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|INVENTOR=Dane Christianson
|INVENTOR=Dane Christianson
|COMPANIES=[[Moving Parts, L.L.C.]]
|COMPANIES=[[Moving Parts, L.L.C.]]

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X-Cube 2
X-Cube 2 into a solved position
Alternative names: 2x2 X-Cube
Shape: X
Internal Mechanism: [[]]
Inventor: Dane Christianson
Year: unreleased
Produced by: Moving Parts, L.L.C.

The X-Cube 2 is an unreleased twisty puzzle designed by Dane Christianson. It has the same concept as the X-Cube; however, it is one order smaller. In other words, unlike the X-Cube, the X-Cube 2 has a 2x2x2 base rather than a 3x3x3 base (see image).

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