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Immolated-Marmoset 10.13 20 608

Current Personal Records

Event SR Single Average SR Kinch Score
2x2x210902.79Week 2019-34
2.79   6.86   5.32   4.29   16.08
All right, fine
4.78Week 2019-24
107th Place
3.76   7.01   4.66   4.17   5.52
Yay spr average
3x3x3153413.93Week 2019-34
13.93   18.43   15.00   18.82   17.95
Fine, but not spr average. Spr single however!
16.46Week 2019-33
177th Place
16.24   22.63   16.97   15.66   16.17
Yessssss finally something halfway decent on here!
4x4x415561:34.15Week 2019-34
2:00.92   2:11.48   1:51.86   1:34.15   1:34.63
Almost screwed it up
1:49.14Week 2019-34
137th Place
2:00.92   2:11.48   1:51.86   1:34.15   1:34.63
Almost screwed it up
2x2x2 blindfolded59726.49Week 2019-19
26.49   41.26   42.49
1. 26.49
2. 41.26
3. 42.49
Yay a mean (and a really good single)
36.75Week 2019-19
40th Place
26.49   41.26   42.49
1. 26.49
2. 41.26
3. 42.49
Yay a mean (and a really good single)
3x3x3 one-handed101426.71Week 2019-24
46.36   41.13   35.74   26.71   1:09.71
Ruined avg with last solve lol, but pb single!
35.18Week 2019-31
99th Place
38.72   35.06   37.06   33.42   33.07
3x3x3 With feet3744:31.27Week 2019-31
7:20.14   4:31.27   5:34.30   DNF   4:58.40
For my first ever try I’m not disappointed
5:57.61Week 2019-31
21st Place
7:20.14   4:31.27   5:34.30   DNF   4:58.40
For my first ever try I’m not disappointed
3x3x3 Fewest moves31435Week 2019-25
35   41   DNF
Pretty good!
Clock706.82Week 2019-20
8.95   9.45   10.79   6.82   9.84
Yay for single, average was okay. Never though I’d beat my other speedsolving pb for awhile!
8.23Week 2019-31
7th Place
9.15   7.83   9.19   7.72   7.59
Lol consistent
Megaminx5502:08.73Week 2019-19
2:25.87   2:28.46   2:09.63   2:44.47   2:08.73
1. Literally paused for like 15 seconds in the middle trying to find a piece. Only 8 secs off PB tho so I’m not complaining!
2. More average solve, still good
3. PB! First ever sub 2:10
4. Screwed up.
5. MOM! I got another PB!

PB average too!

I’m bad at mega, ok? Don’t judge.
2:21.32Week 2019-19
49th Place
2:25.87   2:28.46   2:09.63   2:44.47   2:08.73
1. Literally paused for like 15 seconds in the middle trying to find a piece. Only 8 secs off PB tho so I’m not complaining!
2. More average solve, still good
3. PB! First ever sub 2:10
4. Screwed up.
5. MOM! I got another PB!

PB average too!

I’m bad at mega, ok? Don’t judge.
Pyraminx7244.92Week 2019-30
10.52   6.76   6.43   4.92   7.07
Yay pretty good
6.75Week 2019-30
79th Place
10.52   6.76   6.43   4.92   7.07
Yay pretty good
Square-130116.15Week 2019-34
22.08   21.78   23.92   27.33   16.15
The 16 was spr single and EPLL skip (I use Lin)
20.36Week 2019-33
53rd Place
20.52   27.21   20.25   17.75   20.32
Wow so close to sub 20
Skewb2943.48Week 2019-26
3.96   6.52   5.16   5.76   3.48
Spr single and fantastic average yay!
4.43Week 2019-34
31st Place
4.44   3.60   3.71   6.27   5.14
Yes finally broke spr avg!

Medal Collection

Gold Silver Bronze
0 0 0


Competition Place Single Average Solves
2019-341422.795.49All right, fine(2.79)6.865.324.29(16.08)
I don’t practice 2x2
2019-261294.256.02Terrible avrgae6.56(4.25)(6.64)6.624.87
2019-241073.764.78Yay spr average
2019-231223.695.24Rip counting 6
2019-221094.765.52Pretty dang good!5.68(6.33)5.625.25(4.76)
2019-211455.068.07Can I redo 3rd solve?(5.06)(DNF)13.085.465.68
2019-201153.935.93I’m very consistent today6.104.627.08(10.47)(3.93)
2019-181244.556.33Started out terrible, ended okay.7.46(9.73)6.125.40(4.55)
2019-171122.855.15That’s a pretty good average! And noice single, too!4.704.54(2.85)(7.54)6.22
2019-161163.784.99Insanely good scrambles!(10.94)(3.78)5.525.643.82
2019-151355.646.59I am out of practice. But still pretty good!6.656.366.75(5.64)(8.47)
2019-141415.576.67Prity gud(5.57)7.376.72(12.74)5.91
2019-3416213.9317.13Fine, but not spr average. Spr single however!(13.93)18.4315.00(18.82)17.95
2019-3317715.6616.46Yessssss finally something halfway decent on here!16.24(22.63)16.97(15.66)16.17
2019-3115715.3418.50Dumb iPad slowed this average down but still spr single and average. I’ve gotten so much better in the past few days!18.6018.26(18.81)18.63(15.34)
2019-3017015.8920.91Messed up SB edge on #1

Lol avg
2019-2716017.8719.25Pretty good!18.0020.72(23.25)(17.87)19.03
2019-2418721.1227.06Omg so bad lol
2019-2315615.8118.95Yay! First sub 22 average on SS is a 18!18.60(15.81)19.6118.63(29.46)
2019-2214115.7822.23Woaj #2
Last solve could have been a 19
2019-2116520.2822.88Pretty good average, last solve ruined it to be speedsolving pb but whatever(20.28)21.6921.79(25.41)25.16
2019-2017422.2327.11NOOOOOPO so bad I average 23-24(22.23)(36.40)31.4322.7327.16
2019-1918222.8534.961. Literally messed every step of my solve. FB, SB, LSE, the whole thing.
2. NOOOOOO THAT”s gonna frick up my average so bad
3. Lolyes
4. Lol. I average 24 for reference
5. RIP

2019-1816522.7926.25Pretty bad average.(29.79)24.76(22.79)28.0225.98
2019-1619926.0032.70When you literally practice only clock for the entire week31.0439.06(26.00)28.00(DNF)
2019-1518319.6027.69#3: pb sniggle with roux!(33.99)28.38(19.60)28.5726.12
2019-1416925.8227.88Pretty good! Happy considering I haven’t really practiced 3x3 for like 2 days.(30.68)26.5827.3029.76(25.82)
2019-341371:34.151:49.14Almost screwed it up2:00.92(2:11.48)1:51.86(1:34.15)1:34.63
2019-251091:55.992:21.27Wow I’m bad(1:55.99)(2:30.80)2:21.772:24.282:17.75
2x2x2 blindfolded
2019-345439.88DNFNot great52.24DNF39.88
2019-314833.87DNFKinda went safe there at the endDNFDNF33.87

#2 corner twist
#3 memoed W as U
2019-274029.5837.00Yay mean! Pretty good one too29.5839.2442.19
2019-264646.50DNFThe only good scramble I DNFed lol47.4646.50DNF
2019-254734.06DNFNumber 2 I DNFed because I forgot to do the last alg when twisting the corner lol45.20DNF34.06
2019-245436.71DNF2, DNF because of timer malfunction
Overall decent performance
2019-234036.15DNFGood sniggleDNF36.15DNF
2019-223731.5641.601. 53.83 lockiest solve ever
2. 39.41[19.50] kinda bad memo, made up for it with exec
3. 31.56[15.17] very good solve!

Conclusion: I need a better 2x2
2019-214541.25DNF1. 44.60 DNF by 2 corners

2. 41.25 ok
3 bleh memo
2019-205445.43DNF1. 45.43
2. 37.07 DNF lol two twisted corners
3. 34.88[16.80] DNF
2019-192926.4936.751. 26.49
2. 41.26
3. 42.49
Yay a mean (and a really good single)
2019-184946.98DNF1. That was a dumb scramble with bad memo and exec
2. Eh... I did forget which way a corner was twisted and executed correctly so I’m happy about that.

3. Nah, fam, that was bad.
2019-175256.88DNFOoh gosh that was terrible. DNFed the last solve simply because I accidentally stopped the entire timer while intending just to stop the inspection phase. RIP.56.88DNFDNF
2. 43.30[17.97]
3. 51.17[32.48]
2019-154739.57DNFYay single!55.2839.57DNF
2019-145143.39DNFI DNFed the last solve because I thought it was the same as the second one even though it said solving scramble 3. I don’t really care anyways, I’m very happy with the single! (PB number 2)43.39DNFDNF
2019-13541:43.88DNF#1: Completely wrong, don’t know what happened
#2: Two swapped pieces away! I forgot a target; it was a C.
#3: Yay, a success! This was my first ever timed successful 2bld solve!
3x3x3 one-handed
2019-2710928.6041.47Fat oof right there at the end38.7240.68(28.60)(47.38)45.01
2019-259632.0740.86Pretty good(46.53)40.7046.14(32.07)35.73
2019-2411726.7141.08Ruined avg with last solve lol, but pb single!46.3641.1335.74(26.71)(1:09.71)
2019-2310435.0246.32Lol SS pb average but not even better than official pb average because of counting 59 lol(1:01.15)59.4242.6636.88(35.02)
2019-229841.0951.11Bad average, good signle52.90(56.65)(41.09)50.4350.00
2019-2010042.6549.71Yo that’s better than my previous single PB! (Roux by the way)57.0147.47(1:26.63)44.65(42.65)
3x3x3 With feet
2019-31214:31.275:57.61For my first ever try I’m not disappointed 7:20.14(4:31.27)5:34.30(DNF)4:58.40
3x3x3 Fewest moves
2019-253435DNFPretty good! 3541DNF
2019-3177.598.23Lol consistent9.157.83(9.19)7.72(7.59)
2019-25118.409.73Oof really bad9.3710.599.22(10.63)(8.40)
2019-24137.149.2410.93 kinda ruined it lol but its fine8.49(11.02)10.938.30(7.14)
2019-23187.909.96Lel average8.14(7.90)(13.18)10.2311.51
2019-22108.479.08Counting high 9 kinda ruined average but watevah(9.82)8.979.788.49(8.47)
2019-21127.358.69Yay finally sub-9 on the weekly comp!8.488.169.43(7.35)(10.15)
2019-2096.829.41Yay for single, average was okay. Never though I’d beat my other speedsolving pb for awhile!8.959.45(10.79)(6.82)9.84
2019-19199.7112.26SOOOOOOOO BADDDDDD9.96(DNF)(9.71)15.1411.69
2019-18107.649.311. YAY
2. 8.42 DNF nooooooo
3. No.
4. Yay
5. Yay
Messed up #3 a lot.

2019-17148.7310.40I’m pissed. The last solve could have been SO much better.(8.73)10.0011.639.58(11.68)
2019-161810.0010.22Very consistent.(10.00)10.3110.23(12.67)10.13
2019-153114.6916.21It’s ok. I haven’t practiced in a while so...(DNF)16.96(14.69)16.8314.85
2019-133311.9618.10So bad.21.7013.46(11.96)(DNF)19.13
2019-19492:08.732:21.321. Literally paused for like 15 seconds in the middle trying to find a piece. Only 8 secs off PB tho so I’m not complaining!
2. More average solve, still good
3. PB! First ever sub 2:10
4. Screwed up.
5. MOM! I got another PB!

PB average too!

I’m bad at mega, ok? Don’t judge.
2019-18412:22.832:50.18Lol #3

Yay Pb average and pb single
2019-34917.147.92Not great, not terrible(8.79)7.487.908.39(7.14)
2019-331145.016.99Pretty good.(5.01)5.888.906.18(8.92)
2019-31856.788.20Ok not terrible8.08(18.81)8.917.61(6.78)
2019-30784.926.75Yay pretty good(10.52)6.766.43(4.92)7.07
2019-28726.208.72Fat oof8.87(12.13)(6.20)8.668.63
2019-27925.979.37Lol #2 terrible scramble
Lol avg

Spr single tho
2019-25797.258.31Lol counting 1010.167.37(10.54)(7.25)7.41
2019-23886.418.85Pretty good!(6.41)8.10(11.36)9.329.12
2019-219611.8313.38Lel pryminex is a dumb event15.3812.3512.40(15.68)(11.83)
2019-189812.4913.97I need a pyraminx that I can turn at a faster TPS than 1 per second(16.44)13.9914.7413.19(12.49)
2019-16978.0710.64It was going to be so good...(8.07)8.3212.4211.18(13.58)
2019-159810.7513.42That consistency tho17.53(10.75)11.7411.00(19.28)
2019-345216.1522.59The 16 was spr single and EPLL skip (I use Lin)22.0821.7823.92(27.33)(16.15)
2019-335317.7520.36Wow so close to sub 2020.52(27.21)20.25(17.75)20.32
2019-314016.7621.16Pretty good but the 26 should have been better(16.76)(27.52)17.8726.1819.43
2019-305121.3827.00Lol #2 and #3
The last two are what I average
2019-284017.9922.97Yay finally good(17.99)25.0118.6225.28(31.08)
2019-264324.9726.60Spr but still not actually good27.78(33.70)26.5525.48(24.97)
2019-245523.2727.85Finally sub 30 on as weekly!27.16(23.27)24.9931.40(38.17)
2019-236522.3434.60Yay single average meh36.6936.6930.43(36.74)(22.34)
2019-225520.6231.90Ah just gave up last solve because of messed up parity alg33.3228.11(20.62)34.26(DNF)
2019-215230.5134.95Pretty okay34.09(30.51)33.5837.17(43.48)
2019-205626.8432.52Yo that’s a nice average(40.38)39.00(26.84)29.8428.72
2019-176432.5841.01Very nice average.39.83(1:12.86)(32.58)37.2445.96
2019-166235.1450.68Peanut butter!(1:26.46)48.6854.84(35.14)48.53
2019-156851.9359.50Yay sub 1 minute! 2. Literally took 1 minute for cubeshape and then I messed up U perm.57.99(2:36.18)1:02.50(51.93)58.01
2019-34313.604.43Yes finally broke spr avg!4.44(3.60)3.71(6.27)5.14
2019-31334.315.77Pretty good avg with a bad skewb(7.52)(4.31)5.286.415.61
2019-28324.425.58Pretty good!5.76(6.09)(4.42)5.695.30
2019-27384.435.72Pretty good but #5 could have been an easy mid 5 had I not locked up(4.43)6.385.335.46(7.50)
2019-26293.484.96Spr single and fantastic average yay!3.96(6.52)5.165.76(3.48)
2019-24424.175.91Really clutch at the end there to make it sub 66.00(7.38)6.57(4.17)5.17
2019-22505.896.69Oof I haven’t practiced in a while6.846.097.14(5.89)(DNF)
2019-20344.666.42Lol bad5.71(8.92)(4.66)5.887.68
2019-19374.176.07Not amazing, but not too bad I guess.6.506.61(6.64)(4.17)5.10
2019-18264.605.60Ach. If that last solve was less lucky that could have easily been low five/sub 5(4.60)5.934.80(10.36)6.08
2019-17274.745.69Saved the average with the last solve(4.74)6.684.84(8.84)5.56
2019-16555.717.594 terrible solves, 1 okay solve7.05(8.50)7.977.74(5.71)
2019-15344.566.15Quite good for me, happy with the 4 single considering there were no blocks whatsoever :)(4.56)6.236.41(9.61)5.81
2019-14756.909.96Lol so bad9.45(6.90)12.308.13(14.87)