Janav Gupta

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Janav Gupta 2.97 21 302

Current Personal Records

Event SR Single Average SR Kinch Score
2x2x214052.44Week 2019-17
5.63   4.51   5.23   6.24   2.44
Easy scrambles I could have done much better.
4.12Week 2019-13
99th Place
5.66   3.36   5.34   3.50   3.53
Easy scrambles
3x3x3351118.07Week 2019-23
18.07   22.76   31.49   20.60   26.58
Counting 26 ruined my average
20.87Week 2019-19
155th Place
23.43   21.63   18.70   22.28   18.28
Nice counting 18
3x3x3 one-handed256050.19Week 2019-19
1:06.95   1:15.48   1:08.02   50.19   DNF
Nice single but messed up last solve.
1:02.94Week 2019-23
111th Place
1:04.00   1:10.87   1:06.69   52.93   58.12
Yay 2 sub 1 min solves.
Pyraminx3032.00Week 2019-16
2.00   5.24   7.46   4.47   6.84
Amazing single nice average. Messed up 4th solve.
4.16Week 2019-22
24th Place
3.77   3.99   2.76   5.76   4.73
Wow amazing such easy scrambles. One looked 3rd solve.
Skewb9034.80Week 2019-23
4.80   9.94   5.37   11.72   11.67
Damn it counting 11. Also the 3rd solve could easily have been sub 5.
8.99Week 2019-23
81st Place
4.80   9.94   5.37   11.72   11.67
Damn it counting 11. Also the 3rd solve could easily have been sub 5.

Medal Collection

Gold Silver Bronze
0 0 0


Competition Place Single Average Solves
2019-28924.145.15Counting 5.99 not great(4.14)(7.48)5.994.824.65
2019-271243.875.09Damn counting 6(6.76)4.774.136.37(3.87)
2019-231213.525.19Gosh counting 6 terrible3.82(3.52)(7.06)6.225.54
2019-221084.195.50I suck at 2x24.845.85(6.39)5.81(4.19)
2019-171102.445.12Easy scrambles I could have done much better.5.634.515.23(6.24)(2.44)
2019-16863.004.27Easy scrambles. Messed up last one.4.75(3.00)3.414.65(6.59)
2019-13993.364.12Easy scrambles(5.66)(3.36)5.343.503.53
2019-031093.735.35Messed up last 2 solves(3.73)5.274.86(6.32)5.93
2018-511013.354.62Yay pb single and average with new magnetised Dayan though I messed up last solve (3.35)4.034.735.10(DNF)
2018-49883.704.65Nice. Messed up 2nd solve4.18(5.77)4.34(3.70)5.42
2018-44793.654.73Very easy scrambles I could have done much better.4.785.134.28(3.65)(5.80)
2018-43714.334.74Bad single ok average4.88(7.24)4.834.50(4.33)
2019-2916722.2324.67Ok average 25.6423.60(22.23)(26.05)24.76
2019-2815222.5324.76Anything sub 25 is good24.98(31.44)(22.53)23.0926.22
2019-2717921.4524.93Messed up last solve (21.45)26.4223.5424.84(33.25)
2019-2317318.0723.31Counting 26 ruined my average(18.07)22.76(31.49)20.6026.58
2019-2214820.4923.272nd solve was a fail.(20.49)(28.79)21.0825.7023.02
2019-1915518.2820.87Nice counting 18(23.43)21.6318.7022.28(18.28)
2019-1716820.6823.852 exact same solves (25.55)(20.68)25.5522.5723.43
2019-1619525.8427.85Completely messed up last solve (25.84)27.1229.1027.34(DNF)
2019-1518826.6030.25I can't believe my eyes when I see this average. It's just too horrible. I should have warmed up. I hate myself.29.7330.65(26.60)30.37(30.83)
2019-1318622.5729.16Horrible! I usually average low 20.32.2826.5328.66(33.97)(22.57)
2019-0320028.1033.35Terrible only 1 sub 30 solve when I am sub 30.32.9832.7534.32(28.10)(DNF)
2018-5120231.9138.01Not great. First solve dnf ruined my average(DNF)38.94(31.91)39.4035.69
2018-5019229.8938.48Messed up 2nd solve otherwise ok37.06(47.26)41.17(29.89)37.22
2018-4917035.1438.15Sub 40 that's nice35.81(DNF)39.02(35.14)39.61
2018-4417850.1659.38Sub 1 1:03.95(50.16)(1:04.67)55.6258.57
2018-4314746.691:02.61Last 2 were decent rest were crap1:03.841:09.76(1:13.18)(46.69)54.23
2x2x2 blindfolded
2019-2855DNFDNFMessed up last step in all 3DNFDNFDNF
2018-4451DNFDNF1 did j perm from the wrong angle
2 again did j perm from wrong angle
3 and again did j perm from wrong angle. I have never had a successful single in 2 blind.
2018-4346DNFDNF1 only managed to inspect 1st layer
2 did wrong oll
3 did j perm from the wrong angle
3x3x3 one-handed
2019-2810153.511:10.40Good single bad average. I don't think I am going to make the 1 min cut of in Tommorrow's comp1:15.86(53.51)(1:17.15)1:06.071:09.27
2019-2311152.931:02.94Yay 2 sub 1 min solves.1:04.00(1:10.87)1:06.69(52.93)58.12
2019-221101:00.621:09.56Completely messed up last solve and 4th solve could have been much better.1:05.02(1:00.62)1:09.821:13.83(1:49.81)
2019-1911150.191:10.15Nice single but messed up last solve.1:06.951:15.481:08.02(50.19)(DNF)
2019-151171:10.501:19.34Pretty good for first time.(1:10.50)(1:32.62)1:16.101:14.951:26.98
2019-29545.486.13I hate tips and plus 2s(7.75)6.105.946.36(5.48)
2019-27453.845.54I messed up the 2nd solve because of the tips(3.84)(6.81)5.454.866.30
2019-25554.375.71I am transitioning from lbl to l4e(7.88)4.626.99(4.37)5.51
2019-23332.904.59Not bad. One looked first solve(2.90)4.414.57(6.56)4.78
2019-22242.764.16Wow amazing such easy scrambles. One looked 3rd solve.3.773.99(2.76)(5.76)4.73
2019-19434.114.93Yay sub 5.4.955.014.82(5.66)(4.11)
2019-18384.385.60Last solve should have been sub 5. It was very easy.(6.27)5.50(4.38)5.595.72
2019-17425.166.40Not great I need the be averaging sub 6 for my next comp6.735.73(6.97)6.74(5.16)
2019-16462.005.52Amazing single nice average. Messed up 4th solve.(2.00)5.24(7.46)4.476.84
2019-15585.296.72Not great but will do.6.50(7.40)7.036.62(5.29)
2019-13606.396.68Last solve could've been much better but overall a decent average without warming up.(6.39)6.726.506.83(7.04)
2019-03845.528.82Terribly messed up last solve which ruined my average a little bit with a counting 10.(5.52)8.8710.417.19(19.92)
2018-50814.688.04Very nice single and average7.5710.286.26(4.68)(DNF)
2018-49906.7210.354th solve messed up my average(6.72)(DNF)9.1713.058.84
2018-44818.269.78Muffed up 3rd solve otherwise not bad10.069.20(15.91)10.09(8.26)
2018-43848.9511.14Usually average sub 10 I don't know what happend today(12.19)11.3011.1310.98(8.95)
2019-23814.808.99Damn it counting 11. Also the 3rd solve could easily have been sub 5.(4.80)9.945.37(11.72)11.67
2019-22737.049.97Should have warmed up but was too lazy.10.149.6710.10(7.04)(11.61)
2019-21658.909.50Pretty consistent(9.98)9.969.229.32(8.90)
2019-179812.8715.10Haven't been practicing skewb lately which is why I got a bad average.
Messed up last solve.
2019-169912.9414.39Not great. should have been better.14.96(15.07)14.3613.85(12.94)
2019-159216.5620.61Pretty good for first time.20.71(25.28)(16.56)20.4620.67