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[[Category:Former world record holders|Pedapudi, Sunil]]
[[Category:Former world record holders|Pedapudi, Sunil]]
[[Category:Notable Master Magic Solvers|Pedapudi, Sunil]]
[[Category:Master Magic Solvers|Pedapudi, Sunil]]
[[Category:Notable Speedcubers|Pedapudi, Sunil]]
[[Category:Cubers|Pedapudi, Sunil]]
[[Category:Notable Cubers|Pedapudi, Sunil]]

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Sunil Pedapudi
Sunil Pedapudi in !
Background Information
Country: USA
Born: ! (age !)
Years Active: 2003-2005
WCA ID: 2004PEDA01
Claim to Fame: Master Magic WR

Sunil Pedapudi is an Indian-American speedcuber. He set the Master Magic single world record in 2004.

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