Screw (method)

Roux n Skrew method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): David Woner
Alt Names: Roux and Screw
No. Steps: 6
No. Algs: unknown
Avg Moves:

Screw is a Square-1 method that follows the same basic steps in the 3x3x3 Roux method and is somewhat of an experimental method.

Description of method

  • 1. Solve the LD block (2 corners, 1 edge)
  • 2. Solve the RD block (2 corners, 1 edge)
  • 3. Permute the U-layer corners without breaking the blocks
  • 4. Solve the L-R edges on the U layer
  • 5. Solve the M-slice edges
  • 6. Solve parity


The name "Screw" comes from "Square-1" and "Roux". It is sometimes called "Roux and Screw", though this would be a shorted version of "Roux and Square-1 Roux".

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