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TFOP is a variation of CFOP created by Sebastian Alanen in early 2016. The variation builds on an easier F2L (an F2L which can be done in fewer moves). This variation's F2L relies heavily on M-slice moves and wide moves. This variation averages between 45-55 moves.

The steps are; T - Insert 3 cross pieces. F2L - Insert the back pairs + 1 in front. then build a 2x2x1 block and insert it to finish the F2L. OLL. PLL.

This variation was developed independently of "HE"

There is also another method called TFOP, a beginners method, based off of LBL but instead of solving D corners then E edges you solve E edges then D corners.. TFOP here stands for T-style/T-shape F2L, Oll, Pll(or any lasy layer). Some solvers have been known to get under 10 seconds with this method just playing with it, so speed is definitely possible with it. Here are the steps to the beginners method:

  • Create a cross -- do this any way you can, normal, Daisy, piece-by piece whatever. Be sure to place it on D when youre done though.
  • Solve the E-slice edges -- This can be done like the corners in normal LBL but without the painful case where the white sticker is on U.
  • insert the corners -- place the corner above the appropriate slot and place it in. This can be done with 3 algorithms max, two are mirrors of each other, and the third is either a triple sexy or a triple sledgehammer.
  • Last Layer Use any last layer method to solve from here.

Fast times are definitely possible, as there have been several sub-10 solves with this method. Algorithms U' R U' R' U2 R U' R' and its mirror: (y) U L' U L U2 L' U L and third algorithm: either (R U R' U')x3 or (R' F R F') x3