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X-Man Design (XMD)
Founded: unknown
Location: China
Years Active: 2016-present
Areas served: Worldwide
Website: [1]
Products: 3x3 and non-NxNxN twisty puzzles

X-Man Design, is one of the major sub-brands of QiYi.


X-Man Tornado 3x3

Released Early 2016. The X-Man Tornado is XMD's first ever release. Many reviewers weren't too impressed with it but agreed that it was an "okay" 3x3.

X-Man Galaxy Megaminx

Released Late 2016. The Galaxy Megaminx was the dominant Megaminx after its release. It is available in black, white and stickerless. Each color has four versions: regular, concave, convex, and sculpted. There also is a version which has all 4 grips in stickerless. Generally, the sculpted version is preferred over the other three. The stickerless versions have tile-like caps snapped to the primary inside.

X-Man Bell Pyraminx

Released Late 2016. The X-Man Bell Pyraminx was the second ever mass-produced pyraminx with a magnetic positioning system, as opposed to one with ball bearings. After its release, it became one of the most preferred Pyraminxes on the market. According to X-Man's Website, you can adjust the strength of the magnets by changing the number of magnets on the center pieces, and adding caps on edge pieces. The tetrahedron is available in white with stickers, black with stickers and stickerless.

X-Man Volt Square-1

Released Mid 2017. The X-Man Volt Square-1 was one of the top Square-1 puzzles after its release. Reviews were mixed; many agreed that the QiYi Square-1 was still better while many others agreed that the Volt was a bit better than the QiYi. It is very stable and has a thick slice for grip, similarly to the GuanLong Square-1. Some criticized the Volt for its lackluster corner cutting, but some have been able to set theirs up to improve on that. The Volt is known for having a problem with it's edges. A very common problem with the volt is the edges will often break.

X-Man Wingy Skewb

Released Mid 2017. The X-Man Wingy Skewb was immediately well-liked after its release. It became many top Skewbers' mains and was widely considered the single best Skewb on the market soon after. It has a concave shape to help with the solver's grip and magnets to help align the pieces.

X-Man Galaxy V2 Megaminx

Released Early 2018. The Galaxy Megaminx V2 is the successor to the first Galaxy Megaminx. It received positive feedback upon release. An upgraded version, later called the X-Man Galaxy V2 LM released later that year, and was mainly just a larger version of this puzzle.

X-Man Shadow 6x6

Released Mid 2018. At the time of it's release, it was one of, if not the best 6x6 on the market.

X-Man Spark 7x7

Released Early 2019. One of the best 7x7s on the market along with the Hays 7M and Moyu Aofu GTS M.

X-Man Volt V2 Square-1

Released Late 2019. This square-1 is widely considered an improvement to he original volt, It was one of the first square-1's to come factory magnetized. It comes in two versions, one that is fully magnetized (slice and U/D layers), and one that only has a magnetic slice (also known as the MS).

X-Man Bell V2 Pyraminx

Released Mid 2020. The X-Man Bell v2 is an upgraded version of the original X-Man Bell. It adds a large amount of customization with the addition of adjustable magnet strengths in the pieces and the tips.