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Proposer(s): Matt DiPalma
Proposed: 2017
Alt Names:
Variants: OCLL, JTLE
No. Algs: 27
Avg Moves:
Previous state: F2L-1E(DF)+EO cube state
Next state: LL:EO+CO cube state

F2L-1E(DF)+EO cube state -> OCDFLL step -> LL:EO+CO cube state

The OCDFLL step is the step between the F2L-1E(DF)+EO cube state and the LL:EO+CO cube state.

OCDFLL is an algorithm set which orients the last layer corners while simultaneously placing the DF edge. It was invented by Matt DiPalma for Portico and can be used in all methods that solve a DougLi block (F2L missing the DF edge) while also having the edges oriented.

For a variant where instead of the DF edge, the DR edge is placed, see JTLE.

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