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To do list (in no particular order)

  • Create a page for all notable cubing brands and an index
  • Continue with forum index
  • Create a page listing each of the cubing subsets and stuff (such as CP)
  • Complete list of methods (general index and a new page for each notable one)
  • Update cuber profiles.
  • More comprehensive categorisation of methods and pages.
  • Eliminate redundant or duplicate category pages.
  • Deleting or updating and improving any stub pages

Contact me if you feel like helping with any of this.

About me

  • Cuber for 1.5 years
  • Roux method user- ~10 seconds TH, ~16 seconds OH.
  • 3x3x3, OH and Megaminx specialist (10 (Roux)/16 (Roux)/1:25 Yu Da Hyun style though I sort of came up with it by myself)
  • Creator of SSC, M-CELL, Briggs and B2 (amongst other but those are the notable ones).
  • Method neutral on 4x4x4 (mainly cause I don't practise enough) with Meyer, Yau and Hoya
  • Sub-20 on Roux, ZZ, M-CELL, SSC, CFOP, Petrus, PCMS, FreeFOP so far (as of 25/8/16)
  • I will go over any method which you think is new or have created but beware, I can be very blunt if I don't think your method is new or good or helpful or innovative. Read this for a summary of my opinions.
  • I'm sure I don't need to link my forum profile.
  • No WCA ID if you were going to ask because I just haven't gotten around to going to one yet. Hopefully I will sometime in the next year or at least before I stop cubing.