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CPEOLL, corner permutation and edges orientation of the last layer, an experimental method for the 3x3x3 cube that permutes last layer corners and orients last layer edges preserving F2L. This is the second last step and the goal is to reach EPLL. Normally it would be used as a add on to the Fridrich method the times CO skips (occures 1:27 times) but it may be used as a second step in a 3-look last layer where the first step is to orient the corners.

There are 17 cases, three of them have corners correctly permuted (CLL skip) and may be solved in one look using ELL, two has got edges oriented and may be solved in one look using PLL (OLL skip). Removing those cases it is only 12 left and of those 4 may be solved using J-PLL + M setup and two can be solved using Y-PLL or V-PLL with a M move setup.

A list of cases will follow..