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==== MoYu 13x13 ====
==== MoYu 13x13 ====
The largest mass-produced NxNxN puzzle, the MoYu 13x13 features a slightly pillowed shape.
The largest mass-produced NxNxN puzzle, the MoYu [[13x13]] features a slightly pillowed shape.
==== MoYu AoSu 4x4 Fisher Cube ====
==== MoYu AoSu 4x4 Fisher Cube ====

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Founded: unknown
Location: China
Years Active: 2013-present
Areas served: Worldwide
Website: [1]
Products: MoYu WeiPo 2x2, MoYu AoLong V2, MoYu WeiLong GTS, MoYu AoSu 4x4, MoYu WeiChuang 5x5 GTS, MoYu WeiShi 6x6 GTS, MoYu 13x13, and others

MoYu (Chinese: 魔域) is a Chinese cube manufacturer.



MoYu LingPo 2x2

MoYu TangPo 2x2

MoYu WeiPo 2x2


MoYu HuanYing

The MoYu HuanYing is known for having a minimal plastic feel with nothing but the frame of the cube’s interior design. The minimal plastic makes the cube much lighter than it’s competitors, but also makes a lot of noise when speed solving. MoYu took the torpedo design and flattened out the piece, which is very different from the common torpedo structure. The stickers it came with are very bright, usually cubes come with very dull stickers but this one doesn't, they're very good quality. It literally never ever pops. But if you handle it harshly the corners can twist accidentally. Overall it's a great speedcube, a bit noisy.

The interior design is very interesting. Upon first look, the cube looks no different than any other cube, but the inside has very little plastic except of what is only necessary for the cube to function. This causes the cube to be very lightweight and have less friction when turning the cube.

The edge pieces have a bit of a simplistic look up until you get to the very end of the piece. The lip on the edge piece has a nice curve that compliments the corner pieces very well. MoYu seems to have also changed the torpedo on the HuanYing. This “flattened” out torpedo hugs the edge pieces to the corner pieces very well, and seems to reduce the popping significantly. An issue with this is that the cube locks up more since there is no breathing room in the torpedos.

The corner pieces do not show much differences than that of other cubes. It isn’t elongated like the Dayan series, but instead has a distance that seems to have the corner piece “hug” the rest of the cube. Like the edges, there is little breathing room which reduces popping but causes lock-ups.

MoYu WeiLong

The WeiLong was created after the HuanYing, and with good reason. The HuanYing had some good qualities about it; but like any new cubing company, it is their first cube, and the first cube is never the best.

Understanding what could be better, MoYu took what cubers liked and made it better; while they took what others didn’t like and did their best to fix them. This would include keeping the squished torpedo, adding more plastic to the interior corner pieces, and making the corner cutting even better.

The WeiLong resulted in a fuller cube with less clicks, and fewer lock ups while maintaining quick rotations, great corner cutting, and added stability to keep it all together.

The MoYu WeiLong was a cube that MoYu needed to continue their fame as a brand, and they did just that. The WeiLong has all the great qualities that every cuber looks for, but with the special touch that MoYu brings to make themselves different from every other speed cubing company out there.

What will make the WeiLong stand out compared to the HuanYing is the enclosed corner pieces as I’ve mentioned before, but they also enlarged the corner shaft to help it hug the edges and center pieces a bit more. The size of the end of the corner piece is smaller to make room for the edge pieces.

The edges are another story as well. Instead of keeping the edge straight until it gets to the torpedo, they added another “torpedo” effect. This effect has the edge stick out near the center that again hugs the center and corner pieces. The actual torpedo is thick and the edge that holds to the center is short to allow more room for the other pieces.

The centers have a lip to supply a more secure anchor for the pieces to hold on to, and a long core piece as a whole which gives a more stable cube and less movement during turns and cuts.

MoYu WeiLong V2

The MoYu WeiLong V2 is the second revision of the tremendously popular MoYu WeiLong. The most notable change is the way in which the pieces are put together. Other than this, the mechanism remains largely unchanged.

MoYu AoLong

Out of the box, it is very dry, and not unlike a WeiLong until you test out the corner cutting. The corner cutting is fantastic, with an easy 1 1/2 cubies, and 3/4 reverse. After breaking it in and lubing it, the corner cutting becomes much easier, and better, the dry feeling goes away a little (it’s still a little noisy), and it becomes very fast, though it is very easily gummed up by anything wrong, like excess lube, cube dust or water. The stickers are very, very durable.

MoYu LiYing

MoYu DianMa

MoYu AoLong V2

The MoYu AoLong V2 is an updated version of the original MoYu AoLong. It was intended to reduce corner twists after Feliks Zemdegs received a DNF on a would-be world record due to a corner twist.

MoYu HuaLong

MoYu TangLong

The MoYu TangLong was released soon after the Gans 356 to compete with it. Its main differences from the Gans is that it is more stable, and is also slightly slower.

MoYu AoLong GT

MoYu WeiLong GTS

The MoYu WeiLong GTS was released in 2016. It is fast, and very smooth. It corner cuts nearly two pieces forward and one piece reverse, so that it rarely catches. It is designed with caps on the pieces rather than the pieces being split into multiple sections, meaning that a stickerless version would not be possible.


MoYu WeiSu 4x4

MoYu AoSu 4x4

Mini MoYu AoSu 4x4

The MoYu Mini AoSu is a smaller version of the MoYu Aosu.


MoYu AoChuang 5x5

MoYu HuaChuang 5x5

MoYu BoChuang GT 5x5

The MoYu BoChuang GT 5x5 was released in 2016 to compete with the popular YuXin 5x5. Its performance is extremely similar to that of the YuXin, and the cubing community was kind of split about what they preferred. Some preferred the BoChuang because of its better stability, whereas others preferred the YuXin because of its faster turning.

MoYu WeiChuang GTS 5x5


MoYu AoShi 6x6

MoYu WeiShi GTS 6x6


MoYu AoFu 7x7

MoYu Cubic AoFu GT 7x7

A cubic version of the AoFu.


MoYu Pyraminx

MoYu Magnetic Pyraminx

The first mass-produced puzzle to use a magnetic alignment system rather than the traditional ball bearing system.


MoYu Skewb

MoYu Magnetic Skewb

The first skewb to use a magnetic alignment system rather than the traditional ball bearing system.


MoYu WeiLong Square-1


MoYu 13x13

The largest mass-produced NxNxN puzzle, the MoYu 13x13 features a slightly pillowed shape.

MoYu AoSu 4x4 Fisher Cube

A 4x4x4 version of the Fisher Cube Shape modification, built with the mechanism of the MoYu AoSu 4x4.

MoYu AoSu 4x4 Windmill Cube

A 4x4x4 version of the Windmill Cube Shape modification, built with the mechanism of the MoYu AoSu 4x4.

MoYu AoSu 4x4 Megamorphix

A 4x4x4 version of the Mastermorphix Shape modification, built with the mechanism of the MoYu AoSu 4x4.

MoYu AoSu 4x4 Axis Cube

MoYu Crazy Fisher Cube

MoYu Crazy Windmill Cube

MoYu Wheel of Time


MoYu also has several sub-brands.

Cong's Design

Cong's Design is a MoYu sub-brand that releases cubes designed by Fei Fucong (费付聪), also known as Cong.


GuoGuan is a MoYu sub-brand made for cubes exclusively designed by Zhang Guoquan (张国全).

MoHuan ShouSu



MoFang JiaoShi

MoFang JiaoShi, also known as Cubing Classroom, is a sub-brand of MoYu that makes puzzles marketed towards newer solvers.


YanCheng is a sub-brand designed by Yancheng Liao.

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