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Speedcubedb, short for "Speed Cube Database", is a website that was created by Gil Zussman that has a large database of algorithms for many speedcubing events and their subsets. The algorithms, as suggested by the community, are automatically validated and uploaded to the database thus making it the first self-sustainable algorithm database.

speedcubedb.com supplies a wide range of algorithms for OLL, PLL, COLL, OH OLL, OH PLL, F2L, ZBLL, CMLL, WV, CLL, EG, Ortega OLL and PBL, OLLCP, 4x4 OLL & PLL Parity, 5x5 L2C & L2E, 6x6 L2C & L2E and even Square-1 (puzzle type) algorithms.

Development has started following Jayden McNeill's video How to kill algdb, pointing out major flaws, lack of moderation & development of Algdb.net and the need for a self sufficient algorithm database. Two weeks later, Speedcubedb was launched with a larger set of puzzles, algorithms, features and automatically verified algorithms.

The website gained popularity among the community following Jayden McNeill's video Introducing SpeedCubeDB, The AlgDB Killer!

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