Redi Cube

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Redi Cube
Redi cube.jpg
Redi Cube into a solved position
Alternative names: 3 3 3 Bubbloid
Shape: Cube
Internal Mechanism: [[Corner Turning Hexahedron, Bubbloid]]
Inventor: Oskar van Deventer
Year: 2009
Produced by: MoYu
Twisty Puzzles museum link: PKEY1520

The Redi Cube is a three-layered twisty puzzle on which each corner turn moves the three edges around it.

The Redi Cube was designed by Oskar van Deventer in 2009 and released by MoYu in early June 2017. The Redi Cube is based on the Dino Cube, the difference being the Redi Cube has corner pieces. There are some people trying to get the cube into the WCA, but nothing has happened yet. It is solved very similarly to the Pyraminx using edge-swapping commutators.


Dino Cube

The Dino Cube is a 2x2 version of the Redi Cube with only the edges. It is extremely easy to solve compared to most other shape-preserving cubes, however, it is not trivial and can be confusing at first.

Fadi Cube

Also known as the Mosaic Cube, the Fadi Cube is a 4x4 Bubbloid / Redi Cube type puzzle. With four different layers per axis, it can be turned as a Redi cube by only turning the outermost turnable layers, as much like the Redi Cube, the outermost layer is not turnable. It solves similarly to a Master Pyraminx.

Compy Cube

The Compy Cube is similar to the Redi Cube, using a Dino Cube mechanism. It solves similarly to the Redi Cube.

Master Compy Cube

The master Compy a Cube is a Compy Cube with an extra layer.

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