50)(3.34)4.23
2020-33463.303.82This was a great average for me. The scrambles were easy.3.95(3.30)(7.28)4.083.43
2020-32463.523.89This average was pretty good. The first and last scrambles were kind of hard with no bars, but the last was actually quite simple. Counting 3.56 is very good for me.(4.63)4.23(3.52)3.563.88
2020-30462.653.95Noice single and sub 4 average(4.42)4.313.74(2.65)3.79
2020-29703.414.50I am quite out of practice for 2x2 and the counting 5.52 shows that.(7.54)4.415.523.56(3.41)
2020-11622.833.68Good average with good scrambles. All on stackmat.3.61(4.63)(2.83)3.074.36
2020-09623.533.96Sub 4!(3.53)(5.45)3.623.754.51
2020-08713.534.28Could of been faster(3.53)4.124.59(4.67)4.12
2020-011294.295.20I really need to update my hardware for 2x2. This average was terrible.(5.73)5.335.25(4.29)5.01
2019-521183.534.88Pretty normal average of 5. I son't like the counting 5 though.5.17(3.53)(5.47)4.954.51
2019-51943.004.49Pretty Good. Recognized CLL on solve 4.4.33(4.87)4.65(3.00)4.49
2019-47923.024.61Meh average.(3.02)5.52(6.12)3.954.37
2019-34973.174.21This was a very solid average for me. (3.17)4.374.57(5.12)3.69
2019-331664.235.91Terrible average!7.53(4.23)(DNF)4.645.56
2019-321084.014.87This would of probably been a mid 4 average if it weren't for solve 3 being bad and counting. The scrambles weren't the best, so this is okay.(5.93)(4.01)5.664.434.51
2019-31913.594.69About average for me. I'm using a lingo because I lost my main.4.994.584.49(5.36)(3.59)
2021-128010.4912.64Pretty decent11.7114.01(15.57)(10.49)12.20
2021-088511.7113.39Pretty bad, last solves were okay.13.8713.53(14.08)12.77(11.71)
2021-079611.7113.46Bad average13.61(14.64)(11.71)13.1613.62
2020-538111.9613.02Good average besides the counting
2020-36679.6313.04RIP average, but really cool sub 10.15.0810.3513.70(9.63)(16.46)
2020-357112.3713.21Kinda slow(12.37)13.5913.08(15.68)12.95
2020-347511.5613.62This was a pretty bad average for me. The third solve was pretty unlucky as well. The last two solves were good though.13.5814.63(15.39)(11.56)12.65
2020-337011.4412.38This was quite a good average for me. It was quite lucky as well.(13.48)12.73(11.44)12.0812.33
2020-327711.9513.74Sad average because of the counting 15.(11.95)15.63(17.40)13.0812.50
2020-297511.6412.91This was a pretty good average for me. The counting 14.11 is sad, but it is still sub 13.11.6814.11(11.64)12.93(14.50)
2020-288513.6515.28Worst average ever17.02(17.07)(13.65)14.7914.02
2020-277812.7714.31This was sad because of a +2 and a counting 15.15.1512.92(12.77)(15.42)14.87
2020-1510910.6213.20Pretty good, didn't use stackmat though because I was lazy(10.62)(14.18)13.4112.3613.82
2020-069311.7012.56Really awesome average!(14.42)13.1612.2012.33(11.70)
2020-0113914.4714.87Pretty bad average to be honest.14.52(14.47)(18.38)14.6815.40
2019-5213413.2515.02Such a sad average.15.40(15.99)14.5915.08(13.25)
2019-5113013.5214.99Pretty bad average for me. Glad it's sub 15 though.15.8714.98(13.52)(16.66)14.11
2019-4910812.1814.34An okay average. Had lots of lockups.13.8914.6314.51(12.18)(15.22)
2019-4811113.0813.86Argh! N perm on solve 5 was terrible. I got a PLL skip on solve 3.13.58(13.08)13.1314.87(16.29)
2019-479412.6413.56Pretty good average. Beats my PR. Could of been sub 13 if I didn't mess up on solve 2. That one had a chance of being sub 12.12.66(14.79)(12.64)14.0513.97
2019-3415614.2115.56This was a pretty bad average with pretty bad scrambles. The plus two on solve 2 really hurt.14.80(16.03)(14.21)15.9515.93
2019-3314912.1914.15This was an unexpected average. I wasn't expecting to get pretty good times, as I was getting 15s and 16s before this. It's sub 15, so it's good.13.6613.77(12.19)15.02(16.75)
2019-3211513.4714.24This was a 14.22 average without the plus 2. I originally wasn't going to count it, but I did. My official PR is 14.87, so I'm making progress at home.14.3713.53(13.47)(15.92)14.82
2019-3112812.4915.60Counting 16 hurt. I'm globally about 15 flat, so this was pretty bad for me.(12.49)(18.55)16.7515.1514.89
2021-08651:01.611:04.60Pretty normal average, want to average sub 1.(1:14.89)1:03.56(1:01.61)1:02.791:07.46
2021-07691:00.331:02.74Plus twoed the only sub 1. 1:03.251:03.83(1:06.82)(1:00.33)1:01.13
2020-345749.891:03.29Pretty normal average for me, but amazing sub 50 single!1:03.29(1:08.24)(49.89)1:03.311:03.26
2020-336459.341:07.68This average was not the best, but I got double parity on many solves sadly.1:07.69(1:21.76)1:06.89(59.34)1:08.45
2020-325658.231:05.69This average was okay for me.1:10.12(1:15.62)1:03.38(58.23)1:03.58
2020-295954.141:05.29This average was mediocre for me. The 3rd solve had very lucky edges, but unfortunately I got double parity. The 2nd solve was downright awful. The 5th solve was lucky with no parity.1:07.03(1:25.60)1:02.951:05.90(54.14)
2020-274757.741:03.51Not bad for how much parity I got.(1:13.29)(57.74)1:03.721:02.131:04.67
2020-256157.271:05.46Decent for how many parities I had. I messed up parity on the last solve, so I DNFed.(57.27)1:07.681:00.861:07.85(DNF)
2020-247053.431:12.36Nice single, rest is trash1:17.741:09.68(1:19.99)1:09.67(53.43)
2020-206258.601:02.34Very nice sub 1s1:04.2359.681:03.10(1:06.82)(58.60)
2020-119058.931:07.71Got a sub 1!!!1:05.251:09.36(1:17.01)1:08.53(58.93)
2020-011211:20.091:28.00Absolute terrible average for me. I'm bad at Yau right now.(1:20.09)(1:31.15)1:27.471:27.301:29.24
2019-521021:11.031:23.06Not the best average for me. I'm transitioning to Yau, so I'm naturally a bit slower right now, but I was hoping for at least sub 1:20.(1:11.03)1:26.311:17.181:25.68(1:51.96)
2019-49841:05.321:15.16An okay average considering my cube. I'm getting a new one tomorrow and will start to learn Yau.1:18.791:14.491:12.20(1:26.06)(1:05.32)
2019-341311:13.661:22.63This was a pretty normal average for me.1:25.621:22.32(1:37.10)1:19.96(1:13.66)
2019-331481:17.541:25.92This was an okay average. My hardware is bad though and I don't know Yau.1:19.701:31.67(1:17.54)(1:44.13)1:26.40
2019-321261:07.541:29.74Not the best average... except for the 1:07.1:32.73(1:07.54)1:19.831:36.65(1:38.90)
2020-34321:32.951:44.79Sad counting a 1:54(1:32.95)1:54.471:38.10(1:55.53)1:41.80
2020-32311:37.161:40.47This was quite a great average for me. Every solve was better than the one before it. I just had good turning and some good luck as well.(1:44.87)1:42.961:41.161:37.30(1:37.16)
2020-30371:36.141:51.88Rip counting 1:55s. Nice single though1:55.39(1:36.14)1:44.82(1:56.59)1:55.43
2020-29301:36.521:48.64This average was unfortunate because the last solve had a pretty bad pop and I think the solve was on pace for a 1:40-1:45. At least I got a 1:36 which had very easy edges.1:57.041:47.82(1:36.52)1:41.07(2:23.73)
2020-27391:39.881:46.03This was a [retty solid average. The 2:25 was so slow for me because I had a pretty big lockup/pop.1:50.631:45.93(2:25.28)(1:39.88)1:41.54
2020-26401:40.351:49.64Good sub 1:50(1:40.35)1:54.151:48.62(2:03.51)1:46.14
2020-20471:39.761:56.18Nice counting 1:461:55.45(2:13.54)(1:39.76)1:46.132:06.96
2020-13661:41.731:53.03Really nice average and single!(2:23.91)1:57.071:50.781:51.25(1:41.73)
2020-01741:43.601:55.52Absolutely insanely good average of 5 for me. The first two solves had surprising PLL skips. I got pretty lucky on the 2nd solves with edges and the last two were just executed really well I got a PB mean of 3 that was a 1:51.21 in this average and the 1:43 was off of my PB by 0.2.1:59.211:58.33(2:01.00)(1:43.60)1:49.02
2019-52661:51.132:12.92This was a wasted average. I messed up quite a bit. It should of at least been under 2:10. I'm happy with the 1:61 though!2:14.79(2:32.78)(1:51.13)2:20.522:03.45
2019-51631:54.422:07.38Solid average. The 3rd solve could've been PB, but I locked up a bit.2:10.53(2:25.43)(1:54.42)2:08.102:03.52
2019-49522:00.932:13.60Argh! Counting 2:26 killed me.2:26.312:05.82(2:00.93)2:08.66(2:39.28)
2019-34802:05.852:10.28Yay! This was pretty good for me. The 3x3 stage on solve 4 was very fast.2:13.212:06.612:11.03(2:05.85)(2:33.45)
2019-33982:09.842:22.25This was an okay average for me. The first 3 solves were bad, the 4th was good, and the last was okay.2:25.192:26.47(2:48.53)(2:09.84)2:15.09
2019-32731:54.392:10.34This was an awesome average! The 1:54 is my second best solve ever and the average is also great. If this were in a competition officially the average would be PR by 15 seconds and the single would be PR by 24 seconds!(2:24.48)(1:54.39)2:15.592:05.182:10.26
2019-31762:12.782:28.92Not very fast, but okay.2:33.732:24.42(2:12.78)2:28.60(2:40.64)
2020-29203:19.483:47.17This was okay, The 3:19 was great.3:47.533:31.764:02.22(4:05.12)(3:19.48)
2019-32514:33.375:04.60This was okay, but time consuming. Solve 3 had triple parity, solve 4 had no parity.(5:22.95)5:11.085:02.39(4:33.37)5:00.33
2x2x2 blindfolded
2020-2348DNFDNFGave up because 2BLD is hard because of color scheme.DNFDNSDNS
2020-1650DNFDNFI messed upDNFDNFDNF
2019-32631:53.80DNFMessed up on the first solve, last solve was off by one corner.DNF1:53.80DNF
3x3x3 blindfolded
2020-2720DNFDNFVery unfortunateDNFDNFDNF
2020-16273:12.97DNFSolve 3 was PB!DNFDNF3:12.97
2020-1534DNFDNFI think I tried to execute too fast or made some mistakes with the t perm. Hope I can improve accuracy in the future!DNFDNFDNF
2020-11254:36.57DNFThe 1st and 2nd solve could of been good, but I am happy with the last solve’s success.DNF6:07.064:36.57
2020-0829DNFDNFI thought I did the last one right, but apparently not.DNFDNFDNF
2019-32535:08.17DNFYay! A success. I made sure to take my time on it because I already had two DNFs. I played it safe on execution. My PB is 3:57.DNFDNF5:08.17
4x4x4 blindfolded
2020-2212DNFDNFWing memo is hard. This was first 4BLD attempt ever.DNFDNSDNS
3x3x3 multiple blindfolded
2020-2733Wow, so close to 5/5 on my first 5 cube attempt. I probably made some execution error on the unsolved one, it was off by 4 edges. I’m happy with how quick this was, and I still feel like I reviewed quite a bit.4/5 38:33
2020-1613DNFAbout all corners were solved. I just messed up edges. One of the cubes had all edges in the M slice flipped. Guess I better analyze it and see where I went wrong.0/3 26:44
3x3x3 one-handed
2021-084922.3027.07Pretty bad with the counting 31.25.0031.87(22.30)(33.34)24.35
2021-075521.5524.99Decent average considering the PLLs I got.(27.29)25.90(21.55)25.2923.78
2020-524221.5322.50Pretty good22.7321.7922.99(21.53)(31.31)
2020-353720.5723.99Pretty average tbh(20.57)23.30(26.04)24.6424.03
2020-343818.9323.64Not a bad average, very nice single as well23.7825.2821.86(18.93)(26.36)
2020-324317.7524.68This average was alright. The 17 was crazy.25.5125.62(17.75)22.90(25.92)
2020-315620.5628.35This was a disaster30.23(20.56)29.98(31.12)24.83
2020-294722.7325.26This was a pretty mediocre average for me. It's unfortunate that the 26 had a v perm.24.3726.04(30.92)(22.73)25.38
2020-283319.1622.23Counting sub 20 my goodness23.8523.0919.74(26.88)(19.16)
2020-273621.8523.84This was pretty good.26.0823.54(21.85)21.91(27.35)
2020-245424.6528.17😂 Worst Average in a long time30.31(32.68)28.0226.19(24.65)
2020-205022.3925.26Yay, sub 2624.37(32.24)25.69(22.39)25.71
2020-157820.4227.25Sad average, I could of gotten sub 20 and rip counting 29.29.59(29.89)25.94(20.42)26.22
2020-087021.9726.61Good average(21.97)26.53(32.51)24.7228.57
2020-019323.1427.73Pretty good average! Last solve was an OLL skip.29.5028.12(32.90)25.56(23.14)
2019-528122.5029.25Pretty good average for me. Nice 22 single as well.31.8128.1827.77(32.75)(22.50)
2019-498829.6532.44Meh average. Good to salvage a sub 30 at the end, though.33.1831.07(37.84)33.07(29.65)
2019-478927.0129.65I didn't expect this to be sub 30. I'm out of practice on OH. PLL skip on solve 1.27.4131.0530.49(32.61)(27.01)
2019-349221.6727.08This was an excellent average of 5 on one handed for me, especially that 21.(35.35)(21.67)31.2325.8524.15
2019-3310424.4229.44A pretty good average for me. I had v perms on 3 of the solves.(24.42)33.1327.7327.47(37.53)
2019-329428.6031.69Not too bad.(28.60)33.45(35.33)31.0130.60
2019-318322.1130.38This would of been a sub 20 average, but a stupid keychain thing kept popping up on the computer, so it wasn't. Solve 4 was great though.36.0528.8526.24(22.11)(40.19)
3x3x3 With feet
2019-32155:31.096:53.17These were all PBs since I had only done one feet solve in my life previous to these. Feet isn't actually a bad event in my opinion.6:58.787:55.14(8:48.55)(5:31.09)5:45.58
3x3x3 Match the scramble
3x3x3 Fewest moves
2020-261051DNFPretty good solution here. 3rd and 4th pairs could of been a lot better though.51DNSDNS
2019-322854DNFOverall, I got pretty lucky with this solution and feel good about it. The second scramble took a lot of work, but I think it went pretty well.5754DNS
2-3-4 Relay
2020-29291:27.092x2 and 4x4 were mediocre. 3x3 was pretty decent.1:27.09
2020-11491:36.042x2 and 3x3 were okay. 4x4 was bad.1:36.04
2019-52641:58.084x4 with Yau killed me here.1:58.08
2019-51611:44.98So close to PB! Oh well.1:44.98
2019-49501:52.29Stupid 1:52.29
2019-32761:44.34Not bad. The 4x4 was pretty good.1:44.34
2-3-4-5 Relay
2020-29153:21.43This was alright. I got about average on every cube.3:21.43
2019-51333:58.85Everything was trash except 5x5.3:58.85
2019-32353:42.28Great time! The 5x5 was amazing, maybe even sub 2.3:42.28
2-3-4-5-6 Relay
2021-123912.7814.88Good sub 15 average(16.95)14.5715.46(12.78)14.60
2021-074516.0017.67Pretty good for me.18.26(19.92)17.88(16.00)16.87
2019-525031.0337.74I don't practice clock a whole lot.(31.03)41.7834.02(47.01)37.41
2019-514930.2854.58Terrible average. I usually average about 35.(30.28)34.931:25.3743.44(1:30.57)
2019-325127.0933.45Yay! Didn't DNF and got a nice 27.(DNF)33.34(27.09)34.6532.37
2019-314432.8742.40Bad average,,, and bad hardware!(48.35)38.76(32.87)40.4048.03
2021-07261:21.921:30.63Slightly below average.1:34.21(1:42.66)1:29.97(1:21.92)1:27.70
2020-29201:12.251:22.98This was quite a good average for me. However, there were still some lockups and I can't have these happen as often. The 1:16 and 1:12 were good though.(1:30.73)1:16.251:26.18(1:12.25)1:26.52
2020-27211:15.261:23.36This is a very good average for me. The stars on these scrambles were pretty simple. Also, good 1:15 single.1:20.721:28.11(1:15.26)1:21.25(1:31.16)
2020-25271:23.331:40.91SO BADDDD! I really messed up the last solve and solve 3.1:34.251:39.631:48.85(1:23.33)(2:04.00)
2020-23261:28.771:36.15Pretty bad to be honest 1:41.251:31.521:35.69(1:46.53)(1:28.77)
2020-20201:19.411:30.36This was a very solid average for me. I liked the sub 1:20 single. I almost had sub 1:30 on this one.(1:34.99)(1:19.41)1:28.141:29.531:33.42
2020-18251:33.731:39.81Yay, sub 1:40(2:02.35)(1:33.73)1:46.411:35.031:37.98
2020-16311:20.921:41.87Pretty happy with the average. However, solve 4 was PB single!(1:48.58)1:39.681:41.45(1:20.92)1:44.47
2020-01401:40.831:48.51All solves were bad except for maybe the last one.1:45.461:47.95(2:17.70)1:52.13(1:40.83)
2019-52411:43.931:51.27Pretty bad average for megaminx today. I messed up the first two solves.1:57.86(2:20.02)1:45.01(1:43.93)1:50.93
2019-51281:34.461:43.80Pretty good average. Road to world record?1:45.81(1:34.46)1:41.85(1:46.30)1:43.73
2019-32471:43.991:51.33Pretty trashy average of 5. The counting 1:56 hurt. I was in terrible lighting, so this makes sense.1:45.791:56.771:51.42(1:57.79)(1:43.99)
2019-31391:34.831:47.44An okay average of 5. It is sub 1:50. Solve 3 and 2 were great. Solve 1 and 4 were okay. Solve 5 was terrible with a long pause in the middle.1:52.631:41.21(1:34.83)1:48.48(2:10.49)
2021-08576.8710.63Pretty average 11.597.30(6.87)12.99(15.95)
2020-29597.8111.25This average ws going decent until the last solve. The last solve made the 13.88 counting.13.8810.60(7.81)9.28(20.37)
2019-521209.06DNFI'm a failure for doing the wrong algorithm twice in a row to get DNFs! I'm getting worse at pyraminx.(DNF)DNF11.18(9.06)10.06
2019-47968.1710.25I'm bad at pyraminx.9.149.38(14.61)(8.17)12.24
2019-428810.2711.88Wow. I feel like I'm getting worse at pyra.11.86(10.27)(13.26)10.7713.01
2019-321177.6010.00So close to sub 10! All scrambles were decent except for the last one.10.129.37(7.60)10.51(15.03)
2019-31935.099.07This was a very lucky average of 5, especially solve 5.8.967.40(13.01)10.84(5.09)
2021-07505.268.26Okay average, counting 6.03 was good.6.03(18.39)8.81(5.26)9.94
2020-52564.527.46Pretty good6.438.53(13.76)(4.52)7.42
2020-32506.119.91There was a decent single in there, the rest were either mediocre or bad.(11.53)9.369.7210.65(6.11)
2020-29446.1611.66This was hot garbage.(6.16)15.347.98(20.84)11.66
2020-20496.458.80It’s alright9.407.18(6.45)(10.10)9.83
2020-11716.299.85RIP Average(6.29)9.257.5712.74(13.37)
2020-019410.1711.08This average was trash.11.7111.3210.20(10.17)(14.94)
2019-52727.798.87Yay! Sub 9!(7.79)(10.54)8.6210.027.98
2019-51737.539.71Rest in peace this average after a counting 11.(11.87)(7.53)8.9611.758.42
2019-42658.219.36A good average for me. The DNF hurts though.8.308.93(DNF)(8.21)10.85
2019-341164.9710.11This was actually a quite good average for me and a good single. The scrambles were pretty nice though.9.62(4.97)10.58(10.83)10.13
2019-3211110.6014.14What a stupid average!12.10(DNF)19.2411.08(10.60)
2019-31849.0711.06This is about my global. I don't practice skewb a lot, but I want to be sub 10 globally soon.(13.21)(9.07)11.4410.4111.33
Mirror Blocks
2020-01403:33.843:52.25I’m pretty bad at this. Ha ha.(4:27.02)3:40.823:47.20(3:33.84)4:08.72