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On [[Square-1]] there exist multiple methods based around the [[Roux]] method for [[3x3]]. All of these methods involve cubeshape, two corner-edge-corner blocks on the D layer, then solving the rest in a certain way. Roux-based methods are the second most popular behind [[Vandenbergh]], and have been used to set one world record.
#REDIRECT [[Roux method#Roux on other puzzles]]
All of these method descriptions will not list the steps from all Roux methods: cubeshape, then two corner-edge-corner blocks.
The '''LBL''' method solves the remaining D layer edges, then solves PLL with one algorithm. [[Helmer Ewert]] used this method when he set the Square-1 single WR in 2017, though in the WR solve it was impossible to tell which Roux method he used due to skipped steps.
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The '''Lin''' method solves one D layer edge, then does corner permuation+DF edge with one algorithm. Lastly it solves the edge permuation of the last layer. Lin and LBL are quite similar methods.
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The '''Screw''' method most closely resembles the 3x3 Roux method. It solves corner permutation, then the UL and UR edges, then the M slice edges.
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