Move count

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Move count is the number of moves that a method or a substep uses. The number of moves can be measured according to several different metrics:

  1. Quarter turns (QTM)
  2. Half turns (HTM), also sometimes called 'face turns' (FTM)
  3. Slice turns (STM)
  4. Axial turns (ATM)
  5. Execution movements (ETM)
  6. Quarter-Slice turns (QSTM)

How the steps are solved or the type of algorithms that are used may affect the move count. For example, using a blockbuilding approach during early stages of a solve is known to be very move efficient. On the other hand, if a method uses many 2-gen algs it will have a higher move count than if all sides are used. Move count efficiency is important in speedsolving, but it is often necessary to sacrifice move efficiency to improve recognition and execution. However, in fewest moves solving (FMC) move count efficiency is the sole objective.

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