World Rubik's Games Championship 2003

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World Rubik's Games Championship 2003 (usually called World Championship 2003, abbreviated to WC2003, or WC03) was a speedcubing World Championship held at the Ontario Science Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was the first World Championship since WC1982 and the first World Championship of the modern speedcubing era. Since it took place before the creation of the WCA, it was retroactively declared an official competition.


  • Dan Knights won 3x3 speedsolve with an average of 20.00 seconds in the final round.
  • Jess Bonde set the 3x3 single world record of 16.53 seconds.
  • In all, Minh Thai's 20-year-old world record of 22.95 seconds was broken 99 times, contrary to the former record holder's statement before the competition that breaking his record would be very difficult.


WC2003 was hosted by Dan Gosbee and organized by the WC2003 Organization Team, headed by Ron van Bruchem.


  • Competitors at WC2003 were asked what their cross color was, even if they were color neutral (e.g. Lars Petrus) or did not use Fridrich (e.g. Lars Petrus). It has been said that the scrambles were hand-picked to avoid easy cross cases.
  • Although the WCA Database only shows one round of 3x3 blindfolded, there was in fact an additional preliminary round consisting of 1 attempt. Out of several competitors, only Dror Vomberg and Shotaro Makisumi (respectively first and second in the final round) had a successful solve.

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