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Version 1.1.0 - last updated 12 Apr 2015

To report a problem, request a feature, or for help using the system please use this thread on the speedsolving forums.


  • Algorithm Verification: Input algorithms are executed and verified to belong to group they're intended for
  • Duplicate Avoidance: Algs are reduced to a common format to ensure no duplicates can be uploaded
  • Rotation Detection: All algs for each particular case are rotated to match the first case uploaded
  • Automatic Organisation: Algs are automatically organised by case
  • Visual Case Previews: Preview alg case before upload
  • Multiple Case Views: Plan and 3D cube views of cases, as well as animation of algs
  • Admin Interface: For moving/renaming/deleting cases/algs

To-Do List

Ordered by priority
  1. Tag algs with user who uploaded them and time uploaded
  2. Allow users to remove algs, supported by moderator undelete function
  3. Allow searching/sorting of algs by (1) no. moves, (2) no. gen, (3) popularity
  4. Allow algorithm comments, (including links to execution vids)
  5. Allow custom user tagging of algs, including a standard used-by tag
  6. Allow users to select their preferred algs, used to build private alg-sheets and to determine alg popularity
  7. Allow search/filter of algs by tag
  8. Allow one-click rotation/AUF-ing of case orientations with automatic updates to algs
  9. Opening page with FAQs, help docs etc
  10. Visualisation of permutations in plan view (with arrows) - requires updates to VisualCube
  11. Algs for 4x4 and above, including sq-1 - requires updates to VisualCube
  12. More groups for 2x2 and 3x3 (at request)
  13. Pagination of long tables (if required)


12th Apr 2015, v1.0.2 => v1.1.0

  1. Integrated with MediaWiki 1.19.14
  2. Seperated out config into a seperate file.
  3. Improved integration with visualcube.

4th May 2010, v1.0.1 => v1.0.2

  1. BUGFIX: Swap CLS + ELS
  2. BUGFIX: Sorted out COLL/CLL/ELL plan view
  3. FEATURE: "add" link on view pages, for ease of access
  4. FEATURE: Allow removal of individual algs (currently admin only)
  5. FEATURE: Improved parsing of user input to allow: "`", "R'2" and "Rw"
  6. BUGFIX: Fixed verification problem for algs ending in x2 rotations
  7. FEATURE: Improved duplicate detection, for duplicate algs posted with different rotations
  8. FEATURE: Bulk algorithm upload
  9. FEATURE: Link to for algorithm animations
  10. FEATURE: Initial rotations in separate column, final rotations hidden
  11. FEATURE: All AUFs automatically replaced with y rotations for LL algs