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My World method
Information about the method
Proposer(s): VentoAureoGoldenWind / LexCubing
Proposed: 2017
Alt Names: none
Variants: ZZ
No. Steps: 4
No. Algs: 3835 full. (3044 LSLL + 791 My Last Slot/ My Third Slot)
Avg Moves: ???

My World is a 1LLSLL method proposed by a reddit user and SpeedSolving forum user named VentoAureoGoldenWind(LexCubing). Unlike M-CELL both LS and LL are solved simultaneously with 1 algorithm. It's also boasted as a 5LS Method or a 5-Look Solve Method meaning the entire cube is done with 5 looks. (1 look= 1 recogniction, 1 algortithm)


  1. Create a EOLine or 3/4 EOCross
  2. Get to F2L-2
  3. Solve any 3rd pair and 3 LL edges relative to each other (My Last/3rd Slot)
  4. 1LLSLL (Finale/My Last Layer)

Learning Approach and Recognition

The My Last/3rd Slot is divided into their respective 60 F2L cases. 24 of which have 24 algs each and the remaining cases have 6 algs each.

To recognize you must look at the relationship of 3 LL edges to each other. Ignore the other F2L edge. There are 12 F2L cases when the edge is in and the corner is out that actually have 5 recognition cases but literally only uses the same 1 alg to solve it. It's like doing the H PLL at any side and it will still solve LL regardless.

Finale is divide into their 6 respective F2L cases which are divided into their respective CO cases and are divided into their respective CP cases. To recognize you can use the usual LL recognition system but you must ignore the F2L pieces.


  • 1LLSLL
  • A cube is solved in only 5 looks.
  • F2L is still very free and any slots can be open during F2L-2 unlike other methods that require very specific things done on certain slots or forced to be solved in a order.
  • Not as much as a pro but has less algs than full 1LLL.
  • The 3rd step is entirely 2-Gen F2L algs making slot neutral easier and ergonomic.


  • High alg count meaning it will take a long time for someone to master recalling the algs.

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