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{{S-title-bef| before=[[Breandan Vallance]] | year=2009 }}
{{S-title-bef| before=[[Breandan Vallance]] | year=2009 }}
{{S-title| title=3x3 Speedsolve World Champion | year=2011}}
{{S-title| title=3x3 Speedsolve World Champion | year=2011}}
{{S-title-aft | after=[[Feliks Zemdegs]] | year=2013}}

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Michał Pleskowicz
Michał Pleskowicz.jpg
Michał Pleskowicz in !
Background Information
Alias(es): Plechoss
Country: Poland
Born: 28 June 1995 (age 17)
Years Active: 2009-present
WCA ID: 2009PLES01
Claim to Fame: 3x3 OH WR, 2011 World Champion

Michał Pleskowicz is a Polish speedcuber. He beat the favorite Feliks Zemdegs in the 3x3 speedsolve final round of World Championship 2011 to become the reigning 3x3 speedsolve World Champion. Since setting the 3x3 OH average record of 13.57 seconds at the same event, Michał has improved both single and average world records.

Since World Championship 2011, he has competed 8 times, setting 3x3 OH world records at both: 9.53 single (first sub-10) at Kociewie Open 2011; 12.77 and 12.67 average (first sub-13) at Cubing Spring 2012. He has thus staved off Feliks Zemdegs, who had approached the average record with an OcR of 13.60 in early 2012. At the time of Cubing Spring 2012, only 30 cubers have achieved even a single solve under 12.67 seconds.

Notable Videos



  • 3x3 OH: first sub-14 average (13.53), sub-13 average (12.77), first sub-10 single (9.53)


World Titles
Preceded by
Breandan Vallance
3x3 Speedsolve World Champion
Succeeded by
Feliks Zemdegs
Continental Titles
Preceded by
Edouard Chambon
2x2 Speedsolve European Champion
Succeeded by
Carlos Méndez García-Barroso
Preceded by
Milán Baticz
3x3 One-Handed European Champion
2010, 2012

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