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Proposed as a zz edges first hybrid ZZ-EF is an attempt to make a decent edges first method

ZZ-EF method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Matt DiPalma
Proposed: 2014
Alt Names: ZZ-Edges First
Variants: none
No. Steps: unknown
No. Algs:
Avg Moves: unknown

ZZ-EF or ZZ-Edges First is a variant of the ZZ method proposed by Matt DiPalma in 2016. Using special tricks, the chance of easy cases and skips is increased by a lot.


  1. EOLine: Like in ZZ, the solve starts by orienting all edges and creating a line.
  2. Lucky ZZ F2L: The first two layers are solved <RUL(D)>-gen. While all F2L edges (two cross edges and four e-slice edges) and one F2L corner need to be solved correctly, the other three corners only need to form a 3-cycle which can be solved using a commutator, maximizing the chance of easier cases.
  3. Speed-Heise step: Using Speed-Heise algorithms during last slot, all edges are permuted and at least one corner solved, leaving a 3-cycle on the last layer.



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