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|Combined First
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Oscar Roth Andersen
Oscar Roth Andersen in !
Background Information
Alias(es): Odder
Country: Denmark
Born: 24 March
Years Active: 2008-present
WCA ID: 2008ANDE02
Claim to Fame: Pyraminx world records

Oscar Roth Andersen (more commonly known as Odder) is a Danish speedcuber best known for his world records in Pyraminx. He is was the best overall minxer in December 2012, meaning that he has the lowest the sum of single and average rankings in Pyraminx and Megaminx, which has been as low as 10.


Oscar started cubing in the fall of 2007. Just 11 days after receiving his first Pyraminx in March, 2009, he broke the Danish single NR on his first official solve. Oscar placed third at World Championship 2009. His first world record in 2010 (3.92 avg) was followed in 2011 by a streak of 3 world records (2.40 single, 2.36 single and 3.43 average). [tie into record progression also by other competitors]


Odder created the submission website for the Speedsolving.com Weekly competition, which has been used since early 2012.


  • Rumours says that Oscar did not even bring his own pyraminx with him at Euro 2010 and that he was 30 minutes late for pyraminx (luckily he did not participate in the first 2 groups), but yet he still won pyraminx with and average of just under 5 seconds (with a brand new pyraminx).
  • Before Oscar got too much into cubing he was an active track and field competitor in Denmark with triple jump as his main event. His overall best result was 12.83m at a school competition. Oscar never made it to the national team, but he was just 1 cm away from it. After a car accident it took him a year to get back to the shape he was in before, then he was hit by an injury in his foot, followed by an injury in his hip, which led him to stop track and field for good. He got second at the national championships for his age group in 2009, with a jump of 12.49m, he was ranked 5th before the last jump.


The best overall "minxer" in the world, the sum of his minx-rankings used to be just 10, which means he has had an average world ranking of 2.5 for the minx events.


  • Pyraminx: first sub-3.5 average, first sub-3 average; first sub-2.5 single, first sub-1.5 single


World Titles
Preceded by
Simon Westlund
Megaminx World Champion
Succeeded by
Juan Pablo Huanqui
Continental Titles
Preceded by
Tomasz Kiedrowicz
European Pyraminx Champion
Succeeded by
Jules Desjardin
Preceded by
Louis Cormier
European Megaminx Champion
Succeeded by
Amos Nordman


World Records

Event Result Format Competition Round
Pyraminx 1.36 single Danish Special 2013 Second
2.96 average
3.25 Czech Open 2012 First
3.43 Danish Open 2011 Final
2.36 single Vejstrup Open 2011 Final
2.40 Fredericia Open 2011 First
3.92 average Skårup Spring 2010 Final

Continental Records

Event Result Format Competition Round
Megaminx 45.07 average World Rubik's Cube Championship 2017 First
45.39 SSL 1 Jönköping 2017 Combined First
42.16 single Musée suisse du jeu 2016 Combined First
Pyraminx 3.74 average Skårup Christmas 2010 Final
Skewb 6.53 Minx Open 2014 Final
4.69 single Skanderborg Open 2014 Final
6.71 average Combined First