Thom Barlow

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Thom Barlow
Thom Barlow in 2010
Background Information
Alias(es): Kirjava
Country: United Kingdom
Years Active: 2006-present
WCA ID: 2006BARL01
Claim to Fame: K4

Thom Barlow is a British speedcuber from Manchester, United Kingdom. He is the inventor of the K4 method, a non-reduction 4x4 speedsolving method. Thom is a co-host of the CubeCast Podcast.

Thom is active under the username Kirjava on the Speedsolving Forums, where he is as well known for his contributions in speedcubing theory as for his snide/immature/off-the-wall/insulting/sarcastic posts. For these stunts he is hated by some and adored by as many others. He has a two-page-long infraction list.

Thom is a member of Team #.

Sample Quotations

  • "[X|Y|Z] = XYX'ZY'Z'

Used to use this for generating intuitive 5 cycles." [1]

  • "I've always been arrogant. I can't help but insult the verbal diarrhea you're inflicting on me." [2]
  • "it's stupid ou take teh case and smash the stack

all you have to make is the slice ollowing not smooth the n it flows now and bad

no problem with the solving balls" [3]

  • "This isn't trying to appeal to people who can't XYX'Y' in the first place." [4]
  • "I think you should leave." [5]
  • "not enough furries" [6]
  • "A good start would be to work out how to find webpages that contain information on CLL." [7]
  • "I just read my post back. Sometimes this forum makes me feel like a goddamn babysitter." [8]

From the Sebastián Pino Castillo incident:

  • "Kirjava: Why? I like cum [smiley]" [9]
  • "Kirjava: Le puedo mostrar fotos de mi verga si te gusta <3" [10]
  • "oh god I'm a slut" [11]

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