Oskar van Deventer

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Oskar van Deventer
Oskar van Deventer.jpg
Oskar van Deventer
Background Information
Alias(es): OskarPuzzle
Country: Netherlands
Born: 1965 (age 55–56)
Occupation(s): Senior scientist on media networking at TNO, puzzle designer
Years Active: c. 1977-present
WCA ID: [1]
Claim to Fame: Puzzle designer, 17x17x17 Cube, gear cube

Dr. Mattijis Oskar van Deventer is a Dutch puzzle designer famous for producing numerous unique twisty puzzles and other puzzles.

Deventer was previously the Guinness World Record holder for producing the highest-ordered cube, which had 17 layers. He has also designed the gear cube (originally the "Caution Cube"), the gear ball, the Redi Cube, the treasure chest, among numerous others posted on his YouTube channel and Shapeways profile. Deventer has worked with Mèfferts, MF8, LanLan, MoYu, and others to mass-produce some of his puzzles.

Deventer also has a PhD in optics along with over 100 publications and over 80 patents.


Deventer has designed numerous puzzles. These are some of his most well-known puzzles. A more exhaustive catalogue is his YouTube channel and Shapeways profile.

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