Zoltán Lábas

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Zoltán Lábas
Background Information
Country: Hungary
Born: c. 1957 (age 65–66)
Years Active: 1981-2
WCA ID: 1982LABA01
Claim to Fame: 1981 Hungarian Champion; 3rd place in the 1982 World Championship

Zoltán Lábas was a Hungarian speedcuber. In 1981 he won the Hungarian Cubing Championship, and finished third in the World Championship in 1982.

He was from Nyíregyháza (near Budapest) and was a student in 1981/2. David Singmaster reports on the Hungarian Championship as follows:

The Hungarian Championship was held on 27 September 1981. A local elimination round gave 300 competitors and a second round on 20 September left 128, classified as under 15, 15 to 18, over 18, containing 58, 31 and 39 competitors. Three trials were made and the average time taken. The best five in each class then formed a three trials, average time, final. Zoltán Lábas won the over 18 class with an average of 37.1 sec and the final with 36.9 sec.[1]

At the first World Rubik's Cube Championship 1982 in Budapest (5 June) he finished in third place with a best time (in round 1) of 24.49 seconds. At 26-years-old he was (along with Jérôme Jean-Charles of France) the oldest contestant. Singmaster reports that he used a Corners First method.[2]

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