Simon Westlund

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Simon Westlund
Simon Westlund in !
Background Information
Country: Sweden
Born: 07/29/1994 (age 17)
Occupation(s): !
Years Active: 2008-present
WCA ID: 2008WEST02
Claim to Fame: Megaminx world records

Simon Westlund is a Swedish speedcuber. He set the World Record for Megaminx three times in 2011, twice for single and once for average, and currently still holds these records. Westlund has the Swedish National Record for almost every event he has participated in.


In 2011, Simon was the winner of the Swedish television show Talang (Sweden's Got Talent). As the winner, Simon was given 55,000 Euros ($80,000), the most money any cuber has ever won from cubing.

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