Orient First

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Orient First method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): Lars Nielsson
Proposed: 2008
Alt Names: Nielsson Orient First
Variants: by Conrad Rider
and James Straughan
No. Steps: 6
No. Algs: Aprox. 50 (incl. PLL)
Avg Moves: 40-55

'Orient First' refers to a family of methods in which pieces are oriented before permutation. The first method of this type was proposed by Lars Nielsson and is described below. Variants of the orient first method are available in the external links below.

Lars Nielsson's Orient First Method

The purpose of this method is to orient corners and edges to allow for an intuitive F2L and finishing the solve with PLL. The method consists of 6 steps:

  1. Orient corners;
    • This is done exactly like the first two steps of 2x2x2 method Guimond
  2. Orient and place E-slice edges;
    • a combination of M and U moves allows for fast execution
  3. Orient remaining edges;
    • This is similar to the step for orienting L6E in a Roux solve only a few extra algs or rotations for DL and DR edges
  4. Place DF, DB and E-slice edges;
    • E-slice edges need only to be placed in the correct L or R-slice
  5. Finish F2L;
    • Restricted moves to keep orientation: L2, R2 and any U moves
  6. Finish solve with PLL

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