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Founded: 2011
Location: United States
Years Active: 2011-present
Areas served: Worldwide
Website: [1]
Products: Wide range of twisty puzzles and similar is an online cube store owned and operated by Cubicle Enterprises LLC and founded by James Chang and Phil Yu. sells a wide variety of WCA and non-WCA puzzles as well as fidget toys, cubing hardware, lubricants, and accessories. also controls the Cubicle Pro Shop and Cubicle Labs.


Cubicle Pro Shop

The Cubicle Pro Shop is a division of run by Rowe Hessler that is responsible for setting up custom cubes by lubricating, tensioning, replacing stickers, and in some cases replacing hardware with better variants.

Cubicle Labs

Started in 2016, Cubicle Labs R&D is a division of run and founded by Chris Tran which is responsible for developing innovative, scientific solutions such as Boron treatment, magnets, and longer-lasting lubricants.