Theo Leinad

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Theo Leinad 4.32 86 470

Current Personal Records

Event SR Single Average SR Kinch Score
2x2x227844.12Week 2018-14
18.47   19.47   8.56   4.12   28.55
So sad at least i got SS PB single xD
8.74Week 2018-16
111th Place
9.41   8.99   9.76   6.88   7.82
At least got SS PB avg hehe...
3x3x3323016.41Week 2019-43
24.35   18.50   22.18   16.41   19.50
1,2,3 avg...
4. SS PR with PLL Skip :D
5. U perm finish :P

almost sub20 :'( HAHAHAHA
20.06Week 2019-43
153rd Place
24.35   18.50   22.18   16.41   19.50
1,2,3 avg...
4. SS PR with PLL Skip :D
5. U perm finish :P

almost sub20 :'( HAHAHAHA
4x4x426741:54.83Week 2018-22
2:19.00   2:46.00   2:42.50   1:54.83   2:12.22
PB Single, just got my 4x4 Aosu GTS M... so basically started 2-3 days ago...
2:24.57Week 2018-22
101st Place
2:19.00   2:46.00   2:42.50   1:54.83   2:12.22
PB Single, just got my 4x4 Aosu GTS M... so basically started 2-3 days ago...
2x2x2 blindfolded14861:47.37Week 2018-23
54th Place
DNF   1:47.37   DNF
Well Second scramble was soooo easy :P
3x3x3 blindfolded10516:55.46Week 2018-24
42nd Place
6:55.46   DNF   DNF
1. Yay!!
2. Bad memo on 2 corners or don't know how I messed up :( 4:44 gone sad...
3. Same as 2nd solve :( 4:38 gone sad...
3x3x3 multiple blindfolded460DNFWeek 2018-24
13th Place
0/2 16:57
Solved edges only :( few corners tho...
3x3x3 Fewest moves4322Week 2018-44
1st Place
(F' U) //221 [2/2]
(L B L) // 222 [3/5]
(F) // EO [1/6]
F2 U2 R2 U2 R' U R' U2 R U2 //L5C [10/16]

F2 U2 R2 U2 R' U R' U2 ** R U2 F' L' -- B' L' U' F

** U L U' R U L' U' R' // (Cancels 4) [4/20]
-- L F2 L' B' L F2 L' B // (Cancels 6) [2/22]
24.00Week 2019-28
2nd Place
22   23   27
1. 30 mins left to try something weirdo... [Did not tried anything, however, no easy DR found]
2. I learned today that no matter what edge insertion you do, try all possible spots for nested insertions.
3. 9 Move DR: ***Spoiler*** (F2 R2 U F') D2 R U D L // DR Optimal was 20 for this DR :(
Megaminx13124:51.96Week 2018-13
4:51.96   6:02.31   6:47.42   5:39.29   6:04.71
First time Megaminx... 1 day with it... Block building is better tho...
5:55.44Week 2018-13
44th Place
4:51.96   6:02.31   6:47.42   5:39.29   6:04.71
First time Megaminx... 1 day with it... Block building is better tho...

Medal Collection

Gold Silver Bronze
4 5 4


Competition Place Single Average Solves
2019-411407.2610.06No more 2x2 for me lol8.0010.09(7.26)(12.82)12.09
2019-311617.9910.12Need to learn ortega :)8.50(11.29)10.88(7.99)10.99
2019-011929.1310.96Sad :( 10.30(9.13)(18.91)10.0612.51
2018-411439.3211.58The guy below me needs to practice more :P 9.94(9.32)(14.00)11.9712.82
2018-281347.1612.00:( (7.16)9.41(DNF)12.5214.07
2018-241418.589.26Still suck at 2by2(11.36)9.77(8.58)8.899.12
2018-231268.239.13Not even sub9 xD(8.23)8.998.41(10.92)9.99
2018-221227.4212.54Ok, I need to start practicing real this 2 by 2... 9.0814.07(7.42)14.47(17.47)
2018-201166.919.70Not even sub 9 :(
forgot how to solve the T/Y Perm at the 3rd solve...
2018-181146.579.16dang, not SS PB :( sad...7.2010.619.67(6.57)(10.62)
2018-171219.2712.26Next time i'll warm a bit :( (9.27)(13.76)13.419.9413.44
2018-161116.888.74At least got SS PB avg hehe...9.418.99(9.76)(6.88)7.82
2018-141394.1215.50So sad at least i got SS PB single xD18.4719.478.56(4.12)(28.55)
2018-131238.5011.74horrible solves :( 11.8412.28(13.07)(8.50)11.11
2018-111164.709.63I dropped the cube on the first inspection scramble, so I had no time and then start doing silly stuff... :( (20.49)12.479.756.66(4.70)
2018-101238.439.36:D not that bad 8.79(11.74)(8.43)9.849.46
2019-4616516.9124.411. Pretty standard solve
2. had a very nice 222 block but could not did a nice xcross :C
3. Was a very close to SS PB (very nice solve with keyhole)
4. No comments :)
5. Meh...
2019-4315316.4120.061,2,3 avg...
4. SS PR with PLL Skip :D
5. U perm finish :P

almost sub20 :'( HAHAHAHA
2019-4115920.9622.62So close for SS pb :C 22.27(20.96)21.24(47.59)24.35
2019-3717420.7322.75Meh :C 23.2722.82(26.37)22.15(20.73)
2019-3421719.8523.86Sad reactions please :C (19.85)(25.96)22.9724.7723.85
2019-3322019.0022.52No comments :C(19.00)24.1120.2723.17(33.20)
2019-3118222.3324.32Solve 2 was gonna be sub20.. got stuck like 2-3 times with it :C 23.7126.75(27.54)(22.33)22.51
2019-2718116.4725.17Did not warmed up, SS PB Single!!!
I wonder if I warmed up lol...
2019-2117321.0024.43Good start, not even sub21 single :'( 22.09(21.00)(30.26)25.5525.66
2019-1816822.8726.69Don't try an Ao5 without warming folks :( 26.8426.23(30.97)(22.87)27.00
2019-1618217.8822.72I was so nervous on last solve, since I could break SS PB with a sub24 :(

happy with the sub18 tho...
2019-1217521.3526.61Sad solves, sad times...(30.09)28.34(21.35)23.3828.12
2019-1017120.1524.404. Got Corner twisted :'(
Overall bad solves for me, I def need to heat before doing an avg...
2019-0818716.7822.15Screw it on 4th xD...
5th was cool :DDD!! SS PB
2019-0718518.5323.74I really needed to heat up a bit...
Got SS PB at least :D
2019-0519922.0828.71Is it me or the timer was super fast lol (22.08)(31.79)31.1925.8629.09
2019-0120021.5923.69Pretty average lol
Sad since I need to become sub20 before next official wca comp :(
2018-4115319.2224.23Almost SS PB On the 4th one, stucked on the 5th one, so... not even avg PB :(22.9421.29(28.92)(19.22)28.47
2018-3315019.3022.13I think I did some Wow blockbuilding on 4th scramble... F2 U' 2 moves ps223 :o!! (24.87)(19.30)23.6219.4523.33
2018-2814624.5830.813rd scramble I moved "L" by mistake :( 24.98(24.58)(DNF)37.7329.72
2018-2415019.6424.07Missed the timer on the last solve, was going to be sub19 hahahaha, at least broke AVG SS PB :) 26.60(30.92)21.2824.32(19.64)
2018-2314524.6228.34Well, at least was sub29 :(
This week SS was so bad for me...
2018-2213621.3925.53PB SS by 0.1 :D!!
2018-2013329.1833.17Horrible results for me... long time no practice... :( 29.26(39.23)33.7036.55(29.18)
2018-1814123.8330.69Can't even sub30 :'((23.83)29.8434.3927.84(34.70)
2018-1712919.4126.82I was going to have an awesome 4th solve and somehow I blew it :( cool sub20 at least... 28.83(19.41)28.07(31.19)23.57
2018-1613024.2433.17horrible solves :( (37.39)35.8829.98(24.24)33.64
2018-1414619.1626.08Single SS PB also :D Not Avg... but improving a bit :)(19.16)27.60(29.72)24.9425.69
2018-1313324.7727.85Last scramble did different OLL so wasted like 3 secs :( not PB but sub29 I think so... 28.5127.49(24.77)(29.97)27.54
2018-1213322.3029.45good scramble, horrible start at 5th solve :( 26.4830.86(22.30)31.01(34.36)
2018-1112522.8325.63I hope I can do something similar next comp... need to be sub 25 asap :)23.36(31.48)26.1027.42(22.83)
2018-1015223.4928.87sub30 at least :)28.67(23.49)27.4230.53(31.97)
2018-281042:11.392:27.65Not even SS avg pb :((2:53.29)2:16.172:47.70(2:11.39)2:19.07
2018-241202:17.512:42.04Last solve 2 parity algs :( Not even a sub2mins this time... 2:52.482:35.14(3:19.67)2:38.49(2:17.51)
2018-231112:11.882:32.05Not even PB xD...2:36.572:44.11(3:00.27)2:15.46(2:11.88)
2018-221011:54.832:24.57PB Single, just got my 4x4 Aosu GTS M... so basically started 2-3 days ago...2:19.00(2:46.00)2:42.50(1:54.83)2:12.22
2x2x2 blindfolded
2018-23541:47.37DNFWell Second scramble was soooo easy :P DNF1:47.37DNF
2018-20552:13.34DNFGot it finally!!!!!!!!!!
2nd DJ KillBill O'
2018-16492:34.27DNFOP for corners is so damn hard :( DNFDNF2:34.27
2018-1251DNFDNFNeed to start with 2x2 blind so I can move to 3x3 :( DNFDNFDNF
2018-1145DNFDNFNope, I can't do this thing xD...DNFDNFDNF
3x3x3 blindfolded
2019-1651DNFDNF1. (5:54.70) DNF since I memo the last 2-3 edges counterclock (inverse) :(
All corners was ok (except the two on top due to the alg)
E: PerroVato FeY XeNa RAul [DCQ was CQ only ]
C: No FerGallegos OJo PorFa
2018-24426:55.46DNF1. Yay!!
2. Bad memo on 2 corners or don't know how I messed up :( 4:44 gone sad...
3. Same as 2nd solve :( 4:38 gone sad...
2018-2334DNFDNF1. Messed at the beggining :(
2. Not sure what happened xD
3. Bad memo for 2C2E :/
2018-16396:57.78DNF1. forgot memo for like 4-5 edges...
2. Not sure how this happened...
3. DNF, 3 corners :(
3x3x3 multiple blindfolded
2018-2413DNFSolved edges only :( few corners tho... 0/2 16:57
3x3x3 Fewest moves
2022-15228DNF1. DNS
2. First HTR solution :D
3. DNS
2022-13724DNF1. There was a 22 out of that skeleton with some crazy cancellations (optimal for that DR was 21 mmoves [10+11])
2. DR in 12, but hard to finish, could probably have shorten the last part
2022-12622DNF1. DR in 11 was good
2. Lucky corners on this one though
2022-11626DNF DNFDNF26
2021-51630DNFLong time no FMSee30DNSDNS
2020-47731DNF1. Really hard to FMC again after so long :'( 31DNSDNS
2020-45332DNF1. Long time no (FM)"C"
2. Despite finding a 12 move DR, couldn't found anything good from there.
2020-081129DNF1. Nice Skeleton, Not so good solution :C 29DNSDNS
2020-072030DNF1. 15 move DR not so cool :C I'll try to lower it to 12 top... 30DNSDNS
2020-0552628.671. Lucky L3C in 22 being honest, I just started pairing stuff Ushakov's style...
2. Not so lucky with a 2e2c :C
3. DR Paid off on the last one... 6 edges in 7 moves is not that bad...
2020-0452629.001. First 9-12 moves were so nice, sad I couldn't finish better :C
2. Also had a nice 13 moves to 4edges5corners but didn't know how to fix everything
3. Saw that 10 mover edges but didn't thought it was going to cancel so many, seems 10 movers are good for 3E3C
2020-0332528.001. Could have tried a better insertion, but I guess for a first time 5 edge insertion, it was nice.
2. No DR this time...
3. Was really weird blockbuilding after that weird EO, I bet there was an easy DR...
2020-021427DNF1. Had a hard time with this one (most likely with FMC this days)
2. Quick L5C with a very long EO + Squares
2019-511527DNF1. Was trying really hard for a short DR, then found that 222 and extended to DR from there, which led to a 13 move DR 16 move 3E3C27DNSDNS
2019-501125DNF1. Trying DR again, hope I can get better results using it soon :C 25DNSDNS
2019-481127DNF1. Found this DR spamming EOs and checking which one lead to a DR, the 3 moves 222 lead to nowhere :C 27DNSDNS
2019-4743030.331. I lost practice :'(
2. So nice skeleton, so unlucky insertions :'(
3. Not even sub30 :'(
2019-46102730.331. Didn't like the starts :C, neither my solution.
2. Nice F2L-1 in 9 moves without EO, no nice edge insertions :C
3. Sub30 but mean no saved :C
2019-4572830.671. Very nice start/skeleton, expected better result tbh
2. Same as above :C not sub30 coming here...
3. Trciky EO Start :) no sub30 as predicted...
2019-44726DNF1. Insertions were stupid hard for me... even tho I think it was like a block comm...
2. Horrible scramble :C I bet there's some good blockbuilding+EO somewhere...
2019-4312426.671. I did not expected so many cancels with a 10 mover lol...
2. I did expected something better for this skeleton :C
3. One of the easiest skeletons on my life lol
2019-4212627.331. I don't remember lol
2. Trying more blockbuilding+freefop+EO stuff
3. Not so many comments, expected better cancels.
2019-4143030.331. 11 move F2L-1+EO and 19 moves to solve the rest, really?... horrible insertions :'(
2. When 24 to 3C ends up in 31 . . .
3. Not even sub30 >:C
2019-4062630.331. Easy start, bad continuation, sad finish :C
2. I really though that this skeleton had a very good potential, I was wrong.. Will be very hard a sub30 from here :C
3. Also had L6C 4,2 in 11, optimal was 25, but I'm too sleepy right now... I guess I saved the mean with this single, not sub30 tho :C
2019-3982829.331. I really expeted to cancel a bit more, lets see if I can sub29 this mean...
2. I found an early 2e2c in 16, tried to insert but found no spots for a 10 mover... So kept searching for a skeleton and found 3c in 21, sadly only 1 cancel.
3. Found at last... didn't expected to finish 4 corners in 9 moves, but I'm happy with that :P
2019-3852626.671. Wow, pretty short skeleton...
Also had 10 moves to 4Edges 2-2 and 6 Corners 3-3... Optimal was 26, but had no time to insert, so 27 is pretty good for that skeleton :D
2. I did NOT expected the second insertion to cancel like that... I was hoping for a 31 after the first insertion lol
3. Yes!!! 4 cancels in 22 to 3c :D !! I think I can shorten my solution but been having troubles, slicey anyone?
2019-37132730.671. Thought that the insertion was going to be better ;C
2. Nice 27, hope I can be sub30 from now on... we'll see...
3. Hard scramble for me :C [Edit: How tf I missed that 3 move EO :C ]
2019-3652627.331. lol, wasn't even trying DR on this solve, but found it anyway in 13... quick L3C in 25, which I could reduce into 22... cool insertion at the end!!
2. So I found a skip... but lost it... then found those L3C... and inserted... I think I found my skip lol... (not sure anyway :C )
3. Had 3 different DR's which optimals were [DR16>29optimal] & [DR13>29Optimal]
2019-3542929.001. DR in 11 not that bad, but saddly could not found a nice continuation... sub30 is Ok I guess... Not top3 for sure :C
2. EO on this one was hard, would love to see better starts than this :C
3. 29.00 mean DR, I guess is not that bad ^^U
2019-3472828.331. 8 move EO forced for a good follow up into DR whcih lead to 2e2e... Tried slicey insertion, but I don't know how to yet... so I just inserted 2e2e alg which left 3 edges which cancelled 6 with an 8 mover lol.
2. This was a Hellish scramble :)
3. Not bad, no more DR for now, need to remember how to do a normal solve lol
2019-3332525.671. Pretty nice 6 move PDR with only 2 bad edges, had 12 move DR, but found that there was a 11 move 4E4C, no nice insertions tho... maybe next time :C, ended up getting 16 to L6C 4,2 and 18 to L5C... L6C was way better :O!!
2. 13 move F2L-1+EO, pretty Sure that [D R D2 R' D2 R D R' D R D' R' D2 R2] can be shortened somehow...
3. Happy how I finished this DR with 13 moves :D!! Hope I improve solving this skeletons soon lol [pretty amazed how you can shorten part of the skeleton, still working on that too...]
2019-3282930.001. DR in 13 moves, hard to found a nice solution but some blocks were there...
2. Lucky skip since I found nothing else... tried to strim my skeleton but got no insertions :C
3. Barely 30 mean, I need to improve a lot in 3 weeks :'(
2019-3162528.331. Had a 24 to L3C backup, then tried EO and stuff started to workout even more easy.
2. Had the first solution in about 25 mins, the DR in 10, and found this which is the same result, but DR solve looks nice lol
3. Three skeletons to get optimal 31, 31 and 30...
2019-3072328.671. Had a hard time with first scramble :(
2. Finding the 23 in about 20 mins, but got nothing after that :C
3. Quick EO, not so good follow up and lucky skip [30 is not a nice solve atm] still had about 30 mins left, might try something else
2019-2992930.001. so many starts, so few continuations... also had L5C3E in 17, but found basically no good insertions either...
2. Nice EO, somehow good continuation, bad skel ending, not so good insertions :(
3. Hard to get something "good", tried a 2,2 edges which were nice to insert.
2019-2822224.001. 30 mins left to try something weirdo... [Did not tried anything, however, no easy DR found]
2. I learned today that no matter what edge insertion you do, try all possible spots for nested insertions.
3. 9 Move DR: ***Spoiler*** (F2 R2 U F') D2 R U D L // DR Optimal was 20 for this DR :(
2019-2732427.331. Kinda nice start but very bad continuations, saved by the first insertion tho...
2. So struggle a lot with 3 moves EO, went to the inverse and everything went well just adding 1 more move... PDR was pretty cool and end up with a L6C, that with a setup went to a L4C pretty easy, which cancel pretty nice movecount... L6C in 11 moves :O !!
3. This scramble was hard tbh, found some stuff with 3corners and give it a try solving edges, picked a random part of the solve to rNiss and inserted that "alg" which was just fixing blocks and F2L.
2019-2632729.671. So, having found 2e2c in 14 was pretty awesome, the bad thing is that I couldn't found any spot to insert a 10/11 move T/J perm (had to look into the alg which I always forget), so inserted one J perm to fix the edges and change one corner from place to leave 3 corners, followed by a nested insertion to fix the corners.
So I ended up with a 15 moves 2e2c (which cancelled 2) :
U2 F' U' F U' R U' R D R' U R B' D' R2

2. Not even sub30... hard start for me...

3. Nice start, not so good ending :(
2019-2562729.331. Nice DR, nice Skeleton, bad insertions :(
2. Did not found DR :C
3. I really hate this edge insertions :/
2019-24102830.001. Such a nice start, so sad didn't found a better continuation :(
2. I think it was a nice skeleton, somehow lucky with insertions
3. Very difficult EO start, grabbed a 3 move Sq and well, anything from there was hard :/
2019-2312527.331. Not even "NR" anymore :(
2. Linear solve lol
3. Awesome insertion by reduction method ;D
2019-2242730.001. 21 moves to L5C, solved in 10 moves (Cancelled 6)
2. 21 moves to L3C, solved in 6 moves (Cancelled 2)
3. 27 moves to L3C, solved in 5 moves (Cancelled 3)
2019-2142828.671. Need too keep the sub30 mark down :)
2. Same as above lol
3. Found L5C about 20 mins before the hour, so was a good solve
2019-2019DNFDNFWas busy this week with work and went to the FMC LA 2019, so I don't had time for this week :(

Did a sneak peak on the scramble with a B U' B2 R for a 222+pair but just like 5 mins checking it, so I can't really count it...
2019-1917DNFDNFNot feeling well this week, so hope I can rest for next week FMC LA competition, will see...

1. DNF
2. DNF
3. DNS Might try later today if I still have time
2019-1873132.001. Can't sub30 :'(
2. Still can't sub30 ;'(
3. Aand going up instead down :''(
2019-1762930.001. Today I learnt how to do EO properly (or at least somehow better) Not so lucky with this insertions, PDR not cool with cancels :(
[optimal 30 for that L5C]

2. Somehow it was a nice skeleton, but insertions didn't helped so much...

3. 10 mins left, but don't think I'll found something better, so submitting this solution which I'm ok with, sub 30, optimal for that skeleton was 28, so it's fine, loved the slexy insertion :P
2019-16132832.331. Loved the start, hate the continuation/finish :(
2. Had a 13 moves to 3E4C (3,1) but had no time for insertions...
3. Same as Kit, had a nice 223 but nothing to follow up... U B' R U' D' R U2 L' U F2 // 223
2019-1542528.331. Wow, pretty nice insertions :o
2 and 3. I'm on competition and don't want to have DNFs on the weekly, so just had to finish them quick
3 (update) lol that domino and fixing some corner/edges
2019-1472930.331. Struggle finding something good, had 22 to L5C but had lucky foundind that L3E4C,
Could have tried to rNissit and maybe insert something for fewer moves, but not much time was left...

2. Same as the previous one, good EO, but the continuations were so bad for me :/
Lucky could finish the L5C at the end...

3. Good skeleton, bad insertions :(, expected sub30 at least
2019-1362830.331. Lot of troubles finding a good start, and this one was the "quickest" to lead to something... (which is not quiet good anyway)

2. DR at 15, didn't expected too much, but hey, I had a 222 and few blocks with short moves... hopefully I can get better DR solves soon...

3. Hard time founding the skeleton, lucky 3C, anyway, I think there's a L3C3E with better insertions and fewer moves, but don't have the time and the mind to do it right now.
2019-1252830.671. Very nice starts and good pairs, but had difficult with the EO so just reduced to 2e2e on F/B and L/R, kinda lucky that insertion cancelled 5 :o!!

2 and 3:
Had troubles finding a good skeleton :(
So just had to go with w/e I got there... feeling sad tbh
2019-1152528.001. This is one of the worst scrambles I've ever seen... Even my enemies don't deserve this.
2. This was an easy scramble to be honest, had troubles to begin, but once I got that EO, continuations came pretty good... Found 2 different DRs which I couldn't complete... PDR was the key for my success on this one :D
3. Wow, never thought to cancel 10 in 4corners :o I guess L4C 2,2 are underrated
2019-1062930.001. Expected better insertions tbh :(
2. Nice DR in 12, saddly I'm too bad to finish those type of skeletons yet...
3. Again DR in 13 and no good finish/skeleton :(
2019-0992931.671. I think I'm close to DR
2. Weird 4,4 bad edges which couldn't let me work this out...
3. Found quick the 2TC but keep searching for something better, couldn't found anything :(
2019-0872829.001. Had a 10 move DR, struggle a lot to find a good continuation so went for the 3e3c skeleton.

2. Pretty avg solution, which not even sub30

3. Loved the Cancels 4 :D at least mean sub30...
2019-0752729.001. Scramble it's kinda easy, sad that couldn't found anything better than this :(
2. I really expected better cancels, had more time but found nothing after that :(
3. Had another skeleton for 32 with 2TC, cancelled 10 and the other commutator cancelled only 2 so, search another 223 and found that L3C in 24, optimal was 31 :( At least got a sub30 mean this time.
2019-06153031.331. Easy 2x2 but really bad continuation :( I'll check the other people to see how they managed that.

2. I really expected to cancel more moves in this solve, but not even 4 for corners :(. The edge alg is a bit new for me for the optimal solution... Inserted a 9 mover which cancelled 1 at least :(. going for a bad mean...

3. Had a headache with this scramble, optimal was 27 with a weird 3edges (10-6) alg I don't know:
U R U R U R' U' R' U' R'

Not even sub30 :'(
2019-0572930.331. Had no insertion stickers so I'm pretty glad I found this solution (checked IF after attempt and it was Optimal).
I still had about 25 mins left but will have to leave the solution as is, not sure if I can update later if I get something better.
Edit: Had nothing better :(

2. Another 31, this scramble was really hard for me, no easy 222 blocks, had issues with EO and continuations, well... I'm happy I cancelled 9 for L4C :(

3. Literally found the skeleton in the first 5 minutes, thought it was trash but then saw it was L8GoodC so I gave it a try... better than 31 (which I found later in another solve) but kept the most corners inserted... (optimal was 28, so 1 move off)
2019-0422226.001. Non-EO start, don't like them, but got a quick F2L-1 (11 moves) so I thought to give it a try...
I guess I was lucky to get L3C in 24...

2. Found L5C which I kept as "backup skeleton", then I found a 21 to L4C but was worse, kept searching and found a nice L3C in 22 which led to a 2 moves cancellation giving 27...

3. Took me about 30 mins for 24 solution, then I searched for different EO start which lead to the 9 moves skeleton, rNissed into a L5C in 15 and well, pretty nice insertions, 7 moves for 5C :D (and I loved the L3E solution)
2019-032028DNF1. I found an 8 move PDR, which I convert in 12 moves DR, tried so hard finishing it but was a waste of time, went with the PDR and found quick L4C 3,1...
Optimal for DR was 26 as per CE...

2. Kinda akward, didn't found something useful but at least got something :( Pretty nice L3C to be honest...
2019-02112728.671. I think I could have found something better after that 222+EO but found that L5C in 18 and thought it was good idea to keep it as backup solution, couldn't find anything better after that :(

2. Experimented a little bit with PDR trying to get DR, but was kinda hard.
I got L4C for 21 and wanted to have something to keep searching for a better solution, I found a 33 with a skip, however, not better than this solution.

3. What a heck of a scramble, struggle so much with EO in U/D, I have 2 options, stop using it or start learn it the hard way :(
Didn't had time to check if the 3c in 25 had more than 6 cancels, so sending this... optimal was: 27 lol
2019-0172227.331. I was strugling with a good start on the normal scramble with a 4 moves 2x221 but no EO, switched to the inverse and found an easy EO whit a 221 block so I switched back again and found that solution.

2. Easy 222 on inverse and every time I switch to normal I found nothing, ended up with a 26 to 2 Twisted corners which I was able to solve in 3 moves (optimal :D )

3. Hard scramble for me, could't found anything good after 223/EO
Still pretty happy since is first mo3 and it's sub30 which I'll be having issues to break
(F' U) //221 [2/2]
(L B L) // 222 [3/5]
(F) // EO [1/6]
F2 U2 R2 U2 R' U R' U2 R U2 //L5C [10/16]

F2 U2 R2 U2 R' U R' U2 ** R U2 F' L' -- B' L' U' F

** U L U' R U L' U' R' // (Cancels 4) [4/20]
-- L F2 L' B' L F2 L' B // (Cancels 6) [2/22]
(B' D2 U' R' F2 L2 F ) // 123 [7/7]
(R2 L U L' B L U2 L) // 223 [8/15]
(R2) // L4E3C [1/16]
(F B U F U' F' B') // L3C [7/23]

B F U F' U' F' B' ++ R2 L' U2 L' B' L U' R2 L' F' L2 F2 R U D2 B
++ F D B D' F' D B' D' (Cancels 2) :D
(B U2 L') // EO (3)
B U B' // Pair (6)
R2 U F' // EoLine+block (9)
B2 // xCross (10)
(U' B U B) // Pair (14)
(U' F' U2 F) // 223 (18)
(U' B U B U2) // L3C3E (23)

B U B' R2 U F' B2 U2 B' U' B' U F' U2 F + U B' U' B' * U L U2 B'

Insert at:
* F U' B' U B F' // (Fix Edges Cancels 0) L3C (29)
+ F' D2 F U' F' D2 F U // (Cancels 3) (34)

D (R F R) // 222 (4)
B' L' // Edge (6)
(L U' B2 L U') // 223 (11)
(B2 L D' B' D) // EO (16)
(L B2 D L' D' L2) // L5C (22-1)

D * B' L D L - D' B2 L' D' B D L' B2 U L' B2 U L' R' F' R'
Insert at:
* L' F' L B' L' F L B (Cancels 3)
- L' U2 L D' L' U2 L D (Cancels 4)
D L' F' L B' L' F L2 D U2 L D' L' U2 L B2 L' D' B D L' B2 U L' B2 U L' R' F' R' //30
(R') L2 B2 D' F2 L' // 221+EO
F' B' L2 // 221x2
(U' B2) // 222
D2 R2 F' R2 D' F D F2 D2 // L3E3C (20)

L2 B2 D' F2 L' F' B' L2 D2 R2 + F' R2 - D' F D F2 D2 B2 U R
+ R' U2 R D2 R' U2 R D2 // Cancels 1 (27 L3E)
- R2 B2 L2 U L2 B2 R2 D // Cancels 4 (31)
(D2 U F R) // EO (4)
D R2 U B' U' // 222+EO2 (9)
B2 L2 D2 / B2 D' L2 D * L2 //L3C3E (17)

Insert at:
* B2 L' R D2 L R' // Fix Edges (Cancels 2) (21)
/ D L2 D' R' D L2 D' R // Fix Corners (Cancels 1) (28) ~ Optimal was 2 cancels

Final Solution:
D R2 U B' U' B2 L2 D' L2 D' R' D L2 D' R B2 D' L2 D B2 L' R D2 L' R2 F' U' D2 //28
2018-2323DNFScramble was difficult for me... DNF
(D B2 R) // 221
B2 L' // Partial EO
(F' L') // EO
F2 U' B2 D2 B' // 223
(F' D2 F2 D') // 3E5C (16)

B2 + L' F2 U' B2 D2 B' D F2 D2 F * L F R' B2 D'
Insert at:
* D2 R L' F2 R' L (Cancels 1) // L5C (21)
+ B D B' U' B - D' B' U (Cancels 1)
- B U' B' D' B U B' D (Cancels 4)
2018-21835Trying new stuff like 3 edges 5 corners insert...

U2 F2 L' D B2 U F' // 222+2x123 (7)
L + D' L' F2** U // Blocks (12)
- F2 U' R F R D2 // F2L-1 (L3E5C) (18)

Insert at:
** U' D2 B' D' B D' U // Slexy Insert (+7-1) (24)
- U B' U' F2 U B + U' F2 // Cancels 4 (28)
+ F2 U B2 U' F2 U B2 U' // Cancels 1 (35)
L' F' D' R' // EO (4)
U' L2 U2 F' // EO 2 || PDR (8)
D F2 // 221 (10)
L2 U' L2 U2 * L2 U2 // 222+221 (16)
D2 F2 - D // xxCross (19)
U' R2 U R2 // (23) L5C

Insert at:
* D R2 D' L2 D R2 D' L2 (Cancels 3) (28)
- F' U' B' U F U' B U (Cancels 3) (33)
2018-16832L' R D' F L' * U F // 222 (7)
(D R' D' B') B2 R2 // Pseudo (13)
(R D2 B2 D2 B2) // Pseudo F2L-1 (18)
(L' R' D2 L D' R D' R' D' R) // L3C (28-1)
Insert at:
* L F2 L' B' L F2 L' B (Cancels 3) (32)
2018-1222929 Moves:

D' F U R' // 221x2 (4)
B2 R' B2 // 222+221 (7)
D L + D // Pseudo 223 (10)
U' F' U2 * L2 D U' F2 // L4C(17)
Insert at:
* U' L D L' U L D' L' (Cancels 2)(23)
+ R2 D L' D' R2 D L D' (Cancels 2)(29)

I found the L4C (last 7 moves of skeleton) on inverse, but place it like this just to avoid missunderstandings..

2018-111929B2 * D R2 // Pseudo 223 (3)
U B D' B U' (U2) // F2L-1 + EO (9)
D L D' L' // ++Block (13)
D2 L D' L' D' L D2 L' D // L3C (22)

Insert at:
* B R2 B' L' B R2 B' L (Cancels 1) (29)
2018-10225Total 25:
D2 F2 L F' // EO
U' L U2 D' * L U' // Pseudo 223
L2 R' D2 R2 D' L B2 // L3C
Insert at:
* R2 D L' D' R2 D L D' (Optimal Cancels 0)
2018-13444:51.965:55.44First time Megaminx... 1 day with it... Block building is better tho... (4:51.96)6:02.31(6:47.42)5:39.296:04.71