Proposer(s): Chester Lian
Proposed: 2009
Alt Names:
Variants: P Pair
No. Algs: 133
Avg Moves:
Previous state: F2L-1+pair+EO cube state
Next state: LL:EO cube state

F2L-1+pair+EO cube state -> ZZ-blah step -> LL:EO cube state

The ZZ-blah step is the step between the F2L-1+pair+EO cube state and the LL:EO cube state.

ZZ-blah is a variation of ZZ proposed by Chester Lian in which the last-layer corners are disoriented during insertion of the last F2L block to reduce the last layer to only the pi and H cases. Because it can only give two OLL cases, the last layer can be solved in one look with 133 algorithms.

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