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Mock Cross
Alt Names:
Subgroup: <U,R,L,F,B,D>
No. Algs: intuitive
Avg Moves:
Previous state: Scrambled cube state
Next state: Cross-1 cube state
Scramble 04.jpg

Scrambled cube state -> Mock Cross step -> Cross-1 cube state

The Mock Cross step is the step between the Scrambled cube state and the Cross-1 cube state.

[[Image:|120px|right|link=Cross-1 cube state]]

The Mock Cross is the first step of some unusual methods on 3x3x3. It involves solving the three edges of one layer into place all at once ie going from Scrambled cube state to Cross-1 cube state

The Mock Cross is completely intuitive, easier and faster to do than usual Cross.

This step is not useless. Of course, you can finish the Cross Cube state cross, extend to a 2x2x3 or build the F2L. But it allows to reach unusual cube state such as F2L-1-1E(D) cube state, F2L-1-1E(D) + pair cube state, F2L-1E(D) cube state, F2L-1E(D)+CO cube state, 5 edges missing cube state, F2L-1E(D)+CO+EO cube state, F2L-D pair cube state, F2L-D pair + O cube state, F2L-D pair + O + 1x2x2 on U cube state (Perry cube state), and use unusual sets of algorithms such as HKOLL, HKPLL, DougLi, Keyhole EO, L5EOP, PseudoPair with Edg ZZ-CT/M-CELL hybrid, DYC Quickcard (Layer by Layer), CO+intuitive EO), PLCE...

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