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Seven Towns is a company founded by Tom Kremer in 1967 to design and license games.

In February 1979 Tom Kremer spotted the "Magic Cube" at Germany's Nuremberg Toy Fair. In September 1979 he licensed the rights to the cube with Ideal Toys who rebranded it as "Rubik's Cube" and launched a worldwide craze. In 1985, once the craze was over, Seven Towns quietly re-acquired the worldwide rights to Rubik's Cube. In 1991 they began re-releasing the Cube very gradually in selected key markets.

In 2013, as the cube became more popular, Seven Towns made a division named Rubik's Brand Limited, which represent, control and administer all Rubik copyright and trademark matters worldwide. The president of Rubik's Brand is David Kremer, the son of Tom Kremer. They are known for using their trademark "to battle the many fakes". In 1999 they were even able to trademark the three-dimensional shape of Rubik's Cube within the European Union, which lasted until the trademark was ruled unfair by the European Court of Justice in 2016.[1]

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