Orozco method

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Orozco method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Gabriel Alejandro Orozco Casillas
Proposed: unknown
Alt Names: none
Variants: Eka
No. Steps: unknown
No. Algs: unknown
Avg Moves: unknown

The Orozco method is an intermediate blindsolving method invented by Gabriel Alejandro Orozco Casillas. It was popularized by Jayden McNeill as a stepping stone to full 3-Style. By default, the method 21 UFR algs and 22 UF commutators (plus their inverses), but it can be applied to any set of buffers.

The method works by solving each target with one commutator. To solve any letter pair AB, simply execute "buffer -> A -> helper" followed by "helper -> B -> buffer". Note that after the first comm, the piece B has been moved to the helper position, which is why the next comm must be "helper -> B -> buffer" and not "buffer -> B -> helper". Example commutators for URB/UR helper pieces are listed below.


  • UFR>URB>UBL: [x R2: [D2, R U R']]
  • UFR>URB>ULF: [x' R2: [R' U' R, D2]]
  • UFR>URB>LUB: [R2: [R' U R, D]]
  • UFR>URB>LFU: [R2: [D', R U' R']]
  • UFR>URB>LDF: [R' D R, U]
  • UFR>URB>LBD: [U', R D' R']
  • UFR>URB>FUL: [R2: [R' U2 R, D]]
  • UFR>URB>FDR: [D' R' D R, U]
  • UFR>URB>FLD: [D R' D' R, U]
  • UFR>URB>RDB: [U', R D R']
  • UFR>URB>RFD: [R' D' R, U]
  • UFR>URB>BLU: [R2: [D', R U2 R']]
  • UFR>URB>BDL: [U', D' R D R']
  • UFR>URB>BRD: [U', D R D' R']
  • UFR>URB>DFL: [F2, l U l']
  • UFR>URB>DRF: R' D R U' R D' R' U R D R' U R' D' R U'
  • UFR>URB>DBR: U' R D' R' U R' D R U R' D' R U' R D R'
  • UFR>URB>DLB: [l' U' l, B2]

twist algs:

  • UFR>URB>RBU: [U, R' D' R D R' D' R]
  • UFR>URB>BRU: [U, R' D R D' R' D R]


  • UF>UR>UB: M2 u' M' u2 M' u' M2
  • UF>UR>UL: [M2 U: [M, U2]]
  • UF>UR>LU: [S', L F' L']
  • UF>UR>LF: [U', R' E R]
  • UF>UR>LD: [M D M', U]
  • UF>UR>LB: [U', R E' R']
  • UF>UR>FR: [M U M' U', R]
  • UF>UR>FD: [M', R U' R' U]
  • UF>UR>FL: [U', R E2 R']
  • UF>UR>RB: [U2: [U', L' E L]]
  • UF>UR>RD: [U', R' E' R] or [U', R E R']
  • UF>UR>RF: [U2: [U', L E' L']]
  • UF>UR>BU: [M, R' U' R U]
  • UF>UR>BL: L' U' L' U' L U L U L U'
  • UF>UR>BD: U M U M' U M U M'
  • UF>UR>BR: R U R U R U' R' U' R' U'
  • UF>UR>DF: M U2 M U M' U2 M' U'
  • UF>UR>DR: U R' U' R U R U R U' R' U2
  • UF>UR>DB: [R': [M2, U' R U]]
  • UF>UR>DL: U' L' U' L U L U L U' L'

flip algs:

  • UF>UR>RU: R' F R U' M' U2 M U' S R' F' R S'

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