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Sledgehog method
Tripod method.gif
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Ryan Vigil
Proposed: 2017
Alt Names: The Best Method, The Worst Method
Variants: Tripod, CFOP, Snyder Method
No. Steps: 5
No. Algs: 55
Avg Moves: not been calculated
Purpose(s): speedsolving, fmc

A method based tripod and sledgehammers. It probably has a lower move count than CFOP.It can be used to generate a good skeleton for FMC if steps are done loosely. Also the name is cool.

The Steps

1. build a cross. Very intuitive

2. build F2L-1. (Note: this step can be done as the first step, using blockbuilding)

3. finish tripod. (this step is meant to be done intuitively.)

4. place all the edges in place using up to 2 sledgehammer algorithms. (Note: parity may occur, and in that case, use a J-perm to swap the two edges

5. finish the remaining corners using either hexafusion or one of the 55 algorithms.