Leandro Villanueva

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aznanimedude 0.64 14 70

Current Personal Records

Event SR Single Average SR Kinch Score
3x3x3372218.07Week 2012-28
22.47   18.07   28.45   21.36   20.13
random LL skip on second solve lolololol
21.32Week 2012-28
41st Place
22.47   18.07   28.45   21.36   20.13
random LL skip on second solve lolololol

Medal Collection

Gold Silver Bronze
0 0 0


Competition Place Single Average Solves
2012-363020.2322.12ZZ w00t w00t?23.7820.61(20.23)21.96(24.18)
2012-284118.0721.32random LL skip on second solve lolololol22.47(18.07)(28.45)21.3620.13
2012-273521.6422.81surprisingly did better during inspection than i usually did before ._.22.45(21.64)23.99(24.53)22.00
2012-204027.6328.88i don't even know what happened LOL28.96(27.63)28.59(29.78)29.10
2012-193221.8424.19better lol(29.13)24.5722.6425.37(21.84)
2012-184227.1729.42disgusting lol, need to play around more, my turning and detections were crap T_T(27.17)28.5027.5932.18(32.80)
2012-175224.6228.81meh, had a nice pll skip on the second solve(31.21)(24.62)28.3128.3529.77
2012-164328.4329.21meh, not me best average lol29.5628.5529.51(30.52)(28.43)
2012-155623.1725.16first ZZ solve for me in this competition =D (dunno what happened with first solve, rest of them felt really good though)(32.48)23.3426.72(23.17)25.43
2012-114824.5425.94BOOOO, lol need to re-tension my cube, kept locking up and sliding around QQ25.6026.57(24.54)25.64(31.23)