Ribbon Method

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Ribbon method
Ribbon Image 2.PNG
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Justin Taylor
Proposed: 2017
Alt Names: Alpha, RFTT
Variants: none
No. Steps: 4
No. Algs: 266 Total; 173 TOLS (Including OLL), 72 TTLL, 21 PLL
Avg Moves: 40 With Blockbuilding, 48 With CFOP Background

The Ribbon Method is a speedsolving method created by Justin Taylor in 2017. The method was created as a Two-Look solution for the Last Slot and Last Layer without preorienting edges and maintaining a manageable algorithm count. This allows great versatility in approach for the F2L, along with a smooth transition into LSLL. The method retains every ergonomic advantage of CFOP, while containing one fewer "look" in the solve and saving an average of 6 moves with a CFOP-like approach to F2L. Ribbon can either be used as a standalone method, or in conjunction with other CFOP subsets whenever an edge solves itself during F2L.

The Steps

  • Ribbon: This is the most distinctive part of the Ribbon Method.