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|proposers=Isabel S.
|proposers=Isabel S.
|algs=COLL, EPLL
|algs=COLL, EPLL

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Pet5 method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Isabel S.
Proposed: 2017
Alt Names: none
Variants: none
No. Steps: 6
No. Algs: COLL, EPLL
Avg Moves: Unknown

Pet5 was created by Isabel S. It's a big cube method designed to remove OLL Parity, give a shorter edge pairing and 3x3 stage, and limiting cube rotations with minimal sacrifice to other steps.

The Steps

1. Build two opposite centers, similar to Yau. Hold the cube with the centers on the left/right sides.

2. Solve 3 edge pieces and build a block on the left hand side with two corners.

3. Build 3, 1-wide center bars of the bottom, left, and right center colors; place them to build out the lefthand block, and connect them with edge wings. Continue until you've build block half way.

   3a. If using an odd layered puzzle, (5x5, 7x7) build the center bar, but don't build with the center edge piece.

4. Build remaining center bars unsorted. Solve and orient 5 more edges.

   4a. This method is better suited for solving edges on the M slice, but either option works.  If you want to solve edges on the E slice, reorient the cube 
   4b. It's recommended that the last 5 edges solved are the left/right hand edges. (top/bottom if solving on e slice)

5. Orient remaining edges, and finish the block.

6. Solve F2L, then use COLL and EPLL for last layer. PLL parity should be included for EPLL when solving even layered puzzles


  • Designed with 6x6 and 7x7 in mind
  • Also prevents OLL parity on even layered puzzles


  • Solving the Petrus block is a less efficient way to solve centers.
  • Reorienting cube when solving on E slice requires awkward cube rotations.
  • Orienting final edges isn't that effecient move wise.

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