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Alexander Lau
Alexander Lau in 2014
Background Information
Alias(es): 5BLD, Mehlschwitze, Rouxuor
Country: United Kingdom
Born: ! (age !)
Occupation(s): student
Years Active: 2011-present
WCA ID: 2011LAUA01
Claim to Fame: SpeedBLD Unofficial World Record Holder, Prominent Roux user

Alexander Lau a British speedcuber from London, United Kingdom, starting cubing in early 2011.

He averages sub-8 with the Roux method, making him the second fastest official solver using Roux. He is currently thirteenth in the world for 3x3 average (7.37), twenty-second in the world for single (5.96), and fastest in the UK for 3x3. (Last updated as of 4 Jan 2017)

He is the former 3-time continental record holder for 3x3 average.

He was the 2014 European Champion of 3x3.


  • His username for both Speedsolving and Youtube is 5BLD, although he can't do 5BLD.
  • The stickers on his cubes are known for being extremely worn out


Continental Titles
Preceded by
Sergey Ryabko
3x3 Speedsolve European Champion
Succeeded by
Feliks Zemdegs

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