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Founded: unknown
Location: China
Years Active: ?-present
Areas served: Worldwide
Website: [unknown]
Products: ShengShou 2x2, ShengShou 3x3, ShengShou 4x4, ShengShou 5x5, ShengShou 6x6, ShengShou 7x7, ShengShou 8x8, ShengShou 9x9, ShengShou 10x10, ShengShou 11x11, ShengShou Pyraminx, ShengShou Megaminx, ShengShou Square-1, ShengShou 2x2 Megaminx, ShengShou Master Kilominx, ShengShou Gigaminx ShengShou Mirror Block

ShengShou (traditional/simplified Chinese: 圣手 pinyin: shèngshǒu, pronounced SHENG-shoo) is a Chinese company that first became widely known after the release of the high-quality 4x4 cube. Since then, they have expanded and have many high-quality cubes.


ShengShou 2x2

The ShengShou 2x2 is almost identical to the GhostHand 2x2, but they are not produced by the same company. The mechanism consists of a bandaged 3x3x3, with rounded up edges and the inner and outer corners connected by a lock-up system.

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ShengShou 3x3

The ShengShou 3x3 has 3 different versions released currently.

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ShengShou 4x4

One of the best 4x4s on the market. There have been 6 versions of this cube offered for sale, the newest being the ShengShou Wind 4x4. Corner cutting is similar to the Maru, cutting over a cubie. Reverse corner cutting is very good for a 4x4, around a 1/4 of a cubie. It has a spring/screw structure like the Maru but doesn't have misalignment problems. Turning has a clicky feel and the performance improves a bit after some breaking in. The corners/edges is rounded like the Haiyan cube making it having a better feel and more control. The size is reasonable (6.25cmx6.25cmx6.26cm), bigger than an Eastsheen and 2cm smaller than the huge Maru 4x4. At a weight of 161.1g, it has a very comfortable weight. Highly recommended cube and very cheap.

The mechanism is similar to a 5x5x5 Shengshou, with some pieces reduced and hidden.

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ShengShou 5x5

Good cube with mostly positive reviews. ShengShou has released four different versions of this puzzle, most recently the ShengShou Aurora 5x5. It's mechanism it's similar to the 4x4x4 Shengshou with all it's pieces visible. It has 98 external pieces and no hidden internal pieces but the core. It also looks like a V Cube 5, with slightly different proportions.

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ShengShou 6x6

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ShengShou 7x7

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ShengShou 8x8

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ShengShou 9x9

ShengShou 10x10

ShengShou 11x11

ShengShou released the first-ever cubic 11x11x11 Cube in 2016.

ShengShou Pyraminx

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ShengShou Megaminx

ShengShou has released two versions of the Megaminx, the ShengShou Megaminx and the updated ShengShou Aurora Megaminx.

ShengShou Square-1

ShengShou 2x2 Megaminx

ShengShou released their version of the 2x2 Megaminx, or Kilominx, (a two-layer Megaminx) in 2016.

ShengShou Master Kilominx

ShengShou released their version of the Master Kilominx (a four-layer Megaminx) in 2016.

ShengShou Gigaminx

ShengShou Elite Kilominx

Released Apr 2017.

ShengShou Teraminx

Released Feb 2017.

ShengShou Mirror Block