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Hello there, im the HungRouxerZZer user. Im very sorry about vandalism. But at the last edit, it not a vandalism. At that, Im edit the 4Z4 page like this :

The EO recognition is harder than ZZ44 and Z4 in a mid-solve. (-4Z4 : Maximum 8 BadEdge

-ZZ44: Maximum 6 Badedge -Z4: Maximum 2 Badedge.) Due to the freedom of having a wider selection of edges for pseudo cross, it is more efficient than yau cross. Disadvantages:

Pseudo cross is more abstract than Yau cross, and therefore could be potentially slower as the recognition is harder. Unlike Z4 or ZZ44,more steps to do after reduction is done (4Z4 2: line and EO

                                                          ZZ44: EO
                                                          Z4: EO) 

Its not a vandalism, that a real edit because The 4Z4 Eo step is realy hard ! And more step after reduction is true too !

If you think this a vandalism again, you are not in the right way !

At this point, I am more concerned about vandalism than page content (obviously as long as that content is not vandalism itself). You are right, that edit is, of course, not vandalism, but it also was not the reason for my last message. What I was referring to was not the text on the ZZ44 page, but that vandalism was committed and that multiple alternate accounts were created to circumvent the bans which were a result of this. There is nothing to justify the creation of so many accounts, especially within such a short time frame. And since that leads to confusion and can slow actions against vandalism, combined with the fact that it is becomes hard to distinguish which of these accounts belongs to whom, I feel obliged to ban every account which was seemingly created just for the sake of committing another wave of vandalism unless they can offer a good explanation proving otherwise. That is also the reason for why I wrote to all five still unbanned accounts.
Of course, I will not enforce any personal cubing opinions (or whatever you might believe my reasons to be) with the ban hammer. The actual issue that needs to be stopped is the recent vandalizing since it is not a fun game but just a nuisance that wastes both my time and my patience for nothing in return. If it does not stop, there is no reason not to ban anyone and while I do not like to do that, I will not refrain from doing it. All I want is to ensure that this does not continue and for that, a proper explanation regarding the vandalism (and no avoidance of direct answers or even straight out mockery) or at the very least an apology is needed. - RedstoneTim (talk) 16:27, 25 January 2022 (UTC)

Reply from Reirto-RRNF to HungRouxerZZer

Hello i'm Reirto-RRNF and i want to tell something

Well i think "EO recognition is harder" is wrong because the 3 method recognition are the same, more accurate way to describe this is "More maximum bad edges" or "More bad edges can be happened"

And the part "Unlike Z4 or ZZ44,more steps to do after reduction is done" is already exist as "More steps to do after reduction is done (2: line and EO)." so not really need to edited And more step is just a small disadvantages